Monday, January 12, 2009

Diane Adamec - tax hiking star on the rise

Dear fellow tax hikers: we at Republicans for Higher Taxes are pleased to start a new feature for the new year. Every so often, we are going to profile some of the up-and-coming tax hikers of the Hamilton County Republican Party.

Today we start with Sycamore School Board Member Diane Adamec. Ms. Adamec is a fantastic tax increaser who has already built an impressive record of raising taxes on the citizens of Blue Ash, Montgomery, and parts of Sycamore, Symmes, Loveland, and Evandale. Consider High Tax Adamec's record:

1) Organized volunteers to pass two big school levies (the first failed, 2nd passed) for the Sycamore Schools in 2004, and bragged about it on her campaign literature in her 2005 School Board run. The School Board has since stated that their huge continuing levy they tried to pass in August 2004 was not necessary to achieve their goals, but it didn't stop High Tax Adamec from campaigning for it.

2) Supported the Leis/Pepper/Portune Sales Tax increase in 2007 for the new jail and $600 million in programs.

3) Is now campaigning for a permanent tax increase for Sycamore residents. The School Board claims this is a mere renewal, but this is taking a limited 5-year levy that expires soon and making it permanent!

4) A true tax-and-spend Republican, Diane donated $100 to Virgil Lovitt, our 2008 Tax Hiker of the Year and endorsed candidate for State Representative. Additionally, she and her husband are active leaders in the Blue Ash Republican Club, the pro-tax machine run by Rick Bryan, Jim Sumner, and Lee Czerwonka.

Only in office for 3 years, Diane Adamec has compiled an impressive record of supporting higher taxes and big spending hikes. These are the kind of leaders who should be the future of the Republican Party. We endorse the Sycamore School Tax increase. We endorse High Tax Adamec's re-election to the Sycamore School Board this November and look forward to seeing more from her in the coming years.


Anonymous said...

What a fantastic candidate. I love to see strong female Republican candidates who walk in my footsteps. Is there an address for Mrs. Adamec that I can get John Pepper to send a send a campaign contribution to?
- Michelle Schneider

Virg "the Scourge" Lovitt said...

Diane Adamec is a fine tax hiker just like me. I'm very thankful for the support of Diane and all you guys at this website. If we tax-and-spend Republicans work as a team, we can continue raising taxes all over Hamilton County.

nwconservative said...

While it is nice to feature these outstanding Republican tax-hikers, it would also be good to keep tabs on future Enemies of the Treasury. Remember the heretics who had the unmitigated gall to spit in our sheriff's face and oppose the public safety plan. There's that guy who worked for Pat DeWine and the crazy chick in Colerain, and probably a few others we tax hikers need to keep our eyes on.

Anonymous said...

I have yet to hear a more absurd premise, "...tighten your belt, so the government doesn't have to..."?
You people are not only very stupid, not having a clue about what the word Republican, or even "rebublic", means, but you are also clearly totally lost in the beaurocratic sea with no indication of where your tax money is going, or what the document is on which our republic is based. IDIOTS, ALL!!!

Republicans for Higher Taxes said...

You're right, we don't know what the word "rebublic" means. Can you tell us please?