Saturday, October 31, 2009

Blue Ash Council Endorsements

Dear fellow tax hikers, we are proud to announce our endorsements for this year's Blue Ash City Council races. Blue Ash has been governed exceptionally well by the kind of people we like most: tax-and-spend Republicans. We feel this should not change. In this entry, we will cover all the races except for the highly important Ward 3 matchup which we will cover in a separate post. We at Republicans for Higher Taxes proudly endorse the following candidates:

Ward 4 - Robert Buckman. Buckman has been a leading tax-hiker for the citizens of Blue Ash. Buckman voted to raise income taxes by 25%, supported the extremely important county-wide Sales Tax increase that we endorsed, and supported more than doubling the Hotel/Motel Tax plan championed by Bob Taft, Jean Schmidt, and Virgil Lovitt.

Ward 5 - Mark Weber.
Weber also supported the 25% Income Tax Hike and Hotel/Motel Tax, and proudly put a sign in his yard to support the latest Sycamore School tax that we endorsed so that they can continue to spend more money than nearly every other school district in Ohio. When higher taxes have called, Weber has been there to answer.

At-large - Lee Czerwonka.
Our man Lee has also been a tremendous tax increaser, joining Mr. Buckman in supporting every one of the tax increases he backed. The citizens of Blue Ash have been served well by Mr. Czerwonka, and we can only hope they'll continue to keep him.

At-large - Tom Adamec.
Now for our favorite candidate of this bunch, the husband of Diane Adamec. Tom earned his way on to the Blue Ash City Council by being appointed by his friends on Council. A recent article from us detailed the process in which Adamec was selected. We completely support cronyism and closed-door government as long as it leads to great selections like Mr. Adamec. Tom has shown that he can fully utilize the privileges that come with being the husband of Diane Adamec. Show your Blue Ash Council that you approve of their closed-door ways of doing business by ratifying their choice of Tom Adamec to serve on Council. We know he'll be one great tax hiker if you give him the chance.


Alex T. said...

You know, the Greeks discovered slate.

Anonymous said...

I like this site, there is also more election stuff at
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Hurry up with your post on Ward 3. The suspense is killing me.