Monday, October 12, 2009

Blue Ash Councilman Tom Adamec's controversial appointment

Dear fellow tax hikers, much has been written and much has been said about the selection of unelected Councilman Tom Adamec to the Blue Ash City Council. We have been investigating this issue for several weeks now and are ready to shed more light on this controversial appointment. Tom Adamec is the lucky husband of tax-and-spend superhero Diane Adamec, an affiliation that our boy Tom had no problem exploiting to his full advantage. Being married to a tax-and-spend superwoman, who is a full partner in the exclusive Blue Ash power club, does in fact entitle him to privileges not available to the rest of the population.

At the begining of the year the two at-large Blue Ash City Councilmen were the fine tax-and-spend Republicans Lee Czerwonka and Henry Stacey, with the filing deadline to run as a Republican or Democrat taking place early in the year. Mr. Stacey knew that he would likely be leaving town for greener pastures. The wise tax-and-spend Republicans who run Blue Ash knew that they couldn't trust the voters to make the proper choice to replace him, so they put together an excellent plan to ensure that an Adamec would take over Stacey's seat. The first part of the plan involved Stacey withholding this information from the public and acting as if he'd be running for re-election to discourage anyone else from filing.

When filing deadline came, we had the 3 insider Republicans (Czerwonka, Stacey, Adamec) filing for the two seats. Now that the filing deadline had safely passed and no more of those pesky non-insiders could file, Stacey publicly dropped the bomb that he "suddenly" had received a great job offer and would have to move to Texas. This coveniently left Lee Czerwonka and Tom Adamec as the only two Republican candidates for the two positions and ensured they would automatically receive the party nomination. Mission Accomplished, Part A of this great plan was now complete.

The final part of the plan involved bequeathing this open Council seat to Tom Adamec so he could run as an incumbent. They had, after all, been promising Adamec for the past two years that he was the next in line for a no-competition appointment. In order to comply with the law, Blue Ash pretended to hold an "open" search for this appointment. This was, however, nothing more than a dog-and-pony show to make sure that Adamec would legally get his appointment. And to nobody's surprise, High Tax Adamec was the contest's winner! Part B Accomplished, Adamec had no competition for the nomination and gets to run in the general election as the incumbent.

We at Republicans for Higher Taxes applaud the Blue Ash City Council for having the vision to ensure we get another fine, insider, tax-and-spend Republican to continue the excellent work this Council has given its citizens. If Tom Adamec is half as great a tax hiker as his wife he will make one outstanding Councilman. We have no problem with the blatant cronyism and circumvention of open government that this selection represents. Sometimes our government has to exclude its citizens from the process to ensure we get the higher taxes we deserve. David Pepper and Todd Portune did this when they raised the Sales Tax over the objections of the citizens, and now Blue Ash City Council has done the same.

Adamec has proven himself to be worthy of this selection with his recent editorial in which he touts his "experience" as a reason to give him your vote. No doubt, being married to Diane Adamec AND serving 5 whole months on the Blue Ash City Council gives him an unmatched level of experience that nobody else could ever match. Let's show Tom the respect he deserves for his accomplishments.


Rick Bryan said...

Tom Adamec is an excellent choice to our fine Blue Ash Council. He jumps when we tell him to jump. He sits when we tell him to sit. Give us a few more days he'll roll over on command as well.

We know what's best for Blue Ash. If people don't like it they can leave.

Liz Ghiz Aziz said...

I support Tom Adamec for Blue Ash City Council. I hope I can count on his endorsement when I run for County Commissioner even though I have never been to Blue Ash or shown a lick of interest in their City's future. Us tax hikers have to stick together!

Virgil Lovitt said...

I wonder if Sharonville could merge with Blue Ash? Double the taxes and double the fun!

Blue Ash resident said...

It's absolutely comical watching the Blue Ash Council try to defend this choice as legitimate. Everyone who follows Blue Ash politics knew that Adamec had been pre-selected. For crying out loud, someone sent a letter to the editor announcing Adamec's victory before Council had officially met themselves! Blue Ash needed a good Councilman, not another Adamec.

Anonymous said...

David Waltz said: He voted for my severance package and guaranteed income. If anything happens, I know he'll vote to increase taxes so my salary and benefits can be maintained.

Mark Weber said...

That's how we do business here in Blue Ash. Voter opinion does not matter. (except when they vote for me and my pals on Council)