Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New feature - Home with the High Tax Adamecs

Dear fellow tax hikers, we are delighted to bring to you the latest feature we have added to our highly popular blog. Many of you tax-hikers have written to us asking for more information about political supercouple Tom and Diane Adamec. Diane Adamec is a devoted tax increaser for the Sycamore School Board and Tom Adamec earned his pre-arranged appointment to the Blue Ash City Council by riding on his wife's back. You've asked us, "how DO they do it?" How can one supercouple be so great on two different governments at the exact same time? We will soon find out the answers to those questions.

Republicans for Higher Taxes has been granted special access to the lives of our High Tax Adamecs. We will be following them at home and on the campaign trail as they spend these last two weeks spreading their high tax message to the citizens of Blue Ash and the Sycamore Schools. Now for our first report.

- Monday October 19th, 9:58 AM

Tom: Shoot we overslept again! Hurry up and get ready we have a lot to do today.
Diane: You silly man - we're "retired", we have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do today.
Tom: Oh yeah I guess you're right. Maybe I should...
Diane: Tom I'm going to be very grouchy today if you make me get up early. Shut up and let me sleep.
Tom: Yes'm.

1:15 PM
Tom: Hey Diane, Rick Bryan left a message with us a couple hours ago while we were sleeping and told us we should go out and campaign today.
Diane: That's like, totally gnarly man!
Tom: Well we better do what Rick tells us. Let's have breakfast and go out later.
Diane: Go make me some.
Tom: Yes'm.

4:00 PM, on the campaign trail
Diane: Oh look at that beautiful Yes on 7 sign in the yard!
Tom: They support higher taxes just like us. Looks like an Adamec voter.
Diane: Let's go knock on their door.
Voter, after opening door: Hey you're the High Tax Adamecs!
Diane: Why, yes we are!
Voter: Thank you for everything you've done to raise our taxes.
Diane: You're very welcome. We're only getting started. And thank YOU for that pro-tax sign in your yard. Can we put one of our signs right next to it?
Voter: You sure can. We have to pass that library tax. I mean, they're talking about charging money for out-of-county memberships and ending free Hollywood movie DVD's.
Tom: Yeah can you believe that? What is government coming to if you can't rent Spiderman 3 for free from your local library? We might actually have to join Netflix or Blockbuster to rent the next Harry Potter movie.
Diane: That would be horrible!
Voter: You two fine people keep up the good fight. I'm going to pay my taxes early this year just for you.
Tom: Thanks Mrs. Weber.

Stay tuned for the next edition of Home with the High Tax Adamecs.

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Matchmaker Matchmaker said...

Wow, what a tax-hiking power couple. They could only be challenged if Virg Lovitt got divorced and Michelle Schneider could dupe him into marrying her.