Thursday, May 6, 2010

Amber Burke Sprengard defeated for State Central Committee

(Amber RINO Sprengard, before breakfast)

Dear fellow tax hikers, as if Tuesday's crushing defeats of Leslie Ghiz and Michelle Schneider aren't bad enough, we are also forced to reveal the sad news that our good friend Amber Burke Sprengard lost her State Central Committee seat to a conservative woman named Joanne Kemmerer.  Amber was one of our great up-and-coming big government Republicans and her defeat represents a big setback for our movement.

When our enemies at COAST endorsed Joanne Kemmerer, they referred to Amber Sprengard as "a dangerous and committed advocate of big government."  Indeed, Amber's record shows she is 100% committed to growing the size of government.  When a widespread coalition tried to amend Cincinnati's charter to require citizen approval for mass transit projects such as the streetcar, Mrs. Sprengard helped lead the fight to stop this dangerous restriction on government spending.  And when funding for Bob Taft's wildly successful 3rd Frontier program was running low, Amber stepped forward to ensure that our Republican Party would support extending this big government program which has done so much to spare Ohio's economy from the recession.

We are truly sad to see such a strong supporter of big government lose her party leadership position.  We can't have conservatives like Kemmerer running our party if we are to remain the party of higher taxes and more spending.  We salute Amber Burke Sprengard for everything she has done to increase the size of government and promote tax-and-spend Republicans.  We know she'll be back someday when us tax hikers need her the most.


Vote No on 9 Committee said...

We appreciated Amber's efforts to help protect the streetcar. Her support was pivotal.

Bluegrass Bobby Maly said...

If only I lived in Ohio I could have voted for her. My condolences Joe and Amber. You will always have a special place in the trolley advocates' hearts.

J. Sprengard said...

What a nice ass!

Alex T said...

you know, RINOs are a Greek animal.