Monday, January 17, 2011

Diane Adamec re-elected School Board President


Dear fellow tax hikers, we are overjoyed to share the news that our tax-hiking superwoman Diane Adamec has been unanimously re-elected President of the Sycamore School Board!  Diane has long been one of our favorites for her consistent dedication to raising taxes in Sycamore and all over Hamilton County.

After the vote, Diane replied, "This is like, totally awesome man!  Now that I've been re-elected President, does this mean I get to spend 4 more years in the White House?" 

Maybe some day, but for now the citizens of NE Hamilton County get to have one of the High Tax Adamecs all for themselves.  Diane has been a dedicated disciple of higher taxes.  Last year she pushed through another tax increase for the Sycamore Schools, even though it was already one of the biggest spenders in Ohio. 

Diane's first act as the returning President is to gear up the community for a BIG property tax increase that will be placed on the ballot in 2012 or 2013.  We have read the financial statements, we have interviewed the insiders, we have read the tips from our supporters, and based on that we know for a fact that President Adamec is doing everything she can to get this new tax passed.  When it is placed on the ballot, we will be there to endorse it.  Tax us more!  We thank Diane Adamec for everything she does to bring higher taxes to Hamilton County.


Anonymous said...

I love the artwork ;)

Republicans for Higher Taxes said...

The artwork came from the Best for Blue Ash Forum.

We thought it showed our beloved Diane in the most accurate light possible. We must all stand together to support the next Diane Adamec Tax Hike.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I know. As I am the artist of this magnificent piece :)
Glad it was put to good use.

We the People, of this grand school district, have pledged every last cent of our hard earned money to Diane, so that she can continue to spend it however she sees fit. Never mind that we can't pay our bills or barely put food on the table. Whatever Diane wants, Diane shall get because Diane knows best.