Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Issue Endorsements

Issue 22, Cincinnati Schools Levy - This is a huge tax increase for the schools. This is for the children so you must Vote YES!

Issue 27, Sales Tax Hike for 15 years to support the new jail and social spending programs - Simon Leis and George Vincent have said we need this, who are we to question them? Vote YES!

Issue 28, Mental Retardation Levy - This tax increase will go to the mentally retarded, so Vote YES!

Issue 29, Senior Services Levy - This is another tax increase and will provide services to seniors. Who could be against seniors? Vote YES!

These levies are a great way to raise taxes and spending. George Vincent and us want you to vote yes on each of these important tax increases.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

City Council endorsements

After carefully reviewing each candidate's record, Republicans for Higher Taxes is proud to endorse the following candidates for Cincinnati City Council.

1. John Eby. Eby is one of the finest tax hikers in this race of any party. Eby speaks consistently and passionately about the need to raise taxes. He believes this community will be far worse off unless the government is able to keep and spend more of your money. He will defend his pro-tax views against the likes of COAST.

Eby is currently working with Democrat Greg Harris to get themselves elected. Eby is a great Republican. A Republican who champions our call for higher taxes. We strongly endorse John Eby and hope you will too.

2. Leslie Ghiz. While Leslie hasn't been as consistent as we would like for higher taxes and higher spending, her overall record gives us solid reason to be optimistic. She strongly supports the Si Leis Sales Tax hike. She absolutely adores Jean Schmidt, whose support for Bob Taft's numerous tax increases helped make Ohio's economy what it is today. Ghiz endorsed David Pepper for County Commissioner, helping the tax hikers take back this county and give us this wonderful Sales Tax increase that we badly need! Ghiz is a great Republican who we proudly endorse.

3. Pat Fischer. According to The Whistleblower, who we learned the hard way not to doubt, Pat Fischer refused to sign the anti-safety coalition's petition to allow the voters to decide on the Simon Leis Sales Tax hike. This indicates to us that Fischer understands why our government needs to keep more of our money. We must watch him closely as he is more of a blank slate, but Fischer appears to realize that the people must tighten their belts so the government doesn't have to tighten their's. We endorse Pat Fischer for Council.

4. Chris Bortz. Running as a Charterite, he is really a George Vincent Republican. Bortz endorses Simon's Sales Tax hike. He opposes the property tax rollback. Like Ghiz, he likes higher taxes so much he endorsed Democrat David Pepper for County Commissioner to throw the tax-cutters out. He even appointed tax hiking goddess Roxanne Qualls to City Council. While technically not a Republican, he sought the Republican endorsement and was embraced by our pro-tax Chairman George Vincent. That and his great record of raising taxes is good enough for us. Please cross party lines and vote for Chris Bortz!

Those are the 4 best candidates who meet our criteria of being Republicans for higher taxes. We ask you to support our 4 pro-tax heroes. However, that is not enough.

We implore you to vote against anti-taxers Chris Monzel and Andre Harper. These two fools had the nerve to come out against the Simon Leis Sales Tax hike. And each year Monzel sponsors the property tax rollback that prevents Cincinnati's homeowners from paying more property taxes. Those people are rich, they can afford it! Monzel and Harper's quest to let taxpayers keep more of their money is unacceptable and must be stopped. They were put in office to support the decisions of George Vincent and Simon Leis, not to do what they think is right. We need you to vote against Monzel and Harper and replace them with candidates who know that you need to give more of your money to the government.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Chris Monzel must be stopped

How dare our Republican City Councilman Chris Monzel take a public stance against the Sales Tax increase! Sheriff Simon Leis and the Hamilton County Republican Party have made their decision and it is Monzel's duty to obey. He was not elected to do what he thinks is right, he was elected as a Republican to do what George Vincent and the county party expects of him.

Monzel is one of the worst Republicans we have. He has worked to cut property taxes. He opposed a Sales Tax increase for the light rail proposal. He opposed funding The Freedom Center, even though John Pepper asked nicely for that money. And now he opposes the Sales Tax increase for the $200 million jail and $600 million of other programs.

Monzel insults us all with his closing statement:
Until I see real, and innovative out of the box solutions; such as the modular units, semi-permanent structures, concrete blocks, and other more "chevy-like" ideas instead of going for the Cadillac, I cannot support a jail proposal at this time.

Just because Monzel works as an Engineer for GE doesn't mean he knows anything about building a jail. Why would anyone care what an Engineer has to say? Monzel should stick to what he knows best and leave the design issues to experts like Simon Leis and David Pepper.

Friday, October 5, 2007

The Party(s) of Higher Taxes

More excellent news to report. Not only has our Hamilton County Republican Party endorsed Issue 27, the Simon Leis Safety Plan, they have also announced they support every other tax increase on the county ballot! Our work is paying off. We are officially a party that supports higher taxes and it's about time.

This is a repudiation to those awful Republicans Tom Brinkman, Steve Chabot, Chris Monzel, and especially that evil Pat DeWine. Their efforts to stop raising taxes are not appreciated by those of us that enjoy government services. Why can't they understand that the government can do more with that money than you? We need to continue finding ways to take as much money from our county residents as possible. With George Vincent on our side, I doubt we can be stopped.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Bill Seitz - 2007 Tax Hiker of the Year

The Executive Committee of Republicans for Higher Taxes is proud to announce that State Representative and soon to be State Senator Bill Seitz is the unanimous winner of our 2007 Tax Hiker of the Year. The criteria for this award looks at both their lifetime record, with a lean towards their record over the past fiscal year. On this front, nobody has done more to promote higher taxes and higher spending than Bill Seitz. Consider the Seitz record:

1. Supported Bob Taft's array of tax increases, including the Sales Tax hike.
2. Supported raising the Sales Tax to build the Stadiums and develop The Banks. Who could look at the Bengals Stadium, Reds Stadium, and The Banks and say this hasn't been wildly successful?
3. Opposed anti-tax Tom Brinkman's efforts to repeal the City of Cincinnati's property taxes.
4. Endorsed the last major Cincinnati Public School's tax levy. They have taken that money and transformed themselves into one of the finest school systems in Ohio.
5. Supported Bob Taft's Third Frontier spending program.
6. Did not oppose raising the Sales Tax to build the Light Rail, like 68% of the voters did.
7. Most importantly, Seitz strongly supports raising the Sales Tax for the Simon Leis/David Pepper/Todd Portune Safety Plan. Seitz guided this proposal through the Hamilton County Republican Party's endorsement process to win the vote. Now Seitz is proudly representing the party in its efforts to raise the Sales Tax once more.

Our Committee also considered Leslie Ghiz, Simon Leis, and John Eby. But as you can see, no Republican has a stronger record of raising taxes than Bill Seitz, our winner of the 2007 Tax Hiker of the Year.