Monday, November 28, 2011

Help pass Hartmann's tax hike

Dear fellow tax hikers, we are down to two days left to raise taxes on Hamilton County homeowners.  Tax Hike Hartmann is working furiously to gather a second vote to increase property taxes to give more money to Mike Brown and the Bengals.  This tax increase is too important to worry about what the voters want. 

If this tax increase doesn't pass, the Bengals might have to pay their own electric bills.  If Tax Hike Hartmann doesn't get his way, the Bengals might have to pay for their own stadium upgrades.  If homeowners don't pay more taxes, suburbanites might be able to spend money on their own schools instead of subsidizing the Cincinnati Public Schools.  Could you imagine this?  As you can see, it is urgent that we join Tax Hike Hartmann in passing his big property tax hike. 

We are the party of higher taxes.  Raising taxes is what Republicans do best.  It is Republicans who proposed the Stadium Sales Tax.  It is Republicans who voted for the Stadium Sales Tax.  It is Republicans who negotiated the stadium leases that have done so much good for our county.  It is Republicans plus David A. Pepper who raised property taxes last year to give even more money to the Bengals. 

We call on Commissioners Chris Monzel and Todd Portune to end their support for the Property Tax Rollback.  It is time to break their promises and join Tax Hike Hartmann to pass this important tax increase.  Now is the time for higher stadium taxes and more stadium spending.  Tax us more!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Dear fellow tax hikers, from us to you we wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving.  We even extend our best to our enemies at COAST and those in the Tea Party who haven't been co-opted by the Hamilton County Republican Party.  We ask those conservatives to recognize how little they need the money that the government allows them to keep, and to join us in advocating for bigger government and higher taxes.

This year we have been most thankful to our allies and sources from all across Southwest Ohio.  We were able to provide in-depth elections coverage in numerous communities.  We could not have done this ourselves.  We could only provide this excellent coverage in so many local races due to the cadre of fantastic sources from all over this area.  We thank those wonderful sources from the bottom of our tax-hiking hearts.

We are so excited at the work we have been able to do.  We will keep pushing on through the rest of this year and throughout the pivotal 2012 elections.  There are lots of taxes to be raised and many excellent tax-hikers to support.  Today we are thankful for everyone who has been a part of this movement that we lead.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Jean Schmidt nominated for Scoundrel Award

Dear fellow tax hikers, our favorite Congressman Jean Schmidt has been nominated for the Scoundrel of the Month by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Government.  Even though Schmidt's integrity has been questioned during her entire time in Congress, this goes too far.  We believe Schmidt is an ideal Congressman for everything she has done to raise taxes and invent her own ethical rules. 

Please do not visit this website and vote for Jean Schmidt as the Scoundrel of the Month.  That would be embarrassing to her as she preps for a difficult primary against conservative Army Veteran Dr. Brad Wenstrup

Schmidt has never allowed ethics or integrity to get in the way of her career advancement.  We do not believe she should be taken to task for this.  Raising taxes, growing government, and bailing out billionaires is what matters, and Jean does all these things extremely well.  Let's show our support for Jean by making sure she is not named the Scoundrel of the Month.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Hartmann's Tax Hike fails to gain support

Dear fellow tax hikers, we are facing a moment of truth.  Hamilton County Commissioner Greg Hartmann had planned on passing his big property tax increase at today's Commission meeting, but failed to find a second vote.  This fight continues.  Tax Hike Hartmann is working very hard to raise your taxes and we will stand behind him 100%.  

This is the most important tax increase we have faced....than at anytime in the past two weeks.  Mike Brown deserves that money.  Mike Brown needs that money and he needs it more than you do. 

This property tax increase only affects the stupid homeowners in Hamilton County.  It doesn't affect people like me and my civil domestic partner, or our Section 8 landlord.  Just because the voters were promised this money when they passed the Stadium Sales Tax increase doesn't mean they should get it.  Promises are made to be broken, especially promises made to the lowly taxpayers. 

We condemn Commissioners Chris Monzel and Todd Portune for standing in the way of this fantastic property tax increase.  Monzel needs to learn his role.  Republicans are the party of higher taxes.  It's time for Monzel to stand in line and obey Tax Hike Hartmann and his other superiors.  Contact your Commissioners and ask them to please raise our taxes.  Tax us more!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Celebrating the hard-fought wins

Dear fellow tax hikers, tonight we give a well-deserved pat on the back to our tax-hiking allies who pulled through on Election Day with noticeably narrow wins.  While some might point out that these tax hikers should have been able to win their races handily, we prefer to celebrate these victories and our role in making them happen.

Virgil Lovitt.  First we'll start with our 2008 Tax Hiker of the Year Virgil Lovitt.  We were stunned to see Virg held to 53% in a surprisingly close re-election bid.  John Kasich and John McCain each received 60% of the vote in heavily Republican Sharonville, leaving us shocked to see Virg's underwhelming performance.

Don't the citizens of Sharonville appreciate all the taxes Virg has raised for them?  Aren't they amused by all the prostitutes prancing around town looking for their next trick?  Don't they like paying round after round after round of bailouts to the Sharonville Fine Arts Center? 

Between the Republican nature of Sharonville, Virg's high name id, his long-term incumbency, and the many taxes he's raised, we figured Mr. Mayor for Life had this one in the bag.  We apologize to Mayor Lovitt for not doing more for his campaign.  We promise to never make that mistake again.

Rick Bryan.  We went all in for our 2011 Tax Hiker of the Year Rick Bryan and it was a good thing we did!  Tax Hikin' Rick Bryan's win this year was even less impressive than his narrow win 2 years ago.  John Kasich defeated Ted Strickland by 20 points in this ward, making Rick's 4 point victory solid evidence of his political weakness. 

We told you in the Tax Hiker of the Year posting that Rick Bryan isn't good at much, and that obviously includes running an effective campaign.  But thankfully, he had us to take over his campaign at the end and save him from a humiliating defeat. 

We are very upset at all the Republicans in Blue Ash Ward 3 who have turned on Rick.  Don't they know he raised all those taxes?  Don't they appreciate that the City of Blue Ash allows its employees to show up to work hung over and not face discipline?  Aren't they aware that good ole' Tax Hikin' Rick Bryan has worked very hard to double the size of The Big All-Important Golf Course Club House!  Those people should show some appreciation for all the higher taxes and bigger monuments that Rick has brought to Blue Ash.

MS. Vicky Zwissler.  To win a City Council seat in Wyoming, all one has to do is be white and finish in the Top 7.  Like jumping over a Post-it note, Vicky rolled in at #7 in a field of 8 1/2 candidates (the last-place finisher couldn't open a window without assistance, so we are only considering her a 1/2 candidate).  We were hoping for a higher finish, but we are still delighted that our endorsed candidate MS. Zwissler will be returning to Council so she can resume raising taxes and building new government pools. 

Thank goodness MS. Zwissler won.  Because if she didn't she would have spent the next 3 years insisting to anyone who would listen that her defeat was the fault of everyone but herself.  Now we won't have to suffer through that, at least until the next time she loses.

Her friend Wyoming School Board Member Lynn Larson has graciously agreed to host a party to celebrate Vicky's election.  Open bar.  All ages welcome.  Mrs. Larson wants to remind the domestic help that they are to use the servants' entrance, along with minorities and west-siders.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Support Hartmann's Property Tax Hike

Dear fellow tax hikers, we are delighted to endorse Commissioner Greg Hartmann's property tax increase on the homeowners of Hamilton County.  Tax Hike Hartmann knows that we need higher taxes to give more money to the Bengals and Reds.  Sadly, Tax Hike Hartmann lacks a second vote for his excellent tax increase.  We call on all of you to get busy advocating for more taxes.

When the voters of Hamilton County approved the Stadium Sales Tax increase in 1996, they were promised that 30% of these Sales Tax revenues would be refunded to homeowners in the form of a Property Tax Rollback (PTR).  Through 2009, this promise was kept.  Thankfully in 2010, Commissioners David Pepper and Tax Hike Hartmann broke this promise, knowing that Mike Brown and Bob Bedinghaus could spend that money better than you.

Here we are again facing this same issue for 2012.  Except now, serial tax hiker David Pepper isn't on the Commission.  He's been replaced by Chris Monzel, who stupidly believes that this PTR promise should be kept.  Amazingly, our formerly ally Todd Portune also believes the full PTR should be maintained.

We fully support breaking this promise.  The stupid voters don't deserve this money.  Bob Bedinghaus, Mike Brown, and Jeff Berding should get to spend that money for you.  Promises to the lowly taxpayers are made to be broken.  

This situation leaves Tax Hike Hartmann without a second vote to pass this absolutely necessary tax increase.  We call on all you tax hikers to lobby Monzel and Portune.  Encourage them to break their word to the voters so we can send more money to the stadiums.  We also want you to contact Tax Hike Hartmann's office and thank him for everything he is doing to raise our property taxes.  You don't need that money; the Bengals do.  Tax us more!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Cincinnati demands more federal streetcar money

Dear fellow tax hikers, we fully support the City of Cincinnati's request to have all United States taxpayers pay another $56 million for the Cincinnati streetcar.  We at Republicans for Higher Taxes have long supported the streetcar project, no matter the cost.  Years ago Santa Obama gave Cincinnati $25 million for this important job-creation project, but that's not nearly enough.

Cincinnati deserves a streetcar.  And they shouldn't have to pay for it.  Everyone should pay for Cincinnati's streetcar, except for the YP snobs who want it.

Those condescending urbanists are entitled to their all-white streetcar.  Right now they are forced to ride a putrid bus, where they may have to sit next to a minority or poor person.  It is unfair treatment to such a special group of people.  These white, YP urbanists deserve something for themselves.

We want Santa Obama to select Cincinnati for this grant.  We would like our entire Ohio Congressional delegation to work through our friend Jean Schmidt to make sure this money remains available.  Even though the federal government ran a $1.3 Trillion deficit for 2011, we must continue spending wildly.  We want that streetcar built, and we expect the entire country to pay for it.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Governor Taft's Election Review


What a great week we've had. Let's re-cap the recent election results:

- State of Ohio - What an amazing victory for the forces of liberal Republicanism! Governor John Kasich's evil scheme to reign in government spending in Ohio came crashing down at the hands of my good friends in the public sector unions. I am particularly proud of two Republicans for standing up against conservative values - Bill Seitz and Bill Cunningham. When the union goons asked for help B&B were right there to support higher spending and oppose meaningful government reform. Way to go fellas! Nobody should be surprised by this of course. My buddy Bill Seitz voted for every single one of my tax increases while I was Governor, and was a vocal advocate in favor of a HUGE sales tax increase in Hamilton County. Bill Cunningham has been a strong supporter of high taxes and high-tax candidates for years. Bill also supported the massive $777 million Portune/Pepper sales tax increase, and opposed efforts in 2009 to stop the Cincinnati streetcar. Keep up the good work gentlemen!

- City of Cincinnati - I couldn't be more ecstatic about the results in the City of Cincinnati. Every single Conservative candidate was roundly defeated. Amy Murray, GONE! Wayne Lippert, GONE! The only Republican left on Council is Charlie Winburn; a former Democrat who opposed SB 5 and has bragged about his support of President Obama. What more could I ask for? More importantly, the effort to stop the Cincinnati streetcar was defeated at the polls. This leaves the City of Cincinnati free to pursue higher spending and gigantic tax increases.

- The Burbs - Well comrades, it was hit or miss in the suburbs of Hamilton County. Great high-tax Republicans like Virgil Lovitt, Dave Collins, and Rick Bryan were able to hold on to their seats to continue the status quo in their communities. Conversely, that evil conservative Heather Harlow defeated her opponent in Colerain Township. You can't win 'em all I suppose.

I think these results may mean that it's safe for me to return to the public eye comrades. It's heartening to know that there are still so many fellow travelers out there. I look forward to working with liberal, high tax, big spending Republicans to turn Ohio back around to where I left it.

Yours in UNITY,

Governor Bob Taft

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Heather Harlow's Haters Eating Crow

Dear fellow tax hikers, we would like to extend our sincere appreciation to all of our tipsters and friends from across Hamilton County.  We were enormously pleased to be able to provide you meaningful coverage in many of this region's local races.  We could not have done this without you!  There is no way that those of us on the writing team could have covered the issues in so many different communities without all the tips and information that our extended network provided us.  We thank you all so much.......

Except for the smelly people from Colerain.  You people gave us bad information.  Thankfully we did enough research on our own to provide the good, quality coverage that our readers have come to expect.

We were assured by our Colerain tipsters that Fiscal Officer Heather Harlow was going to get crushed.  They told us things were so bad that her campaign threw in the towel weeks before the election, and that the local GOP and Tea Party had also turned against her.  Now we find out that none of this was true as Heather was re-elected on Tuesday.

Here is a sampling of the comments we received from the Heather Harlow Haters Club:

"The Tea Party has something special planned for Heather Harlow. Having angered both the GOP establishment AND the Tea Party, is there anyone left who is going to vote for this clown? I think the people running this blog will be very happy the morning of November 9th."
"The Hamilton County Republican Party and operatives such as Buzz Deters may not do a lot of things well, but the plan to throw Heather Harlow under the bus is working so beautifully that she and her hubby can't stop it now and wouldn't even know it if it hit them in the face. Delicious and sweet irony."
 "Harlow's support of Senate Bill 5 will be her undoing. Delicious and sweet irony that she was such a rah-rah Kasich gal and his signature legislation will be responsible for her crushing defeat."
"You guys can let this one go. Harlow is toast. She knows it too. She quit this campaign two weeks ago. No Republican in Colerain Township has seen or heard of any activity from her camp since a few damaging articles in the Community Press. She spends her days trying to suck up to countywide elected officials hoping to score a job in county government after she gets crushed."
 "Jeff Ritter and I figured out how to destroy Heather Harlow's political career earlier this year. The plan is working beautifully. She has helped our cause by saying and doing some really dumb things (like getting out in front on issue 2 and kissing up to the Tea Partiers that actually can't stand her)."
 "No worries. We got this in the bag. Harlow is toast."

We are angry at you Harlow Haters for failing to defeat our enemy Heather!  You haters spent too much time yacking and not enough time warning everyone about Harlow's conservative record.  Now we're stuck with this conservative woman for 4 more years.  And you also failed to defeat our enemy Dan Unger.  Our movement has much work to do in Colerain Township to remove these awful conservatives from office.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Leslie Ghiz defeated

Dear fellow tax hikers, this was not the night we expected.  While some things went well tonight, the news that our great friend Leslie Ghiz was defeated for re-election to Cincinnati City Council has left us in an inconsolable state.  Right now we are in downtown Cincinnati crying our eyes out trying to comfort each other after this shocking defeat - possibly our worst loss since the last time Ghiz lost an election. 

This is completely unfair!  Leslie Ghiz was entitled to run a non-existent, mail-it-in campaign and still get re-elected.  We were proud to endorse Ghiz for all she did to support David Pepper and grow the size of government.  

We tax hikers must find a way to go on.  We want you to remember all the great things about our Ghizzy.  That should take a few seconds.

Please post your favorite memories of Leslie Ghiz in the comments section.  Through sharing, we can begin to heal after this tragic loss.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Vote the Big Government Ballot on Tuesday!

Dear fellow tax hikers, Election Day is almost here and we can't wait to vote for higher taxes, bigger government, and for candidates who share our beliefs.  We are going to recap the endorsements we have already made, plus add a few more.

Top Priority - Re-elect Tax Hikin' Rick Bryan for Blue Ash City Council.  Rick is our 2011 Tax Hiker of the Year and his loss would be a huge setback for our pro-tax movement. 

Green Township Trustee - Vote against Jeffry Smith.  Green Township cannot afford a Trustee who will oppose nepotism and look out for the taxpayers.

Cincinnati City Council - Re-elect Leslie Ghiz, who in her career has endorsed a huge Sales Tax increase, voted to build the Streetcar, subsidized The Freedom Center, and endorsed Democrat David Pepper for County Commissioner to help the Democrats take over Hamilton County.  We also give our endorsement to deadbeat Jason Riveiro, tax-hiking goddess Roxanne Qualls, tax-hiking gay activist Chris Seelbach, and the streetcar-obsessed Laure Quinlivan

Wyoming City Council - We implore you to support MS. Vicky Zwissler in spite of her past electoral failures.  We also lend our support to ethically-challenged Democrat Jim O'Reilly, who was sanctioned by the Ohio Supreme Court for violating Judicial Canon 7(E)(1), and Barry Porter who loves higher taxes and gun control as much as he loves Twinkies and chocolate ice cream.  All three of these fantastic tax increasers voted to raise Wyoming's Income Tax by 60%. 

Sycamore School Board - You must vote against fiscal conservative Colleen Greissinger.  There is no room on this 5-person board for one single person who is fiscally conservative and opposes higher taxes.

Northwest School Board - We need you to vote against fiscal conservative Dan Unger.  Dan has said no to higher taxes and is trying to control spending.  Both of these ideas are unacceptable, as we need higher taxes and out-of-control spending. 

Colerain Fiscal Officer - It's urgent to vote against Heather Harlow.  Not only is she a fiscal conservative who dared to oppose Hamilton County Sales Tax increase in 2007, she is also a woman who supports our 2nd Amendment rights.  She needs to learn her role.

Sharonville Mayor - We are 100% behind Virgil Lovitt, our 2008 Tax Hiker of the Year.  He has so many more taxes to raise. 

Issue 2 - Vote NO!  We want union deciding how to spend your tax dollars, not our elected officials.  Voting down Issue 2 makes it more likely we'll need higher taxes in the near future!

Issue 3 - Vote NO!  We fully support Obamacare.  This issue opposes Obamacare and prohibits Ohio from enacting it's own Obama-style health care.

Issue 32 - This is a huge property tax increase so we fully support it.  

Issue 37 - This is a tax issue, therefore vote yes.

Issue 38 - This is a tax issue, therefore vote yes.

Issue 47 - Vote NO!  This amendment would ban a Trash Tax.  We want to tax your trash. 

Issue 48 - Vote NO!  This amendment would ban our beloved streetcar.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Rick Bryan for Blue Ash City Council

Dear fellow tax hikers, our #1 priority on Tuesday is the re-election of our 2011 Tax Hiker of the Year Rick Bryan to Blue Ash City Council.  Please click on that link to learn all about the real Rick Bryan record.  Earnings Tax increases, Sales Tax hikes, Lodging Tax hikes, and supporting the School Board members who have raised property taxes, Tax Hikin' Rick Bryan has been one of the most dedicated tax hikers we have ever covered.

We have consistently supported Republicans who raise taxes and support big government.  We have even supported some Democrats who share our agenda, such as The Messiah Barack Obama.  We knew if we wanted higher taxes, we had to elect Obama. 

Rick Bryan is just as great of a tax hiker as President Obama.  These two men believe in big government.  They believe in higher taxes.  They believe in spending big money on big monuments and big "stimulus" projects.  We were enormously proud to name Rick Bryan our 2011 Tax Hiker of the Year.  He earned it.

Rick's opponent is more fiscally conservative than he is.  We don't want that.  Rick Bryan has maxed out for our tax-and-spend movement.  Now our movement must support him.  Please do everything you can to support the re-election of Rick Bryan, our 2011 Tax Hiker of the Year.

Oppose Colleen Greissinger for Sycamore School Board

Dear fellow tax hikers, we urge everyone in the Sycamore School District to vote against fiscal conservative Colleen Greissinger for school board.  There is no room for anyone on the Board who does not support higher taxes and more spending.  Our tax-hiking hero Diane Adamec would have an Oprah-sized meltdown if any of her ideas failed to pass unanimously.  Colleen's opponents are obedient to Adamec and loyally vote with her even when she is wrong.

Currently the Sycamore School District spends more money per student ($14,733 per student per year) than 97% of Ohio's school districts.  That is not enough!  They must raise taxes and increase spending until they are the biggest spenders in Ohio. 

Sadly, Colleen Greissinger refuses to support a property tax increase that would allow the schools to spend even more.  She has stated that she will not support property tax increases for at least 5 more years.  That is a terrible idea!

The entire School Board, including Colleen's opponents, have made it clear they will be seeking a big property tax increase in 2012 or 2013.  We first reported this in January 2010.  It would be tragic if this necessary tax hike did not have unanimous support on the Board.

You must vote against Colleen Greissinger.  There is no room for a single fiscal conservative on this 5-person Board.  We do not want those fiscal conservatives to have a voice.  Make sure you vote against Colleen Greissinger to maintain our unanimous tax-and-spend, union-controlled Sycamore School Board.  Tax us more!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Elected Official taking two taxpayer-funded health plans

Dear fellow tax hikers, candidate for Green Township Trustee Jeffry Smith has done it again!  This insolent citizen activist has discovered more information about another Green Township practice that is sure to upset this region's obnoxious fiscal conservatives.

Mr. Smith is reporting on his latest blog entry that Green Township Fiscal Officer Tom Straus is on two taxpayer-funded health plans at the same time!  We encourage everyone to click on that link and read the full story there.  The documents can be found at his website. 

By day, Mr. Straus works for the Ohio Attorney General's office.  There, he is on the State's health insurance plan.  Straus is also the Fiscal Officer for Green Township.  He is on their health insurance plan too!  One worker, two taxpayer-funded health plans. 

We at Republicans for Higher Taxes are always on the lookout for new and inventive ways to spend taxpayer money.  This one is a winner.  We applaud Tom Straus for showing the ingenuity to take two taxpayer-funded health plans at the same time.

We once again condemn Jeffry Smith for his citizen activism, as we did in September.  We do not like it when taxpayers ask questions about their government.  We especially despise it when they discover nepotism, mismanagement, and elected officials who take two taxpayer-funded health plans at the same time.  It is vitally important that Mr. Smith is defeated on Tuesday.  Green Township cannot afford to have a Trustee looking out for their tax dollars.