Monday, May 24, 2010

Streetcar Plan Lacks Public Support

Dear fellow tax hikers, we are getting streetcars in Cincinnati whether the voters like it or not.  And we think that's fantastic.  While a recent poll indicates that Cincinnati voters oppose the current streetcar plan by a 2-1 margin, it really doesn't matter what the voters think.

The streetcar has the potential to join the stadiums and The Freedom Center as one of Cincinnati's finest economic development projects ever.  How does spending $128 million on a rail line that goes 3 miles north and then heads back home create economic development worthy of that expenditure?  Well, we have no idea either, but that's not important.

Our city and state leaders told us that building new stadiums for the Bengals and Reds would be an economic bonanza for the city and county.  Nobody understood how spending $700 million on two sports stadiums is an economic plus, but aren't we glad we trusted them?  The Banks has become one of the finest downtown neighborhoods in the country, and the economies of Cincinnati and Hamilton County have never been better.  And just imagine how bad Hamilton County's budget would be without the stadium fund to buoy it.

Our city, state, and federal leaders told us that building The Freedom Center on riverfront property would be of strong economic benefit to the entire region.  Nobody ever figured that one out at the time, but aren't we glad we listened?  The Freedom Center has been a heavily-attended tourism magnet that has brought billions of outside dollars to Hamilton County.

Now our city and state leaders need us to believe them when they say the streetcar will bring an economic boom to Cincinnati.  Put your doubts and your questions aside.  Mayor Mallory and other city leaders know what is best.  Don't listen to that conservative Chris Monzel who has been leading the opposition to this streetcar plan.  We condemn Monzel for standing in the way of bigger government and more spending.

The message from Mayor Mallory and his supporters on City Council is clear - we're building a streetcar in Cincinnati and we don't care whether the voters like it or not.  We wholeheartedly endorse this plan and applaud Council for going through with the streetcar regardless of voter opinion.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Si Leis endorsement slump continues

(Stegosaurus and T-Rex, two of Ghiz's few public supporters)

Dear fellow tax hikers, we are deeply concerned about the declining influence of one of our greatest allies, Hamilton County Sheriff Simon Leis.  Observers including us have noted for years that our great Sheriff has had a terrible record of getting his endorsed candidates through the Republican primaries and in getting his issues passed.  This is quite a stunning loss of power for someone who once ruled this county with an iron fist. 

In this year's primary Si went an embarrassing 0-2, leading his candidates to defeat in highly winnable races.   When our endorsed candidate for County Commissioner Leslie Ghiz announced her campaign, she gurnied out Sheriff Leis to be her Campaign Chairperson.  Shockingly, Leis was unable to recruit one single elected official to join him in support of Ghiz as she suffered a humiliating 13-point defeat to our enemy conservative Chris Monzel.  Leis also issued an endorsement for Tom Weidman for State Representative, who finished a distant 2nd to Cincinnati Tea Party founder Mike Wilson.

The same thing happened to them that happened to Governor Betty Montgomery, County Commissioner Jim Sumner, State Representative Greg Delev, County Commissioner John Dowlin, Congressman Eric Minamyer, and both of the Jail Taxes that were on the ballot.   Why can't Republican voters do as they are told?  Our movement cannot succeed when our powerful allies cannot command Republican voters into selecting the most qualified tax-and-spend Republicans that we have selected for their benefit. 

It's time for a return to party discipline!  Having previously endorsed tax-and-spend Democrats David Pepper and Todd Portune, Sheriff Leis is the ultimate authority on what it means to be a great Republican.  And he is not senile.  When Si Leis issues an order, all Republicans are obliged to obey.  Those who don't should be severely disciplined for their transgressions.  Tax us more!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Schneider condemns distortion of her pictures

Dear fellow tax hikers, recently our 2009 Tax Hiker of the Year Michelle Schneider sent an email to all of her supporters protesting the way that some of her enemies have exploited her photos:

I have been called many names, and my record has been distorted along with my pictures.  The most appalling is how others exploited pictures of me supporting local children in 4-H and agriculture to make snide and immature comments.

We are disgusted and appalled by this behavior!  We cannot believe that anyone would exploit pictures of our Michelle Schneider to make snide and immature remarks.  Republicans for Higher Taxes will not stand for this injustice.  Nobody makes fun of our Michelle and gets away with it.

We condemn the poor treatment that our Michelle has been subjected to during her entire state Senate campaign.  She was entitled to that seat!  Rather than respect this fact, the Senate Caucus gave her seat to someone else.  The voters bypassed Schneider in favor of their own choice.  And someone dared use Michelle's photos at the local Fair to make fun of her!  For all the taxes she has raised, our Michelle Schneider deserved better.   We know she will be back in elected office soon to continue her stellar tax-hiking career.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tax Hikers Suffer Crushing Defeats

Dear fellow tax hikers, we are all crushed over the horrible losses we suffered during last night's elections.  What is our Republican Party coming to when it will nominate conservatives instead of the tax-and-spend RINO's that we love so much?  Those COASTers and Tea Partiers are probably laughing at us right now.

We know that every single one of us tax hikers is absolutely devastated by Chris Monzel's overwhelming 13-point win over our endorsed candidate Leslie Ghiz.   Ghiz deserved that victory!  She endorsed Democrat David Pepper for Commissioner in 2006.  She raised taxes for Pepper and Si Leis.  She voted to build Mallory's streetcar.  She endorsed Democrat Jeff Berding and Charterite Chris Bortz.  She voted to give $800,000 to The Freedom Center.  How can any Republican look at Ghiz's fantastic tax-and-spend record and support that evil conservative Chris Monzel!

We tax hikers are also distraught over the landslide defeat of our Michelle Schneider at the hands of Shannon Jones.  Our 2009 Tax Hiker of the Year Michelle Schneider was an enthusiastic supporter of higher taxes during her 8 years in the State House.  She raised the Sales Tax.  She raised the Gas Tax.  She implemented the CAT tax.  She voted for legislation to allow Hamilton County's Hotel/Motel Taxes to more than double.  She even gave millions to The Freedom Center.  In addition to her outstanding tax-and-spend record, our Michelle is extremely photogenic and perhaps the biggest pork barrel pig in politics today.  Michelle was entitled to this seat.  It was stolen from her by the voters. 

And finally, how can our Republican Party allow that Tea Party dude Mike Wilson to be our party's nominee in the 28th House District.  Just because Wilson raised $63,000, had an army of volunteers, and grew the Cincinnati Tea Party into a powerful force doesn't mean he should be able to run for State Representative.  He is one of those conservatives and will be able to offer the voters a clear contrast from the pro-tax Connie Pillich.  Why couldn't 2008 Tax Hiker of the Year Virgil Lovitt have run again? 

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bob Taft Endorsements


Below are my much anticipated endorsements for Ohio's Republican Primary election on Tuesday. All of the candidates listed are Taft-endorsed tax and spend liberal Republicans, and all deserve your support. Also, please remember my prior endorsement of Ohio Issue 1, which is a continuation of my wildly successful Third Frontier Program.
Yours in taxes,

Governor Bob Taft


2nd Congressional District - Jean Schmidt

In the race for the 2nd Congressional District there is a no-brainer. Jean Schmidt was my closest ally in the Statehouse during my time as Governor. Jeanie voted for every single one of my tax increases, and helped me put Ohio on sound economic footing. I cannot describe to you the elation I felt when Jean beat out conservatives like Pat DeWine, Tom Brinkman, and Bob McEwen for her Congressional seat. True to form, Jean did not let me down, and voted in favor of the first federal bailout. She has succeeded in turning a once solidly conservative Congressional District into a nail-biter for the Republicans every year. What a record of accomplishments!!!Vote for my good personal friend Jean Schmidt for Congress.

Hamilton County Commissioner - Leslie Ghiz

Another no-brainer. Leslie is a shooting star in the tax and spend Republican movement, and with any luck will occupy the Hamilton County Commissioners seat that I myself served so well in. Ghiz wisely supported spending taxpayer money on the Cincinnati Streetcar, and even voted to give $800,000 to the Freedom Center. Both were extremely appropriate uses of taxpayer funds. I love supporting pro-abortion, pro-gay, pro tax, pro spending Republican women like my Lieutenant Governor Jennette Bradley. Ghiz is cut from the same cloth. On Tuesday, send a message to the fiscal conservatives by defeating that tax cutting bastard Chris Monzel and putting Leslie Ghiz in office.

Ohio's 7th Senate District - Michele Schneider

I had butterflies when I heard that my former protoge Michele Schneider was going to try to resume suckling off the government teet with yet another run for public office. Michele was a tireless advocate of my tax hikes during her time in the State House. Michele voted for my gasoline tax hike, and was proud to support the creation of a brand new tax, the CAT tax. I'd love to see her in the State Senate so she could tax even more people. Let's also not forget her devotion to giving millions of your tax dollars to the Underground Railroad Freedom Center, and her support of the Hamilton County Hotel/Motel tax. Michele is a true champion of the Ohio tax hiking movement, and would make a great State Senator.

Ohio Secretary of State - Jon Husted

How lucky are we to be able to finally vote to support Jon Husted for Statewide office? I have waited for this day, and like a proud papa when his son gets his first hit in a baseball game, I'm just beaming. Jon voted for my sales tax hike, and my gas tax hike in addition to pushing for my brand new Commercial Activites Tax. Jon was a supporter of my Third Frontier program that worked wonders to make Ohio's economy so great, and has been a vocal advocate for Issue 1 this year, which is a renewal of my wildly successful Third Frontier program. But perhaps best of all, Jon stood shoulder to shoulder with my main man Virgil Lovitt in his State Representative race. On Tuesday, vote for the tax hiking son I never had, Jonny Boy Husted.

State Central Committee - Mary Anne Christie and Amber Burke Sprengard
As Republicans we have many important races for the State Central Committee this year. As you may or may not know, the State Central Committee is the group that endorses candidates for the Party and chooses who the Party Chairman will be. It is vital that we keep Kevin DeWine in power. It is thanks to him that we have great candidates like Jon Husted to vote for. Both Mary Anne Christie and Amber Burke Sprengard have received thousands upon thousands of dollars in support of their campaigns from the Ohio Republican Party through Party-paid mail pieces touting them as the "endorsed Republican candidates". They'll owe Chairman Kevin BIG-TIME, and will continue to provide rubber stamp votes for tax hiking candidates and support for the Kevin DeWine regime in Columbus. As a bonus, both are personally very involved in the liberal Republican movement. Christie has been a long (and I mean loooooooooooong) time supporter of tax hiking Republicans, and Sprengard was a vocal advocate for the Cincinnati Streetcar movement that I strongly support. Remember to keep these two good status-quo, establishment Republicans in mind when you vote, and forget the names of their super-conservative opponents, Lori Viars and Joanne Kemmerer, both of whom have been endorsed by the despised and destructive Ohio Tea Party PAC.

Pepper donates to Ghiz campaign

Dear fellow tax hikers, as you know our endorsed candidate for County Commissioner Leslie Ghiz publicly endorsed and campaigned for liberal Democrat David Pepper for Commissioner in 2006.  Her assistance was instrumental in Pepper's victory and helped switch control of our County to tax-and-spend Democrats.  Because of Ghiz's consistent support for Pepper and his liberal agenda, the ultra-wealthy Pepper family has donated large amounts of money to Ghiz over the past few years. 

We have reviewed the latest campaign finance reports and can proudly report that David Pepper's mommy Frances Pepper has once again made a large donation to Leslie Ghiz in her campaign to defeat conservative Chris Monzel for Commissioner.  Liberal Leslie has earned this money.  When conservatives needed Leslie the most, she turned her back on them by endorsing Democrat David Pepper, and later endorsed his massive Sales Tax increase. 

Mommy Pepper has been extremely generous to liberal candidates and liberal causes.  For example, Frances Pepper has donated $1150 to the National Organization for Women, a strongly pro-abortion group.  She has donated $950 to The Wish List, which is dedicated to funding the campaigns of pro-abortion Republican women.  Pepper's mommy has donated $3150 to Republicans for Choice, a group which promotes abortion within the Republican Party.  And finally, Frances Pepper has donated an astounding $35,550 to EMILY's List, an organization dedicated to electing pro-abortion Democratic women to public office

Pro-abortionist Frances Pepper is a tremendous woman who has dedicated her life to the killing of unborn children.  We encourage everyone to click this link and watch the video that highlights her life's work.

Anybody who has killed as many babies as Frances Pepper should be extremely proud of herself.  And Leslie Ghiz should be proud to count her as one of her large financial supporters.  Nobody from the Pepper family would ever donate to conservative Chris Monzel because he is the only candidate in this primary race who has always been pro-life and has been endorsed by Cincinnati Right to Life both in this race and in all of his prior campaigns.  Pro-abortionist Frances Pepper and Leslie Ghiz, these are two great women.  Leslie Ghiz for Commissioner!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Breaking: Ghiz campaigned for Pepper in 2006

Dear fellow tax hikers, we have just been sent the following information about our endorsed candidate for County Commissioner Leslie Ghiz, which shows she not only endorsed Democrat David Pepper for Commissioner in 2006, but she actively campaigned for him too.  Previously, we only knew that Ghiz endorsed Pepper.  We are so, so proud of Ghiz for taking it a step further and actively working hard to give our county to tax-and-spend Democrats!  Read the entire email below:

From: Leslie E. Ghiz []
Sent: Thursday, September 07, 2006 8:33 AM
Subject: Pepper Signs!
Hi all-
My good friend David Pepper is running for Hamilton County Commissioner against Phil Heimlich.  Obviously I support David.  I would be happy to have a sign delivered to you if you are interested.  Please e-mail me your address and phone and I will personally deliver over the next few weeks.  Thanks in advance!  Leslie