Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Blue Ash suffers mini-horse setback

Dear fellow tax hikers, we are very upset that the City of Blue Ash has suffered a setback in their efforts to punish a handicapped child for using a miniature service horse to improve her quality of life.  These kind of efforts are not wanted in a community as fine as Blue Ash.  Now this family will get to continue their lawsuit, as a Federal Appeals Court reversed the decision of the trial judge who dismissed this terrible lawsuit.

We applaud the City of Blue Ash for putting the handicapped in their place.  Kids who use service horses to assist with their disability should move to a community that wants those kind of people living there.  Blue Ash doesn't.

We urge this family to drop their lawsuit.  They do not want to mess with Lee Czerwonka, Rick Bryan, and Marc Sirkin.  Disabled residents in Blue Ash better learn their place in the hierarchy - and it's at the bottom, along with State Representative Jonathan Dever and his supporters.