Thursday, July 24, 2008

Virgil Lovitt for State Rep

By now our well-informed readers are aware of State Representative Jim Raussen's abandonment of his re-election campaign. By law the Hamilton County Republican Party can name someone to replace him on the ballot. This is a great chance for our side to regain some momentum by selecting a qualified tax-and-spend Republican to take Raussen's place.

We at Republicans for Higher Taxes give our strongest possible endorsement to Sharonville Mayor Virgil Lovitt! Lovitt has been one of the best friends our tax-and-spend movement could ever have. We cannot think of a single tax increase that Lovitt hasn't supported. He was a strong supporter of last year's Issue 27, the Simon Leis Sales Tax hike and is good friends with our great Congresswoman Jean Schmidt.

Lovitt is such a strong supporter of higher taxes that he has crossed party lines to endorse Democrat Todd Portune for re-election. Now folks, that takes great commitment to our tax-and-spend agenda.

We disagree with the mean people out there who refer to Sharonville as Shittyville. We happen to think Sharonville's endless strip malls and $40,000 homes add a neat flavor to our county. We need more of that across the 28th House Disrict. Other cities in the district such as Wyoming, Blue Ash, and Montgomery would be much finer places if they had more Sharonville in them.

It is vital that our supporters call Chairman Alex Triantafilou and demand that he select Virgil Lovitt as our State Rep candidate! We strongly support what Virgil would bring to this seat - higher taxes, more spending, continued support for Todd Portune, and the promise that he'll do for the district what he's done for Sharonville. Virgil Lovitt for State Representative!!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Congresswoman Jean Schmidt passes key legislation

- by Excelsior, Staff Writer

Our favorite Congresswoman Jean Schmidt has notched one of her most important accomplishments yet. Because of Congresswoman Jean Schmidt's tireless work July is now National Watermelon Month. As highlighted by blogger Bill Sloat, Congresswoman Jean Schmidt has been working hard for months to pass this important piece of legislation.

Watermelon tastes good. It is good for you. Congresswoman Jean Schmidt is good for us too. Congresswoman Jean Schmidt is the only Congressperson from Ohio to devote time to achieving this important victory. Congresswoman Jean Schmidt can no longer be accused of failing to deliver for our district.

Take that Coast clowns! With this accomplishment Congresswoman Jean Schmidt has proven she belongs in the big leagues of legislators. While the COAST types are busy trying to reduce the size of government, we higher tax supporters have Congresswoman Jean Schmidt working to grow big government in every way possible. Including watermelons. You go Congresswoman Jean Schmidt!