Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hamilton County discusses new Transit Tax

Dear fellow tax hikers, our ally Cincinnati City Councilman Chris Bortz is proposing a new countywide Transit Tax to replace Cincinnati's contribution to the Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority. We at Republicans for Higher Taxes wholeheartedly endorse this brand new tax.

After all, streetcars do not fund themselves. The City of Cincinnati badly wants a $200 million streetcar system to run through Over The Rhine, but don't have the money to pay for it. We have long been supporters of this streetcar plan.

Just as our man Barack Obama wants to spread the wealth, we want to make sure when the streetcar is built that we spread the costs. Why should Cincinnati residents have to pay for their own streetcar? We strongly believe that the taxpayers in suburban communities like Sycamore Township, Green Township, and Anderson Township should contribute their fair share to the costs of the Cincinnati Streetcar. Spread the wealth, spread the costs.

We applaud the leadership of our great tax hiker Chris Bortz. And we applaud our endorsed candidate for County Commissioner Leslie Ghiz for voting for the streetcar and in 2006 endorsing Democrat David Pepper for Commissioner so that we tax hikers have the votes to make these plans a reality. Our community has benefited greatly from the fantastic tax-and-spend leadership of Pepper, Ghiz, and Bortz.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hamilton County may raise the Sales Tax

Dear fellow tax hikers, our great Democratic tax-hiking Commissioners David Pepper and Todd Portune are strongly considering a plan to raise Hamilton County's Sales Tax once again! The Bengals and Reds need more of our money. We proudly endorse an increase in the Sales Tax so the Bengals and Reds get all of the money they need from us.

In 1996 we were told by Bob Bedinghaus, John Dowlin, Todd Portune, Roxanne Qualls, and Jeff Berding just how important it was to raise our Sales Tax to benefit the Reds and Bengals. They told us we could keep these two great teams, reinvent the riverfront, and bring strong economic growth to the area. And boy, were they right! The Reds and Bengals are thriving, the Banks have been completed, and because of these two developments Cincinnati and Hamilton County have never enjoyed greater prosperity.

The success of this Sales Tax plan proves that the Reds and Bengals can spend our money better than we can. But that tax increase wasn't enough. To keep this great momentum going we must enact The Stadium Sales Tax Hike Part Two. We promise, this time it will be all the money needed to fully complete this grand plan. We know this same promise was made last time but this time we mean it!

We applaud Pepper and Portune for the fine leadership they are showing on this important issue. They know that Mike Brown can spend our money better than we can. These two fine tax hikers raised our Sales Tax once without a vote of the people, with our support, and we applaud them as they seek to do it again.

We are calling on all you tax hikers to crash the two public hearings being held for this important issue. Tell them to implement The Stadium Sales Tax Hike Part Two. Remind them how successful the first Sales Tax hike has been. Tell them Mike Brown needs our money more than we do. Let's raise some taxes and keep this great county moving forward with Mike Brown and Bob Bedinghaus leading the way. Tax us more!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Monzel declares his run for County Commissioner

Dear fellow tax hikers, earlier today our enemy Chris Monzel officially declared his run for County Commissioner. We are disgusted by his entry into this race and are even more disgusted at some of the things he said today at his kickoff event. In today's Enquirer Politics blog article, Monzel is quoted saying, "Monzel promised he’d work for limited government, freedom from excessive taxation and common sense."

We are completely against limited government, common sense, and freedom from excessive taxation! We believe in higher taxes and bigger government. Monzel has been nothing but a thorn in our tax-hiking side.

Monzel voted against the Mark Mallory $200 million streetcar plan. Monzel was the only member of City Council to oppose David Pepper's $800 million Sales Tax increase. He has voted against all efforts to subsidize the Freedom Center. And unlike Leslie Ghiz, Monzel even endorsed the re-election of Republican Phil Heimlich over David Pepper!

We will not tolerate Monzel's support for lower taxes and limited government, and his refusal to endorse pro-tax Democrats like David Pepper. We need great Republicans like Leslie Ghiz who will vote for Streetcars, who will raise our Sales Tax, and who will proudly endorse a great Democrat like David Pepper so Democrats can control the Commission. Whatever you do, don't vote for Chris Monzel for County Commissioner. Let's vote for higher taxes instead.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ghiz's support for Democrats

Dear fellow tax hikers, one of our favorite things about Leslie Ghiz is her support for Democratic candidates who share her belief in raising taxes. When Ghiz endorsed Democrat David Pepper for County Commissioner in 2006, she didn't just help Pepper, she helped give control of our county to 2 tax-hiking Democrats. That is exactly what we expect from a good Republican.

Ghiz's support for Democrats didn't end with Pepper. In the most recent City Council election, Ghiz proudly endorsed Democrat Jeff Berding and another Pepper-supporter Chris Bortz, while refusing to endorse an anti-tax Republican Charlie Winburn. Read what Ghiz wrote in her October 29th newsletter:

Remember there are four current members of council: Mr. Monzel, Mr. Berding, Mr. Bortz and me, who fight for you every single day....

On election day, please help the four of us out and vote not only for us, but for Amy Murray and George Zamary to give us a veto proof 6 votes.

Chris Bortz joined with Ghiz to endorse David Pepper, support a massive $800 million Sales Tax increase, vote to subsidize $800,000 to the Freedom Center, and push hard for a $200 million streetcar through Over The Rhine. Jeff Berding was the leader of the effort to impose the Stadium Sales Tax hike that saved our county. In addition he has also endorsed the streetcar, Barack Obama, subsidies to the Freedom Center, the $800 million Sales Tax hike, and he joined Ghiz in supporting David Pepper.

To further support his Democratic credentials, Jeff Berding made the following statement, "I take a backseat to no one in my commitment to Democratic values." Neither does Leslie Ghiz.

Remember, Leslie Ghiz supports tax-hiking Democrats. Chris Monzel supports Republicans. Leslie Ghiz for County Commissioner!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

TP getting skinnier - tragedy unveiled

Dear fellow tax hikers, we have discovered an issue that will disturb you as much as it disturbs us. According to investigative reporter John Matarese, toiler paper is getting skinnier. This is causing problems for many of our fellow tax hikers whose rear ends aren't getting any trimmer.

Note: this is not a post about Leslie Ghiz.

Now we know some of you are saying, "hey tax hikers, what does the size of TP have to do with raising taxes?" Probably not much. However, this issue is of PARAMOUNT IMPORTANCE to our many fatass supporters in the GOP tax hiking movement. Because of this trend, there's a lot of fat tax hikers out there who will be suffering a more miserable experience when doing the ole #2.

Listen, when we tax hikers spread our cheeks to take a dump, we rely on having a good-sized chunk of TP there to finish the job for us. Think about this: when Sean Donovan wipes Simon Leis' ass, should he have to use some skinny-sized TP that might crack on him? That would just not be fair.

We're not going to tolerate this any longer! We demand a return to full-sized TP or else we're going to take drastic action. Michelle Schneider has promised us when she gets elected State Senator she's going to do something about this and Leslie Ghiz is intimately concerned as well. With them behind us, we will be taken seriously when we say we want our TP back.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Defeat Chris Monzel for Commissioner

Dear fellow tax hikers, our plans to retain control of County Commission are under attack! Our sworn enemy Chris Monzel has decided to run for County Commissioner. We awarded Monzel our 2008 Enemy of the Treasury for everything he has done to oppose our high-tax agenda.

Monzel supports an agenda of lower taxes and spending restraints. For years Monzel has led the fight to freeze property tax rates in Cincinnati. Monzel opposed the huge $800 million Sales Tax increase that we and Ghiz supported. Monzel opposed the Mark Mallory/Leslie Ghiz Streetcar. When Ghiz voted to give the Freedom Center $800,000, Chris Monzel was the only member of City Council to oppose it. For all that he must be stopped!

If Monzel wins this race, he will join with fellow Republican Greg Hartmann to give this county a Commission majority of fiscal conservatives who support lower taxes and less spending. We cannot allow this to happen. By having Leslie Ghiz replace her mentor David Pepper on the County Commission, we would retain the tax-and-spend majority that we worked so hard to win in 2006.

Leslie Ghiz has earned our support. Ghiz voted for Pepper's Sales Tax hike and Mallory's $200 million Streetcar. And when Commission control was up for grabs in 2006, Ghiz endorsed the tax-and-spend Democrat David Pepper while Monzel backed the conservative Republican Phil Heimlich. What more do we tax hikers need to know? Leslie Ghiz for County Commissioner.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Sycamore School Board walks out on critic

Dear fellow tax hikers, we have received several reports that the Sycamore School Board opened a public comment section of their recent meeting, and then proceeded to walk out when someone criticized some of their recent financial decisions. We have opened an investigation and promise our loyal readers that we will get to the bottom of this controversy.

According to the website, a resident stepped forward to deliver the following remarks to the School Board. As he was speaking he was told his 3 minutes were up, at which point the School Board members walked out of the meeting. We are disgusted that anyone would dare to criticize our tax-and-spend friends on the Board!

Sycamore Schools currently spends around $13,500 per student per year, more than nearly every other school district in Ohio. But that's not #1. Sycamore cannot be content to be outspending only 95% or more of Ohio school districts. They must continue raising taxes until they are the biggest spenders in Ohio.

Because of this shortfall, School Board Member Diane Adamec has been promising everyone that the Sycamore Schools will be seeking a big tax increase within the next 3 years. This is a continuation of her excellent tax-hiking record. Last year we profiled Mrs. High Tax Adamec because of her tireless dedication to higher taxes. Diane Adamec will not stop taxing until they're #1, and if she has to walk out of School Board meetings to help pass a tax increase we will not criticize her behavior. Stay tuned for more.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Simon Leis endorses Leslie Ghiz

Dear fellow tax hikers, we are delighted to report the news that our great Sheriff Simon Leis has endorsed Leslie Ghiz for County Commissioner! Seeing these two excellent tax hikers working together is great news for our growing movement. Leslie and Simon share so much in common.

Both have openly endorsed tax-hiking Democrat David Pepper for County Commissioner. Both strongly supported raising our Sales Taxes by $800 million over 15 years. Both are openly hostile to our conservative Republican enemies who refuse to support tax increases and big spending. And both are very proud of all the Democrats they have openly endorsed. It is only natural that these two fine servants would join forces to ensure that Ghiz can continue the legacy of her mentor David Pepper.

Simon says, "Leslie has demonstrated her ability to take on tough issues and fight for what is right."

That's right. Leslie Ghiz fought to bring a streetcar to Cincinnati. Leslie fought to raise our Sales Tax. Leslie fought to elect David Pepper to the Commission. Leslie will remain committed to higher taxes and big spending hikes when she joins the Commission.

Simon Leis knows he can get anything he wants with Todd Portune and Leslie Ghiz in charge. Ghiz will see to it that Sales taxes rise again. Ghiz will make sure that the Sheriff's department continues to be well stocked with new helicopters, fishing boats, military tanks, and blow up dolls of Simon Leis (from when he had hair). Sheriff Leis deserves those important crime-fighting tools - with Leslie Ghiz in charge, he will get them. Leslie Ghiz for County Commissioner!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Great 2010 Begins Now

Dear fellow tax hikers, greetings from your fearless leader of Republicans for Higher Taxes! We hope everyone has had as great of a New Year as us. We have enjoyed our break, but now we're getting back to work spreading the message of higher taxes and taking this website of ours to new heights.

There is much work to be done. We promise to you, our loyal tax hiking friends, that we are going to update this blog regularly through the May primary. You all deserve nothing less than our best and you're going to get it!

We are extremely excited that our tax-hiking hero Leslie Ghiz has declared her candidacy for County Commissioner. Of course, readers of this blog have known for two months this was going to happen. Her election will allow her to raise taxes on a higher level than ever before, and just as important, continue the fine legacy of her mentor David Pepper.

When David Pepper was running for Commissioner in 2006 against a Republican, Leslie Ghiz endorsed Pepper to help him win the race and allow the tax-hiking Democrats to take control of our commission. Only 6 months later, Ghiz helped Pepper to pass his Sales Tax hike that we so badly needed.

Leslie Ghiz will be a fantastic addition to the County Commission and we are proud to be the first organization to give her an endorsement. We are putting the rest of the Hamilton County GOP on notice - we will do even more to help Leslie Ghiz than we did to help 2008 Tax Hiker of the Year Virgil Lovitt. That is one promise we will never think of breaking! Leslie Ghiz for County Commissioner.