Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Support Cheviot's property tax increase

Dear fellow tax hikers, right now Cheviot serves as an exciting example of what happens when tax-and-spend Republicans and tax-and-spend Democrats work together to take more resources from the citizens so that the government can spend more. In just one week Cheviot's citizens will have the opportunity to vote themselves a big property tax increase. This 5.61 mill levy would cost the owner of a $100,000 home an additional $160 per year in higher taxes.

We at Republicans for Higher Taxes enthusiastically endorse this tax increase. Cheviot's government needs this money more than its residents do. Recently all of Cheviot's tax-and-spend elected officials joined together to beg for your vote. Who can argue with the detailed numbers and professional reasoning in that editorial? By raising taxes, Cheviot can take advantage of their unique positioning being near the city of Cincinnati and in the Cincinnati Public Schools system. This big tax increase brings Cheviot's tax structure more in line with Cincinnati, and soon enough they may even be able to provide that same effective government as Cincinnati.

The citizens should feel confident that Cheviot's government spends their tax dollars just as efficiently as the Cincinnati Public Schools. This is not the time for voters to be selfish. This is a wonderful chance for Cheviot's citizens to increase their tax burden so they can become more and more like the city of Cincinnati. We encourage the fine citizens of Cheviot to vote for this big property tax increase in August, then vote for the Cincinnati Public Schools big property tax increase in November. Tax us more!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Anti-tax Democrat to challenge Schmidt

Dear fellow tax hikers, we now know that our great Congresswoman Jean Schmidt will likely face an anti-tax Democrat in the 2010 elections. State Representative Todd Book has announced that he will challenge our favorite Stan Chesley Republican.

Schmidt has proven herself to be one of the greatest tax-and-spend Republicans we have ever had. Schmidt voted for Bob Taft's Sales Tax hike. She voted to raise Ohio's Gas taxes by 27% when gas prices fell too low. She worked closely with Virgil Lovitt to pass legislation allowing Cincinnati and Hamilton County to more than double their hotel/motel taxes.

Most importantly, Schmidt stood with Barack Obama and George Bush to proudly support an $800 billion bailout for the rich folk on Wall Street. Schmidt understood that it's unfair for the upper class to be responsible for the downside of the big risks they take if they fail. This legislation was needed to save our economy, keep unemployment from growing, and prevent a recession. And boy, hasn't it worked great? We applaud Jean Schmidt, George Bush, and Barack Obama for the great economic leadership they have showed this country during tough times.

Todd Book does not have such a stellar record. In fact, when we tax hikers needed him most he voted against us. When Ohio was facing trouble, Governor Bob Taft demanded that the Legislature raise the Sales Tax from 5% to 6%. Jean Schmidt didn't have to be told twice. But Rep. Book voted no! He had the nerve to vote against raising our Sales Tax. This Sales Tax hike was the key component of the Taft/Schmidt agenda which has remade Ohio into a strong economic powerhouse.

Jean Schmidt has proven herself as a fantastic tax increaser and big spender. Todd Book has refused to support the tax increases and spending hikes that have made our economy what it is today. Because of this, we plan on supporting Schmidt once again and encourage everyone to oppose Book.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hamilton County must raise property taxes

Hamilton County's fiscal crisis continues to worsen. Under the impressive leadership of County Commissioners David Pepper and Todd Portune, revenues have plunged and now some county bureaucrats are saying the county may have to reduce or eliminate the property tax rollback that was promised to voters when they passed the Stadium Sales Tax increase. Our enemies at COAST feel this is what our Commissioners will do. We at Republicans for Higher Taxes endorse the complete removal of this property tax rollback.

Who cares about some promise that was made in 1996? This is politics, and in politics promises are made to be broken. The government needs that money more than the citizens do. What do you think the government should do, cut spending? That is an entirely unrealistic expectation.

We condemn County Commissioner Greg Hartmann for coming out against this idea. As a Hamilton County Republican he should know better than to ever oppose raising taxes. We have been very disappointed in the fiscal conservatism he has shown as a Clerk of Court and now as a Commissioner. We did not elect him to cut costs, reduce programs, or lower taxes. He was put there to continue our party's dedication to higher taxes and more spending.

If Greg Hartmann will not do the right thing by breaking a promise and raising property taxes, then we encourage David Pepper and Todd Portune to do it themselves. Hamilton County badly needs this property tax increase so they can get back to spending money at an elevated rate.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Michelle Schneider's Gasoline Tax increase

One of our favorite tax increases occurred a few years ago under our great Governor Bob Taft. During the early part of this decade, Bob Taft and Jean Schmidt felt gas prices were too low and they wanted to do something about it. That gave birth to Ohio's enormous 27% Gas Tax increase. We applaud Bob Taft, Michelle Schneider, and Jean Schmidt for supporting this necessary tax hike.

Because of our Michelle Schneider, Ohio's motorist get to pay more taxes to the government every single time they fill up their pumps. In fact, me and my civil domestic partner took a trip recently and we were overjoyed with pride when we filled our tank at an Ohio gas station. We are delighted to send more money to Ted Strickland each time we run low on the gas.

When you think of higher gas prices, think of Michelle Schneider.

We have proudly endorsed Michelle Schneider for the State Senate and have urged our fellow tax-and-spend Senate Republicans to appoint her now to the vacancy. Michelle was a valuable voice and a valuable vote to increase gasoline prices in the State House. We think she can raise them even more in the Senate. Michelle Schneider for State Senate.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Michelle Schneider's Sales Tax increase

Dear fellow tax hikers, the last time we posted we promised to start analyzing Michelle Schneider's excellent record in the State House as she attempts to be selected to the State Senate vacancy. Today we will start with Governor Bob Taft's landmark tax increase that Michelle proudly supported.

When Governor Taft demanded that the State Legislature raise its Sales Tax by 20%, he knew he could count on our Michelle Schneider to vote yes. With this money, the state was able to give millions in taxpayer subsidies to the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, as well as numerous other earmarks and pet projects around the state. This huge tax increase allowed Ohio to grow it's budget by over 10%. The alternate was unthinkable - the state budget would barely grow and they would have to limit their spending.

Michelle Schneider held firm and proudly voted for Bob Taft's big Sales Tax increase. With this vote Michelle solidified her credentials as a tax-and-spend Republican and tax-hiking leader. When Republicans are faced with the choice of raising taxes and spending or living within their means, our party must always go with the tax hikes. We are the tax and spend party. When we raise taxes, we have more money to bribe the voters to support us. We are proud to support Michelle Schneider as she continues to advocate for the Bob Taft policies that have served our state so well.