Saturday, October 31, 2009

Rick Bryan for Blue Ash City Council

Dear fellow tax hikers, we are delighted to issue our strongest possible endorsement to Blue Ash City Councilman Rick Bryan. Of all the suburban city councilmen and township trustees, Rick Bryan is simply the best tax hiker we have. It is vitally important that he be re-elected to the Blue Ash City Council so that their city's government can continue to operate under Rick's awesome tax-and-spend leadership. Consider the Rick Bryan record:

1. Like Ohio's former Attorney General Marc Dann, Rick Bryan publicly endorsed the big Sales Tax increase for Hamilton County. Sadly, the voters did not agree and opposed Rick's tax hike with 56% of the vote.

2. Rick voted for and publicly endorsed the 25% Earnings Tax hike for the lucky citizens and workers in Blue Ash.

3. Endorsed the huge Hotel/Motel tax increase earlier this decade championed by Bob Taft and 2008 Tax Hiker of the Year Virgil Lovitt. Rick has continued over the years to support the political career of fellow tax hiker Virg Lovitt.

4. Rick has been heavily influential in the selection of Sycamore School Board members, such as our tax-and-spend superhero Diane Adamec, and a strong supporter of their big-spending policies which have led them to spending more money per student than nearly every school district in Ohio.

5. In the 2008 primary, Rick Bryan proudly announced his opposition to our anti-tax enemy Pat DeWine. Even though DeWine crushed his opponent, Bryan did the right thing. DeWine disobeyed party leaders, and actively opposed that Sales Tax increase. DeWine should have been severely punished for opposing higher taxes and not doing what he's told by party elders.

6. Finally, we are delighted that Rick has been an active participant in the mustache power that has swept our political structure in Hamilton County. You cannot fight the 'stache.

As you see, Rick Bryan has been a fantastic tax hiker and big spender over the last decade on the Blue Ash City Council. When you need someone to raise your taxes, increase spending, and enforce strict discipline against dissent, there is no finer choice in Northeast Hamilton County than Rick Bryan. We strongly support his re-election as Blue Ash Ward 3 City Councilman and hope to see him run for higher office soon.

Blue Ash Council Endorsements

Dear fellow tax hikers, we are proud to announce our endorsements for this year's Blue Ash City Council races. Blue Ash has been governed exceptionally well by the kind of people we like most: tax-and-spend Republicans. We feel this should not change. In this entry, we will cover all the races except for the highly important Ward 3 matchup which we will cover in a separate post. We at Republicans for Higher Taxes proudly endorse the following candidates:

Ward 4 - Robert Buckman. Buckman has been a leading tax-hiker for the citizens of Blue Ash. Buckman voted to raise income taxes by 25%, supported the extremely important county-wide Sales Tax increase that we endorsed, and supported more than doubling the Hotel/Motel Tax plan championed by Bob Taft, Jean Schmidt, and Virgil Lovitt.

Ward 5 - Mark Weber.
Weber also supported the 25% Income Tax Hike and Hotel/Motel Tax, and proudly put a sign in his yard to support the latest Sycamore School tax that we endorsed so that they can continue to spend more money than nearly every other school district in Ohio. When higher taxes have called, Weber has been there to answer.

At-large - Lee Czerwonka.
Our man Lee has also been a tremendous tax increaser, joining Mr. Buckman in supporting every one of the tax increases he backed. The citizens of Blue Ash have been served well by Mr. Czerwonka, and we can only hope they'll continue to keep him.

At-large - Tom Adamec.
Now for our favorite candidate of this bunch, the husband of Diane Adamec. Tom earned his way on to the Blue Ash City Council by being appointed by his friends on Council. A recent article from us detailed the process in which Adamec was selected. We completely support cronyism and closed-door government as long as it leads to great selections like Mr. Adamec. Tom has shown that he can fully utilize the privileges that come with being the husband of Diane Adamec. Show your Blue Ash Council that you approve of their closed-door ways of doing business by ratifying their choice of Tom Adamec to serve on Council. We know he'll be one great tax hiker if you give him the chance.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Connie Pillich spreads high tax cheer

Dear fellow tax hikers, last year we were distraught at the election of Connie Pillich over our 2008 Tax Hiker of the Year Virgil Lovitt. With Virg's excellent record of raising taxes, we were certain that his loss represented a major setback for our tax-and-spend movement. We are now writing to say that we were wrong. Connie Pillich has become an outstanding tax increaser. Her tax-hiking and fee-hiking skills are almost as solid as Virgil Lovitt's himself. Consider Mrs. Pillich's outstanding record:

- Earlier this year Mrs. Pillich supported a budget plan that raised fees on Ohioans by $1.5 billion. We are in agreement with our great Governor Ted Strickland, who stated, "I think higher fees are higher taxes." We concur, higher taxes and higher fees are one in the same, and we applaud Connie for voting with Strickland to raise our fees.

- These fee increases were needed when Mrs. Pillich voted to give $3.1 million to The Freedom Center. How else could such important programs have been funded in a tight budget year? We applaud Connie for recognizing an essential government subsidy when she sees it.

- Mrs. Pillich not only endorsed the Sycamore Schools Property Tax levy that we also endorsed, she went the extra step of placing a pro-tax sign in her yard.

- Last week Mrs. Pillich joined with Governor Ted Strickland, her fellow House Democrats, and great Republican leader Matt Dolan to raise Ohio's Income Tax by $900 million! This is a fantastic idea to ensure the government gets to spend our money instead of us.

- Late last month, Mrs. Pillich took the unprecented step of endorsing a tax increase outside of her ballot area!
Pillich did offer her support for the Winton Woods levy, and told board member John Pennycuff she would help in any way she could.
We strongly applaud Connie for traveling to other people's school districts to tell them why they should support higher taxes! The voters of the Winton Woods School District have rejected this big property tax increase no less than 4 consecutive times. Now they are trying for the fifth time to pass a 7.9 mill levy. Mrs. Pillich does not live or work in the Winton Woods School District but wants to tell them how to vote anyways. Pillich not only supports higher taxes for her own area, she believes that higher taxes should be spread everywhere.

Connie Pillich. Spreading high tax cheer. Making our paychecks disappear. Great job Connie!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New feature - Home with the High Tax Adamecs

Dear fellow tax hikers, we are delighted to bring to you the latest feature we have added to our highly popular blog. Many of you tax-hikers have written to us asking for more information about political supercouple Tom and Diane Adamec. Diane Adamec is a devoted tax increaser for the Sycamore School Board and Tom Adamec earned his pre-arranged appointment to the Blue Ash City Council by riding on his wife's back. You've asked us, "how DO they do it?" How can one supercouple be so great on two different governments at the exact same time? We will soon find out the answers to those questions.

Republicans for Higher Taxes has been granted special access to the lives of our High Tax Adamecs. We will be following them at home and on the campaign trail as they spend these last two weeks spreading their high tax message to the citizens of Blue Ash and the Sycamore Schools. Now for our first report.

- Monday October 19th, 9:58 AM

Tom: Shoot we overslept again! Hurry up and get ready we have a lot to do today.
Diane: You silly man - we're "retired", we have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do today.
Tom: Oh yeah I guess you're right. Maybe I should...
Diane: Tom I'm going to be very grouchy today if you make me get up early. Shut up and let me sleep.
Tom: Yes'm.

1:15 PM
Tom: Hey Diane, Rick Bryan left a message with us a couple hours ago while we were sleeping and told us we should go out and campaign today.
Diane: That's like, totally gnarly man!
Tom: Well we better do what Rick tells us. Let's have breakfast and go out later.
Diane: Go make me some.
Tom: Yes'm.

4:00 PM, on the campaign trail
Diane: Oh look at that beautiful Yes on 7 sign in the yard!
Tom: They support higher taxes just like us. Looks like an Adamec voter.
Diane: Let's go knock on their door.
Voter, after opening door: Hey you're the High Tax Adamecs!
Diane: Why, yes we are!
Voter: Thank you for everything you've done to raise our taxes.
Diane: You're very welcome. We're only getting started. And thank YOU for that pro-tax sign in your yard. Can we put one of our signs right next to it?
Voter: You sure can. We have to pass that library tax. I mean, they're talking about charging money for out-of-county memberships and ending free Hollywood movie DVD's.
Tom: Yeah can you believe that? What is government coming to if you can't rent Spiderman 3 for free from your local library? We might actually have to join Netflix or Blockbuster to rent the next Harry Potter movie.
Diane: That would be horrible!
Voter: You two fine people keep up the good fight. I'm going to pay my taxes early this year just for you.
Tom: Thanks Mrs. Weber.

Stay tuned for the next edition of Home with the High Tax Adamecs.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Cheviot endorsements

Dear fellow tax hikers, after hours of research and some excellent tips from our supportive tax hikers in Cheviot, we are prepared to release our 2009 Cheviot endorsements. The big contested races are Ward Council seats and city Treasurer.

Cheviot has set a fine example for the rest of SW Ohio about the importance of raising taxes. Earlier this year the Cheviot Mayor and City Council unanimously backed a huge property tax increase, and with our endorsement it passed. Cheviot citizens will get to pay the higher taxes they deserve. With these taxes, Cheviot continues to inch closer and closer to their city leadership's long-term goal of becoming Cincinnati West. Our endorsements are as follows:


Republicans for Higher Taxes proudly endorses incumbents Deborah McKinney (R-Council President), Ryan Zech (R-1st Ward) and Jim Sunderhaus (D-3rd Ward) for re-election. When you needed higher taxes the most, these three answered the call. They voted to move that property tax hike forward, then they worked hard to campaign for it. These are our kind of tax hikers. We strongly encourage all of Cheviot's residents to reward them for raising taxes, and then ask them to raise those taxes some more.


We strongly support tax-hiker Michael Murray (D) for this key post. Murray joined with his fellow Democrats and tax-and-spend Republicans to support this big property tax increase, while his opponent Charlie Norman did not. We will not tolerate Norman's independence or his opposition to higher taxes.

Norman is an aide to Judge Pat DeWine, one of our most notable enemies. In addition to his work helping DeWine implement his limited government agenda, Norman refused to support Cheviot's big property tax hike and he strongly opposed the big Sales Tax increase that we enthusiastically supported. Charlie Norman is cut from the same cloth as Steve Chabot, Chris Monzel, and DeWine. We don't need any more of those fiscal conservatives in office, Norman must be stopped now. We issue a strong endorsement for Murray for Treasurer.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Blue Ash Councilman Tom Adamec's controversial appointment

Dear fellow tax hikers, much has been written and much has been said about the selection of unelected Councilman Tom Adamec to the Blue Ash City Council. We have been investigating this issue for several weeks now and are ready to shed more light on this controversial appointment. Tom Adamec is the lucky husband of tax-and-spend superhero Diane Adamec, an affiliation that our boy Tom had no problem exploiting to his full advantage. Being married to a tax-and-spend superwoman, who is a full partner in the exclusive Blue Ash power club, does in fact entitle him to privileges not available to the rest of the population.

At the begining of the year the two at-large Blue Ash City Councilmen were the fine tax-and-spend Republicans Lee Czerwonka and Henry Stacey, with the filing deadline to run as a Republican or Democrat taking place early in the year. Mr. Stacey knew that he would likely be leaving town for greener pastures. The wise tax-and-spend Republicans who run Blue Ash knew that they couldn't trust the voters to make the proper choice to replace him, so they put together an excellent plan to ensure that an Adamec would take over Stacey's seat. The first part of the plan involved Stacey withholding this information from the public and acting as if he'd be running for re-election to discourage anyone else from filing.

When filing deadline came, we had the 3 insider Republicans (Czerwonka, Stacey, Adamec) filing for the two seats. Now that the filing deadline had safely passed and no more of those pesky non-insiders could file, Stacey publicly dropped the bomb that he "suddenly" had received a great job offer and would have to move to Texas. This coveniently left Lee Czerwonka and Tom Adamec as the only two Republican candidates for the two positions and ensured they would automatically receive the party nomination. Mission Accomplished, Part A of this great plan was now complete.

The final part of the plan involved bequeathing this open Council seat to Tom Adamec so he could run as an incumbent. They had, after all, been promising Adamec for the past two years that he was the next in line for a no-competition appointment. In order to comply with the law, Blue Ash pretended to hold an "open" search for this appointment. This was, however, nothing more than a dog-and-pony show to make sure that Adamec would legally get his appointment. And to nobody's surprise, High Tax Adamec was the contest's winner! Part B Accomplished, Adamec had no competition for the nomination and gets to run in the general election as the incumbent.

We at Republicans for Higher Taxes applaud the Blue Ash City Council for having the vision to ensure we get another fine, insider, tax-and-spend Republican to continue the excellent work this Council has given its citizens. If Tom Adamec is half as great a tax hiker as his wife he will make one outstanding Councilman. We have no problem with the blatant cronyism and circumvention of open government that this selection represents. Sometimes our government has to exclude its citizens from the process to ensure we get the higher taxes we deserve. David Pepper and Todd Portune did this when they raised the Sales Tax over the objections of the citizens, and now Blue Ash City Council has done the same.

Adamec has proven himself to be worthy of this selection with his recent editorial in which he touts his "experience" as a reason to give him your vote. No doubt, being married to Diane Adamec AND serving 5 whole months on the Blue Ash City Council gives him an unmatched level of experience that nobody else could ever match. Let's show Tom the respect he deserves for his accomplishments.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

2009 Election Housekeeping items

Dear fellow tax hikers, a few items for your review:

1. We at Republicans for Higher Taxes promise to update this blog regularly through Election Day. We realize we had a slow August and September but we would never abandon you when you need us most. Our coverage will be top notch for the rest of the election cycle.

2. We want to involve YOU in our 2009 election coverage. In this a year of local elections, we need more tips in order to expand our local coverage. Southwest Ohio has dozens and dozens of communities and we can't know what's going on in all of them. This is where you come in. We want all of you, our loyal readers, to direct us to the stories that matter most.

Does your local government have a great tax hiker like Cheviot Mayor Sam Keller? Let us know and give us the scoop on him/her, and we may be able to write a profile for them. Does your community have an important tax increase on the ballot in a few weeks? Email us the information so we can give it the endorsement it deserves! Remember fellow tax hikers: the city of Cincinnati and Cincinnati Public Schools are the only local governments that are broadly covered by the media. We need you to fill in the rest for us.

3. We are down to our final 2 candidates for our most prestigious Tax Hiker of the Year for 2009. Our Executive Committee will make a final decision in the next couple weeks and announce the winner shortly!

4. In the next few days, we will announce a brand new feature to our site. It absolutely rocks! We can't wait to show you this awesome feature.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ghiz helps Democrat Berding and Charterite Bortz

Dear fellow tax hikers, by now all of you are aware of our deep infatuation with Cincinnati City Councilman Leslie Ghiz. Ghiz is a great embodiment of the values we espouse - higher taxes, more spending, voting for streetcars, and supporting great Democrats like David Pepper and Jeff Berding. We could not be more proud of her recent efforts to help Democrat Jeff Berding and Charterite Chris Bortz raise money for their campaigns. We are thankful of the invitation we got from Ghiz inviting us to the Tri-Partisan fundraiser thrown for her, Berding, and Bortz.

We are especially proud of her attack against our 2008 Enemy of the Treasury Chris Monzel. In her newsletter, Ghiz invited us to, "a Cocktail Reception to Meet the Three Most Qualified Members of City Council". Thank you Ghiz for telling the truth about that awful Monzel. Monzel opposed the Sales Tax hike, opposes city property tax hikes, stood against implementing a trash tax, voted against the great streetcar plan, voted against subsidizing The Freedom Center, and even voted against a $65,000 flyover to see the city's trees from above.

Some are criticizing Leslie Ghiz for helping non-Republicans during this campaign season, but why shouldn't she? Ghiz, Berding, and Bortz share so much in common:

- Each endorsed Democrat David Pepper for County Commissioner.
- Each endorsed Pepper's Sales Tax increase.
- Each voted to send $800,000 of taxpayer dollars to The Freedom Center.
- Each voted for the Streetcar plan that will save our city.
- Each opposes Issue 9, which could kill our great streetcar idea.

We agree with Ghiz that sometimes you have to support Democrats to get the higher taxes that our government deserves. We, afterall, had to endorse Barack Obama and Todd Portune to ensure we all keep paying more taxes. We strongly applaud Leslie Ghiz for slamming Chris Monzel and helping her Democrat friends get elected.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Virgil Lovitt and Bill Seitz endorse new tax hike

Tax Hike Seitz and Virgil Lovitt review their latest tax increase

- by guest writers Bill Seitz and Virg Lovitt.

SO WHO WANTS TO RAISE SOME TAXES!!!!!! We, your 2007 and 2008 Tax Hikers of the Year, thank our great friends at Republicans for Higher Taxes for allowing us the opportunity to make this most important plea. It's time for another tax hike baby! We urgently need your support to pass the only brand new tax on this November ballot. Please vote for Issue 7 the Library Tax. We are proud to endorse this necessary new tax.

If the Library Tax doesn't pass, the library is going to have to make some big changes to balance their budget. There are approximately 30,000 out-of-county library users. If this tax doesn't pass those people might have to pay for their library card. We can't let that happen! We need everyone in Hamilton County to pay higher taxes so those from outside Hamilton County can use Hamilton County's libraries for FREE.

Currently the library allows unlimited free rental of DVD's and CD's. If the Library Tax fails they might have to charge $1 to rent Spiderman 3 or Kanye West's latest (lip-synched) hits! What would happen to Hamilton County if people didn't get commercial entertainment products for free. We need YOU to pay higher taxes so these products can remain FREE.

Ignore our enemies at COAST. They have put out a list of 8 suggestions for the library to improve their finances using existing resources. Every one of these should be ignored. There is no reason for the library to improve its operations. Why should they, when we can just raise taxes?


Tax Hike Seitz, 2007 Tax Hiker of the Year
Virgil "Virg" Lovitt, 2008 Tax Hiker of the Year