Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Qualls defends supporting the Stadium Tax

Dear fellow tax hikers, all of you are aware of the huge, pivotal role that Roxanne Qualls played in the passage of the Bob Bedinghaus Stadium Tax that we all enjoy today.  We are delighted to learn that Roxanne continues to defend her advocacy of this important tax.

During a recent online chat a user quizzed Roxy about her support for the stadium investment, and asked her if the streetcar investment will be just as successful.  The Queen affirmed her backing for these investments. 

Roxanne Qualls is right to defend her vital role in passing the Bedinghaus Stadium Tax.  That tax has done so much good for our community.  And the streetcar will be almost as great.  Roxanne says so, and so do we. 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Cranley criticizes Qualls for supporting stadium tax

Dear fellow tax hikers, how dare John Cranley criticize Roxanne Qualls for her pivotal support of the Bob Bedinghaus Stadium Tax!  Cranley had the nerve to do this earlier today during his public chat on WCPO

This is unfair criticism.  Roxanne Qualls The Stadium Queen deserves nothing but love for her huge role in passing the Stadium Tax.  The Stadium Tax had failed to crack 50% in the polls until Roxanne appeared in the campaign ads - a theme we detailed in an earlier entry

We also object to Cranley criticizing The Queen for her role in moving the Bengals stadium west, thus adding anywhere from $70 million to $150 million depending on who you ask.  Bedinghaus and Qualls had to hide these costs from the public before the vote or else the tax would have been harder to pass.  We tax hikers routinely pull this trick - underestimate the costs to win the vote, then add the costs after the fact when it's too late to go back.

We applaud Roxanne Qualls for everything she did to pass the Bedinghaus Stadium Tax.  Because of Roxy we have been paying that tax for 17 years and we'll be paying for over 20 more, not to mention our enjoyment of all the benefits it has brought.  Cranley has no right to criticize Roxanne for her fantastic work on these stadiums which have brought so much good to Hamilton County.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Get motivated

Dear fellow tax hikers, it's time for us to stop whining and get motivated for this huge mayoral election in November!  After everything Roxanne Qualls has done to push the parking plan, streetcar, stadium tax, and jail tax, we owe her nothing but our best over these next 7 weeks.

To help motivate you, we are going to republish a comment left on this website from a Cranley supporter taunting us after his big victory last week.  Read it and GET MAD!


Great predictions Qualls streetcar nutjobs. I'd like to remind you of your electoral idiocy on tonight, as John Cranley celebrates an ass-whipping victory of Streetcar Roxanne Qualls...

Game Over, GOP said:
"Cranley's endless pandering to Republicans will cost him dearly tomorrow. Republicans simply will not vote in a Democratic party primary.  Qualls will be seen as the front-runner and the Cranley/Right-Wing Smear Machine will never catch up."
- Is Qualls still the frontrunner after losing by 20 points?

Reality Check said:
"Fun times await us tomorrow night when Roxanne wins and the losers behind this blog are crying in their beers."
- How were your fun times? I hope you weren't crying in your beers.

Let Me Get This Straight said:
"Clearly, the Cranley campaign is flailing about in desperation hoping that something, anything will stick."
- I bet all flailing campaigns wish they could pull off a 20 point win.

Best Ad of the Season said:
"After having established her leadership bona fides, Roxanne Qualls does a sterling job of reminding the voters why they can't stand John Cranley."
- If by sterling job you mean hilariously ineffective then I agree.

Time to Face Reality said:
"The only downside to the thorough defeat that will be administered to John Cranley this Tuesday is that he will use the next two months to spew even more right-wing anger and hatred at all of us."
- Still think that's the only downside to tonight's election? Reality check anyone?

Math is Hard said:
"Roxanne does better among women than Cranley does among men. Unless women turn out less than men, which never happens, there is no way Roxanne can lose."
- Math is hard, which is why I suggest you take a class to brush up on your skills.

Anonymous Informed Voter said:
"John Cranley's craven political opportunism and his pandering to Tea Partiers, a minority within a minority, will cost him dearly this Tuesday and on November 5."
- Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Sign Watcher said:
"In the past three days, I've gone across the city and back for various reasons. East side, west side, OTR, Clifton, Hartwell, Mt. Airy, no matter where you go there is far more support shown for Qualls than Cranley."
- I suggest you do a more thorough sign count, or become a better liar.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Discussion: Cincinnati Mayoral Primary

Dear fellow tax hikers, we hope everyone has had a chance to calm down after the stunning defeat of our Roxanne Qualls in Tuesday's Mayoral Primary.  If we have any hope of overcoming this setback to win in November we must quickly learn from our failures and rebuild. 

We are asking for reader participation.  Tell us, why do you think Roxanne Qualls lost this primary?  Is it because people didn't know about all the taxes she raised.  Is it because more people weren't aware of her pivotal role in passing the Bob Bedinghaus Stadium Tax?  Is it because people for some reason didn't think it was appropriate for her to run a campaign ad showing a dog pissing on a Cranley sign?  Is it because her legions of supporters simply forgot to vote that day? 

After you explain Roxanne's loss, we'd also like your advice explaining how we can turn this campaign around.  We need Roxanne Qualls to win in November.  If she loses, the streetcar might be stopped, the parking plan might be stopped, and we might not get any new tax increases for a while.  We must turn this around.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Cranley crushes Qualls and Noble

Dear fellow tax hikers, yesterday was a disastrous night for our high-tax goddess Roxanne Qualls.  Widely expected to win last night - even by people who think John Cranley would ultimately pull through in November - Qualls was outright crushed.   Cranley defeated her by a shocking 56-37 margin, with Jim Berns and Sandra Queen Noble pulling the rest. 

We are partially responsible for this horrendous defeat.  We got complacent.  We assumed Roxanne had this in the bag.  We were so certain of Roxanne's victory that we screwed around and published a silly endorsement of Sandra Queen Noble. We thought we were so funny, but the only ones laughing now are Cranley and his supporters.

The games are over effective immediately.  All of us tax hikers, streetcar fans, and Bedinghaus Stadium Tax supporters better unify at once behind Roxanne.  We need to remind the voters she is 100% behind the streetcar.  We need to remind them she is pushing the popular parking plan.  And we must remind everyone that Roxanne Qualls played a HUGE role in passing the Bob Bedinghaus Stadium Tax.

Before we sign off, we have to give credit to the impressive performance of our endorsed candidate Sandra Queen Noble.  Sandra finished with 2.1% of the vote - a huge improvement from the 0.3% of the vote she received in her last run for Mayor.  With our endorsement, Sandra finished with 7 times the percentage of the vote of her last Mayoral campaign!  That's great progress.

Even though we now wish we had sent all those votes to Roxanne, we still thank all of you who helped either Qualls or Queen in yesterday's election.  On to November we tax hikers roll. 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sandra Queen Noble for Mayor

Dear fellow tax hikers, we endorse the lovely Sandra Queen Noble for Cincinnati Mayor.  We need all of you to vote for her in today's primary so she can advance to November's General Election.

Why are we endorsing Queen Noble?  Ask yo momma bitch!

And don't ever print her muthafuckin' photograph without her permission and shit.

Don't you dare publish her comments without her written consent bitches.  Give her back her kids.  Vote for the Queen, not them racist incumbents and the Nazi fuking reporters who cover for them.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Roxanne Qualls, The Stadium Queen

Roxanne Qualls, with Bob Bedinghaus and Mike Brown

Dear fellow tax hikers, for many years former Commissioner Bob Bedinghaus has received most of the credit for the wildly successful stadium tax that has brought much wealth and prosperity to Hamilton County.  However, he did not do it alone.  As the evidence shows, Roxanne Qualls was more responsible than anyone for winning the Stadium Tax vote.

Roxanne Qualls not only supported the Bedinghaus Stadium Tax, she was a pivotal force in getting it passed.  A detailed analysis of this and more can be found in the June 1996 edition of Cincinnati Magazine, Pages 68-74

Passing this wonderful tax increase took a lot of work.  Roxanne was there from the beginning:

Bedinghaus, Qualls, and Voinovich - a holy trinity of legendary tax hikers. (and some people say it is Cranley who works too closely with Republicans)

But the Bedinghaus tax wasn't polling well early in the campaign and needed a boost to make sure this vitally important tax increase passed.  Enter Roxanne Qualls!

It was Roxanne Qualls who pushed the Bedinghaus tax ahead in the polls.  And it was Roxanne who kept it that way:

Qualls knows a good deal when she sees one, and the Bedinghaus stadium deal was one of the best.  The Roxanne Qualls stadiums were an "investment".  Just like the Roxanne Qualls streetcar is also an "investment".

While we give a ton of credit to Bob Bedinghaus for giving us this fantastic stadium deal, he isn't the one who won it at the polls - that was Roxanne Qualls.  We thank Roxy from the bottom of our hearts for everything she did to pass the 20 Year 40 Year Bedinghaus Stadium Tax.

It was Roxanne Qualls who supported the Bedinghaus Stadium Tax.  It was Roxanne Qualls who worked tirelessly on the Stadium Tax campaign.  It was Roxanne Qualls who went on tv to get the Stadium Tax passed.  If it wasn't for Roxy, we would not be paying that Stadium Tax for the Bedinghaus stadium deals today.  Wouldn't that be awful?  Thanks to Roxanne, we've been paying that Stadium Tax for many years, and we will be for many many more. 

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Big Roxanne Qualls story coming soon

Dear fellow tax hikers, we are delighted to announce that a major story about Roxanne Qualls will be posted here later this week.  We have found some delightful information about her past that many people will want to know.  Unless a major breaking story bumps this one, we plan to publish by Wednesday morning.