Wednesday, August 31, 2011

We Endorse Tracy Winkler

Dear fellow tax hikers, we are beaming with pride to announce our endorsement of Green Township Trustee Tracy Winkler to move up in the political world.  Tracy is currently considering whether she would like to be the next 30th District State Representative or become Hamilton County's next Clerk of Courts.  We have detailed Tracy's extensive qualifications for higher office and have proven that she would be a phenomenal choice for either position.

Therefore, we proudly endorse.......Tracy Winkler for Something.  Consider the fine Tracy Winkler record:

1.  Tracy proudly hired Chairman Alex Triantafilou's ex-wife Jennifer Triantafilou for a position she is completely unqualified to hold and did not even apply for until 11 days after the application deadline.  Tracy has no problems selling out her integrity to obey orders from her superiors.  That's exactly the kind of public servant we value here at Republicans for Higher Taxes.

2.  Supported a 1.9 mill property tax increase for Green Township property owners.

3.  With Tracy's blessing, the Nathaniel Greene Lodge loses $200,000 per year for the Township.  One of the co-managers of this money-losing operation is Tracy's daughter, Allison Detzel.  We have no problem with nepotism, as long as it's kept in the family.

4.  Permitted her Township Administrator to campaign in favor of keeping the Estate Tax.  Nobody should be allowed to die in the State of Ohio without paying one last tax to the government.

5.  An opponent of the 1st Amendment, Tracy shut down public comments at Green Township meetings.  According to the Township's 2/14/11 Minutes, "Chairman Winkler stated that residents do not have the right to speak at Trustees Meetings."  We fully concur, unless they are there to advocate higher taxes.

6.  Finally, we cannot forget Tracy's #1 qualification - she married into the Winkler family.  That alone makes her highly qualified to serve as Hamilton County's Clerk of Courts or as an Ohio State Representative.

When Tracy Winkler's handlers choose which office she wants to hold, we will support the decision 100% and work overtime to make sure the voters know her fine record.  Soon enough she will be serving the under-taxed citizens in a larger capacity.  Tracy Winkler for something!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tracy Winkler's Top 10 Qualifications

Dear fellow tax hikers, we have been following with keen interest the race to replace Robert Mecklenborg in the Ohio State House.  It is our mission to select a great tax-and-spend Republican to help stop John Kasich and his appalling limited government agenda.  In our professional estimation, Green Township Trustee Tracy Winker is a highly qualified candidate for this position.  We now present Tracy Winkler's Top 10 Qualifications to be our next State Representative:

10.  She's a member of the Winker family
  9.  Lives in Green Township
  8.  She's married to a Winkler
  7.  Shut down public comments at the Green Township Trustee meetings
  6.  Her husband is Judge Winkler
  5.  Joined with Stadium Dave Linnenberg to hire Alex Triantafilou's ex-wife for a job she's unqualified to hold to help reduce Alex's alimony payments
  4.  Her last name is Winkler
  3.  Under the management of her daughter Allison Detzel, the Township's Greene Lodge loses $200,000 annually for the township
  2.  Her mother-in-law, Cheryl Winkler, was a State Representative herself
  1.  She's part of the Winkler family

 Tracy Winkler is highly qualified to hold any elected office in Ohio.  It's in her blood. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Summer Vacation ends

Dear fellow tax hikers, we have been known to take long summer vacations and this year was no exception.  But now our vacation is over and we are back to work promoting higher taxes and higher spending.  We promise from now through Election Day we will provide the full election coverage that you expect from us. 

One of our first tasks is to determine who we will select to fill the State House vacancy for the 30th District that was once held by Robert Mecklenborg.  We promise to find and select a qualified tax-and-spend Republican who will infiltrate the Republican Caucus and fight Governor Kasich and his allies to stop their limited government agenda.  Our movement must reverse Ohio's conservative momentum!