Sunday, June 28, 2009

Info coming about Michelle Schneider's tax record

Fellow tax hikers, please stayed tuned to our site. In the next few weeks, we will be conducting an in-depth review of Michelle Schneider's tax-and-spend record. From what we've found so far, we think you're going to love it.

We have previously endorsed Schneider for the State Senate. And last week we renewed our call for the Ohio Senate's tax-and-spend Republican Caucus to select Schneider to the vacant seat.

Soon we will start looking at Michelle's excellent record, piece by piece. Until then, we ask you, our loyal readers, for your thoughts. What are your thoughts on Michelle? Do you have special information to share about her? Contact us, we want to hear from you.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Select Schneider to the State Senate

Dear fellow tax hikers, one of our own needs our help. There is now a vacancy for the 7th Senate seat for Ohio and we fully intend on getting it filled with a qualified tax-and-spend Republican. Our movement could not have possibly found a better candidate than former State Representative Michelle Schneider, who we have previously endorsed for this race.

By selecting Michelle Schneider, the Ohio Republican Party/Senate Caucus would send a strong message that we are still the tax-and-spend party. Since the departure of our great former Governor Bob Taft our party has been debating the direction we will take in the future. Republicans can help settle this issue with the selection of another Bob Taft Republican to fill the vacancy. And we have no doubt that Michelle would fully fill the seat.

This is where we need your help. We need our fellow tax hikers to contact the Ohio Republican Party, GOP Senate Caucus, and Hamilton County Republican Party Chairman Alex Triantafilou to send them 1 clear message - they must select tax hiker Michelle Schneider for this seat. Michelle is one of the best tax hikers and biggest spenders that we have. She supported Bob Taft's tax-and-spend agenda for 8 years in the State House, now let's send her to the Senate where she can raise taxes even higher. Michelle Schneider for State Senate!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Monzel to oppose tax hikes

Dear fellow tax hikers, Chris Monzel must be stopped. With tax-and-spend Democrats and tax-and-spend Republicans working hard to raise taxes in Cincinnati, Chris Monzel has had the nerve to sign a pledge opposing all new tax increases! What's worse, this pledge is being sponsored by our enemies at COAST. We support higher taxes, COAST opposes them.

We need higher taxes in Cincinnati. The income tax is only 2.1% and the Cincinnati Public Schools haven't raised property taxes enough. We are heartened to hear that tax-and-spend liberal Greg Harris wants Council to look at bringing back the Trash Tax. This would be a sensible way to take more money from the residents of Cincinnati.

Monzel's treachery has gone too far. This is the latest in a long list of efforts of his to oppose higher taxes. Each year Monzel introduces a motion to freeze property taxes. We should be paying higher property taxes every year! In 2007 he broke ranks and opposed the Leis/Pepper/Portune Sales Tax Hike. Last year he opposed Red Light cameras in spite of our endorsement, and recently he opposed the Administration's effort to impose a Trash Tax.

Monzel's efforts to oppose higher taxes earned him our 2008 Enemy of the Treasury award. Monzel has consistently opposed efforts to raise taxes on Cincinnati residents and homeowners. For that he must be stopped.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sheriff Leis gets his fishing boat

Hamilton County is safe once again. After a dark, dreary two weeks where Hamilton County citizens were deeply concerned about being invaded by Kentucky or a foreign country via the Ohio River, Sheriff Leis has saved us from this potential disaster. Thanks to the Sheriff's power of persuasion, David Pepper and Todd Portune voted to allow Leis to get his $99,000 fishing boat. If there is anything that will deter a foreign invasion against our county, the site of Simon Leis on a fishing boat is it.

We applaud Sheriff Leis and Commissioners Pepper and Portune for this wise use of taxpayer dollars. If there is anything Hamilton County needs, it's another boat. We trust Pepper, Portune, and Leis when they say a fishing boat is the best possible use of this money for Hamilton County.

We condemn County Commissioner Greg Hartmann for voting against this addition to the Simon Leis Navy. If we didn't get this fishing boat Leis would only have 4 boats to patrol the Ohio River and that would be a disaster! We are putting Hartmann on warning. He is not to question Leis again. When Leis says he wants something, he should get it no questions asked.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Stan Chesley to host Jean Schmidt fundraiser

Dear fellow tax hikers, His Highness Stan Chesley is hosting a special fundraising brunch for our fantastic tax-and-spend Congresswoman Jean Schmidt. We need all of you to show up at Stan Chesley's residence, 9005 Camargo Road, with your checkbook. (note - servants must use the back entrance).

Now some are questioning this alliance, but we are not. Stan Chesley is a tax-and-spend liberal. Jean Schmidt is a tax-and-spend Republican who supported all of Bob Taft's tax increases. Both Schmidt and Chesley strongly backed the George Bush/Barack Obama Bailout for Billionaires. They both know that the government can spend your money better than you. And they share a special bond in that they never, ever allow ethics to get in the way of getting what they want.

While we are very fortunate to have The Great Stan Chesley hosting this event, the list of co-hosts is equally impressive. Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters. Clermont County Prosecutor Don White. Convicted Felon Dick Weiland. Hamilton County Republican Party (of higher taxes) Chairman Alex Triantafilou. Bob Taft supporter Michelle Schneider. And shall we never forget our 2008 Tax Hiker of the Year Virgil Lovitt.

This brunch fundraiser will include two special events for its guests. First, Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters and Clermont County Prosecutor Don White will host a seminar to teach wealthy white women how to deep-fry their babies and get away with it. If you're wealthy and white and need to know how to murder your kid without consequence, Deters and White will guide you step-by-step.

And finally, each attendee will get to eat brunch one-on-one with Michelle Schneider. Don't worry, she'll be able to pace herself as the number of meals adds up. We encourage everyone to take advantage of this valuable opportunity to hear from one of Bob Taft's favorite tax increasers as she attempts to move up to the State Senate.

We call on all tax-hikers throughout Southwest Ohio to join us for this special event. Stan Chesley and Jean Schmidt share so much in common, now let's share brunch together and with them. Tax us more!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Support a brand new Library Tax

Fellow tax hikers, one of the biggest travesties in Hamilton County is that we don't pay a Library Tax. But now we can end this abomination! Our local library system is going to place a nice big tax levy on the ballot. We could not be more excited.

If this passes we get to pay yet another tax and see our taxes rise again. You can not keep a good tax down. We cannot begin to tell you how vital it is to start a new Library Tax.

If this tax fails, Hamilton County might not continue to rent CD's free of charge. Nobody (except Hamilton County property owners) should have to pay money to listen to Fitty Cent and Kanye West. And what about all the Hollywood movies that library patrons can currently rent for free? If this levy fails, they might have to pay $1 for those movies at Netflix and that would be awful!

Hamilton County citizens have a right to enjoy free movies and free music CD's. Except the ones who own property. We do not expect the library to charge $1 for this valuable service. We expect you to pay for instead through higher taxes. Republicans for Higher Taxes is proud to endorse the new Library Tax, and before you know it we're going to roll out endorsements from our tax-and-spend Republican friends.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Interest groups rally for tax hikes at State House

Fellow tax hikers, it warms our hearts to see our brothers and sisters rally for higher taxes! According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer's politics blog, special interest groups organized a tax rally on the Statehouse lawn to tell our state government to raise taxes! We are very encouraged by this development. This shows that our movement's work to bring higher taxes and more spending to Ohio is paying off.

Ohio could be facing a budget shortfall. That might force us to cut spending, and we know we can't accept that. We must raise taxes to ensure we can continue to grow the government. Ted Strickland and his tax-and-spend friends need this money more than you do.

Six years ago Ohio faced a similar situation. We were fortune then to have the great Bob Taft as our Governor and a like-minded tax-and-spend Republican legislature who understood that raising taxes and raising spending were the best solutions to every problem. They had the courage to raise taxes. As a result of this brave act Ohio's economy is better than ever and our jobless rate is only 10%.

Bob Taft was the greatest Governor our state has ever had, and his excellence has given way to a tremendous group of tax-and-spend Republicans behind him. We will never be fortunate enough to have Taft as our Governor again, but his pro-tax spirit lives on with great Republicans such as Jean Schmidt, 2008 Tax Hiker of the Year Virgil Lovitt, Jon Husted, Michelle Schneider, and 2007 Tax Hiker of the Year Bill Seitz.

We join our comrades and renew our call for Ohio's leaders to do the right thing and raise taxes. These tax increases could be just as great for Ohio as Bob Taft's tax hikes were. Don't let us down.