Tuesday, December 27, 2011

LA initiative mandates condom use for porn stars

Dear fellow tax hikers, for one posting we will diverge from our usual obsession with raising taxes to raise a matter of utmost importance.  An initiative from the city of Los Angeles will appear on the June ballot that will require porn stars to wear condoms when filming inside the city.  Talk about an anal proposal!  This could be a real drag for the transvestites.  

We stand with the Fluffers Union and encourage our followers in LA to vote against this foul-tasting plan.  We want to know the name of the dick who thought this was a good idea.

We hope the petitioners were wearing gloves when collecting signatures.  After all, you have to be safe when screwing others.  

An initiative backer was quoted saying:
"If you're going to blow things up, you have to have the fire department involved."
We wonder what women and gay men think of that?  The fire department should not have to be present for a basic porn act. 

Furthermore, a team of inspectors will be hired to ensure compliance.
Under the proposal, fees may be charged to "provide for inspectors to ensure compliance with conditions on film permits."
If this passes we would like to volunteer our inspection services.  We would be overjoyed to conduct up-close prick inspections to check for condom usage.

In spite of the enlarging opportunities this could present for us, we must endorse a no vote.  Anyone who votes for this initiative can blow me.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Festivus

(Respect the pole.....)

Dear fellow tax hikers, this is truly the most joyous time of the year.  Yesterday marked the winter solstice, and today we celebrate the most important holiday of the year, Festivus.  This is a day where we gather for dinner and air our grievances against those who have wronged us.

Tonight we do double duty.  We will start by having a mega-sized dinner with Mega Tracy Winkler.  Then we will have another big dinner with Big Verne Collins, where she also promises to share her favorite box of wine. 

But we shall air our grievances now!  The best part about Festivus is taking the opportunity to complain about others.  We hereby declare our grievances against the following people:

- Steve Chabot, for continuously opposing higher taxes and bigger spending

- Heather Harlow, for being a woman who supports gun rights and limited government.  She doesn't know her role. 

- COAST, for all their work to ban a Trash Tax in Cincinnati and stop MSD from subsidizing the streetcar

- John Kasich, for closing an $8 billion shortfall without raising taxes, making him Ohio's first Governor in generations to oppose higher taxes

- Chris Finney, for suing governments when they violate citizens' rights

- Charlie Winburn, for consistently speaking out against our beloved streetcar and opposing higher taxes

- Tom Brinkman, for helping kill many, many tax increases

- Chris Monzel and Todd Portune, for opposing another Bengals Tax Hike and preventing MSD from forcing suburbanites to subsidize Cincinnati's streetcar

- Pat DeWine, for everything.  We will never forgive him for for opposing the Supersized Sales Tax increase in 2007. 

- Doc Thompson, for bringing a popular, true-blue conservative message to local radio

- Dan Unger, for getting elected to the Northwest School Board as an unabashed fiscal conservative who thinks the government should live within its budget

- Jeffry Smith, for uncovering many documents that have been used to question Tracy Winkler's competence and integrity as a Green Township Trustee

- Wyoming Police Department, for wasting their time busting people for (allegedly) breaking the law instead of doing more important things like eating donuts

We declare war on these violators.

Afternoon update:  We invite all you tax hikers to list your grievances in the comments section. 

Monday, December 19, 2011

Bortz for Commissioner - Part 4

Taft Supportz Bortz

Bortz Supportz Streetcars


In my zeal to tell you about Chris Bortz's support of a radical homosexual agenda, abortion, and liberal Democrats I neglected to mention a very important reason for my support of Chris Bortz for Hamilton County Commissioner. Bortz was the primary advocate for Mayor Mallory's wonderful streetcar plan. The Republican Party very unwisely aligned themselves with the effort to defeat the streetcar at the polls this past November. They can redeem themselves by reversing course and choosing pro-streetcar Bortz as the Republican candidate for Hamilton County Commissioner.

Bortz was the very first on the scene to advocate for a streetcar system in Cincinnati. Way back in April of 2007 Bortz was presenting to the OKI Board of Directors about the dire need for a streetcar in Cincinnati. When my enemies at COAST tried to defeat the streetcar in 2009 Bortz was an impassioned supporter of the pro-streetcar effort. Sure, his family owned property all along the proposed streetcar route, but big deal. If we Republicans can't enrich ourselves at the expense of the taxpayers we're in the wrong business.

The Ohio Ethics Commission later found that Bortz's votes in favor of a publicly funded streetcar plan were completely unethical and ordered him to stop. As someone who knows a thing or two about personal ethical failings I fully support Bortz's votes to make more money for his millionaire daddy on the backs of the taxpayers.

When the scoundrels at COAST tried again in 2011 to stop the streetcar with Issue 48 Bortz again opposed them, renewing his long-standing advocacy for a 3 mile $150 million streetcar route. Most Republicans were saying that during a terrible economy we couldn't afford fluff like a streetcar. Bortz disagreed completely, stating, "The economy, when it’s dipping the way it is, is even more of an argument to do it.”

Chris Bortz knows a thing or two about development. He knows that it takes massive taxpayer-funded public works projects with over-hyped projections about the return on investment in order to turn a community around. He knows that streetcars are the answer for what ails every community. I sincerely hope that Chris follows his strongly-held beliefs and advocates for county-wide streetcars once he's County Commissioner. Streetcars for Green Township! Streetcars for Colerain! Streetcars for Reading! Streetcars for everyone!!! It's the Bortz Battle cry! Please, I implore you, contact Republican Party Chairman Alex Triantafilou and beg him to name Chris Bortz as the Hamilton County RINO Party's candidate for County Commissioner. If you don't, you'll never get a streetcar in your neighborhood.

Yours in Unity,

Governor Bob Taft*

*It should be fairly evident to anyone with half a brain that this entry is intended to be a parody post from our former RINO Governor Bob Taft. Unfortunately though, the facts presented in the blog post are all too true.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Save The Freedom Center - through higher taxes

Dear fellow tax hikers, your tax dollars are urgently needed now.  A story ran today detailing that our beloved Freedom Center is at the risk of shutdown because they are spending more money than they are receiving.  They are projected to realize revenues of $2.5 million/year.  However they also expect to spend $4 million/year.  Therefore, a Freedom Center Tax Increase is needed now!

We cannot expect The Freedom Center to cut costs.  We cannot expect them to increase the quality of their programming to draw more paid visitors.  We cannot expect their rich mouthpieces (Oprah Winfrey, John Pepper, etc) to pay for anything themselves with their own money.  Nor can we expect them to improve their business practices.

Higher taxes are the only answer!  Hamilton County residents had their chance to support the museum through their paid attendance, and for some reason they declined.  Because of that we are going to raise taxes.  One way or another you will pay.

The Freedom Center is entitled to your tax dollars.  If a private museum's expenses are far higher than its revenues, the only way to close the gap is to raise taxes.  They cannot be allowed to fail.  Just as we had Jean Schmidt's bailouts for Wall Street, we must also have bailouts for museums with failed business models such as The Freedom Center and Museum Center.  Raise those taxes now!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bortz for Commissioner - Part 3

Taft Supportz Bortz

Bortz Supportz a Radical Homosexual Agenda


This is the third edition of my well deserved endorsement of Chris Bortz for Hamilton County Commissioner. As of this morning, Chairman Triantafilou still hasn't announced the Hamilton County Republican RINO Party coronation of Bortz to serve as the Republican candidate against Todd Portune, so I have no choice but to continue to put forth reasons why we, as liberal Republicans, should get behind Bortz and push as hard as we can.

Chris announced on his facebook page that he was "proud to announce his endorsement from Equality PAC Cincinnati". I share in his pride, and fully support his backing of gays, lesbians, bisexuals and the transgendered. Hamilton County cannot thrive unless we have more trannies walking the streets of downtown. We're glad that Chris accepted the endorsement long with radical leftists like Chris Seelbach, Roxanne Qualls, and Laure Quinliven.

What does Equality Cincinnati stand for? For starters, they want to bring gay marriage to Ohio, in spite of the fact that the voters of the State overwhelmingly rejected just that. You may remember that I opposed the will of the voters and endorsed a pro-gay marriage position when I was Governor. I'm heartened to see that Chris Bortz has aligned himself with groups that agree with me on this issue. We're proud of you Chris!

Equality Cincinnati proudly professes to be "continuing the work that began in 2004 when thousands of people in our region came together to repeal an anti-gay law in Cincinnati known as “Article XII”. As we all know, this vote had numerous positive repercussions for the City of Cincinnati. It should be obvious to anyone that the promise of a more vibrant and economically successful Cincinnati that the Repeal Article XII side promised the voters has come to fruition. Can anyone deny that the City of Cincinnati is booming economically since 2004? They delivered on their promise, and we're so glad that they got behind Bortz.

Not satisfied with their victory in moving Cincinnati forw
ard the Equality Cincinnati crowd is pushing for same sex marriage benefits for the City of Cincinnati. This idea has had fresh life blown into it by Radical homosexual advocate and new Cincinnati City Councilman Chris Seelbach who has made same sex marriage benefits a top priority of his first term on Council. Chris Bortz fully agreed, and Bortz publicly stated his support for the idea. We're proud of Chris for making this vitally important expenditure of taxpayer dollars a priority. Why spend more money on police officers and firemen when you can spend money on gay lifestyle choices?

Chris also proudly accepted the endorsement of CincyPAC. The picture at the top of this post is Chris with CincyPAC President and radical homosexual activist Shawn Baker. CincyPAC states on their mission statement that they
"want Cincinnati to become the destination for the creative class..." Who are the creative class? Well gays, lesbians, transgendered, and bisexuals of course! Bortz proudly shares their core values.

You middle class white Republican stiffs out in Harrison, and Blue Ash, and Anderson Township, and Sharonville just don't understand. You're likely not gay, and therefor are not creative enough to get it. Your communities will never thrive unless Chris Bortz can become County Commissioner and help foster a creative class in your neighborhood. We need County-wide streetcars to attract gay hipsters, not safe streets and functioning schools.

This is just another in a long line of fantastic reasons why we should all proudly get behind Chris Bortz as the Republican Candidate for Hamilton County Commissioner. Bortz has put forward a platform and a resume that we can all get behind.

Proudly yours in Unity (same-sex or otherwise),

Governor Bob Taft*

*It should be fairly evident to anyone with half a brain that this entry is intended to be a parody post from our former RINO Governor Bob Taft. Unfortunately though, the facts presented in the blog post are all too true.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wyoming School Board wants 37-year tax increase

Dear fellow tax hikers, we are delighted to report that the citizens of Wyoming (the city, not the state) will have an opportunity to pass themselves a big property tax hike that will last 37 years.  The Wyoming School Board voted unanimously to place a 4.79 mill property tax increase on the March 6th ballot, which would cost homeowners approximately $145 per $100,000 of home valuation.

The best part is this tax increase will last for 37 years!  In other words, John Pepper, Frances Pepper, Big Barry Porter, and Jim O'Reilly will die long before this tax will.  Or consider the 25+ kids from the Wyoming High School Class of 2011 who managed to get themselves arrested in their first year as an adult - they will be 56 years old when this tax levy expires.  This would be a fantastic gift to leave them!

This big property tax hike is necessary to spend needed money on the Middle School.  It's old.  Therefore it needs a $25 million infusion of new tax money.  They must spend $25 million for urgent upgrades like wider hallways, more meeting space, and a larger gym, in addition to a new state-of-the-art full-service bar in the school cafeteria.

School Board Party Mom Lynn Larson strongly believes a full-service bar is necessary to prepare the middle school kids for their expected high school life.  And to help them simulate a typical Saturday night party at the Larson estate.  We applaud Mrs. Larson for supporting this urgently-needed tax increase and for everything she's done for the school district.

Please ignore the fact that the Wyoming City Schools were knocked down a level in the state rankings, and now rank just one level ahead of the Cincinnati Public Schools.  Larson is blameless.  We'll do exactly what Lynn Larson does when something goes wrong - blame it on the Wyoming Police Department instead of taking any personal responsibility for her failures as a parent and School Board Member.  The School Board's failures prove how badly Wyoming needs higher taxes.  Tax us more!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Bortz for Commissioner - Part 2

Taft Supportz Bortz

Bortz Supportz Liberal Democrats


I'm glad that you've returned to hear my thoughts on what a fantastic choice the Hamilton County Republican Party leadership is making in wooing Charterite Chris Bortz to run as the Republican candidate for County Commissioner against Todd Portune. Yesterday, I chronicled how Bortz Supportz Abortion. Today I want to touch on something equally as important; Chris Bortz's support of liberal Democrats.

As you all know, I prefer liberal Republicans over Democrats, but when those evil conservatives get in the way we sometimes have no choice but to support the other Party. After all, our shared liberal tax and spend values come before Party affiliation. I'm proud to state that Chris Bortz seems to agree with me.

Chris made the excellent decision early on in his political career not to align himself with the Republican Party here in Hamilton County. To do so would have required him to answer to the rascally conservatives that are sadly still in the Party rank and file. Instead, he chose to run as a Charterite, joining fantastic candidates like Roxanne Qualls, Yvette Simpson, and Jim Tarbell. This left Chris free to vote as his liberal heart desired, and also allowed him to support liberal big-government Democrats without fear of reprisal.

Bortz answered the call first by contributing to John Cranley in his Congressional race against that dastardly conservative Steve Chabot. Chris understood even then that the last thing we needed in Washington was a fiscal and social conservative voting against spending increases, and opposing high taxes and the liberal social agenda. I'm equally proud to report that not only did Bortz donate to Cranley, he maxed out and gave the full amount allowable by federal law. That's putting your Daddy's money where your mouth is!

But Bortz's support of liberal Democrats didn't stop there. He also endorsed David Pepper for Hamilton County Commissioner, helping to defeat that miserly conservative Phil Heimlich and hand over the County Commission to a Democrat majority for the first time in several generations. Bortz must have been extremely proud when Pepper rewarded his loyal endorser by immediately voting to raise taxes by nearly $1 Billion without a vote of the people. Bortz must have also been proud when Pepper voted to cut the property tax rollback that was promised to the voters of Hamilton County. After all, Mike Brown needs that money, not the struggling taxpayer! Bortz had to be absolutely beaming when Pepper supported his Streetcar plan, and had to be bursting with joy when Pepper used the Commission seat he had helped him win as a springboard to a Statewide political campaign. Bortz saw a little of himself in Pepper, and did the right thing.

Chris also put his Daddy's money to good use with other good liberal Democrat causes and candidates. He twice gave money to Parsons Brinkerhoff PAC to help them finance a campaign to force the streetcar down the throats of Cincinnati voters. Yes a $1200 donation in support of Mayor Mallory's baby might seem like a lot, but it's pocket change to Chris (and his daddy).

Finally, Chris donated multiple times to the Ohio Law PAC. You might be asking, Who is the Ohio Law PAC ? Well, they gave donations to the campaigns of Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern, disgraced Democratic Attorney General Marc Dann, Representative Connie Pillach, State Senator Eric Kearney, Democratic Ohio House Minority Leader Armond Budish, as well as the Cuyahoga House Democrats PAC, the House Democratic Caucus Fund, the Committee for a Democratic Majority, the Senate Democratic Victory Fund, the Ohio Senate Democratic Caucus, the Ohio House Democratic Caucus. These were all good causes worthy of Republican support.

Let's not rest on our laurels comrades. Although Chris Bortz's liberal record seems unassailable, his coronation by the Hamilton County RINO Party can still be thwarted by those filthy conservative nutjobs in the Party rank and file. In fact, it has already happened once before. In 2007 Bortz sought the endorsement of the Republican Party for his re-election to City Council, but was rebuffed when he appointed liberal, tax and spend, big government, pro-streetcar, social leftist Roxanne Qualls to fill a vacant seat on City Council. We all know that Qualls has been doing great things for the City ever since, but those conservatives that are sadly still in our Party see it differently. Do not underestimate them. We must strenuously and vocally support Bortz for this position.

You see comrades, Bortz truly is one of us. Don't let the Charterite label fool you. He IS a liberal Republican. It is rare that we get an opportunity to support truly liberal Republicans these days. We must do so with Chris Bortz. Again, I strongly endorse liberal Republican Chris Bortz for Hamilton County Commissioner, and you should too! Send a message to the folks down at 700 Walnut that we fully support their return to liberal Republicanism! Call Chairman Triantafilou and tell him he must support Chris Bortz for County Commissioner!

Yours in Unity,

Governor Bob Taft*

*It should be fairly evident to anyone with half a brain that this entry is intended to be a parody post from our former RINO Governor Bob Taft. Unfortunately though, the facts presented in the blog post are all too true.

Chris Bortz for Commissioner

Taft Supportz Bortz

Bortz Supportz Abortion


You may have read in the news that the Hamilton County Republican Party is actively courting Charterite Chris Bortz to run for County Commissioner against Todd Portune. This is exceedingly good news, and proves that our friends in leadership rolls at the Hamilton County RINO Party are finally finished with those wacky Tea Partiers and are rightfully returning to their liberal ways.

In appreciation for their turn away from the evil conservative right wing of the Party, I intend to lay out for you in detail the reasons why we should support Chris Bortz for County Commissioner. There is far too much great information about Chris to include in one post, so I'll have to let it out over the next week. I'll start with one of Chris' more admirable qualities - his support of abortion.

As you know, the defense of the right of a woman to murder her unborn baby is paramount in liberal Republican ideology. That's why I picked pro-abortion Jeanette Bradley as my Lieutenant Governor. I could have just as easily chosen Bortz though.

As early as this past election Bortz refused to answer Cincinnati Right to Life's candidate questionnaire. This was absolutely the right decision. He was in good company too. Roxanne Qualls, Yvette Simpson, Chris Seelbach, Nicholas Hollan, Laure Quinliven, Jason Riveiro, Wendell Young, Tyrone Yates, Bill Mallory, Fanon Rucker, Cheryl Grant, and Martha Goode also refused to complete the survey. Why wouldn't Bortz align himself with pro-abortion liberal Democrats by refusing to answer a simple survey. It's not the voters' business where our elected officials who hold the government's purse-strings stand on the most important social issues of our time.

But Chris didn't stop there. He also showed his disdain for the pro-life movement by endorsing radical pro-abortion Democrat David Pepper for Hamilton County Commissioner. Pepper repaid the favor by using his newly elected position to advocate for taxpayer funding for abortion. Coincidence? I sure hope not. Taxpayers absolutely should be forced to support abortion with their tax dollars. I'm glad that Bortz seems to agree.

Bortz also was the sponsor of an ordinance while on Cincinnati City Council that limited the free speech rights of pro-life protesters who were peacefully marching in front of abortion mills. Bortz is a good businessman and knows that peaceful anti-abortion protesters are bad for Planned Parenthood's business. I applaud Bortz's actions in defense of Planned Parenthood's business model for abortion mills.

In conclusion comrades, Chris Bortz is the perfect candidate for Hamilton County Commissioner. As someone who has previously held that position, I would proud to have someone cut from the Jeanette Bradley cloth filling my former seat on the dais. For this reason, and others that I eagerly anticipate sharing with you, I wholeheartedly endorse Chris Bortz to be the Republican candidate for Hamilton County Commissioner.

Yours in unity,

Governor Bob Taft*

*It should be fairly evident to anyone with half a brain that this entry is intended to be a parody post from our former RINO Governor Bob Taft. Unfortunately though, the facts presented in the blog post are all too true.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ashwin Corattiyil - Illegal Immigrant advocate

Dear fellow tax hikers, we have discovered more fantastic news about the Hamilton County Republican Party Political Director Ashwin Corattiyil.  This "Republican" leader is an active advocate for illegal immigration!

Ashwin was thanked for his role in the 2011 Leadership Awards Program for an organization called New York State Youth Leadership Council.  The slogan on their website states, "Undocumented Youth Leading Change" and their mission is to prevent deportations of "undocumented" immigrants and advance the legal rights of "undocumented" citizens.  For example, their Arts and Expression Program states that they wish to "document the undocumented" and provide resources for "specifically undocumented youth."

Then there is their Education Not Deportation (END) campaign, which aims to prevent the deportation of illegal immigrant children.  END "is a project of the National Immigrant Youth Alliance - an undocumented youth-LED network of grassroots organizations, campus-based student groups and individuals committed to achieving equality for all immigrant youth, regardless of their legal status."

This is just the latest piece of evidence proving that Ashwin Corattiyil can be trusted to help run the Hamilton County GOP.  We previously revealed that Ashwin spent the entire 2004 election cycle working for Democrat John Kerry and through 2010 worked for the liberal Democratic Speaker of the New York City Council Christine Quinn. 

We are very impressed with Party Chairman Alex Triantafilou for finding a phenomenal choice in Ashwin to help lead our Republican Party.  He could not have hired a more qualified candidate.  Ashwin can be trusted.  He is a great Republican just like us.  Let's all take the time today to thank Alex T for doing a fantastic job as our party chairman.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Support Kevin DeWine


I am contacting you with an issue of utmost importance. It seems as if those dastardly conservatives in the Ohio Republican Party are trying to force the resignation of one of our greatest allies, Chairman Kevin DeWine. This kind of insubordination should not be tolerated!

Kevin was a staunch backer of our dearly beloved Amber Burke Sprengard and other anti-Tea Party State Central Committee members. In fact, in the midst of a hard fought election, DeWine spent precious campaign dollars not to defeat Democrats, but to support liberal tax and spend State Central Committee members like Amber against their conservative Tea Party challengers. This is a wise and prudent expenditure of campaign funds. Never mind that those dollars were spent in violation of the Ohio Republican Party's own rules that first require an endorsement vote. It is much more important that we as Republicans preserve our status quo and perpetuate Party dysfunction than it is for us to defeat Democrats.

Kevin also played a major role in shoving Jon Husted down the throats of conservative voters in 2010. You may remember that Husted was a major player in the legislature when I was Governor, and I am forever in debt to him for supporting every single one of my tax increases and big-government policies while he was there. When he was Speaker he also famously refused to acknowledge that rat fink Tom Brinkman on the floor of the House when Brinkman was trying to strip taxpayer funding of the failed Cincinnati Freedom Center from the State budget. Let's also not forget that Ohio's spending while Husted was Speaker increased $3 Billion each year, and he worked hand in hand with ACORN to reform Ohio's voting laws. DeWine was 100% right to support Husted not only because of these positive attributes, but also because Husted was the college dorm buddy of DeWine. If we Republicans can't stand for higher taxes, more spending, and cronyism what can we stand for?

Recently, conservative Speaker of the House Bill Batchelder also called on DeWine to resign. Screw Bill Batchelder! What does he know about good government? His term as Speaker of the Ohio House has been marred by spending cuts, the elimination of the sacred Estate Tax, and numerous attacks on the right of a woman to kill her unborn baby. What kind of Republican leadership is this? When I was Governor I NEVER supported eliminating taxes, I ALWAYS supported increasing spending and the size of government, and I even chose a PRO-ABORTION Lieutenant Governor. THAT is Republican leadership comrades.

I strongly urge you to take to the streets to support Kevin DeWine and fight back against those evil conservatives like Bill Batchelder and John Kasich. Perhaps you could link up and join forces with the Occupy crowd. We have a lot in common after all. Better yet, write a check to the Ohio Republican Party so that Kevin can repeat his tradition of spending campaign funds meant to defeat Democrats on saving his own well-paid position. Comrades, we must help Chairman DeWine defend his phony baloney job! The future well being of the People's Republic of Ohio depends on it!

Yours in Unity,

Governor Bob Taft

End Transmission......

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hartmann's Property Tax Hike Fails

Dear fellow tax hikers, we are extremely mad at Hamilton County Commissioners Chris Monzel and Todd Portune for voting to keep their promise to the voters by maintaining the Property Tax Rollback.  We are disgusted that they refused to support the fantastic property tax increase championed by Commissioner Greg Hartmann.  Because of this awful 2-1 vote, Hamilton County homeowners will not be paying higher taxes for the Bengals and Reds stadiums. 

This is a terrible day for the tax-hiking movement.  It was a great chance to raise taxes.  Tax Hike Hartmann knows higher property taxes are needed to ensure Mike Brown and the Bengals are provided everything they want.  Tax Hike Hartmann knows our property taxes are too low and must be raised.  Tax Hike Hartmann knows that the Property Tax Rollback was a promise made to be broken. 

We at Republicans for Higher Taxes are officially withdrawing our long-standing support for Portune.  He has betrayed our movement time and time again this year by refusing to supporting higher property taxes for the stadiums and museums, supporting a stadium ticket fee so that those who use the stadiums pay for them, and opposing new gifts to Mike Brown.  Portune no longer understands that the taxpayers should always come last. 

We also call on our beloved Republican Chairman Alex Triantafilou to throw Monzel out of the Republican Party.  We're the party of higher taxes and Monzel isn't respecting this fact!  He was ordered to obey Tax Hike Hartmann and refused, just as he disobeyed Simon Leis in 2007 by opposing the Leis Sales Tax increase. 

We applaud Tax Hike Hartmann for his fantastic pro-tax leadership.  We hope his staff took the time to visit their favorite OTR bars and enjoy their favorite beverages.  We will work tirelessly to find good tax-and-spend Republicans to replace those awful fiscal conservatives Monzel and Portune.