Sunday, August 29, 2010

Concerned about John Kasich

Dear fellow tax hikers, a common bond that unites us is the shared belief in former Governor Bob Taft as our biggest hero.  When we look for a Governor for our state, we want someone just like Taft.  Preferably, a Republican who loves higher taxes and bigger government just as much as we do.  However, we are increasingly concerned that John Kasich is nothing like Bob Taft and this is causing us to strongly consider an endorsement for our tax-and-spend Governor Ted Strickland.

Kasich disgusts us when he talks about how he balanced the federal budget in the 90's without raising taxes!  How dare he.  Where did Kasich ever get the idea that the federal government should control its spending?  We believe Kasich should explain to us why he opposes large federal deficits.  Is he saying that Obama's $1.5 trillion deficits are a bad thing?

In addition to his appalling work to balance the federal budget, we were recently appalled to learn that Kasich has come out against Obama's $400 million 3-C high-speed rail plan.  This fantastic plan would connect Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati (with a detour to Dayton) with a "high speed" train that will travel an average of 39 MPH.  It doesn't get any faster than that.  What Southwest Ohio resident doesn't dream of the day where you can hop a train in Cincinnati, head north to Dayton, and finally end up in Columbus 4 hours later?  We call on Kasich to change his mind and announce his support for this plan.

We are putting John Kasich on notice that he will be disqualified from the possibility of our support if he continues with his agenda of lower taxes, balanced budgets, and opposition to great programs like Obama's 3-C Rail.  We want a government that raises taxes and always finds new programs to consume our tax dollars.  Bob Taft was fantastic at this.  Ted Strickland has too.  We want Kasich to be just like them.  Tax us more!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mrs. Lee Czerwonka donates to David Pepper

Dear fellow tax hikers,  if there is one thing we love at Republicans for Higher Taxes, it is when our fellow Republicans donate to liberal Democrat David Pepper.  While reviewing campaign finance reports, we were delighted to discover that local lawyer Christine Buttress, the wife of tax-and-spend Republican Blue Ash City Councilman Lee Czerwonka, recently donated $100 to proven tax-hiker David A. Pepper

We applaud Mrs. Butthead for recognizing the importance of donating to proven tax-and-spend Democrats.  With this donation the Republican Czerwonka family has donated $100 to Democrat David Pepper and $0 to his fiscally conservative Republican opponent Dave Yost.  These are the kind of Republican values that make us proud.

We also cannot understate the contributions that Lee Czerwonka has made to the GOP tax-and-spend movement.  When Blue Ash residents were being undertaxed, Lee stepped up to raise the income tax by 25%.  When Bob Taft, Jean Schmidt, and Virgil Lovitt worked to raise Hamilton County's hotel/motel tax by over 100%, our man Lee proudly endorsed that effort.  And when liberal Democrats David Pepper and Todd Portune implemented a big Sales Tax increase, Councilman Czerwonka supported this great tax hike and used his position with the Blue Ash Republican Club to promote it. 

In addition to all these wonderful tax increases, Czerwonka has generously donated money to fellow tax-and-spend Republicans.  In 2008, Lee donated $350 to our 2008 Tax Hiker of the Year Virgil Lovitt in his loser campaign for State Representative.  Not to be outdone, Lee surpassed his own generosity by donating $500 to 2009 Tax Hiker of the Year Michelle Schneider for her unsuccessful run for the State Senate.

We salute Beavis and Buttress for everything they've done to promote the tax-and-spend way.  The citizens of Blue Ash - no, make that all of Southwest Ohio - are lucky to be served by such quality tax-hikers.  Let's show our support for higher taxes by doing what we can to promote the great tax hiker himself David A. Pepper.  That's what Beavis and Buttress would want.