Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Streetcar Supporter Sean Donovan, Part 1

Dear fellow tax hikers, look what we found!  Please read the following editorial from our old friend Sean Donovan, a proud streetcar supporter and candidate for Hamilton County Sheriff.  This is the kind of guy we want watching our tax dollars.


We are facing a critical point in future development of this city. Our choice is to continue to lose population, erode our tax base and watch our inner city decay or we can decide to move forward.

The initial loop of the downtown streetcar will create immediate residential and retail development in the core of the city. Both young professionals and empty-nesters enjoy living in the core area of major cities like Boston, Portland, Washington for example. Young people seeking a career will choose a vibrant socially active and safe city to live and work.We must have the foresight to embrace the future. We must not be sidetracked by those who are not interested in longterm successful economic development of the area.

I live and work Downtown by choice. I remember when it was a vibrant thriving center for commerce and entertainment. I know we can again be a safe and attractive place to live,work and play. It will take leadership from business and elected officials. We are close, let's not watch another opportunity pass us by. Get on board the Cincinnati streetcar.

Sean Donovan

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Al Bundy vs. Ms. Blaub

Dear fellow tax hikers, our post today is a gift to you.  It's one of our favorite videos ever - a scene from Married With Children featuring an encounter between Al Bundy and MS. Blaub.

Note: the actress in this scene is not Tabitha Hochscheid (aka Mrs. CincyCapell).  Tabitha would likely have to lose a ton of weight and gain a lot of personality to be the lady in this scene.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Obese man kicked out of buffet

Dear fellow tax hikers, today we resume our Funny Stories series with a whopper. Odd News Videos reports that a 350-pound man was thrown out of an all-you-can-eat fish fry after consuming 12 pieces of fish. Running low on supplies, the restaurant gave him another 8 pieces of fish and sent him on his way.  Unsatisfied with a mere 20 pieces of fish, this obese man staged a protest outside the restaurant to complain about his shoddy treatment.

Note:  This is not a story about Craig Hochscheid, the portly pig behind the CincyCapell and Richard A. Brockelmann personas. 

We applaud Bill Wisth for standing up for his rights to eat a restaurant out of business.  Obviously the biggest problem in this 350-pound man's life is the lack of food.  If he wants to eat literally every piece of fish this restaurant has, that's his right as an American!  We stand large behind this enormous man and his enormous cause.  

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Known racist donates to Pillich

Dear fellow tax hikers, while reviewing campaign finance reports we discovered that State Representative Connie Pillich recently accepted a $1,000 donation from known racist Bob Hagan.  Hagan is a Democratic State Representative who was caught on Facebook using a racial slur to put down a black man who dared to disagree with him.

After this man, who is clearly black, disagreed with the honorable State Representative, Hagan responded with the following racial slur:

I ran against Traficant buckwheat....so take your personal comments and shove them where the sun dont shine

Hagan was very proud of his remarks.  When given the chance to apologize after the fact, Hagan responded with more slurs:

"They are so full of shit,” he said. “They’re so negative, these teabaggers."

That's right!  It's the Tea Party's fault that Bob Hagan used a racial slur.  It's the Tea Party's fault that Hagan refused to apologize for it, and later used profane language to describe the victims of his slur.  It's the Tea Party's fault that he referred to others as "teabaggers", another slur which he hasn't apologized for using.

Connie Pillich has some of her own racial problems.  Earlier this year Pillich insinuated that minorities are incapable of moving out of "the city" without a government program.  She did not appear to believe that minorities can move themselves into the neighborhood of their choice unless there is a white overseer to do it for them.  It should be noted that Pillich herself lives in a community that is only 2.7% black.  She clearly doesn't want "those people" living as equals around her. 

Bob Hagan and Connie Pillich are two peas in a pod.  They want to ensure the minorities know their role, which is basically carrying out the wishes of white Democratic leaders without question.  We are delighted to see Hagan helping Pillich.  While those two are especially paternalistic towards minorities, ultimately they know that all of us need the government to spend our money and run our lives for us.  Preferably, a government run by white Democrats such as them.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Tabitha Hochscheid's new role

Dear fellow tax hikers, we hope everyone has had a chance to read the recent guest editorial by Tabitha Hochscheid.  This editorial contains a very large and recent photo of Mrs. Hochscheid.  WARNING: do not stare at her picture too closely or for too long. 

Tabitha M. Hochscheid (the "M" stands for Medusa) is also known as Mrs. CincyCapell.  Her husband, Price Hill resident Craig Hochscheid, was recently exposed as the bigot behind the fake personas CincyCapell and Richard Brockelmann.  When Tabitha is away at work at her downtown firm Cohen, Todd, Kite, and Stanford to support her household, her husband Craig trolls the internet most of the day making an extreme amount of bigoted and other personal attacks against a wide variety of individuals. 

Tabitha's editorial focuses on the new Health and Well-Being Committee of the Cincinnati Bar Association.  We fully support anything that improves the health and well-being of our area attorneys.  However, we question why Tabitha would be tasked to lead the committee. 

Does Tabitha Hochscheid look like a model of health to you? 

We are definitely concerned about the well-being of someone who chooses to be married to a lazy slob like Mr. CincyCapell Craig Hochscheid.  We want Tabitha to have the finest health and well-being possible.  The best way for this to happen might be for her to consult a good divorce attorney pronto.

We hope this committee can do good for Mrs. Hochscheid and other local attorneys.  We only wish the best in everything for our dear Tab. 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Stan Chesley supports Tracy Winkler

Dear fellow tax hikers, you can imagine the pride we felt when our ethical mentor Stan Chesley threw his support to one of our closest friends Tracy Winkler!  We felt even better when Tracy thanked Mr. Chesley for everything he's doing for her.  Just in case that link disappears, for your benefit we have taken a screen shot to ensure it remains preserved forever:

We have long admired the liberal Chesley for everything he's done for society.  We adore his selflessness, his ability to get his wife Susan Dlott the job of her dreams, and especially his wonderful ethics. 

In fact, Stan Chesley is so great that the Kentucky Bar Association has voted to disbar him for a multitude of violations relating to the fen-phen class action lawsuit.

"The 75-year-old Cincinnati attorney had been accused by disciplinary officials of the Kentucky Bar Association of making false statements to the courts and bar officials, self-dealing in violation of the bar’s conflict of interest rules, taking excessive legal fees, sanctioning misconduct by other lawyers and failing to adequately inform clients."
In that report, Graham said Chesley's "callous subordination" of his clients' interests to his own greed was "both shocking and reprehensible".

Sounds like our kind of guy!  We don't have any problem with lawyers whose conduct requires disbarment.  Neither does Tracy Winkler.  We applaud Mrs. Winkler for accepting financial assistance from this kind of guy, and for having the good grace to thank him for his help. 

Some might wonder what it is about Winkler that Chesley admires.  We believe it is their joint sense of ethics.  Tracy herself has no problems spending other people's money to give government jobs to friends and relatives who lack the qualifications to fill them.

The most famous example of this is the infamous Jennifer Triantafilou scandal.   Tracy played a key role in giving Hamilton County GOP Chairman Alex Triantafilou's wife Jennifer a job she was completely unqualified to hold, in exchange for Alex arranging for her to be selected the Hamilton County Clerk of Courts.  It was the kind of apparent quid pro quo that brings tears to our tax-hiking eyes.  

We firmly believe that Stan Chesley is as fit to be a Justice on the U.S. Supreme Court as Tracy Winkler is to be the Clerk of Courts.  We need more people like Chesley in politics.  We are glad Mr. Chesley will always have a prime seat at the table as long as Tracy's in charge.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

CincyCapell Outed: Meet Craig Hochscheid

Dear fellow tax hikers, we have some wonderful news to share with you - a profile of the despised Internet Liberal Troll CincyCapell.  He now often appears as Richard A. Brockelmann, particularly on the Enquirer site.  Most of you are well aware of this racist, anti-Semitic, extreme leftist.  He has spent most of his life over the past 5 years lobbing an unprecedented number of smear attacks against conservatives, Republicans, moderates, and even sane Democrats who have made the mistake of putting their constituents ahead of their party's liberal special interests. 

Bigotry plays big role in his persona.  He has referred to one current Black Democratic City Councilman as "Uncle Thomas" and called him an Uncle Tom.  CincyCapell/Brockelmann refers to another Black City Councilman as a "shoe-shine boy".  And he calls an allegedly-Jewish member of COAST a "hook nose", and tells him to go back to "Jew Ash".  There are also his many derogatory comments about women, including the one time he accused a female Enquirer reporter of having an affair with a conservative activist because her story wasn't slanted quite as far to the left as a Rachel Maddow hit piece. 

CincyCapell was recently outed as Price Hill resident Craig Hochscheid.  Craig spends most of each day blogging as CincyCapell or Richard A. Brockelmann, with the balance of his time stuffing his face with a variety of high-fat foods.  With that, we introduce to you to Mr. Craig Hochscheid - he's the portly fellow in the picture below:

He looks like Humpty Dumpty, after the fall.

Someone has to actually work for a living to allow Craig Hochscheid the exhaustive amount of time required to spend all day on the Internet anonymously slurring others.  That lucky person would be his wife, Tabitha Hochscheid.  Tabitha is a glorified debt collector for the firm Cohen, Todd, Kite, and Stanford, though they are polite enough to refer to her as an attorney.  Please give a warm welcome to Mrs. CincyCapell, Tabitha M. Hochscheid:

Click to enlarge - or better yet, don't

If you are feeling nauseous right now - don't worry, you're not alone.

After many years of supposedly being a lawyer, Mrs. CincyCapell Tabitha Hochscheid is still stuck doing the grunt work of the legal profession.  We have to believe the firm of Cohen, Todd, Kite, and Stanford are proud to have an employee of such high density....we mean quality.  Tabitha has a tough load to carry - she has to carry her lazy slob of a husband in addition to carrying herself around.  We can only imagine the monthly food bill in their Covedale condo. 

We have little doubt that Craig Hochscheid will continue his life of obsessing over COAST men that he can't have.  We have to believe he'll continue making huge numbers of smear attacks against others hoping that a few might stick.  The only difference is he can't do it anonymously anymore.  We know it's Price Hill resident Craig Hochscheid.