Monday, April 27, 2015

Cooking Councilman Seelbach's dinner

Dear fellow tax hikers, boy oh boy do we have a challenge for you!  Cincinnati City Councilman Chris Seelbach - a City Councilman on Cincinnati City Council, in case you didn't know - is hosting a dinner party and he needs our help to prepare an acceptable meal.  Here are the restrictions:

 It gets even better:
No meat, no fish, no dairy, no carbs, no alcohol, no beans, no sugar, no quinoa, and even tofu is no-fu.  Now we love City Councilman Chris Seelbach - we love his tax hikes, his streetcar, his gay and incest marriage advocacy, his preferences to labor unions, his car....we love the guy.  But even we can't go along with this.
What bet did these people lose to have to attend this dinner?  The only way you could get us there is if we pigged out at Chick-fil-A on the way. 
We will not be attending, but we would still like to help City Councilman Seelbach decide what to prepare for the dinner party.  Tell us tax hikers, what would YOU serve? 
We at Republicans for Higher Taxes will offer our suggestion - a pitcher of water with a can of salt.  Dinner's served!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Northwest Schools levy

Dear fellow tax hikers, endorsement season for the all-important May 2015 primaries begins now.  First up is the Northwest School District levy.  We are urging a NO vote on this issue.

This combined operating and bond issue will actually REDUCE the tax millage that you pay, and that is completely unacceptable to us.  Northwest residents are currently lucky enough to pay for a 4.52 mill levy that will expire later this year.  The issue on the ballot proposes that these same residents will only have to pay 4.33 mills going forward.  That is a reduction and we are not ok with that. 

We warned you about the bad things that could happen if people like Dan Unger, Chris Heather, and Michael Harlow were elected to the school board.  It hasn't taken long for them to prove us right.

This proposal replaces several aging (aged) elementary schools with new ones, and will make all the elementary schools K-5 instead of K-whatever.  All other schools will be renovated.  Some money will also go to technology improvements.

And all of this is being done with a lower millage than before!  By voting for this levy, you are consenting to a lower tax rate.  Please do not give the politicians permission to lower your taxes.  If it can happen here, who knows where it can happen next.  Vote against this levy and demand that your Northwest School Board give you the higher taxes that you deserve. 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

April 15th - the best day of the year

Dear fellow tax hikers, today is Tax Day - our favorite day of the year!  We will be up for all 24 hours because we don't want to miss a moment of this year's greatest day.

To help celebrate this most blessed day, tell us: what are your favorite taxes?  We encourage you to set aside some time and think about all the great taxes you are charged - income taxes, sales taxes, property taxes, gas taxes, cell phone taxes, the Spanish-American War Tax, capital gains taxes, death taxes, real estate transfer taxes.  Spend some time today to honor them all.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Blue Ash's $1 million bike park?

Dear fellow tax hikers, our fine friends on Blue Ash Council are moving towards building a $1 million bike park.  This is not an April Fools joke.  They are looking to spend $1 million to bring a big new bike park to Blue Ash. 

Even better - this would be IN ADDITION to the $75 million Blue Ash Council is already spending on their park.  We believe the higher taxes necessary to pay for this park is a good idea.  $75 million doesn't go as far as it used to.

We have heard that first event at this bike park will be called The Mustache Clash.  It will feature premier mustaches Rick Bryan and Jim Sumner racing each other on their little red tricycles. 

We fully endorse this park and the tax increases necessary to fund it.  A $75 million park isn't enough.  They need a $1 million bike park to make it great.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Sales Tax increases today

Dear fellow tax hikers, today is April Fools' Day!  Otherwise known as Alex Triantafilou and PG Sittenfeld Day. 

We also celebrate a very important Hamilton County Sales Tax increase.  Starting today, you will pay higher taxes every time you purchase something here and we think that's fantastic.

We do not believe these two events are related.