Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tracy Winkler's Unqualified HR Hire

Dear fellow tax hikers, we are proud to exclusively report the latest news on Tracy Winkler's reign with the Hamilton County Clerk of Courts.  We can confirm that our dear Tracy is continuing her policy of hiring friends and family for government jobs instead of qualified professionals. 

Tracy Winkler's latest Jennifer Triantafilou-style hiring is the new Chief Human Resources Officer Tony Rosiello.  Does Rosiello have any prior experience running a human resources office?  No!  Does Rosiello have any experience working in Human Resources?  No!  Is Rosiello qualified in any way to be a human resources chief for a large county department?  No! 

Tony Rosiello quite clearly lacks the professional qualifications for this position.  But he has the one qualification that matters - he's a good friend of Tracy Winkler.  And sure enough, Rosiello happens to be the point of contact for two Tracy Winkler fundraising events taking place next month.  Tracy has never been shy about using your tax dollars to take care of friends and family.

It goes even deeper than that.  Tony Rosiello is the newest Green Township Trustee.  He and his colleagues have the authority to fire Green Township employee Allison Detzel, who happens to be Tracy Winkler's daughter.  Rosiello and his colleagues also have the ability to fire Jennifer Triantafilou, who Tracy hired in exchange for her appointment to be the Clerk of Courts.

By having Rosiello working for her in a full-time, well-paying, administrative position, Winkler can use her status as his employer to continue controlling Green Township through Tony.  Winkler can assure the continued employment of her daughter Allison Detzel and Alex T's ex-wife Jennifer Triantafilou no matter how poorly they do their jobs. 

Tracy Winkler will never apologize for using your tax dollars to take care of friends and family.  That's how it should be.  It's more important to ensure the Winkler and Triantafilou families are taken care than to worry about government being well-run.  This will definitely result in more incidents like the one we just saw when Tracy Winkler's Clerk of Courts office accidently released sealed files regarding two accused rapes.  That is the price we must pay for putting the welfare of the Triantafilous and Winklers ahead of the interests of every other family in Hamilton County.

We welcome Tony Rosiello aboard as the new Human Resources Chief, even though he has no idea what's he doing.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Jean Schmidt - One Less Lonely Girl

Dear fellow tax hikers, if there is one thing we know about the State of the Union address, it's that our Congresswoman Jean Schmidt will stake out an aisle seat and manage to make a spectacle of herself in front of the entire nation.  We look forward to seeing our Jeannie with the President.  Sure enough, our Congresswoman Jean Schmidt was there to plant a big wet kiss on our great President Barack Obama.  

Today's Whistleblower compared our Jean's aggressiveness towards Obama to a teenybopper at a Justin Bieber concert.  We agree and think it's fantastic!  We are secret Bieber fans.  Justin Bieber is a hottie.  We think it's great to have a U.S. Congressman who acts just like a 12-year-old girl meeting cutie-pie Biebs for the first time.  

Barack Obama deserved that kiss.  Like Jean and like us, Barack believes in big government and higher taxes.  That's why Jean Schmidt voted to raise federal income taxes across the board, raise Ohio's Sales Tax, raise Ohio's Gas Tax, and voted for the $800 billion bailout for billionaires. 

We leave you with a special gift.  We fell in love with our man Justin Bieber when we heard his big hit, One Less Lonely Girl.  Now that Jean and Obama have shared a kiss, Congresswoman Schmidt is also one less lonely girl.  We dedicate this lovely video to the big government duo of Barack Obama and Jean Schmidt.

Tracy Winkler releases sealed rape files

Dear fellow tax hikers, we ask everyone to go easy on our friend Tracy Winkler regarding the latest piece of bad news to hit her office.   It was recently reported that Winkler's Clerk of Courts office failed to seal confidential files regarding an alleged rape that a Judge ordered sealed, and this failure allowed these documents to be broadcast to the public. 

Please, cut Tracy a break.  These things are bound to happen in an office where employees are hired based on their relationship with Tracy Winkler instead of their professional qualifications.  Releasing sealed rape accusation files is an example of the consequences of business as usual.  We don't want things to change.

Tracy Winkler herself was selected for her position in an apparent quid pro quo.  As a Green Township Trustee, Winkler hired Alex Triantafilou's uneducated wife Jennifer Triantafilou for a professional position in which she didn't meet the minimum job qualifications.  In return, Alex T selected Tracy W to be our Clerk of Courts.

As we will detail in a special report later this week, Tracy Winkler has been making these same type of decisions in the Clerk's office.  The friends and family of Tracy get the jobs first, even if they aren't qualified.  So what if that leads to more errors like a few rape accusation files getting mistakenly released?

We ask all you tax hikers to be understanding of Tracy and not hold these mistakes against her.  After all, if Tracy wanted to run the office well she would have to hire qualified personnel and not her friends and family.  That would be awful.  We must all stand behind Tracy Winkler, her cronies, and all her mistakes.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Virgil Lovitt Tax Hiking Contest

Dear fellow tax hikers, we ask for your participation.  We are having a contest to guess the date that Virgil Lovitt will endorse his next tax increase.

Last week we reported that the Princeton School District is seeking a big property tax hike on this March's ballot.  This happens to be the school district that our 2008 Tax Hiker of the Year Virgil Lovitt calls home.  Our man Virg has been a strong supporter of higher taxes, both in this school district and everywhere else.  While he has not yet endorsed this important tax hike, everyone knows he soon will.

With eager anticipation of this endorsement, we are now hosting a contest for our loyal readers.  We want all you tax hikers to pick the date that Virgil Lovitt will endorse the Princeton School District's Property Tax increase.  Enter your selection in the comments section.  The winner is the one who picks the closest date.  Good luck to everyone!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Princeton Schools seek huge tax hike

Dear fellow tax hikers, we proudly endorse the Princeton School District's 6.5 mill property tax hike on the ballot this March.  This excellent tax increase will cost homeowners $197.63 per $100,000 valuation.  It was less than two years ago the Princeton Schools passed another property tax increase, which we also endorsed along with our 2008 Tax Hiker of the Year Virgil Lovitt.  But that was then, more money is needed now.

As of Fiscal Year 2010 the Princeton School District spends $15,922 per student per year.  This places them the 10th biggest spender in Ohio out of approximately 613 public school districts.  In other words, Princeton already spends more money than over 98% of Ohio's districts

That isn't enough!  They need more.  Princeton residents must pay higher taxes so that their loving School Board can spend all the money they need.  Property taxes must continue to rise until Princeton Schools spend more money than every single school district in Ohio.  Tax us more!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Governor Bob Taft

Dear fellow tax hikers, we were overjoyed to learn that today is the 70th Birthday of former Governor Bob Taft.  Governor Taft is our idol, our mentor, our hero, the man we admire more than anyone.  We wish Governor Taft a very Happy 70th Birthday.

We thank the Cincinnati Enquirer for placing a big story in today's paper catching up with Governor Taft.  He deserves the attention.  We are so happy that the good Governor continues to do great things.

Governor Bob Taft was Ohio's greatest governor ever.  Let's review some of the great things that defined the Taft Administration.

1.  Signed a 20% Sales Tax increase into law, that Jean Schmidt voted for.

2.  Signed a big 27% Gas Tax increase into law, that Jean Schmidt voted for.  Gas prices were too low.

3.  Signed a Hotel/Motel Tax increase into law that more than double the lodging tax for Hamilton County.  This legislation was sponsored by Jean Schmidt. 

4.  Created the fantastic 3rd Frontier program which shielded Ohio from the national recession and made our economy the great success story it is today. 

5.  Earned four criminal convictions as Governor, becoming Ohio's first Governor to ever be convicted of a crime while in office.  That's the kind of ethics we admire! 

This is only a partial listing of his great successes in office.  Governor Taft achieved so many wonderful successes.

Governor Taft's legacy lives on.  He has inspired so many to continue his tax-and-spend agenda.

His chief protege, our 2010 Tax Hiker of the Year Jon Husted, is going to be Ohio's next Governor after we get rid of Kasich.  Jon Husted is like the son Governor Taft never had.  Husted voted for all of Governor Bob Taft's increases.  Husted paved the way for ACORN to take over our elections in 2008.  Husted supported Governor Taft's 3rd Frontier.  Jon Husted as Governor will be like a 3rd term for Governor Taft.

But today, we celebrate Governor Bob Taft's 70th Birthday.   From the bottom of our tax-hiking hearts, we wish Governor Bob Taft a very, very, very Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Tracy Winkler info coming

Dear fellow tax hikers, know that we are continuing to work hard in our efforts to advance Tracy Winkler's political career.  Nobody has worked harder than us to install her as our Clerk of Courts and we will continue to track her every move.  

We report to you that we have received new information about Tracy Winkler's activities.  Apparently Tracy is running the Clerk of Courts office in the same manner she ran Green Township, and we think that's fantastic!  In the coming weeks we will finish our investigation of this information and report our findings to you.  We know this information will interest every one of you.