Friday, January 30, 2009

Rick Bryan - Tax Hiking Star

We continue with our tour around Hamilton County to profile some of our party's up-and-coming tax-hiking stars on the rise. Today we offer you, our loyal readers, a bio on one of Hamilton County's greatest tax-and-spend Republicans, Blue Ash City Councilman Rick Bryan. Consider the outstanding Rick Bryan record:

1. Supported Issue 27, the Super-sized Sales Tax hike backed by our great Sheriff Si Leis, David Pepper, Todd Portune, and former Attorney General Marc Dann.

2. Supported a 25% income tax increase for the fine citizens of Blue Ash for the expansion of a golf course and rec center. If Rick will raise taxes 25% for that, imagine how high he'd raise taxes for something important!

3. Voted for a Blue Ash City Council resolution, which passed unanimously, to show support for more than doubling Hamilton County's hotel/motel tax, a high priority of our 2008 Tax Hiker of the Year Virgil Lovitt. We are not aware of him ever voting for a resolution to oppose a tax increase.

4. Took a strong stand against our 2007 Enemy of the Treasury Pat DeWine in his 2008 race for judge because of his opposition to tax increases. Normally in strict obedience of party directives, Bryan made a rare exception when he went against the party endorsement and supported DeWine's primary opponent in March 2008. If you don't support tax increases, Rick will be there to sink you.

5. Strongly supported our man Virgil Lovitt for State Representative. Rick Bryan donated $1050 to his campaign and co-hosted a cornhole tournament for his campaign!

6. Has been a loyal source of the mustache power that has helped give our movement the extra juice it needs to defeat the anti-taxers.

Rick Bryan is one of the most impressive rising stars of the Republican tax-and-spend movement. We know he is tired of being stuck in Blue Ash and has been trying for years to move on to higher office. When Rick does make his next run, we will be there to support him 100%. Keep up the good work!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Triantafilou kicks out Schmidt-hater from GOP meeting

We applaud Chairman Alex Triantafilou for having political independent David Krikorian thrown out of the Madeira Republican club meeting where Alex was due to speak. Krikorian has viciously attacked Jean Schmidt for her lack of honesty and votes for higher taxes and bigger bailouts. We think Alex should toss out more people. Not only should Krikorian be thrown out of these meetings, but everyone who has insulted Congresswoman Schmidt over the years should be removed too. Even though this would result in seriously reducing the membership of several area Republican clubs, it's worth it to maintain our purity.

This episode also reveals the fine leadership skills of club President Mary Anne Christie, a big tent Republican. Removing this unwanted individual shows just how big her tent is. Those who have known Mrs. Christie over the decades would not be surprised by her courage.

Mary Anne Christie got her start in politics by volunteering on the Ulysses S. Grant presidential campaign. She knew she was born for a life in politics when she successfully convinced the Horse Carriage Drivers Union to endorse General Grant. Since then she has been a mainstay in politics and a reliable voice for the media when they need a quote to bash conservatives. Mrs. Christie has long been admired for her advocacy on behalf of pro-tax and pro-abortion causes.

Nobody who criticizes Jean Schmidt should be allowed to remain in the Republican Party. That is the kind of big tent policy we support. Like it or leave it. We applaud Mary Anne Christie and the Madeira Republican club for showing us how a big tent really works.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Bob Taft for US Senate

We at Republicans for Higher Taxes were deeply saddened by the sudden retirement of our icon Senator George Voinovich. Voinovich is the godfather the Republican tax-and-spend movement in Ohio. His demands for higher taxes on everything from soda pop to Sales Taxes for football owners dawned a new era of prosperity for Ohio. Voinovich's tax-and-spend successes paved the way for proven tax-hikers Bob Taft, Jim Petro, Betty Montgomery, Nancy Hollister, and Jennette Bradley to follow his path.

But from this dark cloud came a bright new sun. Governor Bob Taft has decided to run and he was kind enough to post his announcement here. Republicans for Higher Taxes are proud to announce our unanimous endorsement for former Governor Bob Taft for US Senate. If there is anyone fit to follow in Senator George Voinovich's footsteps, it's Bob Tax. As Governor, Taft was a tax-hiking champion just as great as Voinvich. His Sales Tax increase made Ohio prosperous. His Gas Tax increase helped Ohio motorists every time they drove their cars. The Taft/Schmidt/Lovitt Hotel Tax increase for Hamilton County forced Sharonville's numerous hookers to contribute to the government every time they laid down for business.

We don't believe that the four criminal convictions Taft earned while serving as Governor should disqualify him from this race. They were just minor crimes. Jean Schmidt did the same thing and she's gone on to serve us proudly as a Congresswoman. We believe only great things could happen with Schmidt in the House and Taft in the Senate, each fighting for higher taxes.

Many have rallied around former Congressman Rob Portman but we will not. We can't think of a single tax increase Portman has supported, and he's voted for numerous tax cuts. Portman has consistently put the financial needs of families over the financial needs of the government. We find that totally unacceptable. And besides, just because he got over 70% of the vote in his 2nd District races while Jean Schmidt can barely win in the same district, doesn't mean he's a good candidate. He was just lucky. Once voters know of his opposition to tax increases he has no chance.

Taft can no longer rely on Tom Noe to fund his campaigns, which means we will have to run a grass roots campaign this time. But make no mistake, once voters learn of Taft's pro-tax record and Portman's history of opposing tax increases, Taft is going to win this race!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Taft Announces Candidacy for U.S. Senate


I'm coming to you today to announce some exciting news. Ohio is facing challenges unlike those we have ever witnessed. In times like these, we need real leadership. That's why, after much consultation, I have decided to seek the United States Senate seat currently held by George Voinovich.

Right now, in Washington D.C., we are witnessing the gathering of one of the greatest collections of tax hikers and big spenders in history. Does anyone doubt that I should be among them? It is only right that I take my rightful place next to great Republican tax hikers like Olympia Snowe, Arlen Specter, and Lincoln Chafee. We need Republicans in the Senate who will work with the Obama Administration to increase spending, and enact massive tax increases. I am just the man for the job.

I vow to you to never be outdone by President Obama. If he proposes a tax, I will counter with an even higher one. When he asks for a $1.5 trillion dollar bailout plan, I will respond with a $3 trillion plan of my own. I promise that I will fight to raise taxes on capital gains, gasoline, income, inheritance, savings, investments, and everything in between.

The Federal government needs our money. In fact, they have an inherent right to it. Free market, capitalist principles will find no shelter in a Bob Taft Senate. Remember Ohians, bigger government is always the answer. The more oppressive and intrusive the better. After all, we all understand that politicians and bureaucrats know better how to spend your money than you do.

I will be kicking off a three city campaign tour aboard my bus, The Tax Hike Express. We will start in Hamilton County by visiting Sharonville and Blue Ash; two fine examples of Republican High-tax elected leadership. From there we will move on to the metropolis of Middletown, which benefited greatly from my leadership as Governor.

I hope I can count on your support. I have already collected the endorsement of numerous outstanding Republican tax hikers: Virgil Lovitt, Simon Leis, Rick Bryan, Jim Sumner, Jean Schmidt, Michelle Schneider, Bob Bennett, Jo Ann Davidson, Bill Seitz, Dale VanVyven, and Mary Anne Christie.

With your help, I can do for the entire nation what I did for Ohio. Please contact every good Ohio Republican that you know and ask them to throw their support behind me for the United States Senate. We will need a lot of grass roots support, because I don't think I'll be getting large campaign donations from Tom Noe this time around.

Yours in taxes,

Governor Bob Taft

Monday, January 12, 2009

Diane Adamec - tax hiking star on the rise

Dear fellow tax hikers: we at Republicans for Higher Taxes are pleased to start a new feature for the new year. Every so often, we are going to profile some of the up-and-coming tax hikers of the Hamilton County Republican Party.

Today we start with Sycamore School Board Member Diane Adamec. Ms. Adamec is a fantastic tax increaser who has already built an impressive record of raising taxes on the citizens of Blue Ash, Montgomery, and parts of Sycamore, Symmes, Loveland, and Evandale. Consider High Tax Adamec's record:

1) Organized volunteers to pass two big school levies (the first failed, 2nd passed) for the Sycamore Schools in 2004, and bragged about it on her campaign literature in her 2005 School Board run. The School Board has since stated that their huge continuing levy they tried to pass in August 2004 was not necessary to achieve their goals, but it didn't stop High Tax Adamec from campaigning for it.

2) Supported the Leis/Pepper/Portune Sales Tax increase in 2007 for the new jail and $600 million in programs.

3) Is now campaigning for a permanent tax increase for Sycamore residents. The School Board claims this is a mere renewal, but this is taking a limited 5-year levy that expires soon and making it permanent!

4) A true tax-and-spend Republican, Diane donated $100 to Virgil Lovitt, our 2008 Tax Hiker of the Year and endorsed candidate for State Representative. Additionally, she and her husband are active leaders in the Blue Ash Republican Club, the pro-tax machine run by Rick Bryan, Jim Sumner, and Lee Czerwonka.

Only in office for 3 years, Diane Adamec has compiled an impressive record of supporting higher taxes and big spending hikes. These are the kind of leaders who should be the future of the Republican Party. We endorse the Sycamore School Tax increase. We endorse High Tax Adamec's re-election to the Sycamore School Board this November and look forward to seeing more from her in the coming years.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

2008 Enemy of the Treasury - Chris Monzel

Yesterday we promised that today we would name our 2008 anti-tax Enemy of the Treasury. Sadly, we had no problems finding a deserving winner. This individual has been a thorn in our side, opposing all of our noble efforts to raise taxes on every citizen in Southwest Ohio.

For his tireless efforts to oppose higher taxes and limit spending, we award Chris Monzel our 2008 Enemy of the Treasury. He has earned his spot on our Wall of Shame, joining our 2007 Enemy Pat DeWine.

Each year Monzel has led the fight to freeze city property taxes so that homeowners do not receive an automatic tax increase. This move has saved Cincinnati homeowners millions of dollars over the years. They do not deserve this money. City Council could spend this money far better than Cincinnati homeowners ever could.

When ultra pro-tax David Crowley and other liberals on City Council wanted to implement Red Light Cameras to raise money and track our movements, Monzel voted against them and was the only member of City Council to actively campaign against them. This is unacceptable to us, especially after we endorsed these cameras. Even though they don't increase public safety, they're still great. These cameras would have brought more money into city coffers and would have enabled the government to better record our movements around the city.

Just two months ago when the City Manager wanted to install a big trash collection fee to collect more money from city residents and businesses, it was Monzel who stepped up and led the opposition. Now the city can't afford to give millions more to The Freedom Center and the Mayor wasn't able to add another staffer (or another Scottie).

Worst of all, Monzel was the only member of City Council to oppose the big Sales Tax increase generously brought to us by David Pepper, Todd Portune, and Simon Leis. The fact that 60% of the city's voters also opposed it is no excuse. By disobeying instructions from party leaders, Monzel showed that the opinions of the commoners mean more to him than the wishes of party leaders like Bill Seitz and Simon Leis. We were dismayed when Monzel offered commentary on the design of the proposed jail. Just because he is a veteran engineer at GE doesn't mean he knows squat about building things. Besides, we already had the opinions of Tax Hike Seitz and David Pepper, and as we know those two are experts on everything.

As you see, Monzel has built an appalling record of opposing higher taxes and more spending. We expect the Republican Party to do something about this. Defending the taxpayers on 4 big issues in just 14 months is shameful indeed, and well deserving of our 2008 Enemy of the Treasury Award.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Announcement - 2008 Enemy to be awarded tomorrow

Fellow tax hikers, we at the Executive Committee of Republicans for Higher Taxes have made a final decision to name our anti-tax 2008 Enemy of the Treasury winner. This person will be named and added to our Wall of Shame tomorrow morning at 8:30 AM. Tune in to our site tomorrow and at that time you'll learn our winner.

This award is given to an anti-tax enemy who has worked hard to prevent citizens from being forced to pay more of their money to the government. We can assure everyone we have found a deserving winner of this shameful award for this past year.