Thursday, February 26, 2009

Michelle Schneider Fundraiser

Dear fellow tax hikers, we have great news to share! We, the leadership of Republicans for Higher Taxes, have been working very hard this past month on a huge fundraiser and tax rally that we are co-hosting for our good friend Michelle Schneider. We have endorsed Mrs. Schneider in her bid for the State Senate. But we have done more. Much more. We are working to make sure she has all the money she needs to win.

We invite you to the Michelle Schneider fundraiser/tax rally on March 6th at the Kenwood Country Club. Drinks start at 5:00. It is vital we produce a large crowd. Since COAST drew over 200 people to their fundraiser, we must draw more. What would people think if COAST got more people to their fundraiser than an endorsed tax-and-spend Republican could get to theirs? That would make us look bad.

We have attracted an impressive list of tax-hiking Republicans to sponsor this event:

- Congresswoman Jean Schmidt
- Bill Seitz - 2007 Tax Hiker of the Year
- Mary Anne Christie
- Virgil Lovitt - 2008 Tax Hiker of the Year
- Dick Finan
- Stan Aronoff
- Dick Weiland - Lobbyist/Convicted Felon (Tom Noe's unavailable)
- George Vincent
- Alex Triantafilou

Now we need you, and your money too. In the State House Michelle has been a proud supporter of Bob Taft's tax increases, Simon Leis' tax hike, and more taxpayer funding for The Freedom Center. We need her tax-and-spend vote in the State Senate. Come join us on March 6th.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Michelle Schneider for State Senate

Fellow tax hikers,

We are delighted to announce our latest endorsement, one which will bring back some desperately needed momentum to our side after COAST shocked the world with it's packed fundraiser featuring John Kasich and Mary Taylor. With no lengthy debate needed, Republicans for Higher Taxes is proud to endorse Michelle Schneider for State Senate. Schneider has compiled an astounding record of supporting higher taxes and more spending, and brings to the table as impressive of a pro-tax record as Bob Taft, Jean Schmidt, and Tax Hikers of the Year Bill Seitz and Virgil Lovitt.

We want everyone to review the Schneider record for themselves:

1. Provided a crucial vote, along with Jean Schmidt, to pass Bob Taft's Sales Tax Hike.

2. Voted for Bob Taft's Gas Tax Hike, raising Ohio's gas taxes by 27%.

3. Voted for the Bob Taft/Jean Schmidt/Virgil Lovitt Hotel/Motel Tax Hike, more than doubling Hamilton County's taxes.

4. Proudly voted to spend millions of taxpayer dollars on The Freedom Center.

5. Supported the Simon Leis Sales Tax hike.

We know that Michelle will make an excellent tax-and-spend addition to the Ohio State Senate. We give her our highest possible endorsement, and warn anyone else interested in running not to cross us. We feel so strongly about Michelle that we are helping to organize a huge fundraiser for her next week, one that will be so large it will eclipse the recent COAST event. Stay tuned for details. For now, pass the word that Republicans for Higher Taxes strongly backs Michelle Schneider for State Senate.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Beware of COAST!

Fellow tax-hikers, we have some most disturbing news to report. Our sources indicate to us that there were over 200 people at COAST's fundraiser tonight with John Kasich and Mary Taylor! This is far more support than we ever thought COAST had. We wanted everyone to stay away so people would think they have few members. Boy are we shocked!

This sad development has the potential to impair our movement. What happens if all these COAST people decide to help 2008 Enemy of the Treasury Chris Monzel get re-elected? What if they go after tax-hiker Leslie Ghiz, one of our favorite Republicans? Ghiz's support for Democratic Commissioner David Pepper is an important source of our pro-tax power.

We tax hikers are called to meet this challenge! We must redouble our efforts. We need to expand our ranks. We need to better promote ourselves. We have to count on our great tax hike leaders including 2008 Tax Hiker of the Year Virgil Lovitt, Leslie Ghiz, Bill Seitz, Jean Schmidt, and Bob Taft to lead us.

We ask you tax hikers - what will you do to promote our Republican tax-and-spend movement?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Do not attend COAST's Feb 19th Fundraiser with John Kasich

Fellow tax hikers, later this week a terrible event is taking place in Hamilton County. Our enemies at COAST are having a big fundraiser this February 19th at 6:00 PM at the Montgomery Inn in Montgomery. Tragically, former Congressman John Kasich is headlining the event along with co-host Mary Taylor our State Auditor. We encourage our supporters to boycott this event.

We never liked Kasich or Taylor and this helps prove why. As a Congressman, John Kasich worked tirelessly as Chairman of the House Budget Committee to balance the federal budget without tax increases. When the government needed more money to continue its vast operations, Kasich instead worked to trim the budget. Before he retired the federal government eliminated it's deficit and ran surpluses for several years for the first time in decades. He should apologize to everyone for not raising our taxes when he had the chance.

We especially despise Mary Taylor. As a State Representative she had the audacity to vote against Bob Taft's tax increases. During her run for State Auditor she even bragged about this treachery in her campaign ad! And as Auditor, she has refused to follow Betty Montgomery's practice of giving free passes to big donors like Betty did for her close friend Tom Noe. Taylor has been a detriment to our party. What kind of message does it send when the only Republican elected statewide is a young, attractive, pro-life woman who voted against Bob Taft's agenda and brags about it?

These are the type of people COAST is bringing to Southwest Ohio - Republicans with a long history of cutting spending, opposing tax hikes, and balancing budgets. These are not our values, nor are they the values of the Ohio Republican Party or Hamilton County Republican Party. We support massive tax hikes and big spending increases. Therefore we call on our supporters to boycott this event.

We want the world to see that COAST has no supporters beyond their 5 members. So please don't go. Imagine the harm it would do to our movement if COAST got 75 people to this fundraiser and showed SW Ohio that they had surprising widespread support for their agenda of lower taxes and limited spending.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Alex T follows our lead

Dear fellow tax hikers, we know you share our pride when we see our work being noticed by the people who run our Republican Party. Last week we presented to you compelling profiles of two of this area's greatest tax hikers, Blue Ash City Councilmen Jim Sumner and Rick Bryan. Their efforts to raise taxes for all of Southwest Ohio make them two of the brightest stars in our tax-hiking movement.

Our work was noticed. Less than 10 days later, Hamilton County Republican Party Chairman Alex Triantafilou posted his own profile of Jim Sumner. This is why we are here. We exist to promote higher taxes, to make it the dominant position in the Republican Party, and to promote great tax hikers who loyally work to implement our agenda - tax hikers like Jim Sumner.

The Hamilton County GOP knows a great tax hiker when they see one. It's time to get behind Jim Sumner as he makes his move towards higher office. Sumner has proven his excellent tax-hiking credentials in Blue Ash. Now it's time to let him take his tax-and-spend agenda to a higher level. Jim Sumner for Something 2010!