Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Northwest School Board Endorsements

Dear fellow tax hikers, we proudly endorse dedicated tax hikers Pam Detzel, David Denny, and Dexter Carpenter for Northwest School Board.  After reviewing each candidate's public record and public statements, we determined these three were significantly better tax hikers than their opponents.

We start with the champion tax-hiking couple Jim and Pam Detzel.  Similar to Blue Ash's High Tax Adamecs, the Detzels are in the strong competition for Tax-Hiking Couple of the Year.  You see, both Jim and Pam Detzel are on the same board, Northwest Local Board of Education.  The good news is that means they can raise taxes on people in parts of Green Township and Springfield Township, not just in Colerain.  Though with both of them on the same board, it limits the number of taxes they can raise, so they know they have to raise taxes efficiently.

The Detzels are up for election this year.  Scratch that, only Pam is actually on the ballot.  You see, Pam and Jim are on the ballot in different years, hoping that the uneducated voters in Northwest never notice there is a husband and wife on the very same Board.  We must elect Pam.  Do you realize if Pam loses, there will only be one Detzel on the Board?  That would be completely unfair.

We are very impressed with Pam's superior level of education.  For example, this School Board Member, on the Northwest Schools website, produced these grammatical gems:

The Northwest Schools are in good hands if someone this intelligent remains on the Board.

We at Republicans For Higher Taxes love tax-hiking power couples and there is no greater honor than to support the tax-hiking Detzels who have successfully hiked taxes THREE times in recent years.  Way to go Jim and Pam!

We are also enthusiastic about Detzel's trusty sidekicks David Denny and Dexter Carpenter (no relation to Dexter Morgan).  Dexter has valuable experience working as a janitor in the schools, proving he has what it takes to clean up Northwest.  He also wants the schools to spend a lot more, which means you'll get taxed a lot more.  Denny is a champion tax hiker with an impeccable attention to detail.  For example, he states on the Northwest Schools site that he was re-elected to the School Board.  Actually, he's only been elected once, and therefore has not been re-elected.

It is vital that you vote against fiscal conservatives Christopher Heather and Michael Harlow.  Heather is a former Board member who fought hard against raising taxes, and Harlow is cut from the same fiscally conservative mold.  Harlow could be even worse.  He is married to a woman (our enemy Heather Harlow) who is vocally conservative and supportive of the 2nd Amendment.  These are opinions that no woman should be allowed to have, and he won't do anything to stop it.  How can Harlow control a school district if he won't exercise control over his wife?

We do not like opinionated women who disagree with us, and we don't like fiscal conservatives on the School Board.  That is why you must vote against Christopher Heather and Michael Harlow, and vote for tax hikers Pam Detzel, David Denny, and Dexter Carpenter. 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Will Oswall for Delhi Trustee

Dear fellow tax hikers, we endorse brand new Delhi resident Will Oswall for Delhi Township Trustee.  Will moved to Delhi from Oakley in July and already is an endorsed Republican candidate for Township Trustee.  He bought Cheryl Sieve's sister-in-law's house this summer and now he's running with her.

We believe this is a good move.  Everyone knows that Delhi residents are not sophisticated enough to run their own Township.  Delhi badly needs an outsider to show them the way. 

Don't pay any attention to those rumors that Will has been promised the appointment to Judge Ted Winkler's seat when Ted becomes Probate Judge.   Will is "west side proud" according to his Facebook page and that's good enough for us. 

Better yet, both Sieve and Oswall have the public support of former Trustee Al Duebber.  Al is well remembered for pushing the only fire and police levies that were ever defeated in Delhi.  Just because they came back a year later with lower levies (which passed) doesn't mean Al was not right to ask for more.  He tried to push new levies during his final year in office in 2011 and would have succeeded if the other two Trustees had not thwarted his plans.  And of course we can't forget Al's fervent support of the Oak Hills School's unvoted tax increase in 2007.    

Al is definitely a big taxer and we believe Oswall will follow his lead if elected.  

Republicans for High Taxes opposes the candidacy of Kevin Rhodes.  He successfully fought bloated tax levies in the past and we certainly can't have someone like that in public office.  

Our two favorite Delhi Township Trustee candidates this year prove that blood is thicker than water.   Fiscal Officer Cheryl Sieve is in the middle of the term we elected her to in 2011.  If she gets elected as a Trustee she can pick her successor giving another high taxing Republican a head start.  Her husband is Judge Jon Sieve and his sister is Judge Sylvia Sieve Hendon.  As you know, we love nepotism - as long as it's kept in the family.  

Delhi residents deserve more taxes.  And above all, Delhi needs an eastside lawyer to show them how their township should be run.  Vote Will Oswall for Delhi Township Trustee. 

Monday, October 28, 2013

Mike Brown supports Roxanne Qualls

Dear fellow tax hikers, it's a great day as our beloved Bengals Owner Mike Brown has thrown his money and support behind Roxanne Qualls for Cincinnati Mayor. 

Mike Brown knows people.  Years ago Mikey installed Bob Bedinghaus as a Bengals Executive.  And now he wants to install Roxanne Qualls as Cincinnati's Executive. 

Mike Brown knows great plans.  The stadium plan that he promoted, along with Bob Bedinghaus and Roxanne Qualls The Stadium Queen, is the finest economic development investment this region has ever seen.  Roxanne's streetcar will be almost as great.  Roxanne's parking plan is another gem.  Roxanne's jail tax and her light rail Sales Tax increases were two more great plans. 

Mike Brown knows what is good for you.  He and Roxanne knew it was good for you to spend 40 years paying a Stadium Tax every time you buy something in Hamilton County.  He knows that Roxanne Qualls has the potential to be as great for Cincinnati as Bob Bedinghaus was for Hamilton County. 

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Colerain Trustee Endorsements

Dear fellow tax hikers, tonight we begin our suburban endorsements.  Many of you don't live in the City of Cincinnati, and your community is just as important to us as Cincinnati is.  We were deeply disappointed earlier this year when the Trustees, including Dennis Deters and Jeff Ritter, decided against a tax hike for this November

There are three Trustees in Colerain Township, and we proudly endorse Joe Wolterman, Greg Insco, and Bernie Fiedeldey to be your next township Trustees.  We urge all Colerain tax hikers to vote for all 3 candidates to ensure your vote is maximized. 

Former Trustee Joe Wolterman has been running for office since the Stone Age, first winning an election in 1985.  Since then he has been a frequent candidate for various offices- sometimes winning, sometimes losing (mostly losing).  Joe has increased taxes numerous times and supported school tax hikes as any good township trustee would do.  Why limit yourself to just hiking your own taxes when you can help other government agencies hike theirs too?  Joe can't wait to return to office so he can immediately get to work implementing a brand new property tax increase.

Another very impressive statesman is first-time candidate Greg Insco.  Greg is best known for his failed audition on Survivor and his surprise appearance on Hardcore Pawn.  When he isn’t trying to get on TV, Greg is a summer camp counselor for Colerain Township Parks.  Well, he was until those nasty trustees wouldn’t raise taxes to keep the program going.  Greg claims he was going to pay for the summer parks program out of his own pocket.  We are sure that a TV star of this magnitude could easily afford that.  The trustees would still have been stuck paying the insurance and said no.  Greg then announced his candidacy for trustee.  Vote for the 'sco, he'll raise taxes and bring back day camp.

Finally, we urge all tax hikers to cast their third vote for former Trustee Bernie Fiedeldey.  He also wants to raise your property taxes.  Even better, Bernie was caught violating state ethics laws in 4 consecutive years by voting to hire his grandchildren for Township jobs.  As our long-time readers know, we love it when elected officials use tax dollars to serve friends and family instead of the taxpayers. 

Whatever you do, we want you to vote against incumbent Trustees Jeff Ritter and Dennis Deters.  They have refused to raise property taxes, even when we've told them too.  Deters actually made the appalling comment, "Government has to consider all the options before you say 'we need a levy.'"  No it doesn't!  It's time to raise property taxes now, and that means voting for Wolterman, Insco, and Fiedeldey for Colerain Township Trustee. 

Honoring Bob Bedinghaus

Dear fellow tax hikers, we are enormously pleased with today's column from sportswriter Paul Daugherty arguing it's time we start showing some respect to Bob Bedinghaus.  Damn right. 

We have argued that Bedinghaus is the best Commissioner this county ever had, and it's time more people started to see it.  This article was so spot-on it's as if Daugherty got most of his ideas from our website.

As we all know, Bedinghaus was the genius who put together the stadium tax plan that has brought great wealth and prosperity to our region.  It's also true that he didn't do it alone.  Roxanne Qualls The Stadium Queen was the leading spokesperson and most important figure in passing that stadium tax. 

Bedinghaus says,  "Do I look back on it proudly?  Damn right.  Would I do it again?  Absolutely."  He should be proud.  Just because the stadium tax will be collected for 40 years, after he promised it would last no more than 20, doesn't mean this tax is a failure.  In fact, we consider it a success because it allows us 20 more years of higher taxes for a wonderful cause. 

We thank Bob Bedinghaus and Roxanne Qualls from the bottom of our tax-hiking hearts for everything they did to provide us a 40-year Stadium Tax.  This is the most important economic development plan we've ever had.  Bedinghaus had his run, and now we can't wait for 8 years of Mayor Roxanne Qualls so we can build more stadiums and more streetcars.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Cranley accused of hiring too many black people

Dear fellow tax hikers, in recent days surrogates for Roxanne Qualls have criticized John Cranley for employing too many African-Americans on his campaign.  This shocking allegation was included in a WCPO report that also accused Roxanne Qualls of having a conflict of interest for selling properly along the streetcar line as she was voting to spend more money on the streetcar.

Cranley has piled up an impressive list of endorsements from the black community.  In addition to NAACP President Christopher Smitherman, the following list of black leaders joined to support Cranley:

***Pam and Cecil Thomas have said they support both candidates.***

Even when we exclude Pam and Cecil from this list, Cranley has locked up endorsements from most of the major leaders of the Cincinnati black community.   Dwight Tillery, Alicia Reece, Steve Reece, Laketa Cole, Christopher Smitherman, Doc Foster, Minette Cooper, and more. 

One of these people is employed by the Cranley campaign, and one is a consultant.  The rest don't work for him.  This led to some of Roxanne's white surrogates to accuse Cranley of engaging in "pay to play" and buying his black support.  Apparently they think only white people can make endorsements based on what they think is best for the city.  They really stepped in this one, prompting Steve Reece to lash out:

Steve Reece, Alicia Reece’s father and a longtime Democratic Party activist, called the criticisms from white bloggers offensive.  “I find it insulting and racist to imply we can’t think, and to say money will influence who we will support,” Steve Reece said.

These white Qualls surrogates don't understand what they've done.  Steve Reece is a long-time Democratic activist with deep roots in the black community.  So do many of the others on this list.  Accusing them of pay-to-play not only offends them, but offends their many supporters too.  

As some of Roxy's biggest supporters, we hereby apologize for the borderline-racist actions of a few of our compatriots.  Please forgive Roxanne for their sins, even though she has refused to repudiate them.  We promise to speak with Roxanne tomorrow and implore her to condemn her supporters' offensive behavior.  We expect Roxanne to comment shortly whether she thinks Cranley should hire more white people for his campaign.  We expect Roxanne will soon tell you whether Cincinnati's black leaders are capable of making endorsements without first being paid.  

We are Republicans for Higher Taxes and we approve this message.  And no white person paid us to write it.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Cranley criticizes stadium deal

Dear fellow tax hikers, mayoral candidate John Cranley continues his attack on the Bob Bedinghaus Stadium Tax and all the work Roxanne Qualls did to get it passed.  At the recent WCPO debate, Cranley said the following:

My opponent mentions her judgment. In the ‘90s, she was the lead spokesman for the stadium deal.  She added $100 million in costs by moving the stadium to the west.  She built a $50 million riverfront transit center that's never been used," Cranley said.  "I think we need a new investment advisor in the city, and we need someone who has the experience to know the difference between good ideas and bad ideas.

This time Cranley has gone too far.  How dare he criticize the stadium deal!  How dare he criticize Roxanne Qualls The Stadium Queen for being the leading spokesman for the stadium tax!  How dare he criticize moving the stadium west for another $70-$150 million!  How dare he criticize a majestic $50 million transit center just because it's almost never used!

We all know how successful these stadiums have been for our region, and if Cranley wants to continue attacking the work of Bedinghaus/Qualls it will only hurt him in the end.  If you like the stadiums, you're gonna love Mayor Roxanne Qualls. 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Rick Bryan running for two offices at once


Dear fellow tax hikers, we are pleased to see our good, good, good friend Blue Ash Councilman Rick Bryan running for yet another re-election this November.  Actually, Rick is so great that running for one office at a time just isn't enough.

Tax Hikin' Rick Bryan also announced that he's running for State Representative in 2014!  One man running for two offices at once.  Isn't that inspiring?

Rick has long been one of our favorites, and was proudly named our 2011 Tax Hiker of the Year.  Rick has worked to raise your Sales Taxes, Earnings Taxes, and more.  He's even helped Cincinnati fund their awesome streetcar

With Rick Bryan's deep experience at raising taxes and growing the size of government, nobody is more fit to run for two offices at the same time.  Rick is perfectly capable of raising taxes in two places at once.  Rick Bryan for Blue Ash City Council!

Oh wait we meant to say, Rick Bryan for State Representative!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Qualls celebrates the stadiums as a success

Dear fellow tax hikers, we hope you enjoyed Tuesday night's Cincinnati Mayoral Debate as much as we did.  Roxanne Qualls wasted no time proving that she is the best choice for Mayor. 

In fact, in her opening statement Roxy cited her role in building the two stadiums as one of her major successes!  We could not agree more.  Please review Ms. Qualls' remarks:

I led the effort that put in place the basic infrastructure and master plan for what we now celebrate as The Banks and Smale Riverfront Park.....And we built two new stadiums.

And thank goodness for that!  Those stadiums have been this region's greatest economic development project in decades.  Just ask Mike Brown and Bob Bedinghaus. 

Roxanne was on a roll, and continued:

But now it is very difficult to find people who oppose those things because we celebrate them as our success.

Indeed, this website has taken a lead in celebrating the success of the work Bob Bedinghaus and Roxanne Qualls did to get us those two stadiums.  Sadly, John Cranley does not agree with us.  Cranley has criticized the stadiums and what they've done for this community.  How dare he!

A candidate's past history can provide excellent guidance as to what they'll do in the future.  Qualls was a major force in getting us those stadiums and rightly brags about it today.  Cranley thinks it was a mistake.  Knowing that, who do you trust to build us the generation of great, high-taxing public projects?  We say Qualls!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Qualls supporter's vote fraud hearing delayed

Dear fellow tax hikers, this evening's story will be based on the various tweets from today's Board of Elections (BOE) meeting. 

The vote fraud hearing for Roxanne Qualls supporter Randy Simes got started today, but the bulk of it has been delayed until next Monday.  We desperately need this to go our way.  If the BOE ruling goes against Simes, it would destroy our special efforts to recruit votes for Qualls from those living outside Cincinnati. 

One facet to today's hearing that surprised many of us is the amount of lawyers involved in this seemingly simple case.  Chicago resident Randy Simes had a lawyer.  Parsons Brinckerhoff, Simes' employer, had a lawyer.  The Voter Integrity Project, the group challenging Simes' Cincinnati voter registration, had a lawyer.

And even Travis Estell, the cute young man who let Simes use his home to establish "residency" and has been charged with no wrongdoing himself, had a lawyer.  That lawyer is none other than Tabitha Hochscheid, the wife of the racist anti-Semite Craig Hochscheid.  Hochscheid frequently blogs under the name "CincyCapell". 

Here is a recent picture of Mrs. CincyCapell/Tabitha Hochscheid:

Hang a few candy canes on Tabitha and she could pass for a Christmas tree.

Tabby was in court to dispute the subpoena that demands emails between Estell and Simes.  Tabby declared that Estell would not provide them.  Well Tabs, you don't get to make that call, and any good attorney would know that.  Tabitha suffered a quick defeat - the BOE lawyers will review the emails privately and pass along the relevant ones. 

Things aren't looking good for Randy - and by extension, us and Qualls campaign.  For example, Randy's September 26th payroll statement lists an Illinois address and shows he paid Illinois taxes - several weeks after he allegedly became a Cincinnati resident.  We urge you to contact the Board of Elections and ask them to let the Simes thing slide, because Roxanne Qualls can't afford to lose any more votes.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Qualls upset at the voters

Dear fellow tax hikers, finally Roxanne Qualls is expressing her frustration with Cincinnati voters who are too stupid to understand all of the big, wonderful projects she has championed.  This was learned after a recent debate where Roxanne unleashed this bomb:

"I realized last night that people want a cage fight, not a policy discussion.” 

We implore you to read the rest of our blog entry while listening to the following embedded violin arrangement.  Due to a recent Youtube glitch you might have to manually unclick the mute button.  Please make sure this is playing:

We fully agree with Roxanne Qualls.  She deserves to be treated better by Cincinnati voters who lack the sophistication to understand her big ideas.

Roxanne has spent lots of time explaining to voters all of the benefits of the Bedinghaus Stadium Tax that she championed.  Those stadiums have brought much wealth and prosperity to Hamilton County.  But too many stupid voters don't understand this, and Roxy is right to be angry about it.

Roxanne has spent a significant amount of time over the past 5 years explaining to people how great the streetcar will be.  She knows it will be almost as great for Cincinnati as the stadiums have been for Hamilton County.  Once those rails go down, prosperity will follow.  But few people outside downtown and Over The Rhine understand this sophisticated argument.  She is right to be angry at all the dumb Cincinnati voters who fail to understand this.

Roxanne has also spent much of the last year explaining to people all the great benefits of the parking plan.  Smart people understand, but all the dumb Cincinnati voters supporting Cranley don't.

Everyone needs to understand this - Roxanne Qualls is smarter than everyone else.  She is too smart for the voters.  Roxy is right to be angry at the voters.  They are too dumb to understand policy discussions and it's unfair she could lose the election because of it.  

The only way Qualls could lose to Cranley is if Cincinnati voters aren't smart enough to understand the brilliance of her stadium, streetcar, and parking plan ideas.  Wouldn't that be tragic?

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Bengals demand new $10 million scoreboard

Roxanne Qualls and Mike Brown, very pleased with themselves

Dear fellow tax hikers, the Cincinnati Bengals are demanding a new $10 million scoreboard from the generous taxpayers of Hamilton County.  And they're going to get it, courtesy of the stadium deal that has brought so many benefits to this area.

This is the kind of economic development that Roxanne Qualls promised when she was the leading spokesman for the Bob Bedinghaus Stadium Tax.  This $10 million scoreboard is going to create a ton of jobs. 

We thank Roxanne Qualls The Stadium Queen from the bottom of our hearts for everything she did to pass the Bedinghaus Stadium Tax.  It was a great investment, just like the streetcar is a great investment.  This $10 million scoreboard investment will benefit our region for many years to come.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Prominent Qualls supporter accused of vote fraud

Roxanne Qualls supporters getting ready to vote

Dear fellow tax hikers, another prominent streetcar supporter has been accused of fraud.  Two months ago streetcar supporter Candace Klein was accused of financial fraud.  And now Randy Simes, a prominent Roxanne Qualls supporter and streetcar advocate, is being accused of vote fraud.  Mr. Simes, a Chicago resident, voted for Qualls in September's Mayoral Primary. 

Between the legions of urban hipsters supporting Qualls, and the Chicago fraud vote, how DID Roxanne get her ass kicked in last month's vote?

We applaud Randy's enthusiasm for Qualls and the streetcar.  Not to mention the $50 he donated to Roxanne Qualls in June - in which he reported his address as Chicago.

Team Qualls needs all the help it can get.  Even though Simes apparently hasn't lived in Cincinnati in years, he knows Roxy needs his vote.  We would travel the country to round up votes for Roxanne.  We'd even help organize the dead to cast their ballots for Qualls.  Those of us who believe in the streetcar, stadiums, and parking plan must do everything we can to elect Roxanne Qualls as our next Mayor.