Monday, July 28, 2014

Sean Feeney bashes "Catholic Monzel"

Dear fellow tax hikers, you already know that we hate nearly everything about conservative Republican Chris Monzel.  That includes his Catholic religion.  We are so happy to learn that Monzel has an opponent named Sean Feeney, and that Feeney hates Catholics too

There is nothing worse than a Catholic who is pro-life and fiscally conservative.  We applaud Sean Feeney for calling out Catholic Monzel for his beliefs.  That's the kind of guy we want representing Hamilton County citizens, or at least the non-Catholic ones.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Musuem costs increase $11 million

Dear fellow tax hikers, an outside expert has concluded that the costs to renovate Union Terminal and Music Hall have increased $10.7 million.  Last month the legendary Cultural Facilities Task Force, led by PR expert Bob McDonald, claimed project costs would be $331.7 million before interest.

One month later, the cost is now $342.4 million.  No big deal.  We encourage Hamilton County Commissioners to simply increase the length of the Sales Tax increase so that we can fully cover these overruns.

Raising taxes is how we show we care.  The more we increase taxes, the more we care.  We are happy to learn of this $10.7 million overrun.  We hope it won't be the last.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Blue Ash defeats handicapped child

Dear fellow tax hikers, our good friends on Blue Ash City Council have achieved a monumental victory over a handicapped girl and her miniature service horse.  Blue Ash was unjustifiably being sued in federal court for ordering the removal of a disabled child's miniature horse.  However, the consistently great Judge Tim Black sided with Blue Ash and ordered the case dismissed.  It's vital that fine communities like Blue Ash are able to stick it to the disabled.

Most importantly, this gives Blue Ash Councilman Rick Bryan his first political victory of the year.

State Rep candidate Jonathan Dever backed this family.  And fellow State Rep candidate Micah Kamrass assisted them as an Errand Boy employee of the law firm that represented the family.  Accordingly, we condemn Dever and applaud Kamrass for their role in backing a handicapped child against the government. 

We backed Blue Ash from Day 1.  Blue Ash Council understands that sometimes you have to put the handicapped in their place.  We're pleased the law agrees.  It's time for this horse to meet its destiny - Rick Bryan's dinner.  

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Brian Thomas interviews Bob McDonald on Entertainment Tax

Dear fellow tax hikers, we command all of you to listen to this fantastic performance by Entertainment Tax leader Bob McDonald.  This is how you sell a tax increase. 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Need for Entertainment Tax

And this is one big reason we urge Hamilton County Commissioners to pass the Entertainment Tax.  We can't ask the wealthy to donate money to their own priorities.  We can't ask users to pay their share. 

And we certainly can't ask the buildings owners - the City of Cincinnati - to pay for their own buildings.  They have a streetcar to fund.  We need everyone to pay higher sales taxes to ensure that those who visit the opera don't have to pay more.