Monday, December 22, 2014

Expand the streetcar

Dear fellow tax hikers, we are finally getting our streetcar in Cincinnati!  But we can't stop there.  As we have editorialized for years, we need a network of streetcars and we need a Streetcar Tax to fund it.

We applaud the Believe in Cincinnati Ryan Messer PAC for pursuing those next steps.  Last week us pro-streetcar forces gathered to tell the City of Cincinnati that we want the streetcar expanded.

And we brought some added firepower as we were joined by some dude named Ozie Davis, AND The University of Cincinnati Student Government President Christina Beer.  You know there are few political forces on this planet more potent than a Student Government President.  Our favorite candidate of 2014 Micah Kamrass would back us 100%. 

We find it fitting that The UC Student Government President's last name is "Beer".  It made for a perfect campaign.  It's impossible to lose an election on UC's campus when all you have to do is tell people to Vote for Beer. 

We're getting a streetcar.  And we're getting drunk.  Let's keep a great thing going.  More Streetcar More Beer! 

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Blue Ash Council beats another horse

Dear fellow tax hikers, Blue Ash City Council has defeated another miniature horse.  This important win, combined with the other mini-horse that they beat earlier this year, mark the only two political victories of the year for Blue Ash Council Members. 

Councilmen Lee Czerwonka and Tax Hikin' Rick Bryan can't defeat Jonathan Dever, but they will dominate a miniature horse that can't defend itself.

This horse's owner works as an aide for special needs students in the Sycamore Schools (which includes all of Blue Ash).  On weekends he retrieves the miniature horse that he keeps in Mt. Orab and comes back into the district to help the kids who respond well to the horse.

Because he stopped to take a whiz at his Blue Ash home before returning the miniature horse to Mt. Orab, he was prosecuted and convicted of "harboring" a banned animal.  This is obviously a guy who needs to be stopped.  It's ok to help disabled children, just not in Blue Ash. 

We support Blue Ash Council.  Mayor Czerwonka and Rick Bryan understand the need to put handicapped children - and those who serve them - in their place.  If this guy wants to continue helping the disabled, he can do so somewhere else. 

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Wyoming's 25% Income Tax hike

Dear fellow tax hikers, one of this year's few pieces of good news comes from the City of Wyoming which recently raised its Income Tax by 25%!  The lucky citizens of Wyoming now get to pay 1% of their income to the city instead of the paltry 0.8% they were paying.  This is in addition to the 1.25% they pay to the Wyoming City Schools.

This excellent tax increase is needed for important programs.....such as giving away $713,000 subsidies to a single restaurant.  When you're a City Councilman in a smallish bedroom community and feel like giving away more $700,000 subsidies to your closest friends, you need new revenues to make it happen. 

We applaud Wyoming City Council for unanimously implementing this big tax hike.  They will do great things with this money.  In fact, we hear Mahogany's is looking for a new home. 

Monday, December 1, 2014

Dever officially whips Kamrass

Dear fellow tax hikers, the Hamilton County Board of Elections released the official results of the 2014 Election and sadly the news remains just as bad as it was on Election Night.  Our efforts to utilize Provisional Ballots and Common Core Math failed to manufacture a victory for our #1 candidate Micah Kamrass. 

In the end, our enemy Jonathan Dever earned 55.7% of the vote to defeat Kamrass by 11.4%.  We still cannot believe this happened.  Our expert sources assured us that Kamrass would win in a landslide and we believed them.

How could Kamrass lose?  He was being advised by the greatest legal mind of all time Mark Painter AND Campaign Expert PhD Julie Matheny.  He was further supported by wise, angry old men Walt Reuszer and Royal Doyle Webster, in addition to bitter old ladies Claudia Harrod, Barbara Nickol, Kerrie Hollihan, and Christine Weber.

With these incredibly brilliant people advising Micah and all the bipartisan support he said he had, we ask you tax hikers to tell us - how could Dever possibly win? 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

350-pound slob on scooter tries to steal Walmart steaks

Dear fellow tax hikers, even with our elite writing skills we could never create a story this great.  A 5'5", 350-pound man was arrested for trying to steal 5 Ribeye steaks from Walmart.  While riding one of Walmart's infamous Fat People Scooters, lardo attempted to ride out of the store sitting on the 5 steaks. 

“Suspect sat on the steaks and exited the store passing all points of sale, without attempting to pay for said merchandise,” cops noted.

We bet those were the most tenderized pieces of steak ever.  It brings new meaning to the term "rump roast". 

"Due to his size, the suspect was cuffed using two pairs of cuffs."

We just hope they didn't put the product back on the shelf.  Unless they sanitized and deodorized it.

Tell us tax hikers, do we know any 5'5" 350-pound losers around here who might attempt this crime? 

Sunday, November 16, 2014

2014 Election's real winner - Micah Kamrass

Enquirer Participation Trophy

Dear fellow tax hikers, on Election Day we were crushed when it appeared that evil conservative Jonathan Dever crushed our liberal candidate Micah Kamrass. We were assured by our expert sources that Kamrass was guaranteed to win in a landslide, but the unofficial vote count shows Dever with the 56-44% win. 

But thanks to The Cincinnati Enquirer, who like us has spent the last 6 months openly campaigning for Kamrass, we have come around to realize that Micah was the real winner.

A seat in the Ohio House may not be among them, but there were still some big wins for first-time candidate Micah Kamrass in last week’s election.

Kamrass deserves much more than a Participation Trophy for all he accomplished this year.  We applaud writer Krista Ramsey, who previously canonized respected Judge Tracie Hunter, for recognizing Micah's victory. 

Kamrass got over 44% of the vote!  All of you need to stop what you're doing and show some respect for that amazing performance.  The combination of the Kamrass campaign, us, and the Enquirer did something special this year - even if Dever won this tossup race by double-digits.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Dever supporter insults our movement

Dear fellow tax hikers, we are very upset at the Dever supporter who dropped by our site last night to taunt those of us who thought Dever had no chance of winning.  According to unofficial returns he won 56-44%.  

We want you to read these comments and get mad.  This is the motivation we need to win one of our big future projects - Dump Dever 2016.  Dever has no chance of getting re-elected (just like he had no chance to defeat Tax Hikin' Rick Bryan or Micah Kamrass).

Crazy Kamrass Quotes said...

Let's review all the accurate predictions and spot-on analysis from the Kamrass supporters this year:

Kamrass for the WIN said...
"The 28th won't even be close."
- You're right, it wasn't.

Justice said...
"If you've spoken with Dever at all in the last week, you know that he knows he is going to lose."
- I'd suggest you listen more closely next time, or become a better liar.

"Micah Kamrass is the choice of everyone except a few fringe wacko nutjobs who love Dever's hate. Jonathan Dever is a mentally ill psychopath who takes advice from the angriest loser in all of politics."
- Do you think any Dever campaign advisors are angry right now? Someone from the Kamrass campaign needs to quit projecting.

Blue Ash Bomber said...
"One person who will never win this award is that carpet-bagging, negative-campaigning Tea Partier Jonathan Tyler Dever because he will never be elected to anything"
- Sorry, what were you saying?

Toss Out said...
"Anyone who thinks this race is still a toss up is living in serious denial. The nasty campaign run by Dever, I mean by the Republican Party with absolutely no input from Dever whatsoever is turning voters away from the GOP in drives."
- And we certainly can see that was true.

Rejection said...
"After all the lies, all the smears, all the venomous hatred being spewed by Dever and the GOP is going to leave a bad taste in the mouths of voters for a very long time. Dever isn't just sinking himself. He is turning large numbers of suburban voters against the entire Republican Party."
- Maybe this is happening in a shithole like Springdale, but this year suburban voters couldn't find enough Republicans to support, including Dever.

Let's Face It said...
"Democrat Micah Kamrass has the party unified behind him.

 Democrat Micah Kamrass has nearly $100,000 in the bank. 

Tea Party Republican Jonathan Dever just ran a nasty campaign that greatly offended much of the Republican organization in Blue Ash, Sharonville and Reading, three communities which Republicans need to win big in order to have a chance.

 Tea Party Republican Jonathan Dever has almost no cash left. 

So, instead of a Republican tax-hiker winning this seat, it will once again stay in the Democrats' column with their own tax-hiker.

Once again, Republicans' bitter infighting and complete political ineptitude hands the Democrats a seat on a golden platter and will give Democrats yet another launching pad for an ambitious politician."
- And this, ladies and gents, is what a dumbass writes.

Simply Amazing said...
"The Dever campaign is so bad that Campaign Expert Matheny will finally win one, with help from such upstanding citizens as Jerry Springer, Stan Chesley, and Al Sharpton."
- Tell me more about how bad the Dever campaign was.

The Former Future said...
"What an amazing year! I went from candidate to campaign manager to campaign groupie while working so hard to make a difference in the lives of children at a still-undisclosed location. It might seem like a fall from grace to certain self-righteous hypocrites. Even so, I'll have had a better year than Dever."
- So I guess you won your Judicial race Susannah? 

That's Right said...
"Dever won a primary by a mere 66 votes, with a last minute attack mailer that Rick Bryan had no way of responding to. It was effective, to be sure. The problem is that none of that has worked against Micah Kamrass and this time Dever is alienating Republicans he needs n order to win. Face it, the nasty campaign run by a nasty person is toxic in the 28th,"
- For Dever to win by 12 points something sure worked. Like not listening to you, for example.

Boss Burke said...
"Hey, guys, thanks for making it so easy for us to keep the 28th in Democratic hands, and for giving us a shot in the 27th now, too."
- It was our pleasure Bossman. Now you've got Micah to shine shoes and run errands full time.

Ohio House Democrats said...
"Thanks for letting us keep the 28th. So glad you're comfortable having the distinction of the most Republican district actually represented by a Democrat. Please, keep nominating those extremist nutjobs"
- Please keep nominating those electable candidates like Micah Kamrass, Joe Otis, and Chris Redfern.

Let's Face It said...
"Micah Kamrass has 20 times as much cash on hand as the Republican nominee, who is too extreme for the Tea Party. He won despite being slightly outspent because of huge last-minute smear campaign. He faces a much wider funding Gap in the general, and he will not have the luxury of his cronies running such a nasty last-minute campaign, since COAST lacks the resources for effective general election messaging. Coast and the Tea Party can get their extremist candidates through a primary but not the general when so many people vote and when so many people reject the last minute smear tactics and extremist messages COAST pumps out. Turns out, this candidate is too extreme for the Tea Party. He will get little if any help from he state party and even most members of he local party want nothing to do with him. Yet another winnable seat taken away from the Republicans by conservative extremist evangelicals."
- Blah blah blah. The new guard defeated Rick Bryan, get over your bitterness.

Trust Me said...
"Micah Kamrass will get more votes from Republicans than any Democrat besides Dusty Rhodes ever has.

This is what happens when a weakened Republican Party kowtows to the extremists and doesn't support one of our own. 

This is what happens when the Party looks the other way when their right flank campaigns dishonestly and their candidate sneaks in on a smear campaign.

This is what happens when the Party acts like none of the above ever happened and trot out their standard line about supporting the primary's winner, even though no one seriously believes that they do. 

I hope the Ohio House Republican Operating Campaign is taking note of the shenanigans conducted by the carpet-bagging extremists, learns from past extremist nutjob candidates we've shamefully selected as our nominee, and doesn't waste $100,000 on the 28th District this time. Find some winnable races elsewhere in the state to offset the fact that in Hamilton County the inmates are running the asylum"
- Please keep sharing your wisdom with us.

Tim Burke said...
"So proud of Alex for seeing to it that an unelectable candidate was nominated for this seat, yet again. Thanks for letting us keep the 28th. We're really enjoying our control of the sheriff's office, as you may have noticed.


Your Good Friend Tim Burke" 
- We were happy to take this seat back from you. 
Dever supporters everywhere

Oh No said...
"Deceitful Dever's past is catching up to him in a big way. He won't even show his face in public by November 4th."
- Do you think he'll show up for his swearing-in ceremony? I know you won't.

Bitter Is as Bitter Does said...
"The only bitter people are the angry lonely Republican white male sociopaths who have never been able to win in the 28th and never will, because bigotry is never going to get a majority here. It doesn't matter if it's the angry wing nuts in Columbus or he jobless losers here in Cincinnati. Voters here aren't buying the hate you're selling."
- C'mon, don't talk about Rick Bryan's supporters like that!

Here We Go Again said...
"Thank you, Republicans, for backing yet another loser if a candidate for a very winnable seat."
- Yes, thank you to losers like Julie Matheny, Mark Painter, Walt Reuszer, and Royal Doyle Webster for messing up Micah's campaign instead of Dever's. We couldn't have done it without you.

Blue Rock said...
"All across the United States, a red wave is building, Republicans will gain in the US. House. The GOP will pick up a slew of Senate seats. Elsewhere in Ohio, it is looking like a Reoublican rout, thanks in no small part to The Wreck of the Edward FitzGerald. Republicans are looking great from sea to shining sea.

Except in Hamilton County, that is.

Republicans are set to lose a 57% index seat-- yet again-- because the party nominated an angry, hateful, divisive person who won't tell us what he will do because then the voters would really reject him.

 At the same time, Republicans will lose the probate court judgeship because they out up a socially awkward and uninspiring judge with no name ID outside of Green Township to run against a man with universal name recognition who is still seen as a beloved conservative on the west side. Way to go."
- Now I know who to get my advice from.

Blue Rock said...
"Micah Kamrass can take a million dollars from Satan himself and still win this race. The reason? His opponent is a mean, nasty, divisive individual who actually turns off the people he meets during campaigning door to door. Dever is the worst candidate for a competitive office I've seen the GOP put up in more than 30 years. It isn't that Dever is conservative. Chris Monzel and Steve Chabot are to the right of the center of their constituents, no doubt about it. Dever is running a nasty campaign with a caustic personality. He is the male version of Jean Schmidt. 

Thanks to the cosmic ineptitude of Chairman Alex, the 28th will be a blue rock that can withstand the red wave otherwise washing over the United States."
- Oh, you're still here Blue Rock? Please keep sending us your great analysis.

No Laughing Matter said...
"A sneaky last minute mailer isn't going to work anymore after the nastiness Dever has spewed in the general. I am glad to have sat the primary out because Rick wasn't going to win this either. The simple fact is that the Republicans can't win close races like this because three don't get good candidates and don't run good campaigns. They are the Ohio StateBuckeyes of politics. Three win races they are supposed to win but they are too dysfunctional to win he close ones anymore."
- Well let's see - Dever did win, and so did Ohio State. You're 0-2, just like the rest of those "Rick Bryan Republicans for Kamrass" losers.

Here We Go Again said...
"Republican attempts to smear their way into winning the 28th will fail... again."
- Thankfully the Democratic smear machine failed.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Dever with big win over Kamrass

Dear fellow tax hikers, we have finally calmed down enough to start reviewing the latest crushing defeat that our movement has suffered.  After our 2011 Tax Hiker of the Year Rick Bryan blew a big lead earlier this year to lose the Republican nomination to our enemy Jonathan Dever, we thought for sure we had a winner in young Micah Kamrass. 

We can't believe we're sitting here after the election bemoaning another big loss.  We were assured by our expert sources that the race was over and Kamrass was headed to a big victory.  But we didn't just lose, we got destroyed.

Kamrass was immensely qualified for this position.  At 25 years old, he's spent months working for Tim Burke performing important tasks like fetching coffee and shining Boss Burke's shoes.  And, Kamrass has one qualification that few will ever have - he was a student government president in college!  

We couldn't even win Blue Ash.  Shouldn't the endorsements of ancient Wheezer Reuszer and Christine Weber have at least delivered Blue Ash?  Or did the miniature horse that Blue Ash Council keeps attacking gallop out of town with hundreds of our votes? 

Now we want to hear your opinions.  Why did our boy Kamrass get crushed in a race he was favored to win?  How did Dever win both a primary election he had no chance of winning and a general election he couldn't possibly win?  And what happened in Blue Ash?  Tell us your thoughts.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

No way

Dear fellow tax hikers, please tell us there is no way Jonathan Dever defeated our endorsed candidate Micah Kamrass with 56% of the vote!  We were assured by our expert sources that: 1) Kamrass was going to win; and 2) it wasn't going to be close. 

Well, it appears they were 50% right.  (Or 6% greater than the Kamrass vote) 

However, upon further reflection we have found a pathway to victory.  By using Common Core math, we can move our friend "The 10" to a better place, giving Kamrass 54% of the vote and victory over Dever!  Yes we can!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Obama/Kamrass demonstrate Common Core English


Dear fellow tax hikers, one of the most important issues in this election is Common Core, the top-down education standards being promoted by President Barack Obama and our liberal candidate for State Representative Micah Kamrass.  Recently we profiled Common Core math, now it's time to look at Common Core English. 

In the above pic, President Obama stands with his #1 fan Micah Kamrass to spell O-I-H-O.  For most of us, it's OHIO. 

But under Common Core English there is nothing wrong with referring to our state as OIHO - as long as you explain why in 55 seconds.  These are the kind of winning standards we need for Ohio, I mean Oiho. 

Even though the voters of Ohio reject Common Core, we need to elect Kamrass to make sure these standards don't get repealed. 

Do it for the children.  Do it for OIHO.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Ohio Democrats getting annihilated

Dear fellow tax hikers, tonight's shock poll from The Columbus Dispatch contains terrible news for those of us who are either Democrats or tax hikers.  The entire Democratic ticket is on the verge of going down in flames.  Read the results for yourselves:

- John Kasich 62%
- EdWard FitzGerald 34%

- Dave Yost 55%
- John Carney 39%

- Jon Husted 58%
- Nina Turner 37%

- Josh Mandel 53%
- Connie Pillich 47%

- Extreme Right Winger Mike DeWine 61%
- Moderate, Mainstream David Pepper who everyone supports except a few conservative wackos 39%

We don't understand how a slate endorsed by Jerry Springer can be doing so poorly.  Maybe Jerry (with help from Stan Chesley and us) can at least get Micah Kamrass elected.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Dever and Ohio voters oppose Common Core

Dear fellow tax hikers, this election is vitally important to continue the federal government takeover of education through the new Common Core standards.  But this worthy goal is being threatened as teachers, evil conservatives, and voters increasingly rally against this top-down approach. 

When we were in school and were told to add 9+6, we spent a few seconds to come up with 15.  But that's not good enough anymore.  Please see this video to understand how Common Core Math works. 

There is no reason students should spend less than 55 seconds to determine that 9+6=15.  And besides, our friend "The 10" needs some extra love.  In fact, we should spend another 55 seconds to make sure we understand why 10+5 = 15.

For some reason Common Core has become unpopular with Ohio voters.  According to The Columbus Dispatch only 26% of voters support Common Core, while 43% oppose it.  

However, our candidate Micah Kamrass supports Common Core!  Jonathan Dever opposes it.  We applaud Kamrass for standing up to the voters to support this new approach to education.  We ask Dever to stop listening to the voters and start listening to us. 

Please support Micah Kamrass.  Our friend The 10 is depending on it. 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Light Rail Tax - Kamrass/Reuszer style

Dear fellow tax hikers, as you know the movement to bring a big Light Rail Sales Tax hike to Hamilton County began many years before our blog launched in 2007.  And one of its long-time supporters is tax hiking expert Walt Reuszer.  From an August 2000 article:

Reuszer has worked hard this election cycle with his former neighbor Micah Kamrass to raise taxes, promote light rail, and kill babies through all 9 months of pregnancy.  The primary reason behind Reuszer's support for Kamrass is because Reuszer is a sore loser (just like us) who can't handle that the voters rejected his friend Rick Bryan.  However, there is more to it than Walt's butt-hurt feelings. 

Kamrass, Reuszer, and other public transit advocates like us are working together to bring concepts like Light Rail and Streetcars to all of Hamilton County.  AND the higher taxes these systems require. 

At the sole debate between Kamrass and his evil opponent Jonathan Dever, Kamrass stated around the 22-23 minute mark that we "need to invest in a regional transportation plan" and he wants "all of it (Hamilton County) connected in a regional transportation mode" - that sounds exactly like a multi-billion dollar Light Rail plan!  He also wants us to "connect different parts of the state" - like the Ted Strickland 3C plan. 

A minute or two later, Kamrass condemned Dever for opposing the Cincinnati Streetcar.

This is the kind of leadership needed to move Ohio forward.  Reuszer knows we have to first elect people like Kamrass before we'll get the higher transit taxes that we deserve.  We need Kamrass and his support for Light Rail and Streetcars.  We know we can't enact light rail now - but by electing great leaders like Roxanne Qualls and Micah Kamrass, we can lay the groundwork to get it soon. 

Friday, October 24, 2014

Kamrass takes more Chesley money

Dear fellow tax hikers, our candidate for State Representative Micah Kamrass continues his impressive campaign, cashing another $500 from impressive disbarred attorney Stan Chesley. 

Earlier this year Kamrass happily took $500 from Chesley.  Kamrass is no more concerned than we are about Chesley's status as a disbarred lawyer, or the $25 million he owes to help make whole those he helped defraud.  Kamrass could do something silly like return that money - or give it Chesley's victims - but he needs those dollars to fight the evil limited government Republicans. 

Chesley may have lost his right to influence a courtroom, but he should never lose his influence over our government.  Strangely, Chesley seems to have lost numerous political allies since his disbarment.  We are delighted that Chesley will be able to mentor and influence future State Representative and future attorney Micah Kamrass (when he passes the bar).  We need Kamrass in Columbus - and $tan Chelsey needs him even more. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Tarbell condemns "retarded" leadership

Dear fellow tax hikers, County Commission candidate Jim Tarbell has taken the gloves off and we love it!  At a recent candidate forum Tarbell launched off against the County Commissioners by condemning their "slow, retarded leadership".  You can hear it for yourself at 24:09.

We not only agree with Tarbell's sentiment, we applaud him for defiantly standing up to those who have been trying to ban the "R-word" from polite society.  We stand with Tarbell.

The County Commissioners are retarded.  Their willingness to raise taxes by only $170 million is retarded.  Their refusal to raise taxes for Music Hall is retarded.  And anyone who votes for one of them is retarded.

We are lucky to have such a thoughtful candidate like Tarbell in this race.  Don't be a retard - vote Tarbell (or Feeney) for County Commissioner. 

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Kamrass Kampaign Slumber Party

Dear fellow tax hikers, tonight we will do something a little different by live blogging from the prestigious Kamrass campaign sleepover that we were graciously invited to attend.  This is our dream come true!  As the night gets started:


9:00 pm - Start arriving for the sleepover. Each person must bring 3 stolen Dever signs
10:00 - Melrose Place marathon!  Free diet soda will be served
12:00 - Change Doyle Webster's royal diaper
12:15 - Watch Justin Bieber concert; double back over the Bieb's shirtless set
1:30 - While pretending to be a Dever supporter, prank call Rick Bryan and put it on speakerphone to hear Ricky's meltdown
1:35 - Debate which boy from One Direction is the cutest
2:00 - Discuss Micah's career successes
2:01 - Plan the next ceremony to honor Voting Rights Hero Melowese Richardson
2:30 - Write thank you notes to Kamrass donors Stan Chesley and Jerry Springer
3:00 - Clean up the mess Walt Reuszer made in his sleeping bag
5:15 - Hold hands while signing along to a special hit from One Direction
11:30 am - get up early for some door-to-door

Monday, October 13, 2014

Micah Kamrass, Jerry Springer; and a woman has a child with her grandson

Meet the Kamrass Team, Volume 2

Dear fellow tax hikers, one of many impressive accomplishments of Micah Kamrass is the strong support he has received from television legend Jerry Springer.  Springer is best known for his thoughtful talk show program, which explored topics such as:

- a transvestite who is happy he/she cut off his/her legs;
- I'm pregnant by my brother;
- a "breeder" for the KKK;
- Mom, will you marry me?;
- this gem of an episode that shows what a truly great person Springer is.  Only a high-quality person would have aired this.

And let's not forget the Frenchman who legally changed his name to Mr. Ooh la la, and then went on Jerry to brag about sleeping with his girlfriend's best friend.  That episode means something to us, because when we look at young, cute Micah, "ooh la la" is the first thought that comes to mind.

Kamrass must have been excited to receive the support and large check from Mr. Springer.  Click on the pic below to see the entry from the public campaign finance report:

This kind of support excites us.  Micah Kamrass is a high-quality candidate just like Jerry Springer is a high-quality person and entertainer.  We can only hope Kamrass will contribute to Ohio's future as well as Springer has contributed to America's. 

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Blue Ash's $33,000 Sister City Bonanza

Dear fellow tax hikers, we have more great news about Blue Ash's legendary Sister City program.  Earlier this year we broke the story that the City of Blue Ash is spending approximately $24,000/year to send Councilmen and their friends on taxpayer-funded junkets to Germany. 

We just discovered that Blue Ash taxpayers also subsidize the German delegation's visit to Blue Ash!  Read this Enquirer excerpt:

The 16 Ilmenau residents visited Blue Ash from Sept. 27 to Oct. 4. This is the 12th year of the Blue Ash and Ilmenau’s partnership. The city of Blue Ash covers the cost of lodging, food and local transportation for the Ilmenau visitors. The city spent about $33,000 on the visit, public relations coordinator Emily Shaffer said in an email.

We can see why former Blue Ash Councilman Walt Reuszer calls this program a "success".  We estimate Wheezer Reuszer's age to be 90 - in other words, the average Rick Bryan supporter. 

It gets even better.  Make sure you read this important paragraph from Blue Ash's 9/27/14 letter to the German delegation:

That's right, in addition to everything else, Blue Ash taxpayers are also paying for the alcohol consumption of their German visitors!  We wonder how many German alcoholics were on this trip. 

There is no question that this is a very successful program.  However, our enemy Jonathan Dever suggested in April that he would not spend taxpayer funds this way, and for that he must be punished.  We call on Tax Hikin' Rick Bryan, Jack Buckman, Walt Reuszer, and others to send a message to Dever that tax dollars deserve to be spent providing hotels, food, transportation, AND FREE ALCOHOL to Sister City German visitors. 

Vote YES for free alcohol and Council's taxpayer-funded vacations, and NO on Jonathan Dever. 

Monday, October 6, 2014

Stan Chesley backs Micah Kamrass

Meet The Kamrass Team, Volume 1
Dear fellow tax hikers, the Micah Kamrass campaign continues its impressive momentum as it picks up the support of highly ethical disbarred attorney Stan Chesley.  We should all be proud that Kamrass has accepted a large campaign contribution from the disgraced Chesley:

Chesley may be without law, but that doesn't mean he should be without influence in Ohio's government.  Chesley sees young Micah as a friend and mentee who can help him maintain his rightful influence over our government.

We do not believe that Kamrass should return this contribution.  Just because Chesley has been disbarred, just because he owes $25 million to the victims of his fen-phen scheme, just because Chesley has (allegedly) stiffed the law firm that represented him, doesn't mean that Micah should feel bad about keeping this money.  He's got a race to win!  The victims can get their damn money later. 

Chesley also sees some of himself in Kamrass.  Kamrass will be a fine lawyer himself - once he actually passes the Bar.  Kamrass knows he can always look up to his friend and mentor Chesley for advice.  But for now, they are joined together to ensure the 28th District elects a young man to the Statehouse who supports The Obama Agenda. 

By teaming up with Stan Chesley, Micah Kamrass can uphold his promise to always represent us with the highest standards of integrity and ethics - just like Chesley.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Micah Kamrass - Obama's biggest fan

Dear fellow tax hikers, our endorsed candidate Micah Kamrass is getting an early start in his bid to be a 25 year-old State Representative.  Underscoring the importance of this race, Team Kamrass has already started running tv ads highlighting his support for Barack Obama, Reverend Al Sharpton, and Voting Rights Hero Melowese Richardson.

See his spot for yourself:

Please circulate this ad to all your friends and colleagues.  We don't get to vote for Barack Obama this year.  But we can do the next best thing by supporting liberal Micah Kamrass.  Yes We Can!!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Blue Ash honors Sister City Comrades

Dear fellow tax hikers, Blue Ash's Sister City compatriots from Ilmenau, Germany are visiting us next week and we have all been invited to meet them!  On Monday September 29th at 6:00 PM Blue Ash is hosting a public cookout to meet our German guests, and their Councilmen have personally asked us to help drive turnout. 

The Blue Ash Sister City Program is extremely important to us.  Our exclusive report on the $120,000 Blue Ash spent in just 5 years to send Blue Ash Councilmen and their friends on taxpayer-funded junkets to Germany brought lots of new readers to this site.  And, we believe it's a fantastic program and great use of taxpayer funds.

We are greatly looking forward to this cookout.  We just wish it was being held in the $75 million park.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Two Republicans support Kamrass

Dear fellow tax hikers, through exhaustive media efforts it has been discovered that 2 Republicans (out of 110,000 district residents) are supporting liberal Democrat Micah Kamrass for State Representative.

When Royal Doyle Webster and Walt Reuszer speak, you people need to shut up and listen.  200 years of experience would be a terrible thing to waste. 

Now you can put this number at 3.  We at Republicans for Higher Taxes proudly endorse Micah Kamrass too!  We know that Micah is the only candidate left in the race who will work across the aisle to implement The Obama Agenda and provide us the higher taxes we deserve. 

And beyond that, we are PISSED OFF that Jonathan Dever defeated our preferred candidate in the Republican Primary and we refuse to get over it.  If OUR Republican can't win this seat, then no Republican will.  It's time to teach Republican voters a lesson - you work for our preferred elected officials, they don't work for you.

We must never let this injustice happen again.  Nobody should ever be allowed to question a decision made by a Blue Ash Councilman.  If they want to spend $75 million on a park and take taxpayer-funded junkets to Germany every two years, they must be allowed to without question.  Any criticism of their public record is a vicious personal attack and should not be allowed to stand.

Most of all, nobody has the right to run for office against a Blue Ash Councilman and defeat him.  Learn your lesson.  If we have to keep electing Democrats to protect Blue Ash Councilmen from being challenged, then that's what we'll do.  Avenge Rick Bryan - support Micah Kamrass for State Representative!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Wyoming considers income tax hike

Dear fellow tax hikers, we stand with Wyoming city leaders as they seek to raise the income tax by 25% on their citizens and workers.  This money is needed for some very important programs, whatever they are.  Since the current rate is too low, citizens deserve the privilege of giving more of their income to the government. 

If taxes are not raised the city says they may have to cut some police officers.  That prospect should appeal to School Board Party Mom Lynn Larson, who apparently wants her city's police to focus their efforts on black people and leave the "good white kids" alone. 

Even worse, without higher taxes how could Wyoming afford to give away $800,000 of taxpayer money to the next restaurant they want to bring to town?  If they can't afford their own Mahogany's-style deals, then the only restaurants that would land in Wyoming are the ones who want to be there. 

Racial issues notwithstanding, we believe this tax hike is necessary for the good of the city.  Wyoming residents and workers are undertaxed and must be allowed to give more to their government.  After all, Mahogany's is looking to move and Wyoming Council might need that money to get them there. 

Friday, September 12, 2014

No bailout for Mahogany's

Dear fellow tax hikers, it is a sad day in Cincinnati now that Mahogany's At The Banks has served its last meal.  We agree with Councilman Wendell Young that the City hasn't done enough to support them - after all, nothing says "I hate you" like providing a $684,000 grant and $300,000 loan with taxpayer dollars. 

Due to this mistreatment, we are appalled that the City of Cincinnati will not be granting Mahogany's a bailout.  Even worse, the City Manager says that Cincinnati is getting out of the restaurant business.  Taxpayers have provided them with only $984,000.  How can a restaurant be expected to survive with such a pittance of taxpayer assistance? 

Mahogany's and their fabulous owner Liz Rogers has been a victim from the beginning.  Nothing that has happened is her fault. 

We need you, our loyal readers, to tell us who is to blame for the failure of Mahogany's.  List everyone who is at fault for their collapse - as long as you know you can't blame Liz Rogers or her supporters on Council.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Is Northwest Schools racist?

Dear fellow tax hikers, the parents of four black students are suing the Northwest Local School District and Colerain Township Police Officers, claiming that their kids were expelled for being black.  They claim that white kids who engaged in the same behavior as theirs weren't expelled while their kids were.

Since we love tax hikers of all races, we decided to get to the bottom of these ugly allegations.  

Through our top-notch research we have uncovered a key document - recently updated by English PhD Pam Detzel - that backs the allegations of these parents:

This form proves that the Northwest Schools are predisposed to hate black people!  These were good kids who deserved better.  The only reason they were expelled is because they are black. 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Brother and sister arrested for incest

Dear fellow tax hikers, we are appalled to learn that a loving brother and sister have been charged with incest, aggravated sodomy, and prowling for having sex together in a church parking lot.

The incest charge represents discrimination at its worst.  Who is the government to tell someone that two men or two women can't be married two siblings can't have sex if that's what makes them happy.  Government should not be legislating morality. 

These incestors should be able to get married inside a church instead of relegated to having sex outside it.

This sad story renews our call for Real Marriage Equality.  Not only should one man and one woman, or two homosexuals, be allowed to get married, but so should polygamists, bigamists, bisexuals, groups, and incestors.  Any two or more adults should be able to marry each other.  And anyone who disagrees with us is a bigot

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Cincinnati covers sex change operations

Dear fellow tax hikers across the gender spectrum, we are delighted to report that the City of Cincinnati has decided to cover sex change operations for its employees!

Are you a man desiring to be a woman?  A butch who wants to be a man?  Or maybe you just want to experiment.  If you work for Cincinnati you are in luck!  You can have your very own sex change operation, courtesy of Cincinnati taxpayers.

This change was initiated by City Manager Scott Stiles and City Councilman Chris Seelbach, and signed by Councilmen P.G. Sittenfeld, Wendell Young, Yvette Simpson, and David Mann (or is it David Woman).  Stiles says this move "keeps the City competitive as an employer."

Because we all know that Cincinnati can't recruit workers unless they know they can get a free sex change. 

This policy is said to cover "medically necessary" transgender procedures.  At first we asked ourselves what is a medically necessary sex change but eventually we figured it out. 

If you're a guy who watches QVC, then you have a medical need for a sex change operation.

If you're a woman with 10 or more pieces of Birkenstock apparel, then there is definitely a man inside you yearning to be free.

And if you're a Councilman who spends most of your time whining about others, and subsidizes sex change surgeries while expecting others to subsidize your icons......

We fully endorse this policy.  If you work for the City of Cincinnati and want to change your sex, everyone else should have to pay for it.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

What the hell, vote Tarbell?

Dear fellow tax hikers, the race for Hamilton County Commissioner has become even more crowded and confusing than it was before.  A few days ago we talked about The Ghostbuster Sean Feeney.  Now we're talking about Jim Tarbell. 

Tarbell, you see, is so upset that Hamilton County citizens won't get to pay higher taxes for Cincinnati-owned Music Hall that he's decided to run as a write-in candidate.  Four years ago Tarbell ran as the Democratic candidate, only to get crushed by our enemy Chris Monzel 56-44%. 

This puts us in a quandary.  We endorsed Taxin' Tarbell in his losing 2010 campaign.  But a few days ago we endorsed The Ghostbuster for this race.  

We need feedback from you, our loyal readers.  Which of our endorsed candidates do we stand behind? 

1) The streetcar supporter that wants to raise taxes for Music Hall who is on the ballot?
2) The streetcar supporter that wants to raise taxes for Music Hall who isn't on the ballot?

Or do we endorse both of these pro-streetcar tax hikers?  Write us with your thoughts. 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Streetcar's $5 million setback

Dear fellow tax hikers, bad news strikes our beloved Cincinnati Streetcar again.  Yesterday we learned that we are certain to lose a $5 million grant we were counting on to help operate the streetcar.  Now the city must replace this money from their operating budget.  We must rebound.

What better way to deal with this setback than to implement a $5 million tax increase?  Barring that, we can always lay off police and fire employees. 

No matter what, nothing can get in the way of our streetcar.  This streetcar is the most important project in Cincinnati.  We must make sure this streetcar line is a success so we can get busy expanding it. 

Just don't ask us about those Special Improvement Districts that our side promised.  This is politics, and in politics promises are made to be broken.  This streetcar will be a success.  That we promise! 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Ghostbuster for Hamilton County Commissioner

Dear fellow tax hikers, our candidate for Hamilton County Commissioner, Democrat Sean Feeney, has a plan to defeat incumbent Commissioner Chris Monzel.  And it involves reaching out to everyone - especially the Paranormal-American community.   

Yes, it was discovered today that Feeney is a former paranormal investigator.  He specialized in investigating UFO's and ghosts, and was so dedicated to the cause that he co-authored an ethics guide into paranormal investigations.

Has Chris Monzel ever co-authored a paranormal ethics guide?   

What do you do when Hamilton County Commissioners won't raise taxes as high as you want?  What do you do when you hate Monzel as much as we do and can never defeat him?  What do you do about all these injustices?  Who you gonna call? 


This story hits home.  One of my spouses was kidnapped in 2012 by space aliens.  Fortunately these were fun aliens instead of the evil ones.  They spent his month of captivity pulling pranks and telling jokes before returning him safely back to Earth. 

This diversity of experience will be enormously helpful to the Feeney campaign.  He won't beat Monzel with just Hamilton County voters.  But once Feeney gets votes from ghosts, dead people, and aliens from outer space he will be victorious. 

We leave you with the theme song for the Feeney campaign.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Stan Chesley ordered to pay $42 million

Dear fellow tax hikers, Democratic super-donor Stan Chesley has been ordered to pay $42 million as a result of his (alleged) misconduct during the infamous fen-phen case. 

"Chesley is one of several attorneys accused of violating ethics rules and skimming cash from clients after attorneys received the bulk of the $200 million fen-phen settlement in 2001, despite contracts with clients stating they were entitled to less than one-third of the money."

Chesley was later disbarred.

He made a name for himself as a super-donor to Democratic campaigns, even purchasing his wife a federal judgeship.  Sometimes Chesley even donated to Republicans - the good ones like Jean Schmidt

Chesley may be disbarred, but he continues to be a major player due to his checkbook.  Though now, it's about $42 million lighter.  

Thursday, August 7, 2014

$170 million isn't enough

Dear fellow tax hikers, Hamilton County Commissioners sent to the voters a 5 year, $170 million Sales Tax increase to restore Cincinnati-owned Union Terminal.  We are disgusted that we aren't being asked to pay more.  How dare the Hamilton County Commissioners exclude the Cincinnati-owned Music Hall from this proposal and not ask us to pay even more taxes.

$170 million is not enough.  What is Union Terminal supposed to do with a paltry $170 million?  We must pay more.  It is not enough for Hamilton County to restore one building that Cincinnati owns.  If they do not do both buildings, it is a total, complete failure of leadership. 

There was only one plan, and that is the one Bob McDonald proposed.  Bob McDonald said so himself.  County Commissioners had no right to utilize their legal authority to propose something else. 

Bob McDonald is rich.  Therefore, anything he proposes must be enacted without question. 

Because we are so distraught that we may only have to pay $170 million, we are going to leave you with commentary from fantastic folks we admire:

- Dictator Bob McDonald, public relations guru - "There is no alternative plan. This is the plan."

- Francie Hiltz, Cincinnati Museum Center Board Chair -  "This is a total failure"

- Cultural Facilities Task Force - "the worst possible outcome"

- Doug McDonald, Cincinnati Museum Center CEO - "This is disappointing for everybody. There are no winners here."

- Eric Avner, Haile Foundation - "Must be all or nothing."

This is the first tax increase ever that doesn't excite us.  $170 million just doesn't go as far as it used to. 

Monday, July 28, 2014

Sean Feeney bashes "Catholic Monzel"

Dear fellow tax hikers, you already know that we hate nearly everything about conservative Republican Chris Monzel.  That includes his Catholic religion.  We are so happy to learn that Monzel has an opponent named Sean Feeney, and that Feeney hates Catholics too

There is nothing worse than a Catholic who is pro-life and fiscally conservative.  We applaud Sean Feeney for calling out Catholic Monzel for his beliefs.  That's the kind of guy we want representing Hamilton County citizens, or at least the non-Catholic ones.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Musuem costs increase $11 million

Dear fellow tax hikers, an outside expert has concluded that the costs to renovate Union Terminal and Music Hall have increased $10.7 million.  Last month the legendary Cultural Facilities Task Force, led by PR expert Bob McDonald, claimed project costs would be $331.7 million before interest.

One month later, the cost is now $342.4 million.  No big deal.  We encourage Hamilton County Commissioners to simply increase the length of the Sales Tax increase so that we can fully cover these overruns.

Raising taxes is how we show we care.  The more we increase taxes, the more we care.  We are happy to learn of this $10.7 million overrun.  We hope it won't be the last.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Blue Ash defeats handicapped child

Dear fellow tax hikers, our good friends on Blue Ash City Council have achieved a monumental victory over a handicapped girl and her miniature service horse.  Blue Ash was unjustifiably being sued in federal court for ordering the removal of a disabled child's miniature horse.  However, the consistently great Judge Tim Black sided with Blue Ash and ordered the case dismissed.  It's vital that fine communities like Blue Ash are able to stick it to the disabled.

Most importantly, this gives Blue Ash Councilman Rick Bryan his first political victory of the year.

State Rep candidate Jonathan Dever backed this family.  And fellow State Rep candidate Micah Kamrass assisted them as an Errand Boy employee of the law firm that represented the family.  Accordingly, we condemn Dever and applaud Kamrass for their role in backing a handicapped child against the government. 

We backed Blue Ash from Day 1.  Blue Ash Council understands that sometimes you have to put the handicapped in their place.  We're pleased the law agrees.  It's time for this horse to meet its destiny - Rick Bryan's dinner.  

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Brian Thomas interviews Bob McDonald on Entertainment Tax

Dear fellow tax hikers, we command all of you to listen to this fantastic performance by Entertainment Tax leader Bob McDonald.  This is how you sell a tax increase. 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Need for Entertainment Tax

And this is one big reason we urge Hamilton County Commissioners to pass the Entertainment Tax.  We can't ask the wealthy to donate money to their own priorities.  We can't ask users to pay their share. 

And we certainly can't ask the buildings owners - the City of Cincinnati - to pay for their own buildings.  They have a streetcar to fund.  We need everyone to pay higher sales taxes to ensure that those who visit the opera don't have to pay more.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Transit Sales Tax hike

Dear fellow tax hikers, more great news to report as Hamilton County residents have been presented with their second Sales Tax increase in one week!  Just as we were looking forward to paying higher Sales Taxes to renovate two buildings owned by the City of Cincinnati, we may now get the opportunity to pay higher Sales Taxes to our local transit authority. 

Two Sales Tax hikes in one week.  This is one of our best weeks ever. 

This particular tax increase would send our money to the Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority (SORTA).  As SORTA continues trying to spend more money to operate the Cincinnati Streetcar, they need a new source of funds to perform their own tasks.  And it is you Hamilton County taxpayers who will be paying. 

This is the common theme for both of these Sales Tax hikes.  Hamilton County residents must pay a new Arts Sales Tax so Cincinnati can spend their money to build a streetcar instead of take care of their own buildings.  Hamilton County residents must also pay a new Transit Sales Tax to SORTA so that they can operate the beloved Cincinnati Streetcar. 

We wholeheartedly endorse both of these Sales Tax increases.  Tax us more!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Leslie Ghiz assists abortionist

Dear fellow tax hikers, our long-time friend Judge Leslie Ghiz has struck a blow for the pro-abortion movement.  The legendary abortionist Dr. Martin Haskell needed some judicial support for his business, and he found it in Judge Ghiz.

Read the following release from Cincinnati Right to Life for the bloody details:

Sign Variance Granted Sharonville Abortionist
Zoning Board of Appeals' Denial Overturned    

June 19, 2014 (Cincinnati, OH):  August of last year Sharonville, Ohio's Zoning Board of Appeals denied a variance to abortionist Martin Haskell to erect a new 8 foot sign advertising his Women's Med Center abortion business.  

The abortion business sign would replace one that had been blown down, but closer to Lebanon Rd., thus requiring a variance for that location. See FOX News story.

Martin Haskell appealed the Zoning Board's denial to the Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas, where the case was heard before Magistrate Michael Bachman.  

It has been learned that Judge Leslie Ghiz confirmed the decision of Magistrate Bachman to grant a variance, overruling the Zoning Board's denial and granting permission for the sign.

We always knew Leslie was one of the good ones.

Just last week we wrote about the honorable Dr. Haskell.  Haskell proudly wrote David Pepper a large check for his campaign, knowing they are of like mind when it comes to killing babies.  Judge Ghiz's ruling is part of this relationship.  As they say, in politics it's about who you know.  Follow the dots:

- Leslie Ghiz endorsed Democrat David A. Pepper for County Commissioner
- Dr. Martin Haskell writes a large campaign check to Ghiz's good friend Pepper
- Judge Ghiz makes a favorable ruling for Haskell

This is how politics works.  Friends help friends.  And David Pepper, Leslie Ghiz, and abortionist Martin Haskell are three of the closest friends you'll find. 

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Leading abortionist supports Pepper

Dear fellow tax hikers, the stars keep coming out for our good friend David A. Pepper as he seeks to defeat Mike DeWine for Attorney General.  Recently Pepper received a sizable donation from abortionist Martin Haskell, one of the pioneers of partial-birth abortion. 

For the uninitiated, a partial-birth abortion is where a baby is partially-born, and then aborted before it comes out fully.  If the baby is delivered in full, it is a human being - and we wouldn't want that.  But deliver the baby 90% of the way and it's "choice".  Haskell is delighted to perform that choice, and Pepper is happy to applaud it.

David Pepper believes in partial-birth abortion.  If he didn't, he wouldn't have received this donation, or the Planned Parenthood endorsement.  Pepper has earned his support from pro-abortion organizations both this year and throughout his political career.  Just Add Pepper!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Czerwonkas support David Pepper

Dear fellow tax hikers, we are pleased to see that the legendary Republican Czerwonka family of Blue Ash is supporting David A. Pepper for Attorney General.  Mr. and Mrs. Lee Czerwonka (also known as Christine Buttress) have donated $500 to the Pepper campaign.  Click to get a clearer reading of the campaign finance report screen shot:

By contrast, the Royal Czerwonkas have donated $0 to his Republican opponent Mike DeWine.

If you feel like you have read this post before, it's because you basically have.  We previously covered the story when the Czerwonka family also supported David Pepper in 2010, that time against Republican Dave Yost.  There, they donated $100 to Pepper and $0 to Yost. 

By Just Adding Pepper, Lee Czerwonka and Christine Butthead confirm their support for:

- abortion on demand
- lots of higher taxes
- "marriage equality" for gays, incestors, polygamists, and groups
- strict obedience to the labor unions
- gun control
- destroying religious freedom
- the AG refusing to defend any law that he disagrees with
- lax voter laws that allow Melowese Richardson to vote as many times as she wants

These are the policies that the Czerwonkas believe in.  If they didn't, they wouldn't have donated $500 to Democrat David Pepper. 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

New Entertainment Tax

Dear fellow tax hikers, some rich people will soon demand that Hamilton County raise the Sales or Property tax to fix two buildings owned by the City of Cincinnati.  Union Terminal and Music Hall want over $250 million in repairs, and it's Hamilton County's job to provide it. 

Cincinnati cannot afford to fix their own buildings.  You see, they are spending all their capital dollars on The Streetcar.  To ensure the streetcar can be built and later expanded, Hamilton County residents need to fix Cincinnati's buildings for them.

No plan for these two projects has been presented.  The costs have not been calculated.  Therefore, we proudly endorse both a Sales Tax hike AND Property Tax hike, and we urge the Commissioners to approve them without delay. 

Cincinnati, the owner of the two buildings, has offered $10 million.  Our special insiders tell us that these rich people will ask Hamilton County to provide around $200 million.  We believe it is a perfectly fair deal for the building owner to contribute $1 for every $20 that will be subsidized by county taxpayers. 

We have to understand that Cincinnati chose a streetcar over their own buildings.  That makes them Hamilton County's responsibility now.  Raise those taxes, no matter how high.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Melowese Richardson won't get paid

Dear fellow tax hikers, we are disgusted at the Hamilton County Board of Elections (BOE) for refusing to pay Melowese Richardson for her 2012 Election Day activities - which mostly consisted of committing one felony after the other.  Melo admitted casting numerous votes for Barack Obama and we're glad she did.

The Felon not only deserves to be paid for her important work that day, she should receive a generous bonus.

This poor woman worked all day in service of her community.  She ran the polls.  She spent all day casting fraudulent ballots to ensure The Messiah Barack Obama would get re-elected.  And after all those long hours the BOE won't pay her?  How dare they treat her like a slave!

First they got Tracie Hunter.  Now they've done it to Melowese.  We must rally against the white oppressors who are trying to bring back slavery.  Stand with Tracie and Melo!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Melowese Richardson says 'Pay Me'

Dear fellow tax hikers, the Ohio Democratic Party's voting rights hero Melowese Richardson has resurfaced to demand that she be paid by the Hamilton County Board of Elections for her performance on Election Day 2012 when she voted numerous times for Barack Obama.  We fully endorse this demand.

Melowese cast more votes for Barack Obama and than me and my 3 spouses COMBINED!  She deserves to be paid well for these meticulous acts of Felony Vote Fraud, which helped The Messiah get re-elected. 

Sadly, Melowese was sentenced to 5 years in state prison for these so-called crimes.  However, 8 months into her term she decided that she had a "mental illness" and flashed her Get Out of Jail Free card to get an early release.  Her "mental illness" didn't prevent her from committing any crimes, but it did keep her from having to suffer the consequences. 

And when she came back home, Melo returned to a hero's welcome.  At a recent rally with Al Sharpton, attended by numerous Democratic dignitaries including P.G. Sittenfeld and Micah Kamrass, "Bishop" Bobby Hilton brought Melowese on stage to give her a very public tribute for all the good she has done.  When Bishop Hilton cited Melowese as a "voting rights hero" and embraced her in front of everyone, there wasn't a dry eye in the entire complex. 

This is a woman who deserves our tax dollars for all her accomplishments.  We urge the Hamilton County Board of Elections to immediately pay her for her 2012 work, and to give her a huge bonus on top of it.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Dever defeats Mr. Purity Rick Bryan

Dear fellow tax hikers, the Hamilton County Board of Elections released the official results of the 2014 primaries, and sadly the news is just as bad as it was on election night.  Jonathan Dever officially defeated our very own Tax Hikin' Rick Bryan by 66 votes.

66 stinkin' votes.  Should have just added another 6.

Ricky responded to his defeat by stating: "It was a year that we were done in by low voter turnout and a strong negative campaign."

First of all, we strongly condemn anyone who ran a negative campaign against our Ricky Baby.  We feel so bad for Rick, the Paragon of Virtue and Keeper of All Things Good and Right.  His campaign was as pure as the winter snow.  Rick absolutely did not:

- criticize one of his opponents for not living in the district for each of the last 75 years
- condemn one of his opponents because his bank neglected to pay the insurance premiums he sent them
- refer to streetcar opponents as "bullies"
- claim one of his opponents didn't have a campaign treasurer from the 28th District (note: the address listed for Rick Bryan's campaign is in Peter Stautberg's Tom Brinkman's district)
- criticize both of his opponents for lacking his experience

No, NONE of that happened, because Tax Hikin' Rick Bryan said he ran a fully positive campaign.

Ricky Baby says he ran a positive campaign based on his qualifications and experience.  And no doubt, he had the best of both.

Nobody has more experience raising taxes than Rick Bryan.  Nobody is more qualified to spend money on a $75 million park than Rick Bryan.  And nobody has done more to pay for Blue Ash Council's taxpayer-funded junkets to Germany than Rick Bryan.  We are disgusted that such a positive and pure big government Republican like Tax Hikin' Rick Bryan could lose his election by a mere 66 votes. 

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Monzel honored by local GOP

Dear fellow tax hikers, we have been very angry this weekend (as we usually are).  As if this month hasn't been bad enough for our movement, we suffered another indignity Friday night when the Hamilton County Republican Party honored our enemy Chris Monzel as their Elected Official of the Year

We tax hikers can't imagine anyone less deserving.  Monzel has consistently opposed higher taxes - even opposing the Democratic/Leis Sales Tax hike that we strongly backed.  He opposed sending more taxpayer money to the Freedom Center, and has always opposed our beloved streetcar. 

Monzel is up for re-election this year, and if he had an opponent we would have already endorsed her. 

We condemn the Hamilton County GOP for honoring such a terrible official.  After we progressive tax hikers had to suffer through the victories of Jonathan Dever and Tom Brinkman earlier this month, the party should have tended to our hurt feelings by giving this award to a great tax-and-spender.  A few conservatives may have rigged this award for their buddy Monzel, but we will continue to oppose his efforts to stop tax increases and our streetcar. 

Sunday, May 11, 2014


Dear fellow tax hikers, we are still recovering from the unexpected victory of Jonathan Dever over our very own Tax Hikin' Rick Bryan.  For once we can't criticize ourselves for being complacent in defeat.  This year we worked very hard for Rick and made him our #1 targeted race.  We learned our lessons about being overconfident from some of our prior defeats.

But many of our supporters haven't.  Many of the Bryan supporters here assured us we had this race in the bag.  They said Dever had no chance, and may have even quit the race early.  We were also told Dever didn't raise enough money, couldn't solidify conservative support, and had an inadequate campaign team who surely could not win under such difficult circumstances. 

For your benefit, we have found some of the better premature declarations of victory from the Bryan supporters:


Blue Ash Bomber said...
Just did the work the Enquirer refused to do and checked out the campaign finance report on Secretary of State Jon Husted's website. Folks, this race isn't even going to be close. Rick Bryan has a commanding lead in fund-raising and in cash on hand. Rick also has a commanding lead in endorsements and a significant lead in supporters among the rank and file across the district. That's the kind of network of support you can develop over years of fostering positive working relationships with businesses, elected officials, and community leaders, when you happen to be a businessman, elected official and community leader like Rick Bryan is.

Dever is just gumming up the works and pandering to the Tea Party base that has lost all credibility in the 28th House District. Go back to West Chester, Jonathan.

Wreck of the Jonathan Dever said...
Just like the Democrats' nominee for Governor, Shipwreck Edward FitzGerald, Jonathan Dever had to include his January 2014 contributions on his latest campaign finance report to make his numbers look less horrible than they truly are. Just like Ed, Dever's January contributions were surprisingly large and surprisingly close to the end of the month, a sure sign of desperation by Team Dever. I guess that move into the 28th House District and those "professional" consultants took a lot out of Jonathan during crucial fund-raising periods.

COAST is TOAST said...
Even some tea-partiers like Maggi Cook are supporting Rick Bryan. You know you're a real kook when ever the Tea-bangers can't support you. Down With Dever!

Keep It Coming said...
We love the outpouring of support for Rick Bryan on this blog. It's awesome. Rick has raised more money from more people than his opponent. Rick has far more endorsements than his opponent. His opponent should just drop out now, save everyone's time and money, and get our party united behind Rick Bryan.

Columbus Confidential said...
You Dever people are the absolute laughingstocks of the Republican Party right now. Please do us all a favor and get out of the race before you embarrass yourself and your political party any more so than you already have done.

Lifelong Loyal Hamilton County Republican said...
I don't think WLW is taking the candidacy of Rick's primary opponent very seriously, and when WLW can't take a "Republican" very seriously, then he or she has no chance of winning whatsoever.

Madeira Voter said...
I heard Rick Bryan was running unopposed.

Dever Believer said...
I had high hopes for Jonathan but it's clear he doesn't have the juice to make this race even close. His campaign looks less like a Jamie Schwartz job and more like a Julie Matheny job.

Desperate and Defeated Dever said...
I had big hopes for Jonathan Dever, but those hopes are long gone now. What a waste of a candidacy. I guess the 28th House District really loves paying more in taxes because the candidate of lower taxes has found virtually no traction.

Eric Dorman said...
If it wasn't for this website I wouldn't have known anyone was running against Rick Bryan.

Mimes for Dever said...
Jonathan must be running one of those "quiet" campaigns where you go around and somehow reach all the voters without any signs, handouts, mailers, radio or television commercials.

Relax My Friend said...
All conservatives have NOT, repeat NOT, coalesced around Jonathan Dever. In fact, quite a few of us began to think he had suspended his campaign, given the lack of activity. What a disappointing race.

Dever Fever said...
It takes a special kind of paranoia for this blog to believe that Jonathan Dever has run a viable campaign which has even a snowball's chance of winning against Rick Bryan.

Psychiatrist said...
This blog has an unhealthy obsession with the idea that the Dever campaign is something to fear. I get that you could be concerned about losing... if your opponent were running a strong campaign. However, the Dever team clearly is not.

Relax My Friend said...
These campaign finance reports overlook that Jonathan still has to pay his "consultant" Jamie Schwartz for some more "consulting" work like creating that juvenile and offensive attack ad. Ya!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Stunning defeat

Dear fellow tax hikers, we are devastated by the unexpected loss of our Tax Hikin' Rick Bryan to that Jonathan Dever guy.  We are so distraught by this defeat that if any of us had jobs, we would have had to stay home today. 

How did we lose this race?  We were up in the polls.  We raised more money.  Ricky Baby raised the taxes, jacked up the spending, and took his share of German junkets at taxpayer expense that entitled him to this seat.  We even tricked our enemies at COAST to send a last-minute mailer advertising some of the best tax hikes from our 2011 Tax Hiker of the Year.

We were assured by our expert commentators that Ricky had this in the bag.  They told us Dever had no support, except for his inner campaign team, who were all idiots.  Some even said Dever had quit the race.  We lost to that?

This represents another failure of our movement.  It represents a failure to properly communicate our tax-and-spend message.  It represents a failure of the voters to learn who the great tax hikers are and support their campaign. 

And perhaps worst of all, this defeat represents a failure of Mustache Power when we needed it the most.

We now turn this discussion over to our loyal readers.  Tell us, why did Tax Hikin' Rick Bryan blow his lead to lose the race? 

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Last night didn't really happen, did it?

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Top 10 Reasons to Support Rick Bryan

Dear fellow tax hikers, with Election Day less than 36 hours away we are calling on you to give everything you have to nominate Rick Bryan for State Representative.  Rick is the epitome of what our movement stands for.  He has raised so many taxes, jacked up spending so high, and taken so many taxpayer-funded vacations that we can't think of anyone who better represents our tax-and-spend beliefs. 

His opponent, conservative Jonathan Dever, must be stopped.  Dever is running on a conservative platform of cutting taxes and cutting government spending.  He opposes the Cincinnati streetcar and supports the right of disabled children to keep their service animals. 

In addition, Dever is far too young for this position.  Dever is barely over age 40, which makes him at least 35 years younger than the average Rick Bryan supporter.

Ricky Bryan has compiled a fantastic record of increasing taxes and raising the roof on government spending.  This is why we were enormously proud to name him our 2011 Tax Hiker of the Year. 

With that, we present our Top 10 Reasons to Vote for Rick Bryan:

1) Raised Earnings Taxes 25%
2) Endorsed a huge Democratic Sales Tax hike
3) Voted to build a $75 million park
4) Helped fund the Cincinnati streetcar
5) Spent $120,200 in 5 years on taxpayer-funded junkets to Germany
6) Took away a service animal from a disabled child
7) More than doubled the hotel-motel tax
8) Paid a band to not perform
9) Praised Bob Bedinghaus' handling of the stadiums
10) World's Greatest Mustache!

Now it's your turn.  Why are YOU supporting Tax Hikin' Rick Bryan?