Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Virgil Lovitt and Connie Pillich endorse higher taxes

Dear fellow tax hikers, our good friends Connie Pillich and Virgil Lovitt are joining together to bring higher property taxes to our area.  Both Pillich and Lovitt proudly endorsed the big Princeton Schools Property Tax Hike on next week's ballot.  We endorsed this tax increase in January because we, like Lovitt and Pillich, believe in raising taxes as high as possible.  Even though the Princeton School District already spends more money per student than 98% of school districts in Ohio, this tax increase is vitally important so that maybe someday they can be the #1 spenders in the state. 

"Please join me – and so many others such as every Princeton community mayor, former State Sen. Dick Finan and State Rep. Connie Pillich, in supporting this levy March 6."

For the great State Representative Connie Pillich, endorsing higher taxes is a routine endeavor.  We endorsed her in 2010 against the evil Mike Wilson because she quickly grew into one of this region's finest tax increasers.  Pillich wasted no time voting for former Governor Ted Strickland's big $900 million Income Tax hike and voted for $1.5 billion in fee increases after Strickland admitted fee increases are tax increases.  Pillich is so dedicated to higher taxes that she has to export them to other communities.  Pillich neither lives nor works in the Princeton School District, but is proud to impose higher property taxes on their undertaxed residents.

Our 2008 Tax Hiker of the Year Virgil Lovitt knows no borders when it comes to higher taxes.  This endorsement is only the latest in an astonishing list of tax increases that Virg has supported.  Income Tax increases, Sales Tax increases, numerous Property Tax increases, Hotel/Motel Tax increases - Virg has endorsed them all.  He is possibly the greatest tax hiker we have ever covered, and it's a travesty that he is stuck being Sharonville's Mayor instead of raising taxes at a higher level.  

Virgil Lovitt isn't just a tax hiker, he's a tax machine.  We greatly appreciate all the work he has done to bring higher taxes to his community.  We also thank Connie Pillich for working hard to raise taxes in other people's communities, since raising taxes in her own backyard apparently isn't fulfilling enough.  Please remember to vote Yes on the Princeton Property Tax increase.  Even though they already outspend most Ohio districts, they can't spend more if you aren't taxed more. 

Monday, February 27, 2012

Springdale Council endorses higher property taxes

Dear fellow tax hikers, we proudly report that Springdale City Council and Mayor Doyle Webster have unanimously endorsed the big Princeton Property Tax on the March ballot.  We applaud each of these fine tax hikers for the excellent big government leadership they have shown.

We previously endorsed this tax increase because we share their desire for the biggest government possible.  The Princeton Schools currently spend $15,922 per student per year.  This makes them the 10th biggest spending public school district in Ohio out of about 613 school districts, which means Princeton already outspends over 98% of Ohio school districts.  How can they be #1 if they don't raise taxes?

As the numbers prove, this tax increase is extremely necessary.  If this property tax hike doesn't pass, the Princeton Schools will only be able to outspend 98% of other school districts.  That's not good enough.  This levy must pass so Princeton somebody can be the absolute biggest spenders in Ohio.

Our good friend Mayor "Royal" Doyle Webster observed,

"But if we don't pass it, it will impact property values."

Absolutely.  Property values will fall through the toilet if Princeton only gets to outspend 98% of other school districts instead of 100%. 

If you disagree, it's because you hate children.  Only a child-hater would oppose such an important tax hike.  Because we love children, we love higher taxes.  It is only through higher taxes that Princeton can fix its underspending problem.  We applaud tax hiker Royal Doyle Webster and the Springdale City Council for their unwavering dedication to higher taxes and big spending.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Leslie Ghiz's inaccurate website

Dear fellow tax hikers, earlier today The Daily Bellwether Blog discovered that our favorite judicial candidate Leslie Ghiz was posting inaccurate information on her website.   Leslie claimed she is "currently serving her third term" on Cincinnati City Council, when in reality she was defeated in November's election and is currently out of office.  Thankfully, Ghizzy's crack campaign staff corrected this error in the evening.

Otherwise, Ghiz's critics would have used this to accuse her of dishonesty or lack of attention to detail.  We would not want anyone to think that our candidate for judge lacked honesty or attention to detail.

Ghiz has had enough problems to deal with.  She lost her last two races, in spite of our strong endorsement in both. 

We call on Ghiz's critics to lay off.  Just because Leslie Ghiz was defeated in her last two elections, allows criminal behavior at home, and was caught posting false information on her website, doesn't mean she would make a bad Judge.  These things happen.  We still love our Ghiz.   She will bring law and order to every corner of Hamilton County.....except her own house and car.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Jean Schmidt's Gas Tax Hike

Dear fellow tax hikers, as gas prices enjoyed an astronomic rise today, we wish to remind you of Congresswoman Jean Schmidt's historical support of higher gas taxes.  When former Governor Bob Taft wanted to raise Ohio's Gas Tax, Schmidt didn't need to be asked twice.

Jean Schmidt voted to raise the Gas Tax by 27%.  Schmidt knew gas prices were too low.  And besides, the government needed that money more than you.

When you go to the polls in two weeks, please remember the role Jean Schmidt played in raising gas prices to $3.70/gallon.  We needed higher gas prices.  We needed a 27% increase in the gas tax.  We needed the great leadership that Bob Taft and Jean Schmidt provided.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Streetcar groundbreaking, then filled back in

Streetcar groundbreaking, filled in 30 minutes later

Dear fellow tax hikers, we celebrate the long-awaited groundbreaking for Cincinnati's all-important streetcar!  This has been a long time coming.  The Cincinnati streetcar is going to repopulate lovely Over The Rhine, create thousands of jobs, and lure tons of white young professionals from all over the country.  We have no idea how a streetcar is going to do all these things, but Mayor Mallory tells us so and that's good enough for us. 

Our people were present for Friday's wonderful groundbreaking.  What a fantastic day!  The streetcar was finally starting. 

Well, sort of.  As our enemies at COAST showed on their blog, the ground that was broken for the streetcar was filled in a few minutes later.  That's not the only setback.  Cincinnati still doesn't know how it's going to pay for it. 

Cincinnati budgeted $6 million total for utilities movement.  However, the costs just to move Duke's lines are $18.7 million and Duke refuses to pass it along to their ratepayers.   Previously, the Hamilton County Commissioners in a unanimous vote prohibited their sewer district from paying any streetcar costs.  We stand with Mayor Mallory.  Cincinnati shouldn't have to pay for their own project costs.  We believe all Hamilton County utilities customers should contribute to Cincinnati's streetcar. 

We want to thank some unsung heroes who haven't gotten enough credit for their work.  We very much appreciate the work of Democratic operative Lonnie Bowling, our endorsed candidate for the Republican nomination in the 28th House District.  When Republican Brad Wenstrup challenged Democrat Mark Mallory for Mayor in 2009, Bowling campaigned hard for Mallory because he understood the importance of this beloved streetcar.

We also give warm thanks to our endorsed State Representative Peter Stautberg, who endorsed a no vote on the 2009 Charter Amendment that would have stopped our streetcar.  Like Liberal Lonnie, Stautberg stood with us for big government when we needed him most.  Perhaps this is why Bengals Owner Mike Brown gave Stautberg $1000

We can't wait to ride the streetcar through glorious Over The Rhine.  This project will be great for Cincinnati, no matter how much it costs.  If you love this streetcar as much as we do, be sure to show your appreciation at the polls to Mayor Mark Mallory, Peter "Streetcar" Stautberg, and Democratic Activist Lonnie Bowling. 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Lonnie Bowling for State Representative

Lonnie Bowling is the one on the right

Dear fellow tax hikers, we enthusiastically endorse Democratic operative Lonnie Bowling for the Republican nomination in the 28th House District.  In his short time as a political activist, our boy Lonnie has supported numerous tax-and-spend Democratic candidates, making him the best candidate in this race.

His opponent is that awful conservative Mike Wilson.  Wilson founded the Cincinnati Tea Party and has campaigned for many limited-government initiatives.  If you love higher taxes as much as we do, then you know Wilson must be stopped.

Bowling has proven himself to support the right candidates for office.  Lonnie has either campaigned for or donated to the following liberal candidates:

1.  Hillary Clinton for President.  Lonnie cited Hillary's support for government takeover of health care, something all of us Republicans treasure!  A good sport in defeat, Lonnie said it was important for the party to be unified behind Our Messiah Barack Obama should he win the Democratic nomination.  This Democratic unity helped Obama become our President.  

2.  Mark Mallory for Mayor.  Lonnie knew that Brad Wenstrup was a terrible person who must be stopped.  If you think the streetcar is a great idea, thank Lonnie Bowling for helping keep Mallory in office.  If Wenstrup had won the race, the streetcar would have died. 

3.  Roxanne Qualls for Cincinnati City Council.  Roxanne was a high-profile supporter of the Bob Bedinghaus Stadium Tax, endorsed the Light Rail Tax, endorsed the Democratic Sales Tax hike that Hamilton County voters defeated in 2007, and as Cincinnati Mayor initiated the shift in public housing towards the suburbs so everyone can benefit from the joys of Section 8 Housing.  Lonnie looked at her record and was just as impressed with Roxy as we are. 

4.  Connie Pillich for State Representative, who would be his opponent in the November election.  Our information shows that his entry in this race is a Pillich campaign tactic designed to distract Wilson.  If Bowling wins this primary he will likely stop campaigning at that point, so as to give Pillich a free ride in November. 

5.  Not limited to tax-and-spend Democrats, the one Republican Lonnie has most recently supported is our 2011 Tax Hiker of the Year Rick Bryan!  Tax-hikin' Rick Bryan can raise taxes and build huge monuments as well or better than any Democrat. 

Do you think liberal Democrat Hillary Clinton would have made a great President?  Then support Lonnie Bowling for the Republican nomination for State Representative.

Do you believe in liberal Democrat Mark Mallory and his all-important streetcar?  Then support Lonnie Bowling for the Republican nomination for State Representative.

Do you support liberal Democrat Roxanne Qualls and her numerous efforts to raise taxes and spread subsidized housing?  Then support Lonnie Bowling. 

Do you like to see liberal tax-and-spend Republicans get elected to local government instead of conservatives?  Then support Lonnie Bowling. 

And finally, do you support liberal Democrat Connie Pillich like Lonnie has over the years?  Then vote for Lonnie Bowling for the Republican nomination for State Representative so Connie can have a free ride to re-election. 

As you can see, Lonnie Bowling is fantastic candidate who we are proud to endorse.  He is going places.  Though for now, it's important to nominate him so we can stop Mike Wilson and ensure Connie Pillich's re-election.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Burgers lure naked man off the ledge

Dear fellow tax hikers, we present to you one of the funniest stories we've read in months.

Police were able to lure a naked man who spent hours atop a downtown radio tower with McDonald's hamburgers.

The man climbed to the top of the tower Wednesday night.  At one point, police sources said, he asked for hamburgers from McDonald's. Officials complied, and he agreed to come down after eating his meal.

Note: this is not a story about Wyoming Mayor Barry Porter.

We never knew McDonald's hamburgers had such lifesaving power.  Me and my civil domestic partner have decided we're going to eat a lot more of them than we already do.  We encourage local police forces to harness the power of the golden arch.  Who knows, the Big M could save your life next.   

We at Republicans for Higher Taxes have decided we will start more regularly posting entertainment stories like these.  We believe they will nicely compliment our usual entries - hard-hitting journalism and advocacy for higher taxes.  Our readers want to be entertained, and we always, always want to serve our loyal followers.  That's all for today, it's time for a late night burger run!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Columbus insider to rescue Stautberg campaign

(Shawn Kasych at closing time)

Dear fellow tax hikers, please join us in welcoming Columbus Statehouse insider Shawn Kasych to Cincinnati to help save our friend Peter Stautberg's campaign.  Stautberg is our endorsed candidate for State Representative due to his advocacy of Bob Taft's tax increases and the $1,000 donation he received from beloved Bengals Owner Mike Brown.  Kasych has been dispatched to Cincinnati for the rest of the campaign to make sure Stautberg gets the W. 

Shawn Kasych - no relation to Governor John Kasich - is Policy Advisor for the Ohio House of Representatives.  As such, he has a vested interest in ordering voters across Ohio to send good, moderate, establishment Republicans to Columbus to make life easy on insiders like himself.  He could not have found a better candidate than Stautberg.

His opponent, COAST founder Tom Brinkman, has fought tax increases his entire life.  While serving as State Representative, Brinkman voted against all of Bob Taft's tax hikes.  Even worse, he strongly opposed the Bob Bedinghaus stadium deal and campaigned against the $777 million Democratic Sales Tax increase in 2007.  When Republicans raise taxes, Brinkman says no and that is completely unacceptable to us and other Republican insiders. 

Mike Brown and the Columbus insiders are pulling out all the stops to defeat Brinkman.  That's why they have dispatched Mr. Insider Kasych to Cincinnati.  We want all you tax hikers to know we are working hand-in-hand with them.  Together, we will stop Taxkiller Tom Brinkman and return establishment Republican Peter Stautberg to Columbus where he will continue to do as he's told.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Duke Energy refuses to subsidize the streetcar

Dear fellow tax hikers, we are irate at Duke Energy for refusing to spend $18.7 million to subsidize the wonderful streetcar.  That is the estimated cost to move their utilities for this most urgent project.  Can you believe that Duke Energy wants the City of Cincinnati to pay for their own streetcar?  We think all the ratepayers of Duke should pay for this.

We are so mad that we are starting a mass boycott of Duke.  Refuse to use electric or gas products until Duke relents.  If every streetcar supporter refuses to use electricity or gas, we will bring Duke to their knees!

We call on our State Representative Peter "Streetcar" Stautberg to advocate on behalf of the streetcar, just like he's done before.  Streetcar Stautberg has previously assisted us on the streetcar project and now we need him again. 

No matter Duke's insolence, the streetcar is happening.  Mayor Mallory and us agree, this streetcar must be built no matter how much it costs.  We don't care about the costs.  If necessary, we'll just raise taxes.  More taxes, more streetcars, that is life in modern Cincinnati.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Stautberg Streetcar

Dear fellow tax hikers, we made one significant omission in our Peter Stautberg endorsement piece that ran yesterday.  Stautberg endorsed a No vote on Cincinnati's 2009 Issue 9, a Charter Amendment which would have stopped the city's streetcar.  We have editorialized in favor of the streetcar from the beginning and we very much appreciate Stautberg's key support in keeping the project alive.

Our enemy Tom Brinkman has always opposed the streetcars.  He even supported both ballot initiatives that would have stopped the streetcar dead in its tracks.  This is in line with Brinkman's history as a stadium tax opponent, COAST founder, and record as a State Representative of opposing all tax increases. 

We must be successful in completing the original $200 million streetcar plan.  Not only that, but as the visionaries we are we have also proposed a big tax increase to build multiple streetcar lines throughout the city.  We are getting streetcars, whether conservatives like Tom Brinkman like it or not.  We can thank Peter Stautberg for his assistance in making it happen.  Stautberg for State Rep!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Peter Stautberg for State Representative

Dear fellow tax hikers, we proudly endorse Mike Brown's friend Peter Stautberg for State Representative.  This is one of the most important races we'll face this year.  It's vitally important that Stautberg, a friend of Bengals ownership and Columbus lobbyists, defeats the anti-tax conservative Tom Brinkman.

To highlight the importance of this race, Bengals Owner Mike Brown recently donated $1000 to Stautberg.  Mike Brown needs an ally in Columbus.  So do we.  We both have found a great friend in Stautberg.

Peter Stautberg is perhaps the best representative that money can buy.  The City of Cincinnati already knows this.  After all, when they wanted to dodge state law and avoid paying taxes on their golf courses and convention center, they hired a lobbyist who got Stautberg to insert a provision in the state budget exempting the city from those taxes.  As a result, the communities who were due to receive those tax dollars will simply have to go to the voters and pass a wonderful tax increase earlier than they expected!

Stautberg doesn't stop there.  At a recent debate he criticized former State Representative Tom Brinkman for voting against HB 66 in 2005 when he was in the State House.  HB 66 brought to our movement a large number of wonderful high-tax victories including:

1)  Raised Ohio's Sales Taxes by 10%
2)  Implemented a brand new Commercial Activities Tax (CAT), which is loathed by businesses with low profit margins
3)  More than doubled the Cigarette Tax
4)  Permanently extended the "temporary" Trust Tax
5)  Eliminated the rollback of the Real Property Tax
6)  Permitted counties (such as Hamilton) that already had a lodging tax to raise it another 3%
7)  Raised 55 different fees

Mike Brown's friend Stautberg was right to criticize Brinkman for opposing these excellent tax and fee increases.  We needed bigger government and this legislation delivered.

Tom Brinkman is by far the worst choice in this race.  His history of anti-tax activism before joining the Legislature, and voting record of opposing all tax increases while in the Legislature, is completely unacceptable to our movement.  Peter Stautberg is the best choice due to his support for higher taxes, close relationship with Columbus lobbyists, and most of all, the big support he has received from Bengals Owner Mike Brown.  Stautberg for State Representative!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Mike Brown supports Peter Stautberg

Dear fellow tax hikers, we have uncovered some FANTASTIC news about superb State Representative Peter Stautberg.

Cincinnati Bengals Owner Mike Brown recently donated $1000 to the great Peter Stautberg!!!!!!!!

Mike Brown is one of Hamilton County's greatest leaders.  He is a phenomenal owner who has done wonderful things for our beloved Bengals and our region.  Mike Brown believes Stautberg is a great State Representative.  If that's what Mike believes, that's what you should believe too.

Stautberg is running against our anti-tax enemy Tom Brinkman.  Brinkman has long been a leader fighting for lower taxes and limited government.  We oppose limited government, we want higher taxes and the biggest government we can get.

If you believe in Bengals Owner Mike Brown, then you must support Mike Brown's candidate Peter Stautberg.  If you oppose Mike Brown and oppose higher taxes, then you'll probably support the fiscal conservative Tom Brinkman.  We encourage all you tax hikers to honor Mike Brown by voting for Peter Stautberg.