Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Virgil Lovitt endorses new tax increase

Dear fellow tax hikers, we feel tremendous pride in announcing that our 2008 Tax Hiker of the Year Virgil Lovitt has endorsed a large tax increase for the lucky voters in the Princeton School District.  This needed tax hike would raise taxes by over $150 per year for each $100,000 of home valuation.  So if you own of one of the many trailer homes in Sharonville, you would pay about $50 per year in higher taxes. 

We are working very hard to pass this tax increase.  In addition to locking down the huge endorsement of our man Virg, we even participated in a Tax Hike parade held this past Saturday to show the community's support for higher taxes.

If there is anything that deserves its own parade, it's a Virgil Lovitt tax increase.  We at Republicans for Higher Taxes proudly join Virg in endorsing this big tax hike. 

The Princeton School District badly needs this money.  This school district currently spends $14,803 per student per year, meaning that Princeton spends more money per student than all but 8 of the 613 school districts in Ohio.  But that is not enough!  They must spend more.  Princeton should continue raising taxes and raising spending until they are the biggest spenders in Ohio. 

It is not enough to only have more money per student to spend than over 98% of school districts in Ohio.  We applaud Virgil Lovitt for recognizing this fact.  The only way to solve this underspending is to raise taxes! We salute Virg for once again taking a stand for higher taxes.  We proudly stand with Mayor Lovitt to endorse this needed property tax increase.  Tax us more! 

Monday, April 26, 2010

Jon Husted for Secretary of State

Dear fellow tax hikers, we are delighted to offer our strongest possible support for one of Ohio's greatest tax hikers, Jon Husted.  Husted is possibly the greatest tax hiker we have seen run for statewide office since Bob Taft himself was in charge.  Husted is running for Secretary of State to help revive the Ohio Republican Party's tax-and-spend movement that has struggled since Governor Taft's four criminal convictions while in office.  Please consider the fantastic Husted record:

1.  Voted for Bob Taft's 20% Sales Tax increase.

2.  Voted for Bob Taft's 27% Gas Tax increase.

3.  Led the implementation of the Commercial Activities Tax which is loathed by small businesses with tight profit margins.

4.  Supported Bob Taft's 3rd Frontier program.

5.  Has strongly supported spending millions of tax dollars on The Freedom Center.  Not only has Husted consistently voted for this, but when Representatives Tom Brinkman and Bob Mecklenborg had gathered votes to pass an amendment to cut off this funding, Speaker Husted responded by refusing to allow a vote and thus protecting their taxpayer subsidy.  The $5,000 of campaign contributions Husted received from John Pepper, of course, had nothing to do with this.

6.  A man of great integrity, Husted represents a Dayton-area Senate district where he claims to live, while he and his family live, work, and attend school in Franklin County nearly 100 miles away.  

7.  After we endorsed Virgil Lovitt for State Representative, Husted answered our call by adamantly demanding that the Hamilton County Republican Party select 2008 Tax Hiker of the Year Virg for this position.  Husted threatened to punish the local party if it did not comply with his wishes. 

8.  As important as anything else, Husted lobbied hard to pass the election reforms prior to the 2008 Election that established the Kos-beloved "Golden Week" and allowed ACORN to dominate our state.  ACORN had no better friend in Ohio than Jon Husted. 

As you can see, Jon Husted is Ohio's greatest and most accomplished tax-and-spend Republican and has been ACORN's #1 supporter.  We need Jon Husted as Ohio's Secretary of State so he can continue to raise taxes and help ACORN.  Some day he will be Governor, and when he is he might be even better than Bob Taft.  We strongly back Jon Husted for Secretary of State!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Ghiz not abiding by her own standards

Dear fellow tax hikers, when every Council member except Chris Monzel was passing legislation granting special rights to homosexuals, Leslie Ghiz chided the opponents of this legislation for spending money to campaign against it.  

Shame on YOU people for spending thousands of dollars putting that in the paper, and not spending it another way--like helping children.

Ghiz clearly believed that campaign or advocacy money should not be spent for that purpose, it should be spent for the children.  Because of this we were certain that Ghiz would not be able to spend any money on her own campaign for County Commissioner.  We have been proud to lead the coalition of tax hikers, gay rights advocates, and David Pepper supporters that would win her the Republican nomination. 

However, we can confidently reveal that Ghiz is not living by the standards that she has applied to others, and will be spending all of her campaign money to defeat that Tea Party-endorsed conservative Chris Monzel!  Our household has already received 3 mailers from Ghiz and seen her campaign ads on television.  You go girl!

We had no problem with Michelle Schneider's lies, and we have no problem with Leslie Ghiz's lies either.  Ghiz should not have to abide by the standards she sets for others.  We have a race to win and integrity shall not be an obstacle.  Ghiz is one of our biggest heroes for everything she has done to raise taxes, promote gay rights, elect Democrats to the County Commission, and build the streetcar.  Leslie Ghiz for Commissioner! 

Monday, April 19, 2010

Schneider investigated for violating Ohio election laws

(Boy enters Michelle Schneider in the Livestock Fair)

Dear fellow tax hikers, our Michelle Schneider is under fire from the Ohio Elections Commission for lying on her website and in her latest tv ad.  The Commission voted unanimously to send the two charges to the full committee for final disposition.  We at Republicans for Higher Taxes fully defend Michelle Schneider's lies and call on the OEC to end this witch hunt immediately.

One of these lies focuses on the Ohio Right to Life endorsement.  Michelle claimed on her website that this group endorsed her for her Senate run.  In fact, ORTL hadn't endorsed anyone at that point, and ultimately they endorsed that terrible conservative Shannon Jones.  We had no problem when Jean Schmidt claimed endorsements she never received, and we support our Michelle's use of this same tactic.

The second lie came in a tv ad from the Schneider campaign.  Michelle stated that Shannon Jones received $160,000 in contributions from First Energy.  In actuality it was $31,000 over a 4 year period, a mere difference of $129,000. 

We stand 100% behind our endorsement of Michelle Schneider for Senate.  We are very proud of all the lies Michelle has told in this campaign.  This is politics, and we must win this race at all costs.  Are you with us?  Do you stand behind our 2009 Tax Hiker of the Year Michelle Schneider, and all her lies?

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Democratic Party assists Ghiz campaign again

Dear fellow tax hikers, once again the Hamilton County Democratic Party is assisting tax-and-spend Republican Leslie Ghiz in her efforts to win the Republican Primary over conservative Chris Monzel.  The Democrats are working hard to make sure Monzel loses because they know he would be a reliable conservative vote, in stark contrast to the liberal agenda that Todd Portune and David Pepper have implemented the last 4 years.  Democrats know that Ghiz would continue to ally with them on most votes. 

As we reported earlier this week, our enemy Chris Monzel hit the airwaves with an ad criticizing Leslie Ghiz for endorsing Democrat David Pepper for Commissioner in 2006, stating that her support allowed Pepper to implement higher taxes and more spending for Hamilton County.  It also quoted Leslie as saying, "Just because I'm a Republican doesn't mean anything".  We agree that these charges are true.  Ghiz did say that quote on the Willie Cunningham show on August 2, 2006.  She did endorse Pepper for Commissioner in 2006.  And Pepper did join with Todd Portune to pass an $800 million Sales Tax increase right after getting elected with Ghiz's support.  We can't understand why Monzel would want to point out one of Leslie Ghiz's strongest attributes - her proud public support for Pepper and other Democrats. 

Since Leslie Ghiz can't get Republicans to support her, the next logical thing to do is turn to her many friends in the Democratic Party.  After all, she's previously endorsed so many of them.  In return for her past support of their candidates, the Democratic Party is coming to her aid when she needs it most.  That's why we've seen Democratic Chairman Tim Burke publicly criticizing Chris Monzel - it's his way of trying to help his good friend Ghiz. 

We applaud Leslie Ghiz and the Hamilton County Democratic Party for working together to defeat the real enemy, Chris Monzel.  Monzel is the only candidate in this race who has consistently opposed tax increases.  He was one of the only elected officials in this county to oppose the big Sales Tax increase backed by David Pepper, Todd Portune, Leslie Ghiz, and Marc Dann.  Monzel's election would alter the balance of power from tax-and-spend liberals to fiscally conservative Republicans.  The Democrats know, as we know, that if we defeat Monzel now we are guaranteed to get a tax-and-spender to continue the fine legacy of David Pepper.  We join the Democratic Party in encouraging all Republicans to nominate our friend Leslie Ghiz for County Commissioner!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Ghiz attacked for endorsing Democrat David Pepper

Dear fellow tax hikers, the conservative candidate for County Commissioner Chris Monzel has just released a tv ad reminding the voters that Leslie Ghiz endorsed Democrat David Pepper for County Commissioner.  It also states that Ghiz helped Pepper raise taxes.  You can see the ad for yourself:

These claims are 100% true and that's why we have proudly endorsed Leslie Ghiz for Commissioner!   Ghiz did indeed endorse Democrat David Pepper for Commissioner in 2006.  This allowed him to win the race, and gave control of our county to the tax-and-spend Democrats.  Their first major act was to implement a huge $800 million Sales Tax hike that we of course endorsed.  Ghiz was one of the first elected officials to endorse this big tax increase.

The ad states that Chris Monzel opposed the $200 million streetcar.  Unfortunately that is true, too.  But Leslie Ghiz proudly joined with Mark Mallory to build this necessary trolley.   This ad also states that being a conservative Republican means something to Chris Monzel.  And that is why he must be stopped!

We stand for everything Ghiz stands for - higher taxes, streetcar spending, supporting taxpayer-funded domestic partner coverage for gays, and endorsing great Democrats like David Pepper.  Being a tax hiker means something to us.  Leslie Ghiz for Commissioner!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Monzel wins anti-tax support

Dear fellow tax hikers, due to his consistent opposition to higher taxes Chris Monzel has been endorsed for County Commissioner by our enemies at COAST. This cannot come as a surprise to anyone. COAST is against higher taxes. We at Republicans for Higher Taxes believe all taxes should be raised. Therefore, we are enthusiastically supporting Leslie Ghiz.

Chris Monzel's crimes against our high-tax movement are long and severe. Every year he has introduced a motion to freeze the city's property taxes. Every year! He was the only member of Council to oppose the massive $777 million Sales Tax hike that Ghiz endorsed. He has been the only member of Council to oppose subsidizing The Freedom Center. Monzel committed the ultimate betrayal by opposing the Mallory/Ghiz $200 million streetcar that we have endorsed. He even opposes taxpayer funding of abortion and domestic partner coverage.

Leslie Ghiz is on our side. She endorsed the big Sales Tax hike that the Monz would not. Ghiz voted to build Mallory's $200 million streetcar. She voted to give $800,000 to The Freedom Center. Ghiz proudly endorsed Democrat David Pepper for County Commissioner, giving tax-and-spend Democrats control of our County. Ghiz wants to help Democrat Todd Portune add taxpayer-funded domestic partner coverage for Hamilton County. And most of all, Ghiz carries herself with the dignity and professionalism that we expect of our public servants. Leslie Ghiz for Commissioner!