Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sheriff Leis needs a new boat

Fellow tax hikers, we must come together quickly to help our great Sheriff Simon Leis complete the purchase of a badly needed boat. Currently, Leis is only able to utilize 3 boats to patrol the dangerous criminals living on the Ohio River. The problems could get even worse.

What would happen if a foreign country launched a naval attack against Hamilton County? That's right, we'd call on the Sheriff to protect us. What if Kentucky attacked? Simon Leis needs that boat to deter the Kentucky National Guard from trying to take over Hamilton County. By giving him another boat, we give him the tools to repel a foreign invader such as Kentucky.

During tough budget times like these it's vitally important to acquire all of the toys we can. Simon Leis needs that boat. Hamilton County needs that boat. For our safety, we need that boat. We applaud Simon Leis for his vision and for taking the necessary steps to keep Hamilton County safe from foreign invaders.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Forest Hills Schools make cuts

With great sadness we have read that the Forest Hills Schools have been forced to cut $12 million over the next four years from their budget because of May's failed levy. This includes cutting back personnel. We reprimand the voters of this school district for refusing to obey their School Board's demands. When a School Board wants more money, you should give it to them, no questions asked.

We call on Forest Hills to try to raise taxes again this November! We were proud to endorse the last attempt, but we should have done more. This time we will put our mighty weight behind this issue and work overtime to make sure Forest Hills residents pay higher taxes.

We also encourage tax-and-spend Republican Randy Smith to take over the campaign and put his tax-hiking skills to good use. There are few finer tax-hikers in Hamilton County than our friend Randy Smith. He is one of the best tax-and-spend Republicans we have and he's only going to get better.

These cuts will be horrible. Teachers will only have one period off instead of two! Can you believe that? And even worse, teachers will have to man the cafeteria and recess instead of take a break in the lounge. Those are horrific working conditions!

These are the consequences of refusing to support big tax increases. Because you voters refused to tighten your belt, the government has to tighten their own belt. We expect the residents of this school district to see the error of their ways and vote for a big tax increase this November.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Leis defends David Pepper's Sales Tax hike

If there are only two things we know about Hamilton County Commissioner David Pepper it is this:

1) He loves raising taxes.
2) When he is attacked, an old man will come to his defense.

Usually it is his father, the multi-millionaire John Pepper, who comes running to his defense. But this time it's our dearly beloved Sheriff Simon Leis. It is appalling to see our local Republican Party criticizing Pepper for implementing a big Sales Tax hike without a vote of the citizens, and Leis is correct to defend him.

We are disgusted that party Chairman Alex Triantafilou approved a press release criticizing Pepper for this excellent tax increase. The Republican Party is supposed to be the party of higher taxes. The citizens of Hamilton County didn't deserve to keep that money for themselves, the government needed it more.

This tax issue reveals a huge divide between the two candidates in this race. State Auditor Mary Taylor had her chance to raise Ohio's Sales Tax as she was ordered to do by Governor Bob Taft, but she voted no. David Pepper didn't have to be told twice. When Simon Leis and Todd Portune told him to raise the Sales Tax, Pepper happily voted yes. We are strongly considering an endorsement of Pepper because he is the only candidate in this race who agrees with Bob Taft that raising the Sales Tax is great public policy.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

David Pepper to run for Auditor

Dear fellow tax hikers, we are very excited by the news that Hamilton County Commissioner David Pepper will be running for State Auditor against incumbent Mary Taylor. David A. Pepper has been a strong supporter of higher taxes for Hamilton County residents. When our county's voters rejected a 1/4 Sales Tax hike at the polls, Pepper responded by directly imposing a 1/2 cent Sales Tax increase and not allowing the residents to vote on it! That's our kind of tax hiker.

Mary Taylor had her chance to raise taxes and voted no. Taylor voted against Bob Taft's Sales Tax hike, refusing to carry water for his tax-and-spend agenda. This cannot be tolerated. Both David Pepper and Bob Taft understand that higher taxes make Ohio and Hamilton County prosper. Taft's Sales Tax hike was the catalyst that turned Ohio's economy around and spared us from the economic slump that plagues the rest of the nation.

Furthermore, David Pepper is not a CPA and has no financial training for this position. We think that is a good thing. In Pepper, we would have a State Auditor with no background in Auditing, which we think is great because it ensures that the staff will be able to function without supervisory oversight.

Mary Taylor is a CPA. She has the knowledge to know exactly what her staff is doing. We don't find this kind of hands-on knowledge to be desirable in our officeholders. Pepper's occupation as a lawyer makes him exactly the right choice to be Ohio's Auditor.

Mary Taylor is a CPA and opposed Bob Taft's tax increases. David Pepper is a lawyer who imposed a big Sales Tax hike of his own. We will consider these facts when we choose to make our endorsement in this race. For now, we are putting Mary Taylor on notice that she must embrace the Bob Taft/David Pepper agenda of higher taxes and hands-off supervision if she is to get our support.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Jean Staubach, proud tax-hiking champion

We salute Sycamore School Board member Jean Staubach for her long-standing commitment to higher taxes and huge spending. She is a veteran member of a school board that knows the importance of big-time spending. Staubach is working hard to pass the big permanent property tax hike on this Tuesday's ballot and warns of the catastrophic results if it doesn't pass. In a January 7th Enquirer article our Jean stated:

"We need to understand how critical the passage of this levy is,” board member Jean Staubach said.

"This levy, on a certain date, will quit paying $8.8 million, so overnight, we would lose 12 percent of our budget....Pulling 12 percent out overnight would be catastrophic to the district."

And indeed it would. If this levy failed and no other passed in its place, Sycamore's spending would drop from being in the top 5% of Ohio's school districts to the top 10%. Sycamore would only be able to outspend 90% of Ohio's school districts. That would be a huge catastrophe. Jean Staubach and her friends on the board, such as Diane "High Tax" Adamec, know that their meager management skills leave them incapable of delivering strong results with such little money.

Sycamore residents shouldn't demand excellent school board members. What they should do instead is open up their wallets and give the School Board everything it wants. Sycamore must be one of the biggest spending school districts in Ohio to succeed. Top 10% just isn't enough.

Jean Staubach shares the same first name as her political idol Jean Schmidt, and she knows that with that carries the responsibility to always be raising taxes and spending. We are proud of Jean's work. We need you to pass her tax increase, and then make sure she stays on the school board for life. Tax us more!