Thursday, December 27, 2007

Bill Seitz for Congress

I was hit with an epiphany over the Winter Solstice break. Bill Seitz, the proud recipient of our 2007 Tax Hiker of the Year Award should run for Congress in the Republican primary against Steve Chabot. This race would provide a huge contrast between a great tax hiker and a consistent tax cutter.

Chabot has poorly served our district for long enough. He has always voted against tax increases. He has voted for President Bush's tax cuts and other tax cuts too. He votes against what critics call "pork barrel" spending. We need a new direction.

Seitz could not be more different. He has been a loud and consistent supporter of higher taxes of all kinds. He especially loves Sales Tax hikes but has supported a lot of property tax hikes too. He never let the pork label get in the way of supporting more spending.

Steve Chabot. Bill Seitz. Tax cutter. Award-winning tax hiker. Call Bill Seitz and tell him he is needed to run for Congress.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Stop Tom Brinkman!

We Republicans for Higher Taxes thought we could take some time off to celebrate the Holidays but now we must get back to work for our agenda of higher taxes and higher spending. You see, our mortal enemy Tom Brinkman has announced he is challenging our strong ally Jean Schmidt for Congress. If Brinkman can rally conservative voters he poses a huge threat to Mrs. Schmidt.

Brinkman has this common man approach that might fool you, but don't look past the issues. If you are undecided on this race, all you need to know are a few key facts.

1. Schmidt enthusiastically supported Bob Taft's Sales Tax hike. Brinkman voted against it.
2. Schmidt enthusiastically supported Bob Taft's Gas Tax hike. Brinkman voted against it.
3. Schmidt is an ally of this group, Republicans for Higher Taxes. Brinkman founded COAST.
4. Brinkman opposed Issue 27 and the Light Rail Tax; Schmidt did not.

These facts can only lead to one conclusion - Jean Schmidt must be re-elected. Her agenda of higher taxes and higher spending is what we need. Her loss and Brinkman's win would be a major setback in our effort to make sure the Republican Party remains a party of higher taxes and more spending.