Friday, August 14, 2009

Senate Republicans diss our Michelle Schneider

Dear fellow tax hikers, please excuse our silence over the past few days since the terrible decision was made to deny the open Senate seat to our endorsed candidate Michelle Schneider. This abomination has made me and my civil domestic partner physically ill. We have been unable to attend work all week long, though don't worry about us because Our Messiah Barack Obama has promised to take care of us all.

Michelle Schneider deserved that appointment. When Bob Taft needed to raise the Sales Tax, it was Michelle who stood with him and voted yes. When Bob Taft needed Gas Taxes raised, it was Michelle who came through. When Bob Taft, Jean Schmidt, and Virgil Lovitt needed those hotel/motel taxes raised, it was Michelle who voted yes. When the Peppers needed millions of dollars to subsidize The Freedom Center, Michelle Schneider proudly took thousands of dollars from John Pepper and then voted to give him millions in taxpayer funds.

Every single time that Bob Taft and the tax-and-spend Republicans needed a tax increase, Michelle Schneider has been there for us. Now she has been let down and we are mad as hell! How are we Republicans going to get back to the good ole days of Bob Taft and Larry Householder if we refuse to promote their loyal lieutenants to open positions?

Shannon Jones may be sitting large now, but Michelle will sit larger once the voting is done. There will be a primary for this seat next year and we will give Michelle all the support and encouragement she needs to win it. We won't be denied. We're going to show that it's us tax-and-spend Republicans who run this party. We stand 100% behind our endorsement of Michelle Schneider for State Senate.