Monday, February 28, 2011

Congressman Wu and Si Leis are not losing their minds

(Congressman David Wu, auditioning for The Wu Tang Clan)

(Sheriff Si Leis a couple Cravers short of a value meal? No way.  Photo credit to The Enquirer)

Dear fellow tax hikers, we are putting to rest the vicious rumors that either Congressman David Wu or Sheriff Simon Leis are suffering from any mental illness or losing their mental capacities in any way.  We have tracked these situations and we declare them to be of perfectly sound mind.

Congressman Wu has made national headlines in recent weeks when it was revealed that his own staff had to confront him over mental issues that called into question his fitness to serve.  Just because Wu accused the White House of being "Vulcans" and "faux Klingons" in an eye-popping speech to Congress (you tax hikers want to click that link) doesn't mean anyone should have worried about his mental health.  And nobody had the right to be concerned when he sent messages to his staffers in the voice of his teenage children, or claimed he didn't know what pills he took that were given to him by a donor, or sent photos of himself dressed like Crouching Tiger. 

Hamilton County Sheriff Simon Leis is another fantastic official who we know is as sharp and sane as ever.  We don't think there is anything ridiculous about the above photograph of Leis where he looks like Bob's Big Boy's Ghetto Grandpa.  We are not concerned about the vastly rising number of incidents in recent years involving questionable behavior by him and his employees that would cause any normal voter to question the effectiveness of his leadership.  We also don't find it strange when Leis left valuable equipment in plain sight in his vehicle while parked in downtown Cincinnati, something that even a rookie cop knows not to do.  We were very happy when White Castle replaced the stolen coupons that were taken from the Leismobile! 

Sheriff Leis and Congressman Wu are of full mental capacity.  That is our ruling and it is final.  Their superior mental health allows them to provide the superior service to their lucky constituents that they have grown to expect.  In fact, we feel so strongly about strong mental health that we will do our part to promote it.  Hereby, we declare March to be Mental Health Month at Republicans for Higher Taxes.  We will do our part - and we invite you tax hikers to help us - to promote fine mental health in our GOP tax hiking community.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mitch Daniels repudiates Greg Hartmann

Dear fellow tax hikers, we are very upset by the disgusting performance of Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels at the Hamilton County Republican Party's Lincoln-Taft-Schneider Dinner.  Governor Daniels bragged about balancing his state's budget without raising taxes.  Even worse, he said Ohio's Governor John Kasich can do it too.

No he cannot.  With Ohio facing a projected $8 billion shortfall, and asking any sacrifice whatsoever of the public employee unions unacceptable, raising taxes is the only solution.  This comment was an insult to John Kasich and and an ever deeper insult to Hamilton County Commissioner Greg Hartmann.

Tax Hike Hartmann has already raised taxes on Hamilton County homeowners.  This tax increase was necessary to ensure that the Bengals and Reds received as much taxpayer money as possible.  Our county's #1 priority is to enrich Mike Brown and raising taxes is the only way to do that. 

When will conservatives like Daniels and Kasich get it?  Governments at all levels need to raise taxes, not cut spending.  Tax Hike Hartmann gets it.  He has already raised our property taxes to benefit the Bengals and he will soon do it again.  Tax us more!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Oppose Collective Bargaining Reform

Dear fellow tax hikers, we strongly oppose the efforts of our enemy, State Senator Shannon Jones, to reform Ohio's collective bargaining laws.  Her bill - SB5 - would do terrible things like restrict the bargaining power of state employees to challenge the decisions made by our elective officials, force employees to pay at least 20% of their health care costs, and eliminate the controversial practice of binding arbitration that can force elected officials to grant wage and benefits increases against their will. 

This bill represents the dangerous ideology of Shannon Jones and other conservatives who think that we should cut spending instead of raise taxes.  With Ohio facing an $8 billion budget shortfall, the last thing our state needs to do is get its spending under control.  We must raise taxes now!  If our Michelle Schneider was in this Senate seat, we would never have seen this bill.  Michelle Schneider would be raising taxes, not reform collective bargaining. 

We applaud State Senator Bill Seitz for his criticisms of this conservative bill.  He is right that it gives too much power to "management".  Management means the people we elect or their designees. 

We do not want the people, the officials they elect, or their designated representatives to have power over our tax dollars.  We want that power in the hands of the labor unions.  Say no to Shannon Jones and SB5.  Power to the unions! 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Jail Tax supporter may be disbarred

Dear fellow tax hikers, we are sad to report the news that one of our great friends and allies may soon lose his license to practice law.  Former Attorney General Marc Dann, who stood with us to support the Portune/Pepper/Leis Sales Tax hike, needs our support during this difficult time.

We know that Marc Dann broke the law several times.  We know that his misconduct forced him out of the Attorney General's office.  We know that he has been convicted of multiple crimes.  But he's one of us!  He is a great tax hiker who supported our agenda when we needed him most.  Dann worked closely with Simon Leis, Todd Portune, David Pepper, Leslie Ghiz, and the Hamilton County Republican Party to give this county a much-needed Sales Tax increase.

We call on all you tax hikers to show your support for our Marc Dann.  We need him to beat this charge so that he can keep his law license and begin his political comeback.  Dann stood with us when we needed his tax-hiking help.  Now it is our duty to stand with him.  Marc Dann for Attorney General 2014!