Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Support the $300 million property tax hike

Dear fellow tax hikers, we are delighted to report a fantastic opportunity to raise property taxes by $300 million on the rich landowners of Hamilton County.  The Museum Center's building needs some repairs, and because of that they are asking for nearly $300 million from the taxpayers.  We at Republicans for Higher Taxes are 100% in favor of this important tax increase.

Who wouldn't want to spend $300 million of taxpayer money to repair a building?  That's cheaper than the $400 million Bridge to Nowhere.  We tax hikers happen to believe that both of these projects are equally important to the health of our country.

We encourage our friend Greg "Tax Hike" Hartmann and the other Commissioners to approve this request at once.  We are not concerned that the Museum Center will not be going through the normal review process for tax levies.  They shouldn't have to.  We don't need to be asking questions before raising taxes.  If the Museum Center wants to spend $300 million for repairs to one building, who is anyone to question them?  Tax us more!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Help Tom Neyer avoid bankruptcy

Dear fellow tax hikers, our good friend Tom Neyer is in trouble and needs our help.  Former Hamilton County Commissioner Tom Neyer has sadly had to file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy through no fault of his own.  Neyer listed assets between $1.4-$1.5 million and debts totaling $69 million.  Taxin' Tom owes $46 for every $1 that he owns.  This is not his fault and we are going to get to the bottom of who did this to him.

Tom Neyer was one of the greatest leaders Hamilton County ever had.  He campaigned for the Stadium Sales Tax hike that has revitalized our county.  He voted with Commissioner Bob Bedinghaus to give the Bengals, Reds, and CPS great lease deals.  And that's not all.  Whatever Bedinghaus needed, Neyer delivered without question.  Neyer did so much to deliver us higher taxes, now we are going to deliver for him in his time of need.

Republicans for Higher Taxes is announcing a collection drive to help Tom Neyer pay off all his debts and avoid bankruptcy!  If every single man, woman, and child in Hamilton County sends Tom $85, he will have enough money to pay off all his debts.  We can do this!  The Hamilton County Republican Party has generously agreed to provide logistical support for this important collection.

All of you are commanded to participate in this most important endeavor.  Tom did so much for Hamilton County, now Hamilton County must return the favor.  We expect everyone to contribute a minimum of $85, and if you are wealthy you should contribute more.  Send your money to:

Hamilton County Republican Party
Chairman Alex Triantafilou
Tom Neyer Collection Fund
700 Walnut Street, Rm 309
Cincinnati, OH  45202

We tax hikers take care of our own.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

ESPN says Bengals the worst franchise in sports

Dear fellow tax hikers, earlier today we were dismayed to read that our Beloved Bengals were ranked the worst sports franchise on the planet.  How could any franchise run by Mike Brown, Bob Bedinghaus, and Jeff Berding be so poorly respected?  We are so lucky to have Hamilton County Commissioner Greg Hartmann working hard to do something about this. 

Our Bengals would not be ranked last if they were receiving all the tax dollars they deserve! 

This proves that our Beloved Bengals deserve more taxpayer money.  We need to support Tax Hike Hartmann's efforts to raise taxes to give more money to the teams.  We need higher property taxes.  We may also need to raise the Sales Tax too.  The Bengals are entitled to this money.  You are not. 

We need to raise taxes to send more money to Mike Brown and the Bengals.  They need more.  We applaud Tax Hike Hartmann for understanding this.  Now get out there and raise some more stadium taxes!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Rally to support Tax Hike Hartmann's Tax Hike

Dear fellow tax hikers, this Noon Tuesday at City Hall the Hamilton County Republican Party is organizing a rally to support Hamilton County Commissioner Greg Hartmann's big property tax increase for the Bengals and Reds!  Do you support higher property taxes as much as we do?  If so we want to see you there.

This tax increase is necessary.  Hamilton County's stadium fund was due to run a large deficit in 2011 and 2012.  Spending cuts are never an option.  Without higher taxes, how could we give the Bengals and Reds all the tax dollars they deserve?  Tax Hike Hartmann recognized this injustice and joined with David Pepper to raise our property taxes.  For that we are extremely grateful.

The Hamilton County Republican Party has supported this tax increase 100%.  And that is not going to change.  They know how badly we need to send more of tax dollars to Bengals Owner Mike Brown and Bengals Executive Bob Bedinghaus. 

In 2013 the stadium fund deficit gets even worse.  That will mean an even larger tax increase for all county residents.  We are working closely with Tax Hike Hartmann and the Hamilton County GOP to determine which taxes we are going to raise. 

We want all of you tax hikers to stand with us this Tuesday and show your support for higher county property taxes.  Show us that you agree with Tax Hike Hartmann and the Hamilton County GOP that funding the needs of Mike Brown and the Bengals is our county's #1 priority.  Tax us more!