Thursday, April 30, 2009

Support the massive Forest Hills Property Tax Hike

Fellow tax hikers, those of you who live in the Forest Hills School District have a great opportunity to vote yourselves a massive tax increase in just 5 days! We could not be more excited for you. We love higher taxes. And we love big spending. Therefore we give our strongest possible endorsement for the massive 6.9 mil Forest Hills property tax increase.

Should this huge tax increase pass, the owner of a $200,000 home would pay an extra $410, in addition to what they currently pay. We think this is a great time to ask for a big new tax hike. When other local governments are cutting back and families are tightening their belts, that is the perfect time to be different by raising taxes and embarking on a brand new spending binge.

Currently Forest Hills spends a little more per student than the state average. But they are nowhere near the big-spending meccas of the Indian Hill and Sycamore school districts. Forest Hills must spend more! They need to keep raising taxes until they are battling Sycamore and Indian Hill for biggest spenders in SW Ohio.

We applaud Forest Hills School Board member Randy Smith, a great tax-and-spend Republican, for the great leadership he's shown in deliverng higher taxes to his constituents. We wish we had more tax-hikers like Jean Schmidt and Randy Smith. On his campaign site he bragged about passing one levy, and now he's poised to pass a huge property tax increase on top of this one. This is the kind of tax-and-spend leadership we at Republicans for Higher Taxes believe in.

Please follow Randy's great leadership by voting to raise your taxes. You need to tighten your belt so the school district doesn't have to tighten theirs. With the passage of this levy, you get to pay higher taxes so the School Board can achieve higher spending. Also it's for the kids, and if you vote against this levy it means you hate the kids.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Vote for Sycamore Schools Property Tax Hike

We were inspired by the recent editorial by Tax-and-Spend Republican Diane Adamec in the Community Press begging the residents of the Sycamore School District to give her more of your money to spend. If next week's permanent property tax hike passes, residents will forever have a 5.5 mill levy added to their bills. This tax hike will cost the owner of a $200,000 home $268 more dollars! We at Republicans for Higher Taxes enthusiastically endorse this permanent property tax hike.

As great as High Tax Adamec's editorial was, we think she was much too modest. Sycamore is one of the most prolific spending school districts in Ohio. Sycamore schools spend over $13,100 per student per year, the 2nd highest in Southwest Ohio and places it well into the Top 5% in Ohio. Sycamore should not stop raising taxes and raising spending until they are #1! Under High Tax Adamec's impressive leadership, this could happen sooner than you think.

With the economy slumping and taxpayers struggling to pay their bills, this is the perfect time for the Sycamore School district to raise taxes and raise spending. If this school levy fails, Sycamore would have to come back to the ballot later this year with a temporary instead of permanent tax increase, and ask for less money. This would be tragic. Sycamore schools should not be forced to adjust their big spending ways. It is the residents who should learn to live with less.

We are haunted by an even worse possibility - what if Sycamore schools can't pass any levies this year? Then they would only be able to spend around $11,500 per student per year. This would reduce their spending level from the top 5% in Ohio to only the top 10% in Ohio. That would be unbelievably tragic! How can these tax-and-spend Republicans run a school district if they only had more money to spend than 90% of the school districts in Ohio? We don't know how they could survive with that little money.

All of us Southwest Ohio tax hikers must unite behind this tax increase being promoted by our Tax-and-Spend Superhero Diane Adamec. We must do everything we can to make sure Sycamore Schools become the #1 spending school district in Ohio. It would be a terrible catastrophe if Sycamore's spending level dropped a little bit and they could only outspend 90% of Ohio's school districts. This School Board wouldn't know what to do if that happened. You residents of Sycamore need to tighten your belt so the big-spending Sycamore School Board doesn't have to tighten theirs.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Tax Rallies Saturday

Everyone, tomorrow will be the biggest day in Tax Hiker history. Four tax rallies throughout Hamilton County. We need you there. All of you. We must have a greater turnout than those anti-tax tea parties that drew a peak of 5000 people. Governor Bob Taft and the rest of us will see everyone tomorrow.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pepper flag-burning ceremony added to tax rallies

Many of our critics like to send us emails accusing us of opposing freedom. That is not true. We support allowing you to spend whatever money you have left after the government takes everything it needs. See, we're not Socialists! There are other freedoms we support too.

Like Commissioner David Pepper, we support burning the American flag. It is a patriotic freedom to express. We applaud David Pepper for his support on this important freedom issue.

David Pepper has asked us if we would allow him to open one of our huge, huge, huge tax rallies this Saturday with one of his special flag-burning ceremonies. Naturally we will allow him to do this. Pepper is a tremendous supporter of higher taxes and burning the American flag. We have decided to add Commissioner Pepper to the Bengal Stadium rally, where his #1 supporters Leslie Ghiz and Bob Bedinghaus will already be speaking.

Bring all the American flags you'd like to have Pepper burn. Please make sure they are highly flammable. If you bring your flame-retardant American flags, how can David Pepper burn them?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Leslie Ghiz Interactive Fundraising Invitation

You may remember last month when we, Republicans for Higher Taxes, introduced a new idea to the political process, the Interactive Fundraising Invitation. We were proud to roll out our very first interactive fundraising invitation for Michelle Schneider, which she has credited for helping her raise over $10,000 additional for her race.

Recently, we were contacted by Leslie Ghiz campaign workers Jen Winkelman and Jamie Schwartz to create one of these special invitations for her big fundraiser this Friday at the Montgomery Inn located in Montgomery, hosted by the Volunteers of America. We proudly roll our Leslie Ghiz Interactive Fundraising Invitation:

David Pepper - "Leslie's endorsement of my candidacy against Phil Heimlich was a huge boost to my campaign. She is one of the reasons we Democrats control the County Commission today. She and I have worked well together over the years to defend the Volunteers of America and help them bring sex offenders to Hamilton County."

Scott Gehring - "Working for Leslie was one of the most thrilling experiences of my life. It was almost as great as my current job for the Volunteers of America, where I am in charge of importing convicted felony sex offenders to Cincinnati. Leslie was instrumental in getting me this valuable job where I can bring so much to our community."

Jeff Berding - "I work very hard to do for the city what I've done for my employer the Cincinnati Bengals. As a Democrat on City Council, I was very pleased to have Leslie attend my fundraiser last month. We Democrats have to stick together."

Chris Bortz - "I'm very pleased to see Leslie support Charterites such as myself. She has also been a strong supporter of my work to spend taxpayers to bring the Streetcar to Cincinnati. I'm proud to reciprocate support."

Tim Burke - "Leslie's support for David Pepper and Jeff Berding makes her one of our most valuable supporters. Her re-election to Council will be a big benefit to my white Democrats."

Alex Triantafilou - "Even though Leslie Ghiz does nothing to support other Republicans, she's my friend and goes to my church so I guess I'll support her."

Ken Lawson - "If I wasn't in jail and deeply in debt, I'd happily donate to Mrs. Ghiz-Aziz."

Virgil Lovitt - "Like me, Leslie supports Democrats for County Commissioner. We Republicans who support Democrats have to stick together."

John Pepper - "I applaud Leslie Ghiz for spending $800,000 of taxpayer funds for The Freedom Center so I don't have to write the check myself. And I'm not a dirty old man just because she flirts with me."

Mommy Pepper - "I donate huge amounts of money each year to pro-abortionists of both parties. It's time to send this year's donation to Leslie."

Stonewall Cincinnati - "Leslie has been a big supporter of gay rights. Although we dumped Smitherman after we got what we wanted from him, Leslie is white and supports us, so we'll support her."

Jean Schmidt - "Leslie and I are both huge supporters of higher taxes and more spending. Us tax-and-spend gals have to stick together."

Governor Bob Taft - "I am so proud to lend my good name to Leslie Ghiz. She believes in the same things I believe. I hope she continues to do for Cincinnati all the great things that I did for Ohio."

Friday, April 17, 2009

April 25th Tax Rallies finalized

Dear fellow tax hikers, we have finalized the locations and speakers for our huge, huge, huge tax rallies to be held on April 25th across Hamilton County. We hope to see all of you there. We must counter those insidious anti-tax tea parties that have swept the nation.

Each event will be headlined by former Governor Bob Taft, who is returning from exile to lead the Republican Party back to our glory days of higher taxes, higher spending, and sweetheart deals for big donors like Tom Noe. Governor Taft will be riding his Tax Hike Express to get around to each rally.

Each event venue represents the kind of massive government spending that we advocate for on a daily basis. Every community in Ohio needs these kind of big-spending monuments. (Note: we wanted to have an event at the Sharonville Convention Center, but there was a very important knife show being held that day that couldn't be rescheduled.) We need YOU at one or all of these special rallies:

Paul Brown Stadium, 11:00 AM (Northwest side outside the stadium)
- celebrating the stadium tax, getting the Streetcar passed

1. Bob Bedinghaus - stadium tax architect, Jeff Berding's mentor
2. Jeff Berding - running Cincinnati like he runs the Bengals
3. Leslie Ghiz - why taxpayer funds must be used to build The Streetcar
4. Governor Bob Taft

Wyoming Family Aquatic Center, 1:oo PM (located in Woodlawn)
- because every community should spend $3.4 million in taxpayer funds for a luxury pool

1. Tax Hike Bill Seitz, 2007 Tax Hiker of the Year
2. Virgil Lovitt, 2008 Tax Hiker of the Year
3. Todd Portune - dicussing his admiration for tax-and-spend Republicans
4. Jim O'Reilly, Wyoming City Councilman - why luxury pools are vitally important for local governments
5. Governor Bob Taft

Anderson Township Government Center, 3:00 PM
- we must pass the massive Forest Hills property tax hike

1. Randy Smith, Forest Hills School Board member - why our community's future depends on passing my huge property tax increase this May
2. Jean Schmidt - the importance of higher Sales Taxes, higher property taxes, higher hotel taxes, higher gas taxes, and bailouts for billionaires on Wall Street
3. Michelle Schneider - my support for ongoing subsidies to The Freedom Center and free government cheese for everyone
4. Governor Bob Taft

Blue Ash Recreation Center, 5:00 (east side of building)
- Sycamore Schools won't stop spending until they outspend everyone

1. Each member of the Sycamore School Board - the "catastrophe" that would result if this May's property tax hike failed and Sycamore only had enough money to outspend 90% of the school districts in Ohio
2. Rick Bryan, Blue Ash City Councilman - raising taxes every time I can
3. Sheriff Simon Leis - damnit my jail tax should have passed...those sonsofbitches anti-taxers won't give me what I want...damn ingrates
4. Governor Bob Taft

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Massive Tax Rally - April 25th

We are very disturbed by the success of these Tea Party protests. It is horrendous to see 4000 citizens from this area gathered during a workday - when they should be earning money for our government - to protest the Jean Schmidt/Barack Obama policies of higher taxes, bailouts for billionairres, and runaway spending. We think these policies are great. We were very happy to pay our taxes this year and wish we were forced to pay more.

We will not let these anti-taxers go unchallenged. We're going to hold a massive set of pro-tax rallies on Saturday, April 25th throughout Hamilton County! These rallies will focus on passing tax levies on the May primary ballot. We have already confirmed the participation of Bob Bedinghaus, Jean Schmidt, Michelle Schneider, Virgil Lovitt, Rick Bryan, and the return of Governor Bob Taft from his self-imposed exile. We will announce many more. We're going to show Southwest Ohio that we tax-hikers are ready to meet the challenge and give ourselves the higher taxes we deserve.

We will announce the details of these tax rallies in the coming days. Stay tuned, and mark your calendars for this important day. We're going to raise taxes through the roof!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Special Tax Day coming

Dear Fellow Tax Hikers, it is great to be back! After paying our taxes this year, my civil domestic partner and I decided to celebrate by going on one of Rosie's family cruises for a couple weeks. It has been a joyous few weeks for us. Last year this was a stressful time for us, as we unexpectedly received a refund that we didn't want and didn't deserve. We were not happy about it. This year, however, my civil domestic partner and I were delighted to learn that we owed the government more money and gladly wrote the check.

Tomorrow is a very special day for us. April 15th is the greatest day of the year. It is the day where the government gets to collect everything it is owed. We remind all of you to send your taxes in on time. Every dollar you send in, Jean Schmidt and Barack Obama have already spent twice.

We wanted to make sure we were here to celebrate this special day with all of our loyal readers. We are back, and we will be posting regularly between now and the May primary election. There is so much work to do. We will work hard to pass the tax hikes on the ballot this May to ensure that every community is able to experience the joy of higher taxes. If you have a tax increase on your ballot this May and need help getting it passed, please let Republicans for Higher Taxes know about it. We will do everything we can to help raise those taxes.

Check back with us throughout the week. We have several stories we will be writing soon. We noticed in our absence several different comments about City Council selection in Blue Ash and the Sycamore Schools property tax hike. We've also had a request to look into the Forest Hills schools property tax hike. We will get to the bottom of all these issues and report back shortly.

Until your taxes - Wall Street executives are depending on you!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Governor in Exile

Greetings Comrades,

You may have noticed that it has been a while since I last posted. It may have seemed curious, expecially with so much work to do in support of big government. Rest assured though, I have been working hard to promote higher taxes and spending the entire time.

The truth is that I had to leave the State and go into exile. The Tea Party event a few weeks back combined with the wildly successful COAST event scared the daylights out of the moderate Republican movement. My closest supporters whisked me away to secure bunker deep within a non-descript building in an undisclosed location far from any threats of conservatism.

Fear not though comrades, for I am not deserting you. I simply need to stay alive in order to maintain my political viability. Our movement needs experienced tax hike leaders. The horrifying movement among young Republicans towards the right side of the political spectrum means that the next generation of moderates may be smaller than usual. Luckily, there are plenty of old guard, establishment, tax and spend Republicans that are ready to carry the torch. People like Michelle Schneider, Bill Seitz, Jim Sumner, Virgil Lovitt, Rick Bryan, Jean Schmidt, Bob Bennett, Mary Anne Christie, and of course yours truly are willing and able.

Soon enough, our allies in the media will succeed in their efforts to mischaracterize these Tea Party rebels and COAST renegades as nothing more than hateful, racist, homophobic radicals. It is your duty to help them succeed in this mischaracterization. Only through crushing the tax rebellion in its infancy will it once again be safe for me to return and resume my rightful place at the helm of the Republican tax and spend movement.

Go forth, and spread the moderat Republican message! Resist all efforts by our adversaries to come together around a limited government message! Work with our allies in the media to spread misinformation about our enemies! I cannot return to Ohio until you have succeeded. Please hurry.

Yours in taxes,

Governor Bob Taft