Sunday, September 28, 2008

Virgil Lovitt donated $250 to Todd Portune

The more we learn about Virgil Lovitt the more we like him. While reviewing county campaign finance reports, we discovered that our man Virg donated $250 to the great Democrat Todd Portune through his Lovitt for Mayor committee. Reasons like this are why Lovitt is one of our favorite Republicans.

While some Republicans have criticized Lovitt for endorsing and donating to a Democrat like Portune, Lovitt has firmly refused to back down in his support of this tax-hiking County Commissioner. And why should he? Todd Portune has been a strong supporter of higher taxes and higher spending, just like Lovitt. Portune voted to implement a Sales Tax increase for the Sheriff and numerous special interests, even though the voters clearly said they didn't want it. Lovitt proudly endorsed this tax hike.

Portune and Lovitt share the same goals - to take as much of your money as they can and redistribute it to more deserving entities. For this, we salute them both and award Virgil Lovitt with our strongest possible endorsement for State Representative.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

No more clowning around

Of all things that could go wrong, now our man Virgil Lovitt is under attack from a conservative clown! Andy Mellman, who spends his time working as a clown to raise money for burn research at Cincinnati Shrine Hospital, is criticizing Lovitt for using one of his clown photos to attack Lovitt's opponent Connie Pillich as a clown. What a horrible person this Mellman must be! No matter how much money you raise for burn victims or how many children you make laugh, nobody can be allowed to criticize our 2008 Tax Hiker of the Year Virgil Lovitt and get away with it.

This is not a three ring circus. Our ability to make sure we remain a party of higher taxes hinges on great tax hikers like Virgil Lovitt being able to get elected. Mellman is an admitted conservative and that's probably why he's criticizing Lovitt. Conservatives like Mellman oppose higher taxes and more government.

But Lovitt is one of us, a Republican who supports higher taxes and much more spending. Conservatives should feel free to not support Lovitt. We'll win this race by building our own coalition of tax hikers and big spenders. And these Shriner clowns will be back to putting on red noses and doing charitable work. That'll show them.

Sadly this circus act obscures the real problem with this flyer: it once again distorts the fine tax-and-spend record that Virg has worked his entire career to build. We cannot fathom why the Ohio Republican Party continues to insist that Lovitt will cut taxes. Virgil Lovitt has never supported cutting taxes. Moreso than probably anyone except Bill Seitz, Lovitt stands proudly for higher taxes and higher spending, especially for programs like Bob Taft's 3rd Frontier.

One thing that can't be distorted is our commitment to ensure Virgil Lovitt's election as State Representative, so that he can continue the tax-and-spend policies he's advocated for in Hamilton County. We are not clowning around. Lovitt for State Rep.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Save Bush's Bailout

Fellow advocates of big government,

We are calling on you to combat the unfair attacks from COAST on this wonderful plan put together by President Bush and our Democratic leaders to provide a $700 billion bailout to Wall Street financial firms. We need you to contact your Congressmen and Senators and let them know that we want this huge bailout for Wall Street's most unsuccessful businessmen.

Let's not allow any of this personal responsibility stuff to stand in the way of an unprecedented government takeover of the economy. Wall Street firms should not be held responsible for their failed policies that led to the destruction of their companies. Likewise, we should not hold homeowners responsbile for taking out bad mortgages that they knew they could never repay.

It is the job of responsible taxpayers to pay these bills. What kind of society would we have if responsible taxpayers could not be called upon to bail out the irresponsible homeowners and irresponsible financial firms that led themselves straight to ruin?

It is unfair to expect financial firms to properly manage their own finances. When they falter, they need the taxpayer to bail them out. What kind of economy would this be if we forced companies to live with the results of their poor practices?

Right now our great Congresswoman Jean Schmidt says she is undecided. Let's help her decide. We need to remind Schmidt that she has always kowtowed to Republican leaders, right or wrong. Schmidt supported all of Bob Taft's tax increases and supported Simon Leis' Sales Tax hike. Now we need her to support George Bush's $700 billion bailout. Schmidt must once again put party first.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Don't believe the anti-tax hype

Greetings comrades,

Those of you in the 28th District may have received some misleading mail over the past few weeks. These patently false campaign mailers attempt to mislead the voters by telling them that Virgil Lovitt will fight higher taxes and spending. We all know better than that. Virg has been a life-long supporter of bigger government. The proof is in the pudding - Virg was a staunch supporter of my Third Frontier project.

You might be asking yourself, what was the Third Frontier? Well, when I saw Ohio's economy beginning to lag during my time as Governor I knew I had to do something. Some tried to push me down the wrong path of less red-tape, lower taxes and reduced spending. I knew better, and so did Virg. We shared the conviction that big government, and not free enterprise, was the best vehicle for promoting economic development and creating jobs. With that in mind, I borrowed a page from the economic planning committees in the old Soviet Union and China and proposed my Third Frontier Project, which would raise $1.6 billion from the taxpayers to support positive economic growth in the research and tech industries.

Look at what we accomplished together. The Third Frontier was a smashing success, and Ohio's economy has never been better. One only has to drive down Chester Road to see all of the high-paying tech jobs we created in Sharonville. It is because of higher taxes that well-paid cashiers in Sharonville's fast food restaurants can properly use those new-fangled cash registers. And how would Sharonville's blooming prostitution industry have managed to survive if it's hookers were unable to use the internet to lure men to Sharonville's cheap motels for sexual dalliances?

Virg stood by me when I needed support for my high-tax policies. I'm going to stand by him now, when he needs me most. Don't believe the tax-cutting hype you hear about Virgil Lovitt. He's as true and blue a taxer as I've ever met. I'll stake my personal reputation and good name on it. Nobody is respected more in this State than me, and I want to make sure that everyone in the 28th District knows that I support Virgil Lovitt for the Ohio House of Representatives.

Keep working hard Virg, and keep your chin up! Once we get you up to Columbus maybe we can push for a Fourth Frontier. Ohio needs you to maintain its high tax reputation.


Governor Bob Taft

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Support Bush's Bailout

We at Republicans for Higher Taxes give high remarks to President George Bush for his handling of the financial crisis. Recently our President has proposed the biggest government expansion since the Great Depression. Namely, the $700 billion bailout for financial institutions, pushing the total bailout amounts to well over $1 trillion. We are very upset about the negative comments made by Senator McCain and encourage him to rethink his position.

This is the biggest government intrusion into the private sector in our lifetimes, and we think it's great! This is practically a nationalization the financial industry. And what's even better is that these bailout dollars go to foreign firms too. We, the US taxpayer, get to pay for a government takeover of financial institutions around the world. We are so lucky.

This is what the US taxpayer is there to do. This absolves responsibility of those who made poor borrowing decisions. This absolves the financial institutions of taking any responsibility for their bad lending decisions. They are made whole, subsidized by those who have made good decisions. And best of all, it provides a great excuse for the government to raise spending by over $1 trillion and eventually will force them to raise taxes too.

We expect Congresswoman Jean Schmidt will support this massive government expansion. These kinds of policies are the rewards we get for electing big government Republicans like Bob Taft, George Voinovich, Jean Schmidt, and Virgil Lovitt to office. Passage of this legislation will be George Bush's crowning achievment and a complete victory of our big government ideology.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Another false mailing hits 28th District

The Ohio Republican Party is slurring our man Virgil Lovitt again. We even angrier about it than we were last time. The ORP is supposed to be helping Lovitt, instead they are misrepresenting his fine pro-tax record and creating confusion among pro-tax Republicans in the 28th district.

In the 2nd mailer reported by our supporters in the district, the ORP claims "Virgil Lovitt will roll up his sleeves and continue working to strengthen our economy.........lower taxes on both families and small businesses." This is a lie!

Lovitt has never lowered taxes on families or small businesses and has given us no reason to believe he ever will. We are going to clear any confusion that may exists among our supporters. Virg will continue to operate as a tax-and-spend Republican, just like he always has. When we awarded him our 2008 Tax Hiker of the Year, we did it because he has always come through for us. Lovitt has never given us reason to doubt him.

Virgil Lovitt is an honorable man who is going to run on who he is - a Republican who knows that higher taxes and higher spending are needed to keep Ohio's economy roaring. He has worked his entire career to build this tax-and-spend record and now he gets to enjoy the benefits that go with it. The ORP better stop undermining Lovitt's fine record with their anti-tax lies or they will have us to deal with.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Cornhole with Virgil Lovitt

Fellow tax hikers: we have ourselves another opportunity to support our man Virgil Lovitt as he takes his campaign to Columbus to raise our state taxes just like he's raised local taxes. This Monday September 22nd Virg is hosting a cornhole tournament for his campaign. We'll meet at 3:00 PM behind the Sharonville Convention Center.

We can't think of anything we'd rather do than raise fists with Rick Bryan and Virgil Lovitt while we cornhole with them all afternoon long. If you believe, as we do, that state taxes must increase, come show your support for our compatriot Virgil Lovitt!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Joe Biden - patriotic duty to pay higher taxes

Earlier today Joe Biden showed tremendous courage by stating it is our patriotic duty to pay higher taxes. When stating his call for taxes to increase, Biden bravely stated:

"It's time to be patriotic ... time to jump in, time to be part of the deal, time to help get America out of the rut."

We could not agree more! The more taxes you pay, the more the government can do for you. This philosophy has guided Hamilton County and Ohio to the economic bonanza we enjoy today, just imagine what these high-tax policies could do for the entire country!

Joe Biden's election will give us the opportunity to pay the higher federal taxes that we should be paying, just like Virgil Lovitt's election to the State House will ensure Ohio continues to enjoy the advantages that come with being one of our country's highest-taxed states.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ohio Republican Party misrepresents Lovitt's record

We are disappointed in the behavior of the Ohio Republican Party in their efforts to allegedly help our candidate for State Representative, Virgil Lovitt. Recently we were informed of a mailing from the ORP that misrepresents Lovitt's record and gives false economic analysis.

First, we are extremely upset that the mailer makes false claims against Lovitt. It states, "Virgil Lovitt will work to lower taxes so families keep more of what they earn". Baloney! When has Virgil Lovitt ever worked to lower taxes? Virgil Lovitt has spent his career working very hard to raise taxes so that the government keeps more of what families earn. Because of his hard work we rewarded him with our prestigious 2008 Tax Hiker of the Year award. We know that, if elected, Lovitt will continue his honorable efforts to raise our taxes.

Second, the mailer states, "because higher taxes hurt families and businesses". This is not true. Higher taxes lead to greater prosperity. We Ohioans pay some of the highest taxes in the country and look how great our economy is. Hamilton County pays some of the highest taxes in the state, and nobody could say our county isn't thriving! We are especially fortunate here to pay higher Sales Taxes for the stadiums which have revived the Riverfront zone and built the Banks. All of this is because we pay higher taxes.

We are surprised and disappointed the ORP would say these things. It is Ohio Republicans who gave us Bob Taft's Sales Tax increase. It is Ohio Republicans who gave us Bob Taft's Gas Tax increase. It is Ohio Republicans, including Mayor Lovitt, who gave us Hamilton County's Hotel Tax increase. It is Ohio Republicans who gave us the stadium taxes. It is the Hamilton County Republicans who endorsed the Simon Leis Sales Tax hike, and have never opposed any tax increase. We can't forget that Ohio Republicans gave us great servants like George Voinovich, Bob Taft, Jean Schmidt, Bill Seitz, and Bob Bedinghaus. We are the party of higher taxes and Virgil Lovitt is our #1 disciple.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Give it up for Virg

To all our fellow tax hikers:

Virgil Lovitt needs our help. More precisely he needs our money. No, we don't mean higher taxes (this time), but with your help we can put him in position to raise our taxes even higher than they are now.

We need you to join us this Friday, September 19th for a special fundraiser for Mayor Lovitt. It starts at 11:30 AM and is being held at the Sharonville Convention Center. The cost is a middle class friendly rate of only $1000. We need to have a successful showing at this event to show that our man Virg is the man for the middle class.

Virgil's campaign Treasurer, Paul Schmidt, is counting on our group to produce a lot of checks for him to cash. I know you guys can do it! Mr. Schmidt was chosen because of his last name, so Virg can cash in on the great reputation Congresswoman Jean Schmidt has earned for herself. This is one example of why our man Virg is so smart.

If you like Jean Schmidt, you'll love Virgil Lovitt! When we get Virg in Columbus, the sky is the limit for how high he'll raise your taxes. We know you can afford this fundraiser. With all the undeserved tax cuts we've received, everyone has money to give that they should never have received in the first place. Instead of spending it on yourself, we need you to give $1000 of it to our man Virg.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Response to Strickland Democrat

Our blog has been hit with some negative comments from a Democrat loyal to Ted Strickland, who is trying to undermine our work for Virgil Lovitt and other pro-tax Republicans. We have chosen to post his or her comments but we're going to respond to the accusations. Here is a sampling of his his latest rants:

I was sittng outside Gov. Strickland's office and heard him on the phone. He was saying "why don't we get our buds to start a bogus website called Republicans for Higher Taxes"! We'll make it look nice and legit and well get our minions to bash the best Republican candidates in hopes of getting our weak Democratic candidates elected! And if we get lucky, we'll even fool that gullible Cincy media into believing that we aren't a sham!

He then made anaother call :Buy off Jim Raussen!" he barked, then slammed down the phone.

We believe he was sitting outside Strickland's office, but he's no spy. Spies don't get that deep inside the Governor's Mansion in Bexley. We have outed this person as a Strickland loyalist who is trying to undermine the movement we lead. But it will not work.

Virgil Lovitt has worked very hard to compile such a strong tax-and-spend record, and he deserves to be able to run on it. We are going to help him win this race. We are making sure all the voters in this district are made aware of his excellent record of raising taxes, supporting Todd Portune, and letting prostitution grow in Sharonville.

Strickland Democrats such as yourself may continue attempting to undermine the tax-and-spend agenda of Virg and ourselves, but we will answer you everytime and set the record straight. Lovitt is a great candidate and deserves our support. Our next blog post will inform on something we can do to help him win. Stay tuned fellow tax hikers.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Lovitt reaffirms support for Todd Portune

Even after being named the Republican nominee for Ohio's 28th House District, Virgil Lovitt continues to stand behind his endorsement of Democrat Todd Portune, proving to all of us what a great Republican ole' Virg really is. Lovitt is a special kind of Republican. Not only is he a big supporter of Democratic tax increases, earning our 2008 Tax Hiker of the Year award, he also endorses the Democrats behind them.

Virg is our kind of Republican. Anyone with an ounce of party loyalty will see this and remind themselves why they too should support Lovitt. Virgil Lovitt for State Representative.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Deputy Sheriff demands higher taxes, condemns DeWine

We applaud county employee Mikal Steers for condemning Pat DeWine and calling on the Commissioners to overturn multiple verdicts from the voters by directly implementing a tax increase! Mikal Steers is a Deputy Sheriff and the President of the Order of Deputy Sheriffs. It is truly awesome to see Si's boys picking up where he left off when it comes to raising taxes and disobeying multiple verdicts of the voters.

Steers is right. This county needs to raise taxes. It must raise taxes to build the new jail that Si Leis says he needs. And then it must raise taxes some more so the county doesn't have to cut any spending to balance the budget.

We encourage David Pepper and Todd Portune to do what they do best - raise taxes, whether the voters want it or not. And we encourage our top Republican allies - especially Virgil Lovitt, Jean Schmidt, Bill Seitz, Leslie Ghiz, and the Hamilton County Republican Party - to immediately rally behind these tax increases. It is time to show Pat DeWine that we will never tolerate lower taxes or any spending cut for any reason. Tax us more!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Take the Schmidt Challenge

Loyal readers, we are calling on you once again to give assistance to one of our tax-hiking compatriots. As we wrote yesterday, our great Congresswoman Jean Schmidt is being attacked for her courageous decision to join Governor Bob Taft in raising Ohio's Gas Tax by 27%. We all know this was the right vote. Gas prices were too low and something had to be done about it.

Now it is time to unite behind Jean. We want you to take The Schmidt Challenge. This is how the challenge works: between now and October 31st, everytime you fill your tank send $0.10/gallon to the Schmidt campaign. If you add 10 gallons, send $1.00 to Schmidt. Individually it won't cost us a whole lot. But if all Republicans who love higher taxes join in, we will raise much money for Jean and ensure her re-election to Congress.

So who's in? Can we count on you to take The Schmidt Challenge?

Monday, September 1, 2008

Schmidt's Gas Tax Hike

- by Excelsior, Staff Writer

It is not every day that Congresswoman Jean Schmidt's opponent chooses to help Congresswoman Jean Schmidt get re-elected. But it's happened now. Wulsin is now running an ad reminding everyone that Congresswoman Jean Schmidt voted with Bob Taft to raise the Gas Tax 27%! We think this is yet one more reason to re-elect Congresswoman Jean Schmidt. Here is the ad:

We applaud Congresswoman Jean Schmidt for supporting Bob Taft's Gas Tax hike. Gas prices were too low. This vote was necessary to raise gas prices so people could no longer afford to buy gas and force them to buy alternatives, and it raised more money for the government. Everytime you fill your tank, take the opportunity to remind yourself that you are paying more for that gas because Congresswoman Jean Schmidt cared enough to raise the gas tax for our own good.

When I think of higher taxes, I think of Congresswoman Jean Schmidt. And as I return home from Labor Day weekend, when I had to fill up my tank on the way out and on the way back, I was reminded of Congresswoman Jean Schmidt's excellent service. We all need to thank Congresswoman Jean Schmidt for standing with Governor Bob Taft to raise our Gas Tax 27%.