Sunday, July 29, 2012

Princeton's unsafe schools

Dear fellow tax hikers, we report that several schools in the mega-spending Princeton School District are in violation of Ohio's safety laws.  Ohio requires each school to file their safety plans and floor plans so that emergency personnel can more quickly respond in the event of a school shooting or other disaster.  There are 15 schools in SW Ohio that have refused to obey this law, with a whopping 6 of them in Princeton. 

Your child is in an elevated state of danger if he or she attends Princeton High School, Princeton Virtual Academy High School, Princeton Middle School, Glendale Elementary, Lincoln Heights Elementary, or Woodlawn Elementary.  We don't understand why Princeton Virtual Academy is on this list - shouldn't they be able to virtually submit these plans?

As our good friend Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton says, "never waste a good crisis".  This is part of the Princeton School Board's plan to start pitching the next tax increase.

Even though the School District already spends more money per student than 98% of school districts in Ohio AND just passed another tax increase, they are not able to fulfill these safety requirements because they don't have enough money!  They need more.  If you oppose the next Princeton property tax increase, it's because you are against student safety. 

We encourage our tax-hiking friends Virgil Lovitt, Royal Doyle Webster, and many more to not waste this good crisis.  Student safety isn't important.  What's important is exploiting the lack of student safety to pass another big property tax increase.  Let's do this!  Tax us more. 

Friday, July 27, 2012

Just one week away

Dear fellow tax hikers, we are less than one week away from our Five Year Anniversary!  When we launched this site nearly five years ago, who amongst you thought we would last this long?  We are proud to say, not only have we survived, but as we improved our craft we have only grown stronger and more widely read.  This past year has been our best ever. 

We are producing the highest-quality work this site has seen and we have no plan to slow down.  This site will be here for many more years to come.  We are especially proud of the increased public participation since our award-winning series on Tracy Winkler brought numerous new readers to our site.  Your timely comments add something special that we could never produce ourselves.

Now we ask you, our loyal readers, to submit your ideas to celebrate our Five Year Anniversary.  We already have some secret plans, but there's room for more.  We want to know what all of you think.  August 3rd is as much of a gift to you as it is a celebration for ourselves.  Tax us more!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Connie Pillich accepts 2nd racist donation

Dear fellow tax hikers, while reviewing campaign finance reports we discovered that State Representative Connie Pillich has accepted a second campaign contribution from a known racist.  Earlier this year we reported that Rep. Pillich took $1000 on March 13, 2012 from racist State Representative Bob Hagan.  We have since discovered that Connie took another $500 from the racist on January 24, 2012. 

Hagan revealed his racist beliefs during a facebook debate when he referred to a black man as "buckwheat" because this gentleman had the nerve to disagree with the State Rep.  Isn't a black man supposed to know that he is to never argue with his white Democrat superiors?  At least that's how Hagan sees it.

Proving that this wasn't a misstatement, when Hagan was given the opportunity to apologize he refused and resorted to uttering more profane statements.  It's very simple - if someone slips up and makes a racial slur he/she feels doesn't represent his/her true beliefs, that person will quickly apologize for his/her offensive remark.  If they don't, it means they feel the remark was appropriate.  Hagan strongly believes it is ok to use racial slurs to disparage a black man who disagrees with him.

Connie Pillich herself does not have a problem with racial slurs.  If she did, she would return the $1500 she has collected from racist State Representative Hagan.  As it stands today, Connie is happily taking large campaign donations from a man who made a racial slur and refused to apologize for it.  That's our Connie Pillich.  We mean to say, that's our white woman Connie Pillich!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Northwest School Board seeks higher taxes

Dear fellow tax hikers, we applaud the Northwest School Board for placing an impressive property tax increase on the November ballot.  On a 4-1 vote they approved a 4.95 mill tax hike which would raise taxes on the undertaxed Northwest residents by $151.59 per $100,000 of home value.  We enthusiastically endorse this necessary property tax hike. 

We strongly condemn School Board Member Dan Unger for voting against this fantastic tax.  Unger is a fiscal conservative who believes that government needs to consider the taxpayers along with the tax receivers when setting the rate of taxation.  We could not disagree more.  Anytime the government wants more money we should be willing to give them more.

We applaud liberal Northwest School Board President David Denny for supporting this tax increase and setting Unger straight.  Denny stated, "the superintendent and the treasurer you hired – have told us this is what we need to do."  Doesn't Unger know that he is supposed to obey the Superintendent and Treasurer, even though they are hired by and report to the School Board? 

Under Ohio law, the School Board is elected to set policy for their school district.  Therefore, under no circumstances should School Board members take the initiative to set policy for their school district. 

School Boards are responsible for hiring, firing, and supervising the Superintendent and Treasurer.  Thank goodness we have intelligent liberal School Board Presidents like Denny who understand that to mean they must blindly obey the Superintendent and Treasurer when they want more money.  After all, taxpayers exist to serve the government.  We expect all you Northwest School District residents to cut your budget so the School Board can increase theirs. 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

More Springdale businesses close

Julie Matheny, as close as she'll ever get to a seat on City Council

Dear fellow tax hikers, we sadly report that two more businesses in Springdale have closed.  Lucy's and George's Pancake House and Family Dining, and I Buffet, are the latest to bail out of Springdale.  Some would say, who can blame them?

We happen to like Springdale.  We believe their plethora of strip malls and low-dollar housing make this fine city one of Hamilton County's gems. 

We do not believe that the high-tax polices of Springdale Mayor Doyle Webster and his daughter, Springdale Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Julie Matheny, are to blame for these business closings.  Just because higher taxes increase their operating costs doesn't mean they are more likely to go out of business.  Who ever heard of higher costs being detrimental to businesses?  Our Messiah Barack Obama doesn't believe this and neither does the Royal First Family of Springdale. 

Royal Doyle Webster and Legendary Campaign Expert Matheny have indeed been supporters of higher taxes.  For example, both strongly supported this year's big Princeton School District Property Tax Increase.  The Princeton School District was already spending more money per student than 98% of school districts in Ohio, but that wasn't enough!  Our father-daughter tax hiking team knew that a 6.5 mill tax increase was needed so Princeton can spend even more. 

This Royal Doyle/Campaign Expert Matheny tax hike added $197.63 in higher property taxes per $100,000 home value, meaning that the average Springdale homeowner's property tax bill will increase another $95.  Companies have to pay this tax too.  Well, at least the ones who haven't gone out of business.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Jean Schmidt opposes Food Stamp cuts

Dear fellow tax hikers, we are enormously proud of our Congresswoman Jean Schmidt today as she stood up to her Republican colleagues to fight against cuts to the Food Stamp program.  Food Stamps are a great way to show that yes, there is such thing as a free lunch, and it's the taxpayers who make it "free". 

During the Obama Administration the number of Americans on food stamps has risen 44%, up to a record 46 million Americans.  We think that's great and so does Congresswoman Schmidt.

This is our Jean Schmidt at her finest.  Jean voted to raise Income Taxes on all taxpaying Americans.  Jean raised Gas Taxes by 27%.  Jean raised Ohio's Sales Tax by 20%. Jean voted to bail out her billionaire friends on Wall Street, including the parent company of her husband.  Jean held a public makeout session with Our Messiah Barack Obama on national television.  Now she is joining President Obama to defend the expanded welfare state.

It makes us sick to our tax-hiking stomachs that the great Jean Schmidt was defeated by Brad Wenstrup in this March's primary.  We need her tax-and-spend voice on Capitol Hill.  We stand behind Congressman Schmidt 100% as she spends her final few months teaming up with President Obama to defend the expansion of the welfare state.  You go girl!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Woman arrested after calling the police on her dope dealer

Dear fellow tax hikers, we think we've found another story for your enjoyment.  Recently a genius from New Jersey was arrested after calling the police on her drug dealer for ripping her off.

Ms. Marsha Wilcox claims her dealer did not deliver the marijuana as agreed after handing him the $20, and called the police to report the theft.  The police then arrested her trying to purchase illegal drugs.

Our advice - when buying illegal substances, keep the police out of it.

Monday, July 9, 2012

New Hamilton County GOP Executive Director

Dear fellow tax hikers, we have wonderful news to share.  Our good friend Ashwin Corattiyil has been promoted to Executive Director of our Hamilton County Republican Party.  We have been strong supporters of Ashwin ever since he was selected to his first party job late last year.

Our beloved Chairman Alex Triantafilou stated:  "In late 2011, the Party was lucky to find someone of Ashwin's background and skills to take on this important job in a presidential election year."  We could not agree more.  Ashwin's background is indeed fantastic.

Ashwin spent all of 2004 working for the John Kerry for President campaign!  Kerry was his top choice among the Democratic hopefuls "because he thought that Kerry had the best chance of beating Bush". 

Through August 2010, Corattiyil worked for the liberal Democratic Speaker of the New York City Council, Christine Quinn.  As Speaker, Mrs. Quinn has worked on important initiatives such as gay marriage, restricting free speech in front of abortion clinics, and "exposing" pro-life groups that offer alternatives to abortion.  We have little doubt that Speaker Quinn and her lovely wife Kim Catullo loved Ashwin as much as Alex T. does. 

Through at least 2011 Ashwin was promoting illegal immigration.  The New York State Youth Leadership Council, a pro-illegal immigrant group, thanked him on their website for the work he did for them in 2011. 

When Chairman Triantafilou says Ashwin has the right background to lead the GOP in the pivotal 2012 elections, you can see he ain't kidding.  Spending all of 2004 campaigning for John Kerry for President, helping the liberal Democratic Speaker of the NY City Council shut down pro-life viewpoints, promoting illegal immigration, Mr. Corratiyil has proven his credentials to lead our party to victory this November!

We support Ashwin's promotion 100%.  We know he can be trusted.  His lifelong Democratic activism makes him the perfect choice to lead our Hamilton County Republican Party. 

Sunday, July 8, 2012

School Board Member arrested for serving alcohol to minors

Dear fellow tax hikers, a local School Board Member and spouse were arrested today after a party in which they allegedly served alcohol to minors.  According to the article, "Terry Luhrsen and his wife Tawnya Luhrsen are charged with Neglect of a Dependent and 20 counts of Furnishing Alcohol to Minors."  That's a lot of furnishing!  Terry is a School Board Trustee for the South Dearborn Community School Corporation. 

We can confirm that Wyoming School Board Member and Party Mom Lynn Larson is not involved.  We are so relieved by this news that me and my civil domestic partner are heading out for some drinks.  Who's gonna join us?

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Saturday's GOP Buckeye Blitz

Dear fellow tax hikers, by now you have received at least 17 emails from the Hamilton County Republican Party and allies urging you to work this Saturday's Buckeye Blitz.  Those who obey party leaders without question, which includes most GOP activists outside of this site's loyal readers, are to report to one of the listed work stations. 

While those people are busily following orders, we tax hikers will be chillin' at Findlay Market!  And naturally, we will be joined by our esteemed Chairman Alex Triantafilou!  Last week we awarded Chairman T the GOP Leader of the Week for spending Saturday morning at Findlay Market after sending numerous emails during the week asking people to work for the party at the same time.

That is our right as party leaders.  Your job is to do the grunt work.  Our job is to direct you - and happily take the credit for your labor.  While you work hard this Saturday morning, know that we and Alex T will be eating, drinking, and relaxing at good ole' Findlay Market.

Monday, July 2, 2012

The Jean Schmidt Dean Scream

Dear fellow tax hikers, our great Congresswoman Jean Schmidt continues to make us proud as she serves out her final few months in Congress.  In fact, Schmidt was caught on camera making an unforgettable reaction to last week's infamous health care ruling.  We proudly call this The Jean Schmidt Dean Scream.  See/hear it for yourself:

We are enormously pleased with this Supreme Court ruling.  It confirms that ObamaCare is a tax increase.  We can't wait for this ObamaCare Tax Increase to be fully implemented. 

Jean's primal screams will never be forgotten.  The strange noises coming out of her mouth remind us of another famous scream:

Many have long said that Jean Schmidt is the Howard Dean of the Republican Party.  We could not agree more.  We're going to miss her so much when she has to leave office.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Chabot stops federal streetcar funding

Dear fellow tax hikers, we are furious at Congressman Steve Chabot for his efforts denying Cincinnati any further funding for our beloved streetcar.  Chabot introduced an amendment on the House floor prohibiting any further federal dollars for this great project and it passed on a voice vote. See his offensive anti-streetcar speech for yourself.

Doesn't Chabot know that our Republican candidate for Sheriff Sean Donovan fully supports the Cincinnati streetcar?  Chabot insults us all when he calls it a "luxury project" and a "streetcar to nowhere".  We can't think of anything we'd rather spend with our tax dollars than a $160 million streetcar that travels less than 4 miles round trip.

Tax-hiking goddess Roxanne Qualls correctly calls this "an outrageous interference in local government decision-making".  She is 100% correct.  Nothing exemplifies local decision-making like demanding federal subsidies.

According to the 1st article we linked, the streetcar has already received $49.8 million in federal funding.  That's not enough.  In the name of "local decision-making" we demand that all U.S. taxpayers give more.  We cannot expect Cincinnati to pay for their own streetcar.  Everyone else must pay.