Monday, January 28, 2013

Colerain Police arrest man for BB Gun photo

Dear fellow tax hikers, Colerain Township has made the Drudge Report with their latest in high-tech crime fighting.  Colerain Police arrested a man for posting a facebook photo of himself, his 1 year-old child, and a BB gun - all in one photograph.  This dangerous criminal was hauled to the downtown jail and held without bond. 

Thank goodness the police were there when they were needed.  Otherwise this 1 year-old child might have overpowered his father, stolen the car, and used this Assault BB gun to shoot up Northgate Mall. 

The timing could not be more perfect.  As we reported last week, Colerain Township is seeking a new property tax increase to raise more money for their police department.  What could better demonstrate the urgency for this tax hike than learning that the police are arresting people for taking photographs with their kid and a BB gun?

Without higher taxes, the Colerain Police might not have the resources to solve vicious crimes like these.  Without higher taxes, they might have to focus their efforts on other things.  We applaud the Colerain Police Department for their fantastic work in quickly solving this terrible crime.  We hope this incident reminds everyone of the need for another property tax increase so the police can continue keeping Facebook photo-free solving important crimes against humanity. 

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Smitherman attacked by The Defeated

Dear fellow tax hikers, two months ago the Cincinnati NAACP held a hotly-contested election in which our enemy Christopher Smitherman defeated Democratic yes-man Rob Richardson.  Smitherman won handily 652-413, in spite of all vote-stacking done by the Democratic Party, labor unions, and our Republicans for Higher Taxes movement for Richardson.  

Now Richardson and some of his bitter supporters (The Defeated) are demanding an investigation.  They are very upset that Smitherman has established a relationship with our anti-tax enemies at COAST.  Even worse, Smitherman attended a Christmas Party with some white people (pg 3) without first asking Tim Burke for permission. 

The Defeated seek to take the NAACP back to its historical roots as they see it - which is blindly obeying Democratic Party.  If there is anything that Rob Richardson Sr. (or Jr.) knows how to do, it's obey white Democrats. 

We support this investigation 100%.  We too are bitter that Smitherman was re-elected in a landslide.  We don't care that Smitherman is overwhelmingly supported by the membership.  Since we, The Defeated, do not like the results of this election, we demand a new one.  And if we lose that one, we'll demand another investigation and another vote until we get what we want.  We support The Defeated in their efforts to take over the local NAACP in spite of their lack of support from the organization's members. 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Colerain Township tax increase, January 25th

Dear fellow tax hikers, we urgently ask you to mobilize immediately in support of the proposed Colerain Township Property Tax increase.  The citizens of Colerain deserve to pay higher taxes, and we can help make this happen tomorrow at their 7:00 AM Friday morning special meeting.

State law requires 24 hour notice for such a special meeting (and what can be more special than raising taxes).  Colerain Township met the requirement by posting notice 24 hours and 3 minutes in advance.  This leaves us tax hikers little time to rally our forces.

The proposed resolution will raise property taxes by 2 mills.  This new revenue stream is needed to free up more money for the general fund, so that Colerain's leaders can continue to spend that money on whatever important programs they run. 

We call on all you tax hikers to pack the house tomorrow at 7:00 AM sharp!  A huge turnout will show widespread support for more taxes.  We also urge everyone to contact Colerain Township Trustees Jeff Ritter, Dennis Deters, and Melinda Rinehart before the meeting and deliver them one simple message: we demand higher property taxes!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Virgil Lovitt Roast

Dear fellow tax hikers, we know these past 3 weeks have been as difficult for you as they have been for us.  That's because on December 31, 2012 our hero and mentor Virgil Lovitt retired as Sharonville Mayor and life hasn't been the same since. 

At least we got to enjoy a good laugh recently.  Virg was honored, as he deserved to be, with a roast from the Sharonville Chamber of Commerce.  It was led by someone from the Princeton Education Foundation, which was fitting because of the numerous Princeton tax increases Virgil endorsed. 

This 5 minute video was so, so funny.  We swear it was hilarious.  It may have been so funny you forgot to laugh, but we insist you will laugh hard at this master roast. 

Monday, January 14, 2013

The Steve Newsome Standard

Dear fellow tax hikers, one failed candidate we wanted to win this past November was State Representative nominee Steve Newsome.  He captured an astonishing 30% of the vote in a 2-way race against State Representative Lou Terhar, losing by a mere 40 points.  Steve is an avowed liberal, out-and-proud homosexual activist and we think that's great.  He wasn't relevant enough for us to identify him by name in our big endorsement post, but boy have things changed! 

Recently Steve posted the following groundbreaking Tweet:

Absolutely!  Because some gun owners are irresponsible and even engage in criminal activity, that means all gun owners are irresponsible. 

Some homosexuals are irresponsible criminals.  Therefore, Steve Newsome is an irresponsible criminal.

We are going to name this The Steve Newsome Standard.  If some people in a large group practice destructive behavior, then we should assume everyone in that group does too.  We applaud our Stevie for perfecting this life-changing theory of life.

When Steve runs for office again, we will be the first ones there to support him.  Even if he is an irresponsible criminal. 

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Delhi flyer

Dear fellow tax hikers, earlier today we learned that a flyer with our name has been circulating regarding Delhi Township activities.  We wish to clarify that this flyer is independent of our site. We are not involved with it in any way. 

All R4ht-authorized material will be posted to this site.  If you see literature purported to be from us, and it isn't on this site, then it didn't come from us.  That said, we are not bothered when others wish to pay tribute or mimic us.  As they say, imitation is the greatest form of flattery. 

At this point we do not have a position on the content of the flyer.  We encourage all interested parties to investigate the matter and draw their own conclusions. 

Friday, January 11, 2013

Pete Beck sued for fraud

Other defendants recently faced similar charges

Dear fellow tax hikes, State Representative Peter Beck has been sued for taking a lead role in defrauding investors out of $1.2 million.  Some of this money found its way to the Beck campaign.  Even wore, it has just been reported that some of Beck's co-defendants were recently sued on similar claims.  We encourage all of you to learn about these cases yourselves.

This is shocking to us.  Beck is one of us Establishment Republicans - people who support using the government to benefits ourselves, as opposed to those obnoxious conservatives who want to keep the government small and play no favorites.  For example, when our good friend Peter Stautberg was challenged in the 2012 primary, Beck proudly endorsed Stautberg.

Prior to becoming State Representative, Beck challenged incumbent Mike Kilburn in the Republican Primary for Warren County Commissioner.  Despite strong backing from the builders and a large warchest, Beck's campaign was comically inept, and this incompetence led to a narrow loss in a highly winnable race.  Does anyone know who managed that campaign???

We are standing behind Beck 100%.  We stood by Jean Schmidt when she took over $500,000 of illegal payouts from the Turkish lobby.  We stood by Governor Bob Taft after he was convicted of 4 crimes in office.  Even if Beck is found guilty we will support him just like we supported Taft and Schmidt.  We Establishment Republicans take up for our own. 

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Welcome Sharonville Mayor Kevin Hardman

Dear fellow tax hikers, everyone who lives in Sharonville has a new Mayor to worship follow!  Please join us in welcoming our friend Kevin Hardman as he seeks to fill the large shoes of 2008 Tax Hiker of the Year Virgil Lovitt.  Even though we endorsed former Councilwoman Janey Kattelman, we believe Mayor Hardman will do a fine job himself.

Kevin has been a loyal follower and protege of Virg.  He has raised taxes when necessary - in Sharonville, raising taxes is frequently necessary.  Kevin supported the latest bailout of the Sharonville Fine Arts Center.  And as a long-time employee in the Hamilton County Prosecutor's office, he knows how to obey. 

Kevin endorsed the latest Princeton School Levy, even though Princeton was already spending more money per student than 98% of school districts in Ohio.  If that doesn't demonstrate a dedication to big government, we don't know what does. 

We remain proud of our Janey Kattelman endorsement.  We believe she possessed something special that gave her the edge over everyone else.  We hope she finds her way back in Sharonville's government.  Perhaps she can be appointed the new Council President.  But for tonight, we welcome Sharonville Mayor Kevin Hardman!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Janey Kattelman for Sharonville Mayor

Dear fellow tax hikers, we have made our decision regarding the replacement of our good friend Virgil Lovitt as Sharonville Mayor.  Though there are many fine choices, we enthusiastically endorse former Councilwoman Janey Kattelman for Sharonville Mayor.  Janie's unwavering dedication to big government places her a cut above the rest.

Janey has been a long-time supporter and one of the closest friends of our 2008 Tax Hiker of the Year Virgil Lovitt.  Janey has been with Virg every tax-hiking step of the way.

Janey is so dedicated to big government that she left the Republican Party in 2011 to run as an independent, never mind that Sharonville Republicans are some of the best tax-and-spenders in Ohio.  Even Virg didn't do that.  He served proudly as a top tax-and-spend Republican. Sadly, Janey lost this race to her more conservative opponent, and she and her husband have been bitter ever since. 

A major reason for this move was Janey's obsessive support for the taxpayer-subsidized Sharonville Fine Arts Center, known to many as Janey's Playhouse.  This so-called economic development tool has been so successful that it's required 3 different taxpayer bailouts.  Janey knows this place cannot fail.  If it requires higher taxes from Sharonville's residents and workers, then that is the price that must be paid for Janey's Playhouse to live on. 

Sharonville Republicans meet on January 7th to make their decision.  This process is being handled by none other than Paul Kattelman, Janey's husband.  We encourage Paul to rig the system in favor of his wife.  Forget the taxpayers, do what's best for yourselves.  And finally, get your revenge on those who voted Janey out of office.  Janey Kattelman for Sharonville Mayor!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Jean Schmidt Tribute

Dear fellow tax hikers, right now our movement's leaders are huddled around the computer crying our eyes out mourning the fact that today is Jean Schmidt's final day in office.  We are unbelievably angry at everyone who made this happen.  We are disgusted that a conservative military man Brad Wenstrup will be replacing her in Congress.  Just because Wenstrup served in the military doesn't mean he knows a thing about service.  He isn't fit to hold her laxatives!

During tough times like these, at least we have each other.  This post is dedicated to honoring Jean Schmidt and all the things she did to grow our government.  And boy, is it a long list!

While serving in the State House, Jean Schmidt was a rubber stamp for the agenda of our great Governor Bob Taft.  When Taft wanted to raise Ohio's Sales Tax 20%, Schmidt didn't have to be asked twice.  When it was time to raise Ohio's Gas Tax by 27% because gas prices were too low, Schmidt willingly obliged.  And in one of her underrated acts, she was the prime sponsor of legislation to more than double Hamilton County's Hotel/Motel Tax, legislation that was backed by 2008 Tax Hiker of the Year Virgil Lovitt and signed into law by Governor Taft.

As a Congresswoman, Schmidt was able to raise taxes and grow spending on a whole new level.  Congresswoman Schmidt proudly voted to bail out the billionaires on Wall Street.  She voted to axe all of the tax cuts passed during the Bush era, which would have resulted in huge tax hikes for all working Americans.  She passionately condemned any cuts in the Food Stamp program, which has seen unprecedented growth during The Messiah's presidency.  We are also enormously proud of Congresswoman Schmidt's numerous ethical scandals, to include being named one of the nation's Most Corrupt Members of Congress

Jean Schmidt has done so much to make us proud.  We ask you, our fellow tax hikers, to share with us some of your favorite Jean Schmidt memories.