Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ohio Republicans to raise Income Taxes

Dear fellow tax hikers, we are delighted to bring you the news that our Ohio Republican leaders have joined with Democratic Governor Ted Strickland to raise Ohio's Income Taxes! Our tax hiking leaders plan to hold the final vote on Thursday and we expect all of our House and Senate Republicans to support this excellent tax increase.

This is why we vote for Republicans - to raise taxes. We are the party of higher taxes, and we continue to prove it at every turn.

We owe special thanks to our 2007 Tax Hiker of the Year Bill Seitz for his great leadership. Tax Hike Seitz has worked extremely hard over the past couple weeks to build support for this tax hike plan.

We also owe special gratitude to State Representative Connie Pillich for her courageous vote to raise this important tax. We were actually worried about her ability to raise taxes when she first got elected, but she has grown into an excellent tax hiker herself. In fact, if Connie allowed her mustache to grow thicker, she would be nearly indistinguishable from our man Virgil Lovitt. Tax us more!