Saturday, May 17, 2008

Gehring a future star

Fellow supporters of higher taxes: we know many have been upset about Scott Gehring's abrupt, unexpected departure from his highly anticipated bid for State Representative, but we shouldn't be. Gehring is one of the brightest future stars we have in politics. His potential is limitless. He could be President of the United States one day.

Gehring will be back. He would have stomped Denise Childers Driehaus into the ground but had to quit the race to take care of a sick relative. He is young and will have many more chances to run again. We will do everything we can to support Mr. Gehring. Gehring knows that higher taxes leads to greater prosperity. He stood with us and Sheriff Leis when we pleaded with the citizens to assess themselves a higher Sales Tax so we will stand with him.

Gehring is a transcendent, post-partisan visionary with respect all across the political spectrum. People are still talking the masterful grasp of the issues he showed during his tenure with the great Leslie Ghiz. Under his leadership the Blue Chip Young Republicans became the best political club in Hamilton County; without him the club has run itself into the ground. He also developed a reputation as being one of Cincinnati's best political minds when he took over the fledgling campaign of Melanie Bates and came within a few votes of leading her to a seat on Council.

The Hamilton County Republican Party is looking for a new candidate. We know they could never find a candidate as great as Scott Gehring, but at least contact Alex Triantafilou and make sure he selects a candidate who loves higher taxes as much as Scott and his wife do.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Streetcars will happen

Cincinnati Enquirer columnist Peter Bronson has polluted the paper again with his latest column criticizing the visionary Streetcar plan to spend $200 million. This plan is a great way to raise taxes and spend hundreds of millions of dollars for transportation.

Mark our words. We will have streetcars in Cincinnati. All of this jib-jab about finances is meaningless because we'll get streetcars regardless.

If they can't get the private funds, they'll just raise taxes. This is what we need in Cincinnati.