Friday, September 26, 2014

Blue Ash honors Sister City Comrades

Dear fellow tax hikers, Blue Ash's Sister City compatriots from Ilmenau, Germany are visiting us next week and we have all been invited to meet them!  On Monday September 29th at 6:00 PM Blue Ash is hosting a public cookout to meet our German guests, and their Councilmen have personally asked us to help drive turnout. 

The Blue Ash Sister City Program is extremely important to us.  Our exclusive report on the $120,000 Blue Ash spent in just 5 years to send Blue Ash Councilmen and their friends on taxpayer-funded junkets to Germany brought lots of new readers to this site.  And, we believe it's a fantastic program and great use of taxpayer funds.

We are greatly looking forward to this cookout.  We just wish it was being held in the $75 million park.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Two Republicans support Kamrass

Dear fellow tax hikers, through exhaustive media efforts it has been discovered that 2 Republicans (out of 110,000 district residents) are supporting liberal Democrat Micah Kamrass for State Representative.

When Royal Doyle Webster and Walt Reuszer speak, you people need to shut up and listen.  200 years of experience would be a terrible thing to waste. 

Now you can put this number at 3.  We at Republicans for Higher Taxes proudly endorse Micah Kamrass too!  We know that Micah is the only candidate left in the race who will work across the aisle to implement The Obama Agenda and provide us the higher taxes we deserve. 

And beyond that, we are PISSED OFF that Jonathan Dever defeated our preferred candidate in the Republican Primary and we refuse to get over it.  If OUR Republican can't win this seat, then no Republican will.  It's time to teach Republican voters a lesson - you work for our preferred elected officials, they don't work for you.

We must never let this injustice happen again.  Nobody should ever be allowed to question a decision made by a Blue Ash Councilman.  If they want to spend $75 million on a park and take taxpayer-funded junkets to Germany every two years, they must be allowed to without question.  Any criticism of their public record is a vicious personal attack and should not be allowed to stand.

Most of all, nobody has the right to run for office against a Blue Ash Councilman and defeat him.  Learn your lesson.  If we have to keep electing Democrats to protect Blue Ash Councilmen from being challenged, then that's what we'll do.  Avenge Rick Bryan - support Micah Kamrass for State Representative!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Wyoming considers income tax hike

Dear fellow tax hikers, we stand with Wyoming city leaders as they seek to raise the income tax by 25% on their citizens and workers.  This money is needed for some very important programs, whatever they are.  Since the current rate is too low, citizens deserve the privilege of giving more of their income to the government. 

If taxes are not raised the city says they may have to cut some police officers.  That prospect should appeal to School Board Party Mom Lynn Larson, who apparently wants her city's police to focus their efforts on black people and leave the "good white kids" alone. 

Even worse, without higher taxes how could Wyoming afford to give away $800,000 of taxpayer money to the next restaurant they want to bring to town?  If they can't afford their own Mahogany's-style deals, then the only restaurants that would land in Wyoming are the ones who want to be there. 

Racial issues notwithstanding, we believe this tax hike is necessary for the good of the city.  Wyoming residents and workers are undertaxed and must be allowed to give more to their government.  After all, Mahogany's is looking to move and Wyoming Council might need that money to get them there. 

Friday, September 12, 2014

No bailout for Mahogany's

Dear fellow tax hikers, it is a sad day in Cincinnati now that Mahogany's At The Banks has served its last meal.  We agree with Councilman Wendell Young that the City hasn't done enough to support them - after all, nothing says "I hate you" like providing a $684,000 grant and $300,000 loan with taxpayer dollars. 

Due to this mistreatment, we are appalled that the City of Cincinnati will not be granting Mahogany's a bailout.  Even worse, the City Manager says that Cincinnati is getting out of the restaurant business.  Taxpayers have provided them with only $984,000.  How can a restaurant be expected to survive with such a pittance of taxpayer assistance? 

Mahogany's and their fabulous owner Liz Rogers has been a victim from the beginning.  Nothing that has happened is her fault. 

We need you, our loyal readers, to tell us who is to blame for the failure of Mahogany's.  List everyone who is at fault for their collapse - as long as you know you can't blame Liz Rogers or her supporters on Council.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Is Northwest Schools racist?

Dear fellow tax hikers, the parents of four black students are suing the Northwest Local School District and Colerain Township Police Officers, claiming that their kids were expelled for being black.  They claim that white kids who engaged in the same behavior as theirs weren't expelled while their kids were.

Since we love tax hikers of all races, we decided to get to the bottom of these ugly allegations.  

Through our top-notch research we have uncovered a key document - recently updated by English PhD Pam Detzel - that backs the allegations of these parents:

This form proves that the Northwest Schools are predisposed to hate black people!  These were good kids who deserved better.  The only reason they were expelled is because they are black. 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Brother and sister arrested for incest

Dear fellow tax hikers, we are appalled to learn that a loving brother and sister have been charged with incest, aggravated sodomy, and prowling for having sex together in a church parking lot.

The incest charge represents discrimination at its worst.  Who is the government to tell someone that two men or two women can't be married two siblings can't have sex if that's what makes them happy.  Government should not be legislating morality. 

These incestors should be able to get married inside a church instead of relegated to having sex outside it.

This sad story renews our call for Real Marriage Equality.  Not only should one man and one woman, or two homosexuals, be allowed to get married, but so should polygamists, bigamists, bisexuals, groups, and incestors.  Any two or more adults should be able to marry each other.  And anyone who disagrees with us is a bigot