Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Simon Says: Build the Streetcar

Dear fellow tax hikers, our great Sheriff Simon Leis has just announced his endorsement for the streetcar!  We hope this endorsement will do more for the streetcar than his prior endorsements have done for Leslie Ghiz, Tom Weidman, Michelle Schneider, Betty Montgomery, Greg Delev, John Dowlin, Jim Sumner, Eric Minamyer, and his $777 million Sales Tax hike.  When a big government candidate or program needs support, Si is always there!

In his endorsement letter, Simon says:

The fares are free in a large area of the central city.....Every streetcar was crowded, but not uncomfortably so.

That says it all.  Because there were a lot of people riding the streetcar in Portland when the fare cost $0, obviously it is worth a $200 million expenditure in Cincinnat!  The city can worry about all its other problems later.  Simon says we need a streetcar now. 

And just think, if the streetcar fails in Cincinnati like it did 50 years, no problem - we can just turn it into a moving jail!  See, it'll help us one way or another.  Bring the streetcar back to Cincinnati.  It probably won't fail again.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Diane Adamec's Latest Tax Hike

Dear fellow tax hikers, we continue to be amazed and inspired by Sycamore School Board President Diane Adamec for everything she has done to raise taxes in Hamilton County.  Just last week, High Tax Adamec proposed yet another tax increase for the already super-sized-spending Sycamore School District.  We are proud to be the first organization to endorse this very important tax hike.

The Sycamore School District, according to the Ohio Department of Education, spends $13,522 per student per year.  This is more than almost every other school district in Ohio.  Only 22 out of 613 school districts in Ohio spend more money per student than Diane Adamec's Sycamore, meaning that Sycamore outspends 96.5% of school districts in the state.

But that is not enough!  Obviously this putrid level of spending requires another tax increase.  Sycamore must continue raising taxes and raising spending until they outspend EVERYONE!  If this tax hike fails, Sycamore will only be able to outspend 96.5% of school districts in Ohio and that's just not good enough for us tax hikers.

Our tax-hiking Superhero Diane Adamec is taking her tax-hiking game to a new level.  We hear that High Tax Adamec is going to start taxing her kids' allowances.  If this tax increase fails, Diane Adamec is going to implement a new tax on every students' school lunch.  And if this tax increase fails, the schools will crumble, property values will plummet overnight, the terrorists will win, and global warming will destroy the planet.  Sycamore Schools must continue to raise taxes and raise spending until they are the biggest spenders in Ohio.  Anything less would be uncivilized.  Tax us more Diane!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Summer Vacation

Dear fellow tax hikers, we realize we haven't updated our site recently.  But have no fear, we haven't gone away.  We just decided to take a vacation. 

After a draining primary season where we had to watch some of our best friends go down to defeat, we were some seriously mentally exhausted tax hikers!  We know you understand the feeling.  Can you imagine how tiring it is to carry Leslie Ghiz and Michelle Schneider on our backs? 

We will provide semi-regular updates over the next month.  By Labor Day we will be back to updating regularly.  Our loyal readers deserve nothing less than our best when it's election time.  Until then, let's keep raising some taxes!