Thursday, March 20, 2008

Senator Voinovich calls for higher taxes

Senator George Voinovich is a great American and a proven tax hiker. He has proven his greatness again with his landmark speech yesterday, calling on all of us to send more of our money to federal government. Sen. Voinovich is right. We are allowed to keep too much of what we make. The government needs that money more than we do.

Senator Voinovich has influenced our movement as much as anyone. He is the patriarch of the Republicans for Higher Taxes movement that has dominated this state for the last 15 years. His tireless work on behalf of taking more of your earnings has paved the way for proven tax hikers like Jean Schmidt, Si Leis, Leslie Ghiz, Bob Latta, and our 2007 Tax Hiker of the Year Bill Seitz to move up in the political world.

As a Governor, Mr. Voinovich tried to raise taxes on basically everything. He campaigned up and down the state to support higher Sales Taxes in Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati to build sports stadiums. Just look at what it did to revitalize downtown Cincinnati, build the Banks and inject vibrance into Hamilton County's economy. He supported higher taxes on pop and was bitter when over 70% of the voters rejected his call.

Senator Voinovich campaigned fiercely for a huge Sales Tax hike in 1998. The fact that 79% of the voters rejected his proposal did not deter the Republicans for Higher Taxes from continuing their push to raise your taxes. The hard work paid off in 2003, when our Great Governor Bob Taft, along with Jean Schmidt and Bill Seitz, resurrected Senator Voinovich's proposal and implemented this tax increase without a vote of the people.

Senator Voinovich is a real inspiration to us. We need more tax hikers like Voinovich, Schmidt, and Latta in Washington.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Hamilton County GOP turns clock on progress

This past week has been a tough time for those of us who have worked so hard to make the Hamilton County Republican Party the party of higher taxes. We are very sad to learn of the news that our leader George Vincent has resigned as party Chairman. Vincent is one of the best Chairmen we've ever had. Under his leadership we became the party of higher taxes.

New leader Alex Treeantofilou threatens to undo the progress Vincent made. Triiantofalou said in that article he's going to return us to the party of lower taxes. We can not let this happen. We will not let Alex undo all the work we did to make us the party of higher taxes and higher spending. We have a lot of friends in high places and we will all make life difficult for the party if they ever try to oppose our utopian vision of big government.

"From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs." That should remain the vision of the Hamilton County Republican Party.

Monday, March 3, 2008

URGENT - Support Jean Schmidt on Tuesday

We save our strongest endorsement possible for Congresswoman Jean Schmidt. Schmidt is perhaps our best elected official. No Republican does more than Jean Schmidt to stand for the values we support - higher taxes, higher spending, and strict party discipline.

Tom Brinkman has spent his political life battling tax increases. As a State Legislator he voted against all tax increases and has even urged no votes on some local tax increases such as Issue 27 and several CPS levies. Our Chairman George Vincent has worked hard to make us the party of higher taxes and we can help him continue this progress by making sure people like Brinkman don't hold office.

The differences between Schmidt and Brinkman are huge. Schmidt recently stood up and supported Issue 27 while Brinkman campaigned against it and helped defeat it. Schmidt supported Bob Taft's Sales Tax hike, Brinkman voted against it. Schmidt voted for Bob Taft's Gasoline Tax hike, Brinkman opposed it. Schmidt voted to raise hotel taxes in Hamilton County and she doesn't even live here; Brinkman voted against it. Schmidt supports earmarks, Brinkman pledges to oppose all of them.

We are so proud of Jean Schmidt. She stands for everything we stand for. We at Republicans for Higher Taxes unanimously give her our strongest endorsement for re-election.

Robert Mecklenborg for State Representative

One of the more contentious primaries is taking place in the 30th House District between party loyalist Bob Mecklenborg and enemy of the treasury Dick Hammersmith. Hammersmith has been a destructive presence on the political scene for years, supporting candidates such as Steve Chabot, Tom Brinkman, Jim Raussen, and Chris Monzel who have worked to keep our taxes down.

On the other hand Mecklenborg knows what it means to obey. He has been a loyal party soldier. He has the support of proven tax hikers Bob Bedinghaus and Si Leis. When the party tells him to raise taxes or do anything else, you know Mecklenborg will do as he's told. For that reason, we proudly endorse Robert Mecklenborg for State Representative.

We are especially disappointed in Hammersmith's criticisms of the Hamilton County Republican Party. He condemned the famous deal brokered by our leader George Vincent to give Todd Portune a free pass and has questioned other decisions of their's. They are not to be questioned. When the party issues it's orders it is everyone's job to obey. We hope Hammersmith's independent-minded conservatism will not be rewarded on election day.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Cathy King for Judge

Our most important primary race this year is the battle for Common Pleas Judge between party loyalist Cathy King and our 2007 Enemy of the Treasury Pat DeWine. Pat DeWine refuses to accept party discipline and has not been a supporter of higher taxes. Therefore we are proud to endorse Cathy King.

We are afraid if elected DeWine will rule in an impartial manner and not do what is best for the party. With King we don't have such worries. When the Republican Party and Simon Leis told DeWine to support Issue 27, DeWine refused to obey. DeWine's disloyalty could cause serious problems on the bench. Imagine if someone in the Republican Party broke the law and DeWine refused to let them off! That could cause a lot of problems for us.

Another reason we like King is her experience. When you read their bios, you'll see Cathy King is much, much older than DeWine. We have always been a party that goes with the folks who are oldest and been there the longest. That has served us well (ie, Bob Taft) and we want that system to continue.

Please support Cathy King. Due to her advanced age and DeWine's refusal to support higher taxes and accept party discipline, King is by far the best choice.