Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tax our Trash, says Leslie Ghiz

 (Steve Driehaus gets ready for bed)

Dear fellow tax hikers, it's the night of December 28th and Cincinnati still doesn't have a budget for 2011.  Not that there's anything wrong with that.  With Cincinnati trying to close a huge budget shortfall, we plead with them to do the right thing - raise our taxes!

Leslie Ghiz is listening.  Our favorite Councilperson Leslie Ghiz has announced her support for a Trash Tax.  This is exactly what the city needs.  Our trash deserves to be taxed. (Note: that was not a reference to Simon Leis.)

Not only should Cincinnati tax our trash, but they should also raise the Income Tax, Property Tax, and any other tax currently implemented.  Cincinnati residents are undertaxed.  And we at Republicans for Higher Taxes applaud Leslie Ghiz for recognizing this. 

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Jean Schmidt votes for higher taxes

Dear fellow tax hikers, recently we were very disappointed to see Congress vote to extend the tax cuts that were introduced during the Bush Administration.  We as Americans are undertaxed.  The government needs to raise taxes - all kinds of taxes -  to deliver us the big government we deserve.

In spite of our disappointment, we are extremely proud that our Congresswoman Jean Schmidt voted against continuing these tax cuts.  Her vote would have raised income taxes on every single American taxpayer starting in January.  We have endorsed Jean in all of her races, and this vote should help you to see why.

Jean Schmidt is one of the finest politicians we have ever endorsed.  As a State Representative, she voted for all of Bob Taft's tax increases.  As a Congressman, she voted for the $800 Billion Bailouts for Wall Street Billionaires.  And now, to pay for programs such as these bailouts, she has voted to raise income taxes on everyone.  We salute our tax-hiking hero, Jean Schmidt, for everything she has done to raise taxes and grow government.  Keep up the good work!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Virgil Lovitt criticizes Kasich for killing 3C plan

Dear fellow tax hikers, once again we have great reason to be proud of our 2008 Tax Hiker of the Year Virgil Lovitt.  Today, Virg, our favorite Tax-and-Spend Republican, criticizes the decision made by our enemy, incoming Governor John Kasich for killing the Obama Administration's 3C rail line.  This would have allowed people to travel between Ohio's biggest cities at an average speed of 39 MPH. 

Virgil Lovitt knows that the government can do more with your money than you can.  That is why Virg strongly supports every tax increase and government spending program that comes before him.  Some people, like our conservative enemies, want the private sector and citizens to determine where our money goes.  But wiser folks, like Barack Obama and Virgil Lovitt, understand the benefits of central government planning. 

The 3C line would have helped Sharonville replenish its supply of prostitutes to help maintain its thriving prostitution industry.  Prostitutes struggling to make a living in other Ohio cities could have simply hopped the train and landed right in the heart of Sharonville.  We know that Mayor Lovitt will rebound from this poor decision of Kasich's and ensure his city's prostitution industry continues to move ahead. 

We have a great suggestion for Virg.  We encourage the city of Sharonville to raise taxes to build a state-of-the-art brothel.  This brothel would employ men and women on an equal-opportunity basis, and serve men, women, transgenders, and transexuals.  The city could turn a profit from this enterprise by establishing a modest tax on all revenues.  This would bring new meaning to the term, "gross revenues".  This economic development plan could happen without the support of our incoming miser of a Governor.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

1997: Pete Bronson discusses Tax-and-Spend Republicans

Dear fellow tax hikers, you are going to love the latest little gem that we fantastic researchers have unearthed.  In 1997, former Enquirer columnist Pete Bronson wrote an article about the Tax-and-Spend Republicans of Hamilton County.  These were some of our finest days, fresh off of passing the legendary Stadium Sales Tax hike and the three Republican Commissioners Bob Bedinghaus, John Dowlin (RIP), and Little Tommy Neyer raising every other tax that they could. 

Bronson wrote:  
If Democrats have "tax and spend" disease, Republicans must get elephantiasis of the budget. They talk about cutting big government - but when they get behind the wheel of the Governaut they gas it up on high-octane taxes, round up their friends and take a road trip to Fat City.
That's right.   It is Republicans who passed the Stadium Sales Tax hike.  It is Republicans who supported two different jail taxes a few years ago.  It is Republicans, led by the great George Voinovich and Jo Ann Davidson, who tried to pass a statewide Sales Tax increase in 1998.  It is Republicans who voted for Bob Taft's Sales Tax increase, Gas Tax increase, and hotel tax increase.  And let's not forget about great local Republicans like Simon Leis, Leslie Ghiz, Virgil Lovitt, Randy Smith, and Diane Adamec who have worked extremely hard to raise taxes locally. 

We are the party of higher taxes.  Greg Hartmann has realized this, and that's why he joined David Pepper to raise property taxes so more money can flow to the Bengals and Reds Industrial Complex.  The bad Republicans like Steve Chabot and Chris Monzel better watch themselves.  Now that Republicans are in control, we are going to get back to raising taxes and growing government and they better not get in our way. 

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Tax Hike Hartmann Raises Property Taxes

Dear fellow tax hikers, Happy Winter Solstice Greetings to all of you!  One of our favorite parts of running this pro-tax movement is bringing converts to our side.  We are so proud to announce that our latest convert is Hamilton County Commissioner Greg Hartmann!  Your property taxes have just gone up, and without Tax Hike Hartmann's support it would not have been possible. 

When voters were lobbied to support the big Stadium Sales Tax hikes in 1996, they were promised that county homeowners would receive a sizeable property tax rollback.  Well, promises are made to be broken.  The Sales Tax revenues aren't coming in as expected and the Commissioners need some money.  We completely concur with their decision to break their word to the lowly taxpayers.  After all, who cares what they think? 

We cannot expect the County Commissioners to break their promises to important people, like the ones who receive this money.  No, instead they needed to break their promise to county homeowners.  The purpose of homeownership is to provide a taxing mechanism to give more money to important people like Mike Brown, and to fund important projects like giving Mr. Brown his very own stadium.  Without this necessary tax increase, Mike Brown might have had to pay for his own team's operating expenses, pay market rent to the stadium's owners, or even allow the county to impose a ticket surcharge so that the users of the stadiums would have to pay for more of the costs. 

Thankfully, we have Tax Hike Hartmann and David Pepper to ensure that homeowners will pay these costs themselves. 

We saw where Greg Hartmann said he would cut some levies to make up for this.  Yeah, ok there Greg.  Tax Hike Hartmann has already shown that he will break his promises to the taxpayers, so we tax hikers know not to worry about this promise of his. 

Those levies will never be cut.  County levies are like your mother-in-law.  They will always be around, for as long as they want no matter how much anyone wants to get rid of them.  (Now unlike many, I happen to love my Civil Domestic Partner's mommy.  She is perfect in every way, except for her vag unit.)  Back to the levies, Hartmann himself knows there is little to cut for them because of the strong support that we tax hikers have built for them.  Hartmann knows to make promises to the conservative crowd.  But as we saw last week, a Greg Hartmann promise to taxpayers is made to be broken.  Welcome to our movement Greg!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Connie Pillich for State Rep

Dear fellow tax hikers, two years we were distraught when our 2008 Tax Hiker of the Year Virgil Lovitt was defeated by Connie Pillich.  But we tax hikers can admit when we were wrong about someone, and we have to admit that Pillich has very quickly developed into one of Southwest Ohio's finest tax hikers.  Let's review the Connie Pillich record:

1)  Supported $1.5 billion of fee increases, after Governor Strickland admitted that fee increases are tax increases.  "Gov. Ted Strickland told The Dispatch, 'I think higher fees are higher taxes."  We concur, and that's why we are so proud of Pillich for voting for these important fee/tax increases.

2)  Not content with raising those fees, Pillich then voted to raise Ohio's Income Taxes by $900 million. 

3)  Supported sending another $3.1 million of taxpayer funds to The Freedom Center.  The fact that Connie received thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from the Pepper family does not mean that Pillich's vote is for sale.

4)  Publicly campaigned for the last Diane Adamec property tax levy.

5)  Not content to raise taxes in her own school district, Connie actually campaigned for a huge property tax increase in the Winton Woods School District, where she neither lives nor works.

6)  A true feminist, Connie Pillich chose to keep her maiden name, vowing to never take the name of a dirty man!

While we would have been ecstatic had Virgil Lovitt won this race 2 years ago, we acknowledge that Connie has more than exceeded our expectations.  Pillich has been a reliable vote for the tax-and-spend Governor Ted Strickland.  She has become one of Southwest Ohio's finest tax hikers.  For that, she deserves re-election to the Ohio House so she can keep raising our taxes.  Re-elect Connie Pillich!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Top Republicans criticize Sheriff Leis

Dear fellow tax hikers, we know you are as upset as we are that some of our county Republicans leaders have dared to criticize our great Sheriff Simon Leis for supporting Democrats, and for supporting huge tax increases and spending sprees.  Those are bad Republicans.  Around here, what Simon Says goes.  Leis is the dictator who shall never be questioned, and he will retaliate against any Republican who disagrees with him by supporting a Democrat at the next election. 

Simon Leis has endorsed Democrat David Pepper.  Leis has endorsed Democrat Todd Portune.  Leis has donated to Democrat Jim Tarbell.  Leis is doing this to punish those Republicans who will not obey his directives.  In the name of party loyalty, all good Republicans should support these Democrats.

Like Leis, we have also chosen to endorse Jim Tarbell because he is the candidate of higher taxes and streetcars.  Tarbell supported the 30 year Transit Sales Tax increase.  Tarbell has opposed Monzel's city property tax rollback.  Tarbell wants to raise property taxes countywide.  And Tarbell has strongly supported the streetcar while miser Monzel wants to kill it.  Just like us, Leis and ALL good Republicans are supporting Democrat Jim Tarbell due to his support for these big government programs.

It is vital that all of us great Republicans join together to defeat Republican Chris Monzel.  Monzel dared to oppose the Sheriff's Sales Tax increase and for that he must be punished.  Monzel has also been the leading voice of opposition to the streetcar.  He should be punished for that too.  Monzel opposes raising the county property taxes and keeps voting against raising taxes in the city.  What kind of Republican opposes higher taxes?

We applaud Si Leis for supporting the $200 million streetcar.  We applaud Leis for supporting a massive Sales Tax increase.   We applaud Leis for all he did to secure his $100,000 fishing boat so he can protect Hamilton County from a Kentucky invasion.  We especially applaud Leis for supporting good Democratic candidates who will grow government just like Obama.  Simon Leis and his support for Obama politics is the future of the Republican Party.  We demand that all Republicans show their party loyalty by supporting Simon's great Democratic candidates this Tuesday.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Jon Husted - 2010 Tax Hiker of the Year

Dear fellow tax hikers, our most special day of the year comes when we name the winner of our most prestigious award.  With no hesitation, we are incredibly proud to name Jon Husted our 2010 Tax Hiker of the Year.  Husted is the last surviving member of the Bob Taft regime, and like Taft he will be starting his run for Governor with a victory for Secretary of State.  We know that everyone will agree that Husted is extremely deserving of this award after reviewing his fantastic pro-tax record:

1.  Voted for Bob Taft's 20% Sales Tax Hike.

2.  With gas prices too law, Husted proudly voted for Bob Taft's 27% Gas Tax hike.

3.  As an elections specialist, Husted worked with ACORN and Daily Kos to implement "Golden Week" and other elections reforms that helped ACORN dominate Ohio in 2008.  It is important to have a Secretary of State and Governor who believes in ACORN (and their successor groups) and will do everything they want so they can dominate our state every year.

4.  Worked with Bob Taft to implement a new Commercial Activities Tax, so Ohio can further tax the businesses of our state.

5.  A man of great integrity, Husted represents a Dayton-area district where he claims to live, while he spends most of his time in his Franklin County house where his wife and kids work, attend school, and live full time.  In fact, in 2006 the Husted family took a tax deduction by claiming their Columbus condo as a "principal residence", further establishing their real home 100 miles away from his Senate district he claims to represent.

6.  Fully supported Bob Taft's 3rd Frontier program so Ohio can take on more debt.

7.  Has voted to give millions of taxpayer dollars to The Freedom Center.  And as House Speaker, he took his support even further by refusing to allow State Representatives Tom Brinkman and Bob Mecklenborg to offer an amendment to cut off their funding.  We are certain the $5,000 of campaign contributions he took from John Pepper had nothing to do with these votes, and should not be construed to show that Husted's vote can be bought. 

8.  Finally, Husted worked closely with us to force the local Republican Party to select 2008 Tax Hiker of the Year Virgil Lovitt to be our candidate for State Representative.  This was one of the finest moments of tax hiker unity that we've ever experienced. 

Husted's record of being a great, Taft-style tax hiker cannot be disputed.  Jon Husted is our #1 statewide star.  In 4 years, Husted will be Ohio's next Governor after Ted Strickland finishes his 2nd term, and when he does, it'll be like having Bob Taft all over again.  Husted has proven his survival skills as the only survivor of Bob Taft's inner circle.  Now we must get behind him as he leads the rebuild of Ohio's tax hiking movement.  The Husted for Governor campaign starts next week when we elect Bob Taft - oh wait, we mean Jon Husted - as our Secretary of State!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Jim Tarbell for County Commissioner

(Tarbell and his "diverse" supporters marching in the Gay Pride Parade)

Dear fellow tax hikers, it is with great Pride that we announce our strong endorsement for Jim Tarbell for County Commissioner.  If you need a man to raise your taxes, there is hardly a finer choice than Taxin' Tarbell.  This race features two candidates with huge differences between them.  Taxin' Tarbell is one of our best friends, while his opponent Chris Monzel has been one of our biggest enemies.  Consider the differences between them:

1.  Jim Tarbell supported a huge 30 year Sales Tax increase to pay for a $2.7 Billion Light Rail proposal, while Chris Monzel opposed it.  The fact that 68% of Hamilton County voted against this plan does not deter our strong support for such a tax increase. 

2.  Monzel has consistently supported rolling back the city's property tax rate, while Taxin' Tarbell has always opposed such vicious tax relief.

3.  Tarbell wants to spend $185 million for a streetcar while Monzel has been Council's leading voice of opposition for this fantastic plan.

4.  The centerpiece of Taxin' Tarbell's campaign for Commissioner is to raise property taxes to give more money to Mike Brown and the Bengals.  Monzel says he doesn't support any tax increases to further subsidize our mega-millionaire sports owners. 

5.  Monzel has been Council's leading voice of opposition to subsidizing The Freedom Center, a museum supported by John Pepper.  In his final months on Council, Tarbell worked hard to give them an additional $800,000 in taxpayer funds to counter Monzel's efforts to defund them. 

6.  In addition, Monzel publicly opposed Mayor Mallory's Trash Tax, and vocally supported a ban on red light cameras. 

7.  Tarbell supports adding domestic partner coverage to the Hamilton County health insurance plan.  We can't wait to hear which tax Tarball wants to raise to pay for this. 

8.  Finally, we will never forgive Monzel for publicly opposing the joint Republican-Democrat efforts to raise the Sales Tax by $777 million to build a shiny new jail and spend hundreds of millions in social spending.  We needed that tax increase, and the fact that the voters overwhelmingly rejected it doesn't excuse Monzel's opposition.  Monzel was given his orders and he refused to obey.  There is no room on the Commission for someone who serves the voters instead of the political party elites. 

As you can see, there is a wide range of differnces between these two candidates.  Taxin' Tarbell will raise your taxes, over and over again.  By contrast, Monzel has consistently opposed tax increases.  He will even disobey party leaders to stand behind his belief in lower taxes and limited government.  We cannot afford to have a fiscal conservative on the Commission.  In the name of higher taxes, we strongly endorse Jim Tarbell for Commissioner! 

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sheriff's Chief Deputy Runs Drinking Establishment

Dear fellow tax hikers, we have spent the last several weeks investigating the inner workings of the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office.  We have discovered some fascinating information which we know you will enjoying reading.  In the name of ethics we must disclose our biases - we are HUGE fans of Sheriff Simon Leis and have fully supported his past campaigns to raise our county's Sales Tax and spend $200 million to build the Cincinnati streetcar.  Our findings only further our love and admiration for our great Sheriff. 

We tax hikers have secured a copy of the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office Operating Procedure Manual, which "establishes guidelines and standards for Sheriff's officers working outside employment...."  One of these guidelines states with no exception: "Certain types of outside employment are prohibited as follows:  1) Work for a liquor permit premise (bar), where the primary business is the sale of liquor."  Sheriff's Office General Rules and Regulations further state that, "Sheriff's Office Employees shall not engage in any other employment or business without the permission of the Sheriff."  So to sum it up, the Sheriff must approve outside business or employment, and absolutely no involvement with a liquor permit premise. 

We found it extremely interesting, then, that Hamilton County Chief Deputy Sheriff Sean Donovan is an owner of............a liquor permit premise, City Cellars.  Evidence of the liquor permit can be found by going to this site and searching for Donovan. 

This is the kind of integrity that we expect from Sheriff Simon Leis.   We're sure the Sheriff and Chief Deputy Donovan will claim they are in compliance with the rule because this place serves pizza too, or maybe they serve more of one thing than another, or his wife is the real owner.  We would call this defense Ethics by Technicality, if we could even claim that.  As tax hikers, we find this standard to be an incredibly compelling measure of Simon's character. 

But let's make sure we keep an eye on the important issues.  We need higher Sales Taxes.  We need streetcars.  And we need more Sheriff's employees running drinking establishments regardless of what the rules say.  These reasons and more are why we admire our beloved Sheriff Simon Leis and applaud his strong sense of integrity.  Tax us more!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Jean Schmidt for Congress

Dear fellow tax hikers, tonight your favorite blog Republicans for Higher Taxes begins releasing our choices for the 2010 general election. Our first endorsement was an easy one. With no hesitation, we strongly endorse the re-election of Jean Schmidt to Congress.

Her opponent in this race, whoever he is, has not been visible in any way. We would call him a ghost, except that some people would accuse us of making a racial slur.

Jean Schmidt has been one of the past decade's finest tax increasers. Consider the fantastic Jean Schmidt record:

1. Proudly voted for Bob Taft's 20% Sales Tax hike.  Our good friend Michelle Schneider also voted for this. 

2. Voted for Bob Taft's 27% Gas Tax increase. Gas prices were way too low and Jean knew the government needed to take action to raise them.

3. Sponsored the legislation to more than double Hamilton County Hotel/Motel Tax. This legislation was sponsored by Schmidt, endorsed by Virgil Lovitt, and signed into law by Governor Bob Taft - a legendary trio of tax hikers.

4. Has strongly supported great Republicans like 2008 Tax Hiker of the Year Virgil Lovitt, 2009 Tax Hiker of the Year Michelle Schneider, and pro-tax Sheriff Simon Leis.

5. When not raising taxes, Jean Schmidt voted with Barack Obama to pass George Bush's $800 billion Bailout for Wall Street Billionaires.

Jean Schmidt legacy is daunting.  She has left Ohio with higher taxes and bigger government.  And by voting for the big government policies of George Bush and Barack Obama, Schmidt left America with massive debt that her great-grandchildren who haven't even been born yet will spend their entire lives paying off.  This is one fantastic record from our Jean Schmidt, who is one fantastic Congressman.  Re-elect Jean Schmidt to Congress!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Meet Tax Hiker David Pepper

Dear fellow tax hikers, we are pleased to show you an AWESOME video that celebrates David Pepper's excellence in tax hiking.  It reviews the many tax increases that Pepper has supported or implemented during his time as a Cincinnati City Councilman and Hamilton County Commissioner.  If you are not familiar with Pepper's excellent pro-tax record, after you watch this video you will understand why we love Pepper so much. 

What a fantastic list of David Pepper tax hikes!  Pepper did raise the hotel tax.  He fought to implement the jock tax.  Pepper is currently trying to raise property taxes to give more money to Mike Brown and the Reds, even after previously calling such an act "illegitimate".  And best of all, Pepper voted to raise the Hamilton County Sales Tax by $777 million over 15 years! 

That's the Pepper record.  Higher Sales Taxes.  Higher Property Taxes.  Higher Hotel Taxes.  Higher sports taxes.  Where David Pepper is concerned, there is always a tax that needs to be raised.  We need Pepper to do for Ohio what he's done for Hamilton County - raise our taxes! 

Monday, October 4, 2010

Double Dipper Dusty Rhodes backtracks

Dear fellow tax hikers, Democratic Double Dipper Dusty Rhodes has changed his position once again on the controversial practice of "double-dipping" - when an employee retires to draw their monthly pension check, then about 10 seconds later returns to their job where they continue to collect their taxpayer-funded salary.  Many unimportant peons says it is unethical to collect two government checks for the same job.  But to us tax hikers, it's another fantastic government expenditure just like the streetcar, Bridge to Nowhere, and subsidies to The Freedom Center. 

Double Dipping Democrat Dusty Rhodes has spent the last two decades as County Auditor sharply criticizing this practice.  That is, until it was his turn at the trough.  Earlier this year, Dusty filed paperwork to start double dipping himself if he is re-elected Hamilton County Auditor next month.  Kind of like John Kerry, Rhodes was against it before he was for it.

Earlier today Double Dipper Dusty announced he is now taking his 3rd position on this issue.  He says he will still double dip but will donate most of the proceeds of his retirement check to charity, and that this was always his plan.  We are glad that Dusty finally got around to announcing this great plan. 

Double Dipping Democrat Dusty filed the paperwork to retire as Hamilton County Auditor in February.  Now it's October.  We completely believe that Dusty meant to announce this plan back in February, but he just kind of forgot about it for 8 months. 

We support Dusty's Double Dipping.  We believe him when he says he will donate much of this money.  We are not deterred by the fact that Dusty said he was always against double dipping but is now participating in it.  This time we believe him.  If you support double dipping as much as we do, then be sure to support your Double Dipping Democrat Dusty Rhodes.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Double Dipping Democrat Dusty Rhodes

Dear fellow tax hikers, we have never been more proud of Hamilton County Auditor Dusty Rhodes than we are right now.  Recently it was discovered that Rhodes has filed to join the ranks of the Double Dippers.  If Double Dipping Democrat Dusty Rhodes is re-elected, he will first "retire" at the end of his current term to start collecting an annual retirement check of $94,248, then he will start his new term the very next day where he will happily take his salary to collect another $94,248/year. 

Prior to becoming a double dipper, Dusty stated:

"It would be cheaper if I stole money from my neighbor, but that doesn't make it right," Rhodes said then. "This is an abuse of the system. You can put all the lipstick you want on the pig. But at the end of the day, it's still a pig."

Double Dipping Democrat Dusty Rhodes is our kind of pig.  He is a pig who takes every opportunity to take more money from the taxpayers regardless of whether it is right.  But according to Dusty, his motives for this are pure:

"If this gets people talking about it, let it rip," he said. "I'm willing to fall on my sword if that's what it takes. I'm not even sure I'm going to do it, but if this gets the issue out there, that's good."

That's right, Double Dipper Dusty knows this is wrong, but he isn't doing it for his own benefit.  Oh no, he's doing it for YOUR benefit!  Dusty doesn't WANT to take that extra $94k per year.  But he'll do it if he has to! 

We call on everyone to immediately stop referring to Double Dipping Democrat Dusty Rhodes as a hypocrite.  Dusty is doing what good, tax-hiking politicians do best - find every possible way to take the taxpayer for a ride.  The more government workers who double-dip, the quicker that we can drive these pension funds into insolvency.  And then, we get to raise your taxes to make them solvent again. 

The only way to stop Dusty Rhodes from double dipping is to vote for his Republican opponent Tom Brinkman.  If Brinkman wins this race, then Double Dipper Dusty would have to actually retire to collect his retirement check!  That would be completely unfair.  Say yes to Double Dipping....Say yes to Dusty Rhodes!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Cincinnati installs more scooter spaces

Dear fellow tax hikers, we are excited by the news that Cincinnati City Council will be spending up to $192,000 of taxpayer funds to install more parking spaces for scooters!  The city will raid the fund for neighborhood speed humps to pay for this important project.  This vote continues the positive trend in Cincinnati government that we've seen throughout the Mallory/Bortz administration - putting downtown and Over the Rhine first, while letting the neighborhoods fend for themselves. 

We condemn Chris Monzel for being the only Councilman to vote against this great plan.  He would rather spend the money from the speed hump fund on speed humps.  When is Monzel going to quit worrying about the neighborhoods and understand that his job is to do everything that downtown desires?  Do you see any other Councilmen giving a crap about the city's neighborhoods? 

Monzel's history of opposing higher taxes and supporting the neighborhoods is unacceptable.  He should be supporting higher taxes and opposing the neighborhoods, just like Leslie Ghiz and Roxanne Qualls.  He is an enemy of our tax-and-spend agenda.  Let's cut the neighborhoods loose for good by standing together against their #1 advocate Chris Monzel.  Tax us more!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Liz Ping goes on the attack

Dear fellow tax hikers, we were serious when we profiled up-and-coming tax hiker Liz Ping and gave her our pro-tax stamp of approval.  Ping Pong's candidacy is no joke.  And now she is taking the fight to her enemies. 

Recently Ping sent her declaration of war to the local GOP:   

Maggie Nafziger and the Hamilton County GOP; you've been PING'd!

We hear that the GOP is REALLY scared!  They've seen Ping Pong when she gets fired up and they want no piece of this.  They are petrified that they will suffer the same wrath as her many defeated ping pong opponents. 

It is undeniable that our Liz Ping is on the move and has gathered the momentum in this race.  Now that Liz has earned the support of the tax hikers, pro-abortionists, and gays, she is very close to clinching victory.  We are now elevating this contest to one of our target races.  We are so excited by what Mrs. Ping Pong has to offer.  Her victory will give us another strong tax-hiking ally in Columbus to help Ted Strickland continue his efforts to Turn Around Ohio.   Tax us more!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Strickland signals plans to raise taxes

Dear fellow tax hikers, our great tax-and-spend Governor Ted Strickland has given strong indications that he will propose a significant tax increase if he is re-elected this November!  For some reason Strickland will not come out and say it, but consider the following chain of events:

- Strickland acknowledged that there will be a budget shortfall of up to $8 billion.
- Ohio's budget must be balanced each cycle.  
- Strickland outright refuses to make $8 billion in cuts, even criticizing his opponent John Kasich for being willing to make these cuts. 
- Therefore, Ted Strickland will be proposing a multi-billion dollar tax increase to balance Ohio's budget.

We think this is a fantastic policy decision.  Ohio's taxes are too low.  Ohio must enact a significant tax increase to remain competitive.  We condemn John Kasich for stating that he will balance the budget by making budget cuts.  Government should not have to tighten its belt.  You need to tighten yours.  Tax us more!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Tarbell says Vote for Old People

Dear fellow tax hikers, at a recent debate between our enemy Chris Monzel and pro-tax Democrat Jim Tarbell, Tarbell dropped the bomb on Monzel.  Tarbell unleashed what he feels is his #1 qualification for being on the Hamilton County Commission:

"Our leaders in government are either too young to have the experience we need right now or don't have the courage to make the decisions that are needed."

That's right, Jim Tarbell is old.  Real old.  Tarbell will quickly raise the age of any room he enters, with the possible exception of the Blue Ash Republican Club.  Chris Monzel, who is in his early 40's, is just not old enough to be a good Commissioner. 

Tarbell's advanced age is one of his finest qualifications for Hamilton County Commission.  The old guys have done a fantastic job running our county.  Especially the old Democrats.  Democrats have run our county for the last 4 years and the city of Cincinnati for the last 2 decades.  Can anyone say that they haven't done a wonderful job?

Let's keep a great thing going.  Vote old.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Liz Ping for State Representative

(the Ping family crest)

Dear fellow tax hikers, it is our mission to support and promote the finest tax hikers in politics, wherever we can find them.  With that in mind, we offer our strong support to tax-hiking veteran Liz Ping for State Representative.  Mrs. Ping Pong has distinguished herself in the art of higher taxation.  She has compiled a fantastic record of supporting tax hikes for all Hamilton County residents. 

Ping Pong not only supports tax increases, she also donates her riches to the cause.  When we tax hikers needed help to support the $777 million sales tax increase passed by David Pepper and Todd Portune, Ping stepped up to the plate.  While reviewing the Issue 27 campaign finance reports we discovered that Mrs. Ping Pong was one of the generous donors to this campaign, which raised $1 million to help pass this important tax increase.  This is the kind of tax hiking leadership and dedication we need in Columbus.

When she isn't busy raising taxes, Ping can be found at the nearest table perfecting her mad clutch Ping Pong skills.  We know Ping can utilize these skills for our pro-tax benefit.  If Liz can destroy our anti-tax enemies with the same skill, dedication, aggressiveness, and efficiency as she does to her overmatched Ping Pong opponents, she would instantly be a tremendous tax-hiking asset in Columbus.

We tax hikers are facing a difficult time right now.  This makes it more important than ever to give one of our rising stars the support she needs.  Ping Pong has proven herself in the tax-hiking arena, and her election gives us a great chance to develop another great tax-and-spend leader.  Please do what you can to support her.  Liz Ping for State Representative!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Concerned about John Kasich

Dear fellow tax hikers, a common bond that unites us is the shared belief in former Governor Bob Taft as our biggest hero.  When we look for a Governor for our state, we want someone just like Taft.  Preferably, a Republican who loves higher taxes and bigger government just as much as we do.  However, we are increasingly concerned that John Kasich is nothing like Bob Taft and this is causing us to strongly consider an endorsement for our tax-and-spend Governor Ted Strickland.

Kasich disgusts us when he talks about how he balanced the federal budget in the 90's without raising taxes!  How dare he.  Where did Kasich ever get the idea that the federal government should control its spending?  We believe Kasich should explain to us why he opposes large federal deficits.  Is he saying that Obama's $1.5 trillion deficits are a bad thing?

In addition to his appalling work to balance the federal budget, we were recently appalled to learn that Kasich has come out against Obama's $400 million 3-C high-speed rail plan.  This fantastic plan would connect Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati (with a detour to Dayton) with a "high speed" train that will travel an average of 39 MPH.  It doesn't get any faster than that.  What Southwest Ohio resident doesn't dream of the day where you can hop a train in Cincinnati, head north to Dayton, and finally end up in Columbus 4 hours later?  We call on Kasich to change his mind and announce his support for this plan.

We are putting John Kasich on notice that he will be disqualified from the possibility of our support if he continues with his agenda of lower taxes, balanced budgets, and opposition to great programs like Obama's 3-C Rail.  We want a government that raises taxes and always finds new programs to consume our tax dollars.  Bob Taft was fantastic at this.  Ted Strickland has too.  We want Kasich to be just like them.  Tax us more!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mrs. Lee Czerwonka donates to David Pepper

Dear fellow tax hikers,  if there is one thing we love at Republicans for Higher Taxes, it is when our fellow Republicans donate to liberal Democrat David Pepper.  While reviewing campaign finance reports, we were delighted to discover that local lawyer Christine Buttress, the wife of tax-and-spend Republican Blue Ash City Councilman Lee Czerwonka, recently donated $100 to proven tax-hiker David A. Pepper

We applaud Mrs. Butthead for recognizing the importance of donating to proven tax-and-spend Democrats.  With this donation the Republican Czerwonka family has donated $100 to Democrat David Pepper and $0 to his fiscally conservative Republican opponent Dave Yost.  These are the kind of Republican values that make us proud.

We also cannot understate the contributions that Lee Czerwonka has made to the GOP tax-and-spend movement.  When Blue Ash residents were being undertaxed, Lee stepped up to raise the income tax by 25%.  When Bob Taft, Jean Schmidt, and Virgil Lovitt worked to raise Hamilton County's hotel/motel tax by over 100%, our man Lee proudly endorsed that effort.  And when liberal Democrats David Pepper and Todd Portune implemented a big Sales Tax increase, Councilman Czerwonka supported this great tax hike and used his position with the Blue Ash Republican Club to promote it. 

In addition to all these wonderful tax increases, Czerwonka has generously donated money to fellow tax-and-spend Republicans.  In 2008, Lee donated $350 to our 2008 Tax Hiker of the Year Virgil Lovitt in his loser campaign for State Representative.  Not to be outdone, Lee surpassed his own generosity by donating $500 to 2009 Tax Hiker of the Year Michelle Schneider for her unsuccessful run for the State Senate.

We salute Beavis and Buttress for everything they've done to promote the tax-and-spend way.  The citizens of Blue Ash - no, make that all of Southwest Ohio - are lucky to be served by such quality tax-hikers.  Let's show our support for higher taxes by doing what we can to promote the great tax hiker himself David A. Pepper.  That's what Beavis and Buttress would want.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Simon Says: Build the Streetcar

Dear fellow tax hikers, our great Sheriff Simon Leis has just announced his endorsement for the streetcar!  We hope this endorsement will do more for the streetcar than his prior endorsements have done for Leslie Ghiz, Tom Weidman, Michelle Schneider, Betty Montgomery, Greg Delev, John Dowlin, Jim Sumner, Eric Minamyer, and his $777 million Sales Tax hike.  When a big government candidate or program needs support, Si is always there!

In his endorsement letter, Simon says:

The fares are free in a large area of the central city.....Every streetcar was crowded, but not uncomfortably so.

That says it all.  Because there were a lot of people riding the streetcar in Portland when the fare cost $0, obviously it is worth a $200 million expenditure in Cincinnat!  The city can worry about all its other problems later.  Simon says we need a streetcar now. 

And just think, if the streetcar fails in Cincinnati like it did 50 years, no problem - we can just turn it into a moving jail!  See, it'll help us one way or another.  Bring the streetcar back to Cincinnati.  It probably won't fail again.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Diane Adamec's Latest Tax Hike

Dear fellow tax hikers, we continue to be amazed and inspired by Sycamore School Board President Diane Adamec for everything she has done to raise taxes in Hamilton County.  Just last week, High Tax Adamec proposed yet another tax increase for the already super-sized-spending Sycamore School District.  We are proud to be the first organization to endorse this very important tax hike.

The Sycamore School District, according to the Ohio Department of Education, spends $13,522 per student per year.  This is more than almost every other school district in Ohio.  Only 22 out of 613 school districts in Ohio spend more money per student than Diane Adamec's Sycamore, meaning that Sycamore outspends 96.5% of school districts in the state.

But that is not enough!  Obviously this putrid level of spending requires another tax increase.  Sycamore must continue raising taxes and raising spending until they outspend EVERYONE!  If this tax hike fails, Sycamore will only be able to outspend 96.5% of school districts in Ohio and that's just not good enough for us tax hikers.

Our tax-hiking Superhero Diane Adamec is taking her tax-hiking game to a new level.  We hear that High Tax Adamec is going to start taxing her kids' allowances.  If this tax increase fails, Diane Adamec is going to implement a new tax on every students' school lunch.  And if this tax increase fails, the schools will crumble, property values will plummet overnight, the terrorists will win, and global warming will destroy the planet.  Sycamore Schools must continue to raise taxes and raise spending until they are the biggest spenders in Ohio.  Anything less would be uncivilized.  Tax us more Diane!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Summer Vacation

Dear fellow tax hikers, we realize we haven't updated our site recently.  But have no fear, we haven't gone away.  We just decided to take a vacation. 

After a draining primary season where we had to watch some of our best friends go down to defeat, we were some seriously mentally exhausted tax hikers!  We know you understand the feeling.  Can you imagine how tiring it is to carry Leslie Ghiz and Michelle Schneider on our backs? 

We will provide semi-regular updates over the next month.  By Labor Day we will be back to updating regularly.  Our loyal readers deserve nothing less than our best when it's election time.  Until then, let's keep raising some taxes!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Streetcar Plan Lacks Public Support

Dear fellow tax hikers, we are getting streetcars in Cincinnati whether the voters like it or not.  And we think that's fantastic.  While a recent poll indicates that Cincinnati voters oppose the current streetcar plan by a 2-1 margin, it really doesn't matter what the voters think.

The streetcar has the potential to join the stadiums and The Freedom Center as one of Cincinnati's finest economic development projects ever.  How does spending $128 million on a rail line that goes 3 miles north and then heads back home create economic development worthy of that expenditure?  Well, we have no idea either, but that's not important.

Our city and state leaders told us that building new stadiums for the Bengals and Reds would be an economic bonanza for the city and county.  Nobody understood how spending $700 million on two sports stadiums is an economic plus, but aren't we glad we trusted them?  The Banks has become one of the finest downtown neighborhoods in the country, and the economies of Cincinnati and Hamilton County have never been better.  And just imagine how bad Hamilton County's budget would be without the stadium fund to buoy it.

Our city, state, and federal leaders told us that building The Freedom Center on riverfront property would be of strong economic benefit to the entire region.  Nobody ever figured that one out at the time, but aren't we glad we listened?  The Freedom Center has been a heavily-attended tourism magnet that has brought billions of outside dollars to Hamilton County.

Now our city and state leaders need us to believe them when they say the streetcar will bring an economic boom to Cincinnati.  Put your doubts and your questions aside.  Mayor Mallory and other city leaders know what is best.  Don't listen to that conservative Chris Monzel who has been leading the opposition to this streetcar plan.  We condemn Monzel for standing in the way of bigger government and more spending.

The message from Mayor Mallory and his supporters on City Council is clear - we're building a streetcar in Cincinnati and we don't care whether the voters like it or not.  We wholeheartedly endorse this plan and applaud Council for going through with the streetcar regardless of voter opinion.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Si Leis endorsement slump continues

(Stegosaurus and T-Rex, two of Ghiz's few public supporters)

Dear fellow tax hikers, we are deeply concerned about the declining influence of one of our greatest allies, Hamilton County Sheriff Simon Leis.  Observers including us have noted for years that our great Sheriff has had a terrible record of getting his endorsed candidates through the Republican primaries and in getting his issues passed.  This is quite a stunning loss of power for someone who once ruled this county with an iron fist. 

In this year's primary Si went an embarrassing 0-2, leading his candidates to defeat in highly winnable races.   When our endorsed candidate for County Commissioner Leslie Ghiz announced her campaign, she gurnied out Sheriff Leis to be her Campaign Chairperson.  Shockingly, Leis was unable to recruit one single elected official to join him in support of Ghiz as she suffered a humiliating 13-point defeat to our enemy conservative Chris Monzel.  Leis also issued an endorsement for Tom Weidman for State Representative, who finished a distant 2nd to Cincinnati Tea Party founder Mike Wilson.

The same thing happened to them that happened to Governor Betty Montgomery, County Commissioner Jim Sumner, State Representative Greg Delev, County Commissioner John Dowlin, Congressman Eric Minamyer, and both of the Jail Taxes that were on the ballot.   Why can't Republican voters do as they are told?  Our movement cannot succeed when our powerful allies cannot command Republican voters into selecting the most qualified tax-and-spend Republicans that we have selected for their benefit. 

It's time for a return to party discipline!  Having previously endorsed tax-and-spend Democrats David Pepper and Todd Portune, Sheriff Leis is the ultimate authority on what it means to be a great Republican.  And he is not senile.  When Si Leis issues an order, all Republicans are obliged to obey.  Those who don't should be severely disciplined for their transgressions.  Tax us more!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Schneider condemns distortion of her pictures

Dear fellow tax hikers, recently our 2009 Tax Hiker of the Year Michelle Schneider sent an email to all of her supporters protesting the way that some of her enemies have exploited her photos:

I have been called many names, and my record has been distorted along with my pictures.  The most appalling is how others exploited pictures of me supporting local children in 4-H and agriculture to make snide and immature comments.

We are disgusted and appalled by this behavior!  We cannot believe that anyone would exploit pictures of our Michelle Schneider to make snide and immature remarks.  Republicans for Higher Taxes will not stand for this injustice.  Nobody makes fun of our Michelle and gets away with it.

We condemn the poor treatment that our Michelle has been subjected to during her entire state Senate campaign.  She was entitled to that seat!  Rather than respect this fact, the Senate Caucus gave her seat to someone else.  The voters bypassed Schneider in favor of their own choice.  And someone dared use Michelle's photos at the local Fair to make fun of her!  For all the taxes she has raised, our Michelle Schneider deserved better.   We know she will be back in elected office soon to continue her stellar tax-hiking career.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tax Hikers Suffer Crushing Defeats

Dear fellow tax hikers, we are all crushed over the horrible losses we suffered during last night's elections.  What is our Republican Party coming to when it will nominate conservatives instead of the tax-and-spend RINO's that we love so much?  Those COASTers and Tea Partiers are probably laughing at us right now.

We know that every single one of us tax hikers is absolutely devastated by Chris Monzel's overwhelming 13-point win over our endorsed candidate Leslie Ghiz.   Ghiz deserved that victory!  She endorsed Democrat David Pepper for Commissioner in 2006.  She raised taxes for Pepper and Si Leis.  She voted to build Mallory's streetcar.  She endorsed Democrat Jeff Berding and Charterite Chris Bortz.  She voted to give $800,000 to The Freedom Center.  How can any Republican look at Ghiz's fantastic tax-and-spend record and support that evil conservative Chris Monzel!

We tax hikers are also distraught over the landslide defeat of our Michelle Schneider at the hands of Shannon Jones.  Our 2009 Tax Hiker of the Year Michelle Schneider was an enthusiastic supporter of higher taxes during her 8 years in the State House.  She raised the Sales Tax.  She raised the Gas Tax.  She implemented the CAT tax.  She voted for legislation to allow Hamilton County's Hotel/Motel Taxes to more than double.  She even gave millions to The Freedom Center.  In addition to her outstanding tax-and-spend record, our Michelle is extremely photogenic and perhaps the biggest pork barrel pig in politics today.  Michelle was entitled to this seat.  It was stolen from her by the voters. 

And finally, how can our Republican Party allow that Tea Party dude Mike Wilson to be our party's nominee in the 28th House District.  Just because Wilson raised $63,000, had an army of volunteers, and grew the Cincinnati Tea Party into a powerful force doesn't mean he should be able to run for State Representative.  He is one of those conservatives and will be able to offer the voters a clear contrast from the pro-tax Connie Pillich.  Why couldn't 2008 Tax Hiker of the Year Virgil Lovitt have run again? 

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bob Taft Endorsements


Below are my much anticipated endorsements for Ohio's Republican Primary election on Tuesday. All of the candidates listed are Taft-endorsed tax and spend liberal Republicans, and all deserve your support. Also, please remember my prior endorsement of Ohio Issue 1, which is a continuation of my wildly successful Third Frontier Program.
Yours in taxes,

Governor Bob Taft


2nd Congressional District - Jean Schmidt

In the race for the 2nd Congressional District there is a no-brainer. Jean Schmidt was my closest ally in the Statehouse during my time as Governor. Jeanie voted for every single one of my tax increases, and helped me put Ohio on sound economic footing. I cannot describe to you the elation I felt when Jean beat out conservatives like Pat DeWine, Tom Brinkman, and Bob McEwen for her Congressional seat. True to form, Jean did not let me down, and voted in favor of the first federal bailout. She has succeeded in turning a once solidly conservative Congressional District into a nail-biter for the Republicans every year. What a record of accomplishments!!!Vote for my good personal friend Jean Schmidt for Congress.

Hamilton County Commissioner - Leslie Ghiz

Another no-brainer. Leslie is a shooting star in the tax and spend Republican movement, and with any luck will occupy the Hamilton County Commissioners seat that I myself served so well in. Ghiz wisely supported spending taxpayer money on the Cincinnati Streetcar, and even voted to give $800,000 to the Freedom Center. Both were extremely appropriate uses of taxpayer funds. I love supporting pro-abortion, pro-gay, pro tax, pro spending Republican women like my Lieutenant Governor Jennette Bradley. Ghiz is cut from the same cloth. On Tuesday, send a message to the fiscal conservatives by defeating that tax cutting bastard Chris Monzel and putting Leslie Ghiz in office.

Ohio's 7th Senate District - Michele Schneider

I had butterflies when I heard that my former protoge Michele Schneider was going to try to resume suckling off the government teet with yet another run for public office. Michele was a tireless advocate of my tax hikes during her time in the State House. Michele voted for my gasoline tax hike, and was proud to support the creation of a brand new tax, the CAT tax. I'd love to see her in the State Senate so she could tax even more people. Let's also not forget her devotion to giving millions of your tax dollars to the Underground Railroad Freedom Center, and her support of the Hamilton County Hotel/Motel tax. Michele is a true champion of the Ohio tax hiking movement, and would make a great State Senator.

Ohio Secretary of State - Jon Husted

How lucky are we to be able to finally vote to support Jon Husted for Statewide office? I have waited for this day, and like a proud papa when his son gets his first hit in a baseball game, I'm just beaming. Jon voted for my sales tax hike, and my gas tax hike in addition to pushing for my brand new Commercial Activites Tax. Jon was a supporter of my Third Frontier program that worked wonders to make Ohio's economy so great, and has been a vocal advocate for Issue 1 this year, which is a renewal of my wildly successful Third Frontier program. But perhaps best of all, Jon stood shoulder to shoulder with my main man Virgil Lovitt in his State Representative race. On Tuesday, vote for the tax hiking son I never had, Jonny Boy Husted.

State Central Committee - Mary Anne Christie and Amber Burke Sprengard
As Republicans we have many important races for the State Central Committee this year. As you may or may not know, the State Central Committee is the group that endorses candidates for the Party and chooses who the Party Chairman will be. It is vital that we keep Kevin DeWine in power. It is thanks to him that we have great candidates like Jon Husted to vote for. Both Mary Anne Christie and Amber Burke Sprengard have received thousands upon thousands of dollars in support of their campaigns from the Ohio Republican Party through Party-paid mail pieces touting them as the "endorsed Republican candidates". They'll owe Chairman Kevin BIG-TIME, and will continue to provide rubber stamp votes for tax hiking candidates and support for the Kevin DeWine regime in Columbus. As a bonus, both are personally very involved in the liberal Republican movement. Christie has been a long (and I mean loooooooooooong) time supporter of tax hiking Republicans, and Sprengard was a vocal advocate for the Cincinnati Streetcar movement that I strongly support. Remember to keep these two good status-quo, establishment Republicans in mind when you vote, and forget the names of their super-conservative opponents, Lori Viars and Joanne Kemmerer, both of whom have been endorsed by the despised and destructive Ohio Tea Party PAC.

Pepper donates to Ghiz campaign

Dear fellow tax hikers, as you know our endorsed candidate for County Commissioner Leslie Ghiz publicly endorsed and campaigned for liberal Democrat David Pepper for Commissioner in 2006.  Her assistance was instrumental in Pepper's victory and helped switch control of our County to tax-and-spend Democrats.  Because of Ghiz's consistent support for Pepper and his liberal agenda, the ultra-wealthy Pepper family has donated large amounts of money to Ghiz over the past few years. 

We have reviewed the latest campaign finance reports and can proudly report that David Pepper's mommy Frances Pepper has once again made a large donation to Leslie Ghiz in her campaign to defeat conservative Chris Monzel for Commissioner.  Liberal Leslie has earned this money.  When conservatives needed Leslie the most, she turned her back on them by endorsing Democrat David Pepper, and later endorsed his massive Sales Tax increase. 

Mommy Pepper has been extremely generous to liberal candidates and liberal causes.  For example, Frances Pepper has donated $1150 to the National Organization for Women, a strongly pro-abortion group.  She has donated $950 to The Wish List, which is dedicated to funding the campaigns of pro-abortion Republican women.  Pepper's mommy has donated $3150 to Republicans for Choice, a group which promotes abortion within the Republican Party.  And finally, Frances Pepper has donated an astounding $35,550 to EMILY's List, an organization dedicated to electing pro-abortion Democratic women to public office

Pro-abortionist Frances Pepper is a tremendous woman who has dedicated her life to the killing of unborn children.  We encourage everyone to click this link and watch the video that highlights her life's work.

Anybody who has killed as many babies as Frances Pepper should be extremely proud of herself.  And Leslie Ghiz should be proud to count her as one of her large financial supporters.  Nobody from the Pepper family would ever donate to conservative Chris Monzel because he is the only candidate in this primary race who has always been pro-life and has been endorsed by Cincinnati Right to Life both in this race and in all of his prior campaigns.  Pro-abortionist Frances Pepper and Leslie Ghiz, these are two great women.  Leslie Ghiz for Commissioner!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Breaking: Ghiz campaigned for Pepper in 2006

Dear fellow tax hikers, we have just been sent the following information about our endorsed candidate for County Commissioner Leslie Ghiz, which shows she not only endorsed Democrat David Pepper for Commissioner in 2006, but she actively campaigned for him too.  Previously, we only knew that Ghiz endorsed Pepper.  We are so, so proud of Ghiz for taking it a step further and actively working hard to give our county to tax-and-spend Democrats!  Read the entire email below:

From: Leslie E. Ghiz [mailto:lghiz@cinci.rr.com]
Sent: Thursday, September 07, 2006 8:33 AM
To: lghiz@kplaw.com
Subject: Pepper Signs!
Hi all-
My good friend David Pepper is running for Hamilton County Commissioner against Phil Heimlich.  Obviously I support David.  I would be happy to have a sign delivered to you if you are interested.  Please e-mail me your address and phone and I will personally deliver over the next few weeks.  Thanks in advance!  Leslie

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Virgil Lovitt endorses new tax increase

Dear fellow tax hikers, we feel tremendous pride in announcing that our 2008 Tax Hiker of the Year Virgil Lovitt has endorsed a large tax increase for the lucky voters in the Princeton School District.  This needed tax hike would raise taxes by over $150 per year for each $100,000 of home valuation.  So if you own of one of the many trailer homes in Sharonville, you would pay about $50 per year in higher taxes. 

We are working very hard to pass this tax increase.  In addition to locking down the huge endorsement of our man Virg, we even participated in a Tax Hike parade held this past Saturday to show the community's support for higher taxes.

If there is anything that deserves its own parade, it's a Virgil Lovitt tax increase.  We at Republicans for Higher Taxes proudly join Virg in endorsing this big tax hike. 

The Princeton School District badly needs this money.  This school district currently spends $14,803 per student per year, meaning that Princeton spends more money per student than all but 8 of the 613 school districts in Ohio.  But that is not enough!  They must spend more.  Princeton should continue raising taxes and raising spending until they are the biggest spenders in Ohio. 

It is not enough to only have more money per student to spend than over 98% of school districts in Ohio.  We applaud Virgil Lovitt for recognizing this fact.  The only way to solve this underspending is to raise taxes! We salute Virg for once again taking a stand for higher taxes.  We proudly stand with Mayor Lovitt to endorse this needed property tax increase.  Tax us more! 

Monday, April 26, 2010

Jon Husted for Secretary of State

Dear fellow tax hikers, we are delighted to offer our strongest possible support for one of Ohio's greatest tax hikers, Jon Husted.  Husted is possibly the greatest tax hiker we have seen run for statewide office since Bob Taft himself was in charge.  Husted is running for Secretary of State to help revive the Ohio Republican Party's tax-and-spend movement that has struggled since Governor Taft's four criminal convictions while in office.  Please consider the fantastic Husted record:

1.  Voted for Bob Taft's 20% Sales Tax increase.

2.  Voted for Bob Taft's 27% Gas Tax increase.

3.  Led the implementation of the Commercial Activities Tax which is loathed by small businesses with tight profit margins.

4.  Supported Bob Taft's 3rd Frontier program.

5.  Has strongly supported spending millions of tax dollars on The Freedom Center.  Not only has Husted consistently voted for this, but when Representatives Tom Brinkman and Bob Mecklenborg had gathered votes to pass an amendment to cut off this funding, Speaker Husted responded by refusing to allow a vote and thus protecting their taxpayer subsidy.  The $5,000 of campaign contributions Husted received from John Pepper, of course, had nothing to do with this.

6.  A man of great integrity, Husted represents a Dayton-area Senate district where he claims to live, while he and his family live, work, and attend school in Franklin County nearly 100 miles away.  

7.  After we endorsed Virgil Lovitt for State Representative, Husted answered our call by adamantly demanding that the Hamilton County Republican Party select 2008 Tax Hiker of the Year Virg for this position.  Husted threatened to punish the local party if it did not comply with his wishes. 

8.  As important as anything else, Husted lobbied hard to pass the election reforms prior to the 2008 Election that established the Kos-beloved "Golden Week" and allowed ACORN to dominate our state.  ACORN had no better friend in Ohio than Jon Husted. 

As you can see, Jon Husted is Ohio's greatest and most accomplished tax-and-spend Republican and has been ACORN's #1 supporter.  We need Jon Husted as Ohio's Secretary of State so he can continue to raise taxes and help ACORN.  Some day he will be Governor, and when he is he might be even better than Bob Taft.  We strongly back Jon Husted for Secretary of State!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Ghiz not abiding by her own standards

Dear fellow tax hikers, when every Council member except Chris Monzel was passing legislation granting special rights to homosexuals, Leslie Ghiz chided the opponents of this legislation for spending money to campaign against it.  

Shame on YOU people for spending thousands of dollars putting that in the paper, and not spending it another way--like helping children.

Ghiz clearly believed that campaign or advocacy money should not be spent for that purpose, it should be spent for the children.  Because of this we were certain that Ghiz would not be able to spend any money on her own campaign for County Commissioner.  We have been proud to lead the coalition of tax hikers, gay rights advocates, and David Pepper supporters that would win her the Republican nomination. 

However, we can confidently reveal that Ghiz is not living by the standards that she has applied to others, and will be spending all of her campaign money to defeat that Tea Party-endorsed conservative Chris Monzel!  Our household has already received 3 mailers from Ghiz and seen her campaign ads on television.  You go girl!

We had no problem with Michelle Schneider's lies, and we have no problem with Leslie Ghiz's lies either.  Ghiz should not have to abide by the standards she sets for others.  We have a race to win and integrity shall not be an obstacle.  Ghiz is one of our biggest heroes for everything she has done to raise taxes, promote gay rights, elect Democrats to the County Commission, and build the streetcar.  Leslie Ghiz for Commissioner! 

Monday, April 19, 2010

Schneider investigated for violating Ohio election laws

(Boy enters Michelle Schneider in the Livestock Fair)

Dear fellow tax hikers, our Michelle Schneider is under fire from the Ohio Elections Commission for lying on her website and in her latest tv ad.  The Commission voted unanimously to send the two charges to the full committee for final disposition.  We at Republicans for Higher Taxes fully defend Michelle Schneider's lies and call on the OEC to end this witch hunt immediately.

One of these lies focuses on the Ohio Right to Life endorsement.  Michelle claimed on her website that this group endorsed her for her Senate run.  In fact, ORTL hadn't endorsed anyone at that point, and ultimately they endorsed that terrible conservative Shannon Jones.  We had no problem when Jean Schmidt claimed endorsements she never received, and we support our Michelle's use of this same tactic.

The second lie came in a tv ad from the Schneider campaign.  Michelle stated that Shannon Jones received $160,000 in contributions from First Energy.  In actuality it was $31,000 over a 4 year period, a mere difference of $129,000. 

We stand 100% behind our endorsement of Michelle Schneider for Senate.  We are very proud of all the lies Michelle has told in this campaign.  This is politics, and we must win this race at all costs.  Are you with us?  Do you stand behind our 2009 Tax Hiker of the Year Michelle Schneider, and all her lies?

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Democratic Party assists Ghiz campaign again

Dear fellow tax hikers, once again the Hamilton County Democratic Party is assisting tax-and-spend Republican Leslie Ghiz in her efforts to win the Republican Primary over conservative Chris Monzel.  The Democrats are working hard to make sure Monzel loses because they know he would be a reliable conservative vote, in stark contrast to the liberal agenda that Todd Portune and David Pepper have implemented the last 4 years.  Democrats know that Ghiz would continue to ally with them on most votes. 

As we reported earlier this week, our enemy Chris Monzel hit the airwaves with an ad criticizing Leslie Ghiz for endorsing Democrat David Pepper for Commissioner in 2006, stating that her support allowed Pepper to implement higher taxes and more spending for Hamilton County.  It also quoted Leslie as saying, "Just because I'm a Republican doesn't mean anything".  We agree that these charges are true.  Ghiz did say that quote on the Willie Cunningham show on August 2, 2006.  She did endorse Pepper for Commissioner in 2006.  And Pepper did join with Todd Portune to pass an $800 million Sales Tax increase right after getting elected with Ghiz's support.  We can't understand why Monzel would want to point out one of Leslie Ghiz's strongest attributes - her proud public support for Pepper and other Democrats. 

Since Leslie Ghiz can't get Republicans to support her, the next logical thing to do is turn to her many friends in the Democratic Party.  After all, she's previously endorsed so many of them.  In return for her past support of their candidates, the Democratic Party is coming to her aid when she needs it most.  That's why we've seen Democratic Chairman Tim Burke publicly criticizing Chris Monzel - it's his way of trying to help his good friend Ghiz. 

We applaud Leslie Ghiz and the Hamilton County Democratic Party for working together to defeat the real enemy, Chris Monzel.  Monzel is the only candidate in this race who has consistently opposed tax increases.  He was one of the only elected officials in this county to oppose the big Sales Tax increase backed by David Pepper, Todd Portune, Leslie Ghiz, and Marc Dann.  Monzel's election would alter the balance of power from tax-and-spend liberals to fiscally conservative Republicans.  The Democrats know, as we know, that if we defeat Monzel now we are guaranteed to get a tax-and-spender to continue the fine legacy of David Pepper.  We join the Democratic Party in encouraging all Republicans to nominate our friend Leslie Ghiz for County Commissioner!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Ghiz attacked for endorsing Democrat David Pepper

Dear fellow tax hikers, the conservative candidate for County Commissioner Chris Monzel has just released a tv ad reminding the voters that Leslie Ghiz endorsed Democrat David Pepper for County Commissioner.  It also states that Ghiz helped Pepper raise taxes.  You can see the ad for yourself:

These claims are 100% true and that's why we have proudly endorsed Leslie Ghiz for Commissioner!   Ghiz did indeed endorse Democrat David Pepper for Commissioner in 2006.  This allowed him to win the race, and gave control of our county to the tax-and-spend Democrats.  Their first major act was to implement a huge $800 million Sales Tax hike that we of course endorsed.  Ghiz was one of the first elected officials to endorse this big tax increase.

The ad states that Chris Monzel opposed the $200 million streetcar.  Unfortunately that is true, too.  But Leslie Ghiz proudly joined with Mark Mallory to build this necessary trolley.   This ad also states that being a conservative Republican means something to Chris Monzel.  And that is why he must be stopped!

We stand for everything Ghiz stands for - higher taxes, streetcar spending, supporting taxpayer-funded domestic partner coverage for gays, and endorsing great Democrats like David Pepper.  Being a tax hiker means something to us.  Leslie Ghiz for Commissioner!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Monzel wins anti-tax support

Dear fellow tax hikers, due to his consistent opposition to higher taxes Chris Monzel has been endorsed for County Commissioner by our enemies at COAST. This cannot come as a surprise to anyone. COAST is against higher taxes. We at Republicans for Higher Taxes believe all taxes should be raised. Therefore, we are enthusiastically supporting Leslie Ghiz.

Chris Monzel's crimes against our high-tax movement are long and severe. Every year he has introduced a motion to freeze the city's property taxes. Every year! He was the only member of Council to oppose the massive $777 million Sales Tax hike that Ghiz endorsed. He has been the only member of Council to oppose subsidizing The Freedom Center. Monzel committed the ultimate betrayal by opposing the Mallory/Ghiz $200 million streetcar that we have endorsed. He even opposes taxpayer funding of abortion and domestic partner coverage.

Leslie Ghiz is on our side. She endorsed the big Sales Tax hike that the Monz would not. Ghiz voted to build Mallory's $200 million streetcar. She voted to give $800,000 to The Freedom Center. Ghiz proudly endorsed Democrat David Pepper for County Commissioner, giving tax-and-spend Democrats control of our County. Ghiz wants to help Democrat Todd Portune add taxpayer-funded domestic partner coverage for Hamilton County. And most of all, Ghiz carries herself with the dignity and professionalism that we expect of our public servants. Leslie Ghiz for Commissioner!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Livin' La Vida Leslie

Dear fellow tax hikers, the news that singer Ricky Martin has come out of the closet means that the Leslie Ghiz for Commissioner campaign has picked up another supporter! As her last name would imply, Ghiz (pronounced: 'Jizz') has been a strong supporter of the homosexual community and they have been equally supportive of her. This is but one of the reasons that we support her so strongly.

Ghiz has proudly accepted the endorsement of the pro-gay group Equality Cincinnati in prior campaigns. For years Leslie has been strongly supported by the gay group Log Cabin Republicans. They became her number one fan when she strongly criticized the conservative group Citizens for Community Values for taking out a newspaper ad opposing new gay rights, as Ghiz stated they should have spent the money on children.

We have no doubt that Leslie Ghiz spends her campaign money on children rather than on her own campaign, just like she expects of others. Since Ghiz is no hypocrite, she will be unable to afford tv spots or mail pieces for this campaign and must depend on a grassroots campaign of homosexuals and tax-hikers to get her message out.

One of the reasons Leslie is running for County Commissioner is to expand gay rights countywide just like she did for Cincinnati. At a recent campaign forum Ghiz strongly hinted that she would join with Todd Portune to implement domestic partners coverage for the lovers of gay county employees. Maybe they can even raise taxes to pay for it!

When you think of gay, think of Ghiz. We strongly support Leslie Ghiz for Commissioner because of her support for gay rights, domestic partners, higher taxes, big spending on projects like the streetcar, and her strong endorsement of Democrat David Pepper for Commissioner in 2006. Gays for Ghiz!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Support Issue 1


I am writing regarding an issue of the utmost importance. We need to unite in support of Ohio Issue 1 in the upcoming election. Don't know what Issue 1 is? You may remember my extremely successful Third Frontier initiative. With the help of my fellow travelers in the Ohio Legislature such as Michelle Schneider I was able to push $1.6 billion in new state debt for a high-tech jobs initiative.

Ohio's Issue 1 will renew my wildly successful Third Frontier initiative with $700 million in new state debt. If my time as Governor has taught you anything its that higher debt and massive government intervention in market economics is a good thing. In fact, it's vital to economic stability.

The results speak for themselves! Ohio's economy has never been better. Ohioans from Cincinnati to Cleveland and everywhere in between are inundated in new high-paying, high-tech jobs. Can't you see it? Our fine state's unemployment rate is nearly non-existent.

My high-tax allies in the newspaper editorial boards are doing their duty by endorsing this important big government initiative. They have been bolstered by loyal tax and spend Republicans from all corners of the State. I need you to do your part to support the effort. Please call all of your chronically unemployed friends, family, and neighbors and encourage them to vote YES on Issue 1. According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, the University of Cincinnati received a $36 million grant that created zero jobs thanks to the first Third Frontier effort. Perhaps with another $36 million they could create one or two additional jobs on top of the original zero. I can't think of a better way to leverage your hard-earned tax dollars. We must have this initiative. Our state's future depends on it!

Yours in taxes,

Governor Bob Taft

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Prominent GOP blog; accurate

Dear fellow tax hikers, we at Republicans for Higher Taxes are very proud of the growing influence and respect that our movement has earned over our three years of operations. We have taken this power and used it responsibly to ensure that when push comes to shove, the Republican Party remains the party that delivers the higher taxes and big-time spending increases that we so greatly deserve. This is why we strongly endorse great tax-and-spend Republicans like liberal Leslie Ghiz and 2009 Tax Hiker of the Year Michelle Schneider.

Recently two more media outlets have honored our work. A local liberal newspaper, whose News section is run by a liberal homosexual activist, has referred to us as, "a prominent GOP blog." Indeed we are. There is no finer blog in Southwest Ohio that promotes the values of our Republican Party - higher taxes, more spending, and supporting great Democrats like Todd Portune, David Pepper, and Barack Obama.

From the other side of the spectrum, a Tea Party-supporting blog called From the Rust Belt recently referred to us as, "the snarky but accurate Republicans for Higher Taxes." Us, snarky? In spite of the snarky quip, we credit them for having the intelligence to recognize us as an extremely accurate blog. We take pride in the accuracy of our information. If we ever do get it wrong, we will run a correction or remove the questionable claim. What other GOP tax-hiking blog can give you such accurate and reliable coverage?

We are, as the two above blogs stated, an accurate and influential GOP blog. We continue to be a powerful force for maintaining the Republican Party as a tax-and-spend machine. Party operatives and the media alike know the good we can accomplish when we tax hikers stick together. Tax us more!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Michelle Schneider - proud tax hiker

Dear fellow tax hikers, we are very proud of the tax-and-spend record of former State Representative Michelle Schneider. That's why we awarded her our 2009 Tax Hiker of the Year. And because of her fantastic record of raising our taxes, we have strongly endorsed her for State Senate.

Our Michelle Schneider's recent tv ad states that she makes no apology for voting to cut Ohio's Income Tax. That's because this vote also implemented a brand new CAT tax to replace that revenue.

Michelle Schneider should also make no apology for voting for Bob Taft's Sales Tax hike that has taken billions from Ohio taxpayers, She absolutely shouldn't apologize for raising Ohio's Gas Tax by a whopping 27%. We hope Michelle will never ever apologize for supporting the Hamilton County Hotel/Motel tax hike that was sponsored by Jean Schmidt and signed into law by Bob Taft.

We don't ever expect to see our Michelle Schneider apologize for giving The Freedom Center $3.1 million in taxpayer subsidies, while taking a $2,500 contribution from former Freedom Center CEO John Pepper. Michelle knows that we need higher taxes so that rich CEO's like Pepper can get all of their projects subsidized by the taxpayers.

Michelle has been a great friend to our tax-and-spend movement. But there is so much more to do, and so many more taxes to be raised. That's why it's vital we elect good, qualified, tax-and-spend Republicans like Michelle Schneider to higher office. Michelle Schneider for State Senate!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Fat woman seeks to weigh 1000 pounds

(Donna Simpson, a mere 600 pounds)

Dear fellow tax hikers, one of the greatest thrills about leading the GOP tax hiking movement is reading all of the wonderful emails we get from our supporters. The last couple days worth of messages take the cake. Days ago our loyal supporters directed us to the now-viral story about the lovely Donna Simpson, a gorgeous goddess of a woman seeking to weigh a full 1000 pounds to become the world's largest woman.

Note: We will not be discussing Leslie Ghiz in this post.

Donna has a big problem. She only weighs 600 pounds, requiring her to gain another 400 pounds to reach her goal. It is estimated she will need to woof down 12,000 calories/day to put on the necessary pounds. We wish her the best of luck.

Ms. Simpson is an enterprising large woman. She has to be, to pay her $800 per week food bill. Currently she pays for this by running a website where men pay money to watch her eat! We are proud to be the latest subscribers to her site. There is nothing we'd rather do than watch this enormous sweathog eat a week's worth of food in one sitting.

Just imagine the potential tax implications of this fat pig's behavior as she adds to her hefty frame:

1. Once she is tired of having to support herself she will claim disability and go on Workers Compensation.

2. After being classified as disabled, she will go on Medicaid so all US taxpayers can pay for her exploding health care costs.

3. She will also be eligible to go on FOOD STAMPS! Then, we can all pay taxes to fund her enormous food bill.

We at Republicans for Higher Taxes are always looking for inventive ways to pay higher taxes and spend more taxpayer money. Donna Simpson is one of our heroes, for her gigantic dreams, gigantic waistline, and the gigantic amount of tax dollars that all of us will soon be paying to fund her lardass lifestyle. Tax us more!