Thursday, January 17, 2008

Mike Huckabee for President

South Carolina's huge primary is coming upon us. We have carefully studied each candidate and based on our values, which support Republicans who are for higher taxes, we proudly endorse Mike Huckabee for President! No other candidate can come close to matching his dedication to raising taxes on all Americans.

While Governor of Arkansas, Huckabee followed in Bill Clinton's footsteps to take an increasing amount of money out of his residents' wallets. Independent analysis has shown that the tax burden was substantially higher on Arkansas residents at the end of his term.

Huckabee did not merely advocate for higher taxes. He begged for them. In an earlier post our site complimented Huckabee for his sincere pleas to the Arkansas legislature to raise any and all taxes. Video of this plea is at that link. These are the kind of values and teamwork we need from our next president.

Huckabee's superior record on raising taxes can be found at Tax Hike Mike! While this site purports to be against Mike, the reality is the site does a great job at showing exactly why he is our best candidate for President with nobody else even close. There isn't anyone who can read that site and doubt Huckabee's commitment to raising taxes.

It is vitally important everyone take time out of their day to help Mike. Congressmen Jean Schmidt and Bob Latta stand ready to raise taxes (again) but they can't do it by themselves. With Republicans for higher taxes leadership in the White House the pro-tax leadership of Schmidt and Latta can be unleashed. With the right leadership, Mike Huckabee and Jean Schmidt can raise taxes for our country like they raised taxes for Arkansas and Ohio. Mike Huckabee for President!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

2007 Enemy of the Treasury - Pat DeWine

Pat DeWine has earned a spot on our Wall of Shame. Our Central Committee has unanimously awarded DeWine our 2007 Enemy of the Treasury Award for his role in opposing tax increases. This was an easy decision. No other official has done more in 2007 than DeWine to oppose higher taxes.

DeWine's 2007 anti-tax record speaks for itself. DeWine voted against Todd Portune and David Pepper's Sales Tax increase to pay for a new jail and add hundreds of millions to the county's general fund. Then that fool even joined forces with others and collected 57,000 signatures to let the citizens vote on the issue. The nerve of DeWine.

We do not elect officeholders to empower the citizens. We elect them to raise taxes and obey the party bosses.

Even worse, DeWine spent the rest of the year campaigning against the Simon's Sales Tax hike and he was victorious. Thanks to DeWine our Sales Tax is only 6.5% instead of 7.0%.

Later DeWine opposed the County Administrator's suggestion to raise the Sales Tax anyways and he opposed repealing a property tax break promised to residents for supporting the Bengals Stadium deal. As you can see DeWine has a terrible record of opposing the tax increases sought by Bill Seitz, Simon Leis, Bob Mecklenborg, George Vincent, Leslie Ghiz, Bob Bedinghaus, and Bob Taft. He has earned our award.

We are glad to see DeWine not running for County Commissioner again. This is a great victory for the tax hikers across the county. Unfortunately for us he is running for Judge.

We are afraid if DeWine is elected he will use his position to advocate for cost cutting in the judiciary. Our county's judicial branch has always operated without scrutiny. It should remain that way. We need to keep DeWine out so he doesn't have a chance to let the public see how they really operate.