Friday, October 31, 2014

Dever and Ohio voters oppose Common Core

Dear fellow tax hikers, this election is vitally important to continue the federal government takeover of education through the new Common Core standards.  But this worthy goal is being threatened as teachers, evil conservatives, and voters increasingly rally against this top-down approach. 

When we were in school and were told to add 9+6, we spent a few seconds to come up with 15.  But that's not good enough anymore.  Please see this video to understand how Common Core Math works. 

There is no reason students should spend less than 55 seconds to determine that 9+6=15.  And besides, our friend "The 10" needs some extra love.  In fact, we should spend another 55 seconds to make sure we understand why 10+5 = 15.

For some reason Common Core has become unpopular with Ohio voters.  According to The Columbus Dispatch only 26% of voters support Common Core, while 43% oppose it.  

However, our candidate Micah Kamrass supports Common Core!  Jonathan Dever opposes it.  We applaud Kamrass for standing up to the voters to support this new approach to education.  We ask Dever to stop listening to the voters and start listening to us. 

Please support Micah Kamrass.  Our friend The 10 is depending on it. 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Light Rail Tax - Kamrass/Reuszer style

Dear fellow tax hikers, as you know the movement to bring a big Light Rail Sales Tax hike to Hamilton County began many years before our blog launched in 2007.  And one of its long-time supporters is tax hiking expert Walt Reuszer.  From an August 2000 article:

Reuszer has worked hard this election cycle with his former neighbor Micah Kamrass to raise taxes, promote light rail, and kill babies through all 9 months of pregnancy.  The primary reason behind Reuszer's support for Kamrass is because Reuszer is a sore loser (just like us) who can't handle that the voters rejected his friend Rick Bryan.  However, there is more to it than Walt's butt-hurt feelings. 

Kamrass, Reuszer, and other public transit advocates like us are working together to bring concepts like Light Rail and Streetcars to all of Hamilton County.  AND the higher taxes these systems require. 

At the sole debate between Kamrass and his evil opponent Jonathan Dever, Kamrass stated around the 22-23 minute mark that we "need to invest in a regional transportation plan" and he wants "all of it (Hamilton County) connected in a regional transportation mode" - that sounds exactly like a multi-billion dollar Light Rail plan!  He also wants us to "connect different parts of the state" - like the Ted Strickland 3C plan. 

A minute or two later, Kamrass condemned Dever for opposing the Cincinnati Streetcar.

This is the kind of leadership needed to move Ohio forward.  Reuszer knows we have to first elect people like Kamrass before we'll get the higher transit taxes that we deserve.  We need Kamrass and his support for Light Rail and Streetcars.  We know we can't enact light rail now - but by electing great leaders like Roxanne Qualls and Micah Kamrass, we can lay the groundwork to get it soon. 

Friday, October 24, 2014

Kamrass takes more Chesley money

Dear fellow tax hikers, our candidate for State Representative Micah Kamrass continues his impressive campaign, cashing another $500 from impressive disbarred attorney Stan Chesley. 

Earlier this year Kamrass happily took $500 from Chesley.  Kamrass is no more concerned than we are about Chesley's status as a disbarred lawyer, or the $25 million he owes to help make whole those he helped defraud.  Kamrass could do something silly like return that money - or give it Chesley's victims - but he needs those dollars to fight the evil limited government Republicans. 

Chesley may have lost his right to influence a courtroom, but he should never lose his influence over our government.  Strangely, Chesley seems to have lost numerous political allies since his disbarment.  We are delighted that Chesley will be able to mentor and influence future State Representative and future attorney Micah Kamrass (when he passes the bar).  We need Kamrass in Columbus - and $tan Chelsey needs him even more. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Tarbell condemns "retarded" leadership

Dear fellow tax hikers, County Commission candidate Jim Tarbell has taken the gloves off and we love it!  At a recent candidate forum Tarbell launched off against the County Commissioners by condemning their "slow, retarded leadership".  You can hear it for yourself at 24:09.

We not only agree with Tarbell's sentiment, we applaud him for defiantly standing up to those who have been trying to ban the "R-word" from polite society.  We stand with Tarbell.

The County Commissioners are retarded.  Their willingness to raise taxes by only $170 million is retarded.  Their refusal to raise taxes for Music Hall is retarded.  And anyone who votes for one of them is retarded.

We are lucky to have such a thoughtful candidate like Tarbell in this race.  Don't be a retard - vote Tarbell (or Feeney) for County Commissioner. 

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Kamrass Kampaign Slumber Party

Dear fellow tax hikers, tonight we will do something a little different by live blogging from the prestigious Kamrass campaign sleepover that we were graciously invited to attend.  This is our dream come true!  As the night gets started:


9:00 pm - Start arriving for the sleepover. Each person must bring 3 stolen Dever signs
10:00 - Melrose Place marathon!  Free diet soda will be served
12:00 - Change Doyle Webster's royal diaper
12:15 - Watch Justin Bieber concert; double back over the Bieb's shirtless set
1:30 - While pretending to be a Dever supporter, prank call Rick Bryan and put it on speakerphone to hear Ricky's meltdown
1:35 - Debate which boy from One Direction is the cutest
2:00 - Discuss Micah's career successes
2:01 - Plan the next ceremony to honor Voting Rights Hero Melowese Richardson
2:30 - Write thank you notes to Kamrass donors Stan Chesley and Jerry Springer
3:00 - Clean up the mess Walt Reuszer made in his sleeping bag
5:15 - Hold hands while signing along to a special hit from One Direction
11:30 am - get up early for some door-to-door

Monday, October 13, 2014

Micah Kamrass, Jerry Springer; and a woman has a child with her grandson

Meet the Kamrass Team, Volume 2

Dear fellow tax hikers, one of many impressive accomplishments of Micah Kamrass is the strong support he has received from television legend Jerry Springer.  Springer is best known for his thoughtful talk show program, which explored topics such as:

- a transvestite who is happy he/she cut off his/her legs;
- I'm pregnant by my brother;
- a "breeder" for the KKK;
- Mom, will you marry me?;
- this gem of an episode that shows what a truly great person Springer is.  Only a high-quality person would have aired this.

And let's not forget the Frenchman who legally changed his name to Mr. Ooh la la, and then went on Jerry to brag about sleeping with his girlfriend's best friend.  That episode means something to us, because when we look at young, cute Micah, "ooh la la" is the first thought that comes to mind.

Kamrass must have been excited to receive the support and large check from Mr. Springer.  Click on the pic below to see the entry from the public campaign finance report:

This kind of support excites us.  Micah Kamrass is a high-quality candidate just like Jerry Springer is a high-quality person and entertainer.  We can only hope Kamrass will contribute to Ohio's future as well as Springer has contributed to America's. 

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Blue Ash's $33,000 Sister City Bonanza

Dear fellow tax hikers, we have more great news about Blue Ash's legendary Sister City program.  Earlier this year we broke the story that the City of Blue Ash is spending approximately $24,000/year to send Councilmen and their friends on taxpayer-funded junkets to Germany. 

We just discovered that Blue Ash taxpayers also subsidize the German delegation's visit to Blue Ash!  Read this Enquirer excerpt:

The 16 Ilmenau residents visited Blue Ash from Sept. 27 to Oct. 4. This is the 12th year of the Blue Ash and Ilmenau’s partnership. The city of Blue Ash covers the cost of lodging, food and local transportation for the Ilmenau visitors. The city spent about $33,000 on the visit, public relations coordinator Emily Shaffer said in an email.

We can see why former Blue Ash Councilman Walt Reuszer calls this program a "success".  We estimate Wheezer Reuszer's age to be 90 - in other words, the average Rick Bryan supporter. 

It gets even better.  Make sure you read this important paragraph from Blue Ash's 9/27/14 letter to the German delegation:

That's right, in addition to everything else, Blue Ash taxpayers are also paying for the alcohol consumption of their German visitors!  We wonder how many German alcoholics were on this trip. 

There is no question that this is a very successful program.  However, our enemy Jonathan Dever suggested in April that he would not spend taxpayer funds this way, and for that he must be punished.  We call on Tax Hikin' Rick Bryan, Jack Buckman, Walt Reuszer, and others to send a message to Dever that tax dollars deserve to be spent providing hotels, food, transportation, AND FREE ALCOHOL to Sister City German visitors. 

Vote YES for free alcohol and Council's taxpayer-funded vacations, and NO on Jonathan Dever. 

Monday, October 6, 2014

Stan Chesley backs Micah Kamrass

Meet The Kamrass Team, Volume 1
Dear fellow tax hikers, the Micah Kamrass campaign continues its impressive momentum as it picks up the support of highly ethical disbarred attorney Stan Chesley.  We should all be proud that Kamrass has accepted a large campaign contribution from the disgraced Chesley:

Chesley may be without law, but that doesn't mean he should be without influence in Ohio's government.  Chesley sees young Micah as a friend and mentee who can help him maintain his rightful influence over our government.

We do not believe that Kamrass should return this contribution.  Just because Chesley has been disbarred, just because he owes $25 million to the victims of his fen-phen scheme, just because Chesley has (allegedly) stiffed the law firm that represented him, doesn't mean that Micah should feel bad about keeping this money.  He's got a race to win!  The victims can get their damn money later. 

Chesley also sees some of himself in Kamrass.  Kamrass will be a fine lawyer himself - once he actually passes the Bar.  Kamrass knows he can always look up to his friend and mentor Chesley for advice.  But for now, they are joined together to ensure the 28th District elects a young man to the Statehouse who supports The Obama Agenda. 

By teaming up with Stan Chesley, Micah Kamrass can uphold his promise to always represent us with the highest standards of integrity and ethics - just like Chesley.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Micah Kamrass - Obama's biggest fan

Dear fellow tax hikers, our endorsed candidate Micah Kamrass is getting an early start in his bid to be a 25 year-old State Representative.  Underscoring the importance of this race, Team Kamrass has already started running tv ads highlighting his support for Barack Obama, Reverend Al Sharpton, and Voting Rights Hero Melowese Richardson.

See his spot for yourself:

Please circulate this ad to all your friends and colleagues.  We don't get to vote for Barack Obama this year.  But we can do the next best thing by supporting liberal Micah Kamrass.  Yes We Can!!