Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Mike Huckabee for President?

We at Republicans for Higher Taxes are still evaluating the presidential candidates before we make our decision. We have ruled out Fred Thompson and Mitt Romney. They do not believe higher taxes are good for America, therefore we don't believe they are good for America.

We are very encouraged with a recent video that came out about Mike Huckabee. This video shows Huckabee pleading with his Legislature to raise taxes. He didn't care what taxes had to be raised, he just wanted more money from the taxpayers.

Huckabee told the Legislature that whatever tax increase they passed, "you will have nothing but my profound thanks." If Huckabee can raise taxes in America like he did in Arkansas, he will have nothing but our profound thanks.

This is the kind of candidate we're looking for. Huckabee understands that higher taxes lead to a more prosperous America. We would consider him our front-runner right now and are considering an endorsement of him.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Chairman Vincent thanks us

We are proud to be in receipt of the following letter from our great Chairman of the Hamilton County Republican Party, George Vincent, thanking us for all we've done. Always the optimist, Chairman Vincent focused on the Party's successes such as reelecting pro-tax republican Leslie Ghiz. He didn't say much about the voters rejection of the Party's efforts to push through the huge tax increases we need, but we will below.




November 19, 2007

Many thanks to everyone for their hard work and dedication to the Republican cause during the 2007 Election. You were an integral part of the successes that we achieved. Thank you again for being a part of this process!

While we had hoped to gain greater success on Cincinnati City Council, we are happy to have maintained the two seats that we previously held. Cincinnati voters re-elected incumbents Leslie Ghiz and Chris Monzel, which reinforces the great job they have already done in their previous terms on Council. Equally as important, each Republican City Council candidate worked around the clock because they believe in our City and our Party. Thanks for your hard work!

It is of the utmost imporance that we maintain the highest quality in our local judiciary. Republican Judges in Municipal Court are tough on crime and bring experience to the Bench and voters proved this when they went to the polls on Election Day. We are anxiously awaiting the outcome in Judge Burlew's district as the results were too close to call the Election at this point.

Republican elected officials in the townships, cities and villages were very successful in their bids for elected office. This work at the local level is important in order to maintain Republican beliefs at every level. Your commitment to covering the polls, canvassing door to door and calling your friends and family to vote helped produce the Republican votes we needed!

Thank you again for your energy and work this election cycle. Feedback is necessary in order for us to improve our organization, so I encourage you to contact us with comments about the election or anything else that is on your mind. You can reach us at the following email addresses:

Chairman George H. Vincent:

Maggie Nafziger , Executive Director:

Kathryn Cascella, Director of Finance:

Debbie Flammer, Office Manager:


George H. Vincent

We need all of you to contact Chairman Vincent and encourage him to work with Simon Leis, David Pepper, and Todd Portune to implement this Sales Tax increase again! Our community needs this money. We also want him to discipline those disloyal Republicans like Tom Brinkman, Rob Goering, Chris Monzel, and especially Pat DeWine for opposing the Sales Tax hike. They need to be reminded who they represent. They were not elected to vote the way they want, they were elected to represent the Hamilton County Republican Party.

We must drive the anti-tax conservatives out of the party. There is no room for their way of thinking in the new Republican Party, a party which now supports higher taxes.

When contacting him don't be to negative. Please thank Chairman Vincent for doing everything he can to make us the party of higher taxes. Mr. Vincent's quick and decisive action has isolated the anti-tax whackos and squarely made us a tax-and-spend party. Our point of view is now the dominant view at 700 Walnut St. Please thank Chairman Vincent for his great leadership on this issue and let's work with him to continue raising taxes for everyone's benefit.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Picking up the pieces

Last Tuesday's election was a setback for those us Republicans who want huge tax increases and spending hikes. The failure of Issue 27 is one of the worst defeats we've ever suffered. Who could have seen this coming? We had Simon Leis on our side. We had Leslie Ghiz. We had George Vincent. We had Bill Seitz, as always. We even had the Democrats, Charterites, and media with us. We also had 100 times more money than the other side, with David Pepper's mammy pitching in $50k. Something is wrong with the voters when they won't do what they're told.

The failure of Issue 22 for the CPS was also a huge setback. This would have generated so much more revenue for the schools for them to do what they wanted with. The voters should stop being so selfish and do what the school board expects of them.

We are disgusted that Chris Monzel got re-elected. When he was told to support higher taxes he refused and the voters backed him! The electoral system completely breaks down when elected Republicans won't do as they're told by the Sheriff and Republican Party Chairman. Monzel should be disciplined for refusing to support this tax hike.

On the plus side, at least we got Leslie Ghiz and Chris Bortz re-elected! We also passed Issue 28 and 29, though they don't raise taxes nearly enough. We must do better in the future.

The Republican Party cannot stand for this dissension in the ranks. Those who disobeyed must be disciplined. Except for a few dissenters like Pat DeWine, Chris Monzel, Charlie Winburn, Sam Malone, Andre Harper, Tom Brinkman, Rob Goering, Charlie Norman, Heather Harlow, the Cheviot Republican Club, Springfield Republican Club, Anderson Republican Club, Blue Chip Young Republicans, Sycamore Republican Club, and Deer Park Republican Club, Republicans were unified behind Issue 27.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Last chance to help Leslie!

Leslie Ghiz is in trouble! She may lose her re-election and we can't let that happen! She is one of our party's greatest voices in support of raising taxes. Please do what you can to help her.

If Ghiz loses, the Republican Party loses one of its greatest advocates for higher taxes. She may even be replaced by a Republican who won't raise your taxes and we can't let that happen. Get out and support Leslie!

Tim Burke distracts from real issue

Recently Tim Burke and the Democratic Party have played the race card in trying to keep Charlie Winburn and Sam Malone out of office. We are afraid this will backfire. And it sadly distracts us from the real reason we should oppose them.

Recently it has been revealed that Winburn and Malone have publicly declared their opposition to Issue 27. They received their orders from George Vincent and Simon Leis to support this proposal and they disobeyed. For that reason they should not hold office. George Vincent does not run Republican candidates to represent the voters, he runs them to obey the orders he gives them.

We are tired of Republican politicians who try to do what they think is right and limit the size of government. We voters must stand up to these politicians who refuse to obey the orders they receive from above. Let's send them a message - vote against Winburn, Malone, Chris Monzel, and Andre Harper and tell them that we expect them to do what they're told by the party bosses and big donors.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Anti-safety plays mean trick on Halloween

The anti-safety coalition opposing the Simon Leis Sales Tax played a horrible trick on us today. Our committee was very excited to see a press release announcing former Governor Bob Taft's support for Issue 27.

This is exactly the kind of proposal Governor Taft would support.

But sadly, we found out this was a prank on their part. We have no idea why they would play this prank. Mr. Taft is a well respected former Governor who did great things for our state and its economy. We would be proud to have his support for this important tax increase. He has a proud history, just like George Vincent and Bill Seitz, of raising taxes frequently.

We encourage Bob Taft to come out and support Issue 27. We need his support. We know if Governor Taft read this proposal he would be proud to support it. With Simon Leis, George Vincent, and Bob Taft behind it, who could dare oppose it?

We have reprinted the press release for your information. It started off so promising and ended up depressing.

For immediate release: October 31, 2007

For more information: Jason Gloyd, 513-240-4996

Former Governor Bob Taft endorses Issue 27

Former Ohio Governor Bob Taft today announced his hearty and full-fledged support for Issue 27, the Super-Sized Jail Tax on the November 6 ballot. Taft joins other establishment Republicans in fighting for higher taxes for Hamilton County residents such as Simon Leis, Bill Seitz and George Vincent.

“Raising taxes $777 million to pay for a $200 million jail that rightfully ought to cost only $100 million is my kind of policy,” said Taft. “I built my 8-year legacy in Columbus on the backs of Ohio taxpayers and in favor of the bureaucrats and special interests, and this plan robustly advances that same cause. Higher taxes and spending are good for Ohio residents and Ohio businesses – and they will be good for Hamilton County as well.”

Taft, of course, presided over the most massive expansion of state government in Ohio history during his 8-year tenure in the Governor’s mansion, and Ohio lost thousands of residents and jobs over that same period of time.

During his governorship, Taft raised the sales tax, the personal income tax, the tax on alcohol, the tax on tobacco products, the corporate franchise tax, auto registration fees, taxes on leased cars and business equipment, and taxes on Ohio banks, and instituted new taxes on dry cleaning and a new business activity tax. Under Taft, government spending grew at a rate more than double the rate of inflation, making Ohio’s tax environment one of the least competitive in the nation.

State Representative Bill Seitz, who is the leading Republican promoting the sales tax hike, of course, voted for each and every single one of Bob Taft’s tax hikes. The Hamilton County Republican Party never spoke out once against any of the increases.

“Drats, foiled again,” said WeDemandABetterPlan.Com Chairman Jason Gloyd. “First the Republican Party, then Bill Seitz, and now Bob Taft. We just can’t catch a break.”

# # #

In case any moron reading this would possibly misinterpret this as serious, you are hereby notified that this release is a parody, a joke, our weak attempt at humor. However, the issue of Republicans abandoning all pretense of principle, and falling all over themselves to promote the massive tax hike advanced by democrats Todd Portune and David Pepper is a serious issue, and deserving of attention.

Please have as much fun reporting this as we did in writing it.