Tuesday, April 29, 2014

New Rick Bryan Campaign Theme Song

Dear fellow tax hikers, in light of the recent discovery that Rick Bryan and his friends have been taking taxpayer-funded German Junkets courtesy of Blue Ash taxpayers, we believe it is time to change the theme song for the Rick Bryan for State Representative campaign.  We are very, very proud of High Flyin' Rick Bryan and his Council Comrades for consuming over $200,000 of Blue Ash taxpayer funds so that they vacation in style.

We were previously using the song from Mr. Ed as the Bryan campaign theme song, in honor of Ricky Baby's work to force a disabled girl to give up her service miniature horse.  But that's old news, as thanks to Ricky's great work the handicapped in Blue Ash have learned their place.

With that, to honor High Flyin' Rick Bryan's European Vacations, we introduce to you the new Rick Bryan campaign theme song.  We think you're going to love it.  And Clark W. Griswold will too.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Breaking: Rick Bryan's taxpayer-funded vacations

Dear fellow tax hikers, we are just learning that our man Rick Bryan and Blue Ash City Council have spent over $200,000 of Blue Ash taxpayer funds sending Rick and his Council Comrades on junkets to Germany.  You see, Blue Ash has a "Sister City" program with Ilmenau, Germany, a small city hours away from anything - well, except great German beer.

Every year or two, Blue Ash sends approximately 15 people (Council members and their closest friends) on a delegation vacation to Ilmenau, subsidized by YOUR tax dollars.  For example, High Flyin' Rick Bryan, Jack Buckman, and Blue Ash Council spent $120,200 of Blue Ash tax money from just 2008-2012 on these German junkets, and this program started back in 2002.  Council sends the money to the Blue Ash Sister City, Inc, (funded 99% from Blue Ash taxpayers, and housed in the Blue Ash Municipal Building), who then subsidizes the big vacations.

For the record, we strongly support this program and the $200,000 (and counting) spent on it.  We repudiate the Jonathan Dever campaign for their video making fun of these expenditures:

When High Flyin' Rick Bryan gets a chance to go, he doesn't have to be asked twice.

Here's Rick enjoying the 2002 vacation:

High Flyin' Rick Bryan in 2005:

High Flyin' Rick Bryan in an undetermined year:

Rick was obviously headed to a very important business meeting.

He's been there so often he's acquired the nickname of "Ricky Baby" by his good German friends, who no doubt appreciate the infusion of Blue Ash taxpayer funds into the Ilmenau economy. 

Oh, and did we note this "Sister City" program was created under....... Former Mayor Rick Bryan!  We believe this is a perfectly appropriate use of over $200,000 of your tax money.  If we can get Rick to Columbus, he can use his great leadership to create Sister City Vacation Funds all over Ohio!  Until then, enjoy the taxpayer-funded vacations Ricky Baby!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Dever with more cash on hand

Dear fellow tax hikers, pre-primary campaign finance reports were due yesterday and the news for us wasn't good.

Rick Bryan:  $25,543 cash on hand.  $13,116 debts owed.   $7,000 loans outstanding.

Jonathan Dever:  $26,847 cash on hand.  $0 debts owed.  $0 loans outstanding.

For weeks we were assured by Tax Hikin' Rick Bryan supporters that Rick is the one who raised all the money.  They told us that Dever wasn't even running a real campaign.  But it turns out he is the one with most of the unencumbered cash on hand to spend in the final stretch run. 

We call on all you tax hikers to work hard for our 2011 Tax Hiker of the Year Rick Bryan in these final 10 days.  Tell the voters about Rick Bryan's 25% Earnings Tax hike, the Sales Taxes he's tried to raise, the $75 million park he's building, the Cincinnati Streetcar he helped fund.  Ricky is our best chance to elect a great tax-and-spend Republican. 

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Crystal Faulkner and Jeff Berding

Dear fellow tax hikers, thank you for joining us for the 6th Edition of....... The Crystal Faulkner Democratic Donation of the Week.  One thing very important to Crystal Faulkner Cooney is the election of Democrats in Cincinnati.  That's why she has supported Chris Seelbach, PG Streetcarfeld, and Mark Mallory.  Add Jeff Berding too. 

When Bengals Executive Jeff Berding wanted to bring his expertise to Cincinnati City Council, MS. Faulkner was there for him.  (look closely, the screenshot is reprinted below)

By supporting Bengal Berding, MS. Faulkner demonstrated her support for:

- higher Sales Taxes
- abortion on demand
- more streetcars
- continued Freedom Center subsidies
- The Bob Bedinghaus Stadium Deal!

Jeff Berding once said, "I take a backseat to no one in my commitment to Democratic values."

Neither does Crystal Faulkner.   Let's put Crystal and her values on the Republican State Central Committee. 

Monday, April 21, 2014

COAST endorses Jonathan Dever

Dear fellow tax hikers, as expected our enemies at COAST have endorsed Jonathan Dever for State Representative.  That's ok.  We'll let Dever get the conservatives.

We encourage you to read their endorsement reposted below, because it explains precisely why our 2011 Tax Hiker of the Year Rick Bryan is the best candidate for this seat.  We owe it to our tax-and-spend Republicans to support them against conservatives like Dever.  If all of us progressive Republicans vote for Ricky in two weeks, he will win!


COAST is proud to endorse conservative Jonathan Dever for State Representative in the 28th District GOP Primary.  Dever, a first time candidate, has been a fixture supporting conservative causes and Republican candidates in Hamilton County. 

Dever currently owns two small businesses, and his wife owns a 3rd, that employ 15 people.  Jonathan has proven his conservative credentials in not just his words but his actions, and COAST looks forward to him representing SW Ohio in the State House. 

Dever looks to defeat tax-and-spend Republican Rick Bryan, a Blue Ash Councilman.  Bryan has an extensive and disturbing record of raising taxes and wasting significant taxpayer funds on large, questionable projects.  For example, Bryan is currently building a comically wasteful $75 million park.  This will cost the equivalent of $6200 per Blue Ash resident - more than the Wall Street Bailouts and Obama Stimulus COMBINED! 

Rick Bryan voted for and enthusiastically endorsed a 25% Earnings Tax hike on Blue Ash workers and residents.  He lined up behind David Pepper and Todd Portune to support a massive countywide Sales Tax increase that the voters wisely rejected.  Bryan even said we should have re-elected the incompetent Bob Bedinghaus based on his (disastrous) work on the stadiums. 

Shockingly, in 2012 Bryan used his position as a Blue Ash Councilman to help fund the Cincinnati Streetcar.  Bryan happily obeyed former Mayor Mark Mallory's demand to rescind, then redo the 2007 airport land deal between the two cities in a way that allowed Cincinnati to legally spend the proceeds on their streetcar fiasco.  Bryan sold out the people of Blue Ash and Cincinnati to help fund a streetcar that most 28th District residents want no part of. 

While many elections come down to the lesser of two evils, we are pleased that this race isn't one of them.  Conservative Jonathan Dever is a significantly better choice than Tax Hikin' Rick Bryan and has earned our support. 

Learn more about Jonathan Dever here.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Crystal Faulkner supports Rick Bryan

Dear fellow tax hikers, it's a great day when progressive Republicans like Crystal Faulkner Cooney, Tax Hikin' Rick Bryan, and this blog all work together to pursue our common goals of raising taxes and growing government.  A major milestone was achieved when MS. Faulkner endorsed Bryan for State Representative!

It makes perfect sense for Crystal to support our 2011 Tax Hiker of the Year Rick Bryan.  After all, MS. Faulkner has also supported equally fine candidates such as:

- Chris Seelbach
- Mark Mallory
- PG Sittenfeld
- David Pepper
- Jean Schmidt

We believe Rick will be even better for the progressive movement than these five. 

As conservatives have coalesced behind the conservative candidate, Jonathan Dever, it's more important than ever for us tax-and-spend liberal Republicans to stand together.  We applaud MS. Faulkner for taking some time out of her busy campaign to see the bigger picture. 

We implore you all to vote the progressive slate in this May's primary.  That especially means supporting Crystal Faulkner Cooney and Tax Hikin' Rick Bryan.  Some very important tax hikes and streetcar lines depend on it.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Crystal Faulkner flip flops with PG Sittenfeld

Dear fellow tax hikers, we welcome you to the 5th Edition of....... The Crystal Faulkner Democratic Donation of the Week.  We've already covered some of her donations to wonderful Democrats like David Pepper, Mark Mallory, and Chris Seelbach. 

This week we add our streetcar hero P.G. Sittenfeld to the list.  When P.G. needed funds, Crystal Faulkner Cooney stepped up to help one of her good Democratic buddies.

By supporting Streetcar Sittenfeld, MS. Faulkner demonstrated her support for:

- more streetcars
- abortion on demand
- Responsible Bidder (which you know is VERY responsible)
- "marriage equality" for incestors, bisexuals, gays, groups, and polygamists
- taxpayer funding for Mahogany's
- lax voter laws so Melowese Richardson can continue to vote as many times as she wants. 

If you share these Democratic values, please make sure you vote for Crystal Faulkner to serve on the Republican State Central Committee.  This is the leadership our party deserves. 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Dever admits he's a conservative

Dear fellow tax hikers, don't you all love it when your opponents make your arguments for you?  Our enemy Jonathan Dever did just that, when he sent a press release acknowledging his conservative views and admitting that our good friend Rick Bryan is the candidate of big government. 

Tax Hikin' Rick Bryan is indeed the candidate of higher taxes, more streetcars, and a $75 million park.  Jonathan Dever is one of the evil conservatives who has even signed a pledge to not raise our taxes.  He must be stopped.

Read the press release for yourselves.  Then get mad.  Dedicate yourself to supporting the big government ballot on May 6th, including our own Tax Hikin' Rick Bryan.


Today is April 15.  Are Your Tax Dollars Safe with “Tax-Hikin’ Rick Bryan?”

Ronald Reagan famously quipped that, “Republicans believe every day is the Fourth of July, but the Democrats believe every day is April 15.”

In honoring the president’s joke, Jonathan Dever, demonstrating that he is the true fiscal conservative in the race, signed the Americans for Tax Reform Pledge to “oppose and vote against any and all efforts to increase taxes.”

As a small businessman, Jonathan Dever understands the importance of staying within budget and funding priorities first.

Dever said, “I am proud to add my name to the list of candidates and elected officials at both the state and federal level who have pledged to stop the tax and spend policies that hurt the middle class.  I will go to Columbus and fight every day to make sure that we do not spend one penny more than needed.  Government is meant to help folks, not hurt them.”

Jonathan Dever’s opponent in the Ohio House Race has fiscal beliefs that are closer to those of Democrats than his own party.

Since announcing his run for the statehouse, Rick Bryan has campaigned as a fiscal conservative, but his record on Blue Ash City Council reflects a progressive fiscal record, earning him the long-standing moniker “Tax-Hikin’ Rick Bryan.”

On top of his profligate spending for projects like a $75 million public park, Rick Bryan voted for an earnings tax increase of a whopping 25%.

The working class folks and our seniors in the 28th House District literally cannot afford to send another Progressive tax and spender to Columbus.

“I will work to shrink our State government and return control to the local level.  Our working families deserve to have a candidate that will fight against over taxation and out of control spending.  I call on my opponents to follow suit, and sign the pledge.”

For more information please visit http://www.jonathandever.com

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Rick Bryan Tax Day

Dear fellow tax hikers, today is April 15th!  This is the day your taxes are due.  It is our favorite day of the year - and Rick Bryan's too.

We're going to spend our special day honoring the legacy of Tax Hikin' Rick Bryan.  This is a man - and a mustache - who knows what Tax Day is about.

Ricky won our 2011 Tax Hiker of the Year because of his neverending dedication to higher taxes and runaway spending.  He raised the Earnings Tax 25%.  Tried to give Hamilton County a huge Sales Tax hike.  Applauded Bob Bedinghaus for his work on the stadiums.  Helped fund the Cincinnati Streetcar.  And Rick is currently building a $75 million park.

We are deeply indebted to Tax Hikin' Rick Bryan for everything he has done to raise taxes and jack up government spending.  Just imagine what he could do with a statewide tax base.  He is exactly the kind of tax-and-spend Republican we are proud to honor on the greatest day of the year.  We wish all of you a Happy Rick Bryan Tax Day!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Crystal Faulkner backs Jean Schmidt

Dear fellow tax hikers, we have learned that our friend Crystal Faulkner Cooney is upset - no, OFFENDED - that she is not getting enough credit for her Republican donations.  We wouldn't want to offend MS. Faulkner, so we're going to skip our scheduled edition of The Crystal Faulkner Democratic Donation of the Week and instead highlight one of her best Republican donations. 

When Crystal isn't donating to Democrats like David Pepper, Chris Seelbach, and Mark Mallory, she does indeed support some Republicans.  Such as the highly ethical former Congressman Jean Schmidt. 

When it was time to defeat that conservative veteran Brad Wenstrup again, Crystal stepped up to the plate by donating $300 to the embattled Jean Schmidt.  This was not the first time MS. Faulkner worked against Wenstrup - she also supported Mayor Mark Mallory against him in 2009. 

By supporting Jean Schmidt, MS. Faulkner demonstrated her support for:

- higher Sales Taxes
- Wall Street bailouts
- higher Gas Taxes
- more food stamps
- higher hotel/motel taxes; AND
- Jean Schmidt's incredibly high ethical standards

Nobody understands better than Crystal Faulkner the need to keep Brad Wenstrup from serving the public.  That's why she supports Democrats and Republicans alike to take him down.  This year Wenstrup is facing four Democratic opponents for his seat in Congress.  Which one of them will MS. Crystal Faulkner Cooney support? 

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Rick Bryan's $75 million park

Dear fellow tax hikers, one of the many things we love about Blue Ash Councilman Rick Bryan is his dedication to spending gobs of taxpayer money on huge projects that raises taxes and/or debt for many decades.  For example, Rick provided key support to help fund the Cincinnati Streetcar, and praised former Commissioner Bob Bedinghaus for his excellent work on the stadiums.

And now, Tax Hikin' Rick Bryan is leading the way to build a $75 million park in Blue Ash.  That's right - one park, $75 million.

Even we find this cost to be astonishing!  Astonishingly great, of course. 

Blue Ash has approximately 12,000 residents.  This park is costing the equivalent of $6200 per Blue Ash resident.

If our 2011 Tax Hiker of the Year Rick Bryan gets elected State Representative and embarks on a parks program statewide on this scale, it would cost Ohio $71 Billion.  By comparison, Ohio's entire 2-year General Fund budget for FY2014-2015 is $62 Billion.  That would require one huge tax hike!

And if our country started a parks program on the same scale Rick is doing in Blue Ash, it would add $1.9 Trillion to our National Debt!  Raising taxes, spending an Earth-shattering amount on big projects like stadiums, streetcars, and $75 million parks - that's our Tax Hikin' Rick Bryan.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Crystal Faulkner supports David A. Pepper

Dear fellow tax hikers, what is better than donating to liberal Democrat David Pepper?  How about donating to him twice.  That's what our Crystal Falkner Cooney has done.  With that we welcome you to the 4th Edition of.....The Crystal Faulkner Democratic Donation of the Week.

Last month we reported that MS. Faulkner donated $1000 to Pepper to help him defeat Republican Dave Yost.  Crystal didn't stop there. 

In fact, MS. Faulkner donated another $500 to Pepper.  When Crystal gets down to the business of defeating Republicans, she's not playing around. 

By supporting David Pepper - twice - Crystal Faulkner reiterated her support for:

- higher taxes
- abortion on demand
- gun control
- "marriage equality" for gays, groups, incestors, and polygamists
- obedience to the labor unions
- lax voter laws that allow Melowese Richardson to vote as many times as she wants

If these are your values too, then please join us in voting for Crystal Faulkner for Republican State Central Committee.  This can be the future of the GOP.