Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Blue Ash Council subsidizes their golf course

Dear fellow tax hikers, we hope all of our Blue Ash readers are happy this week.  If not, they will be after learning that their tax dollars are subsidizing the Blue Ash Golf Course to the tune of $220,000 per year. 

We fully endorse this generous subsidy.  With golf now being dominated by the impoverished, it would not be fair to expect golf hobbyists to pay for their own rounds.  Blue Ash taxpayers need to subsidize the hordes of lower income folks who flock to the golf course for their Friday afternoon tee times. 

We are glad to see Tax Hikin' Rick Bryan, Jack Buckman, and Blue Ash Council looking out for the lower income golfers just as they look out for themselves.  The Blue Ash Golf Course needs this tax money.  The police, fire, sidewalks, and neighborhoods don't.  If Blue Ash voters continue re-electing the likes of Rick Bryan, Jim Sumner, and Marc Sirkin, they can rest easy knowing that their tax dollars will continue to subsidize the golf course along with the European Vacations of their Councilmen.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Hating Heather Harlow

Dear fellow tax hikers, with the final 2015 filing deadline in the rear view mirror, this fall's campaign season is officially on!  One of our top priorities this year is the removal of Colerain Township Fiscal Officer Heather Harlow - a conservative woman who does not know her role.  As the leaders of the Hate Heather Harlow Club, we have been trying for years to remove this horrible woman from office and have failed every time

This year we are receiving help from liberal intellectual leader Trent Tenney and his massive online group Give the Heave-Ho to Heather Harlow.  The group's #1 focus was finding a high-quality opponent that would finally pick up the win. 

And what a fantastic job they did!

Join us if you want to give Harlow the heave ho as bad as we do.  This year it's finally going to happen.  We guarantee it.