Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Double Dipping Democrat Dusty Rhodes

Dear fellow tax hikers, we have never been more proud of Hamilton County Auditor Dusty Rhodes than we are right now.  Recently it was discovered that Rhodes has filed to join the ranks of the Double Dippers.  If Double Dipping Democrat Dusty Rhodes is re-elected, he will first "retire" at the end of his current term to start collecting an annual retirement check of $94,248, then he will start his new term the very next day where he will happily take his salary to collect another $94,248/year. 

Prior to becoming a double dipper, Dusty stated:

"It would be cheaper if I stole money from my neighbor, but that doesn't make it right," Rhodes said then. "This is an abuse of the system. You can put all the lipstick you want on the pig. But at the end of the day, it's still a pig."

Double Dipping Democrat Dusty Rhodes is our kind of pig.  He is a pig who takes every opportunity to take more money from the taxpayers regardless of whether it is right.  But according to Dusty, his motives for this are pure:

"If this gets people talking about it, let it rip," he said. "I'm willing to fall on my sword if that's what it takes. I'm not even sure I'm going to do it, but if this gets the issue out there, that's good."

That's right, Double Dipper Dusty knows this is wrong, but he isn't doing it for his own benefit.  Oh no, he's doing it for YOUR benefit!  Dusty doesn't WANT to take that extra $94k per year.  But he'll do it if he has to! 

We call on everyone to immediately stop referring to Double Dipping Democrat Dusty Rhodes as a hypocrite.  Dusty is doing what good, tax-hiking politicians do best - find every possible way to take the taxpayer for a ride.  The more government workers who double-dip, the quicker that we can drive these pension funds into insolvency.  And then, we get to raise your taxes to make them solvent again. 

The only way to stop Dusty Rhodes from double dipping is to vote for his Republican opponent Tom Brinkman.  If Brinkman wins this race, then Double Dipper Dusty would have to actually retire to collect his retirement check!  That would be completely unfair.  Say yes to Double Dipping....Say yes to Dusty Rhodes!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Cincinnati installs more scooter spaces

Dear fellow tax hikers, we are excited by the news that Cincinnati City Council will be spending up to $192,000 of taxpayer funds to install more parking spaces for scooters!  The city will raid the fund for neighborhood speed humps to pay for this important project.  This vote continues the positive trend in Cincinnati government that we've seen throughout the Mallory/Bortz administration - putting downtown and Over the Rhine first, while letting the neighborhoods fend for themselves. 

We condemn Chris Monzel for being the only Councilman to vote against this great plan.  He would rather spend the money from the speed hump fund on speed humps.  When is Monzel going to quit worrying about the neighborhoods and understand that his job is to do everything that downtown desires?  Do you see any other Councilmen giving a crap about the city's neighborhoods? 

Monzel's history of opposing higher taxes and supporting the neighborhoods is unacceptable.  He should be supporting higher taxes and opposing the neighborhoods, just like Leslie Ghiz and Roxanne Qualls.  He is an enemy of our tax-and-spend agenda.  Let's cut the neighborhoods loose for good by standing together against their #1 advocate Chris Monzel.  Tax us more!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Liz Ping goes on the attack

Dear fellow tax hikers, we were serious when we profiled up-and-coming tax hiker Liz Ping and gave her our pro-tax stamp of approval.  Ping Pong's candidacy is no joke.  And now she is taking the fight to her enemies. 

Recently Ping sent her declaration of war to the local GOP:   

Maggie Nafziger and the Hamilton County GOP; you've been PING'd!

We hear that the GOP is REALLY scared!  They've seen Ping Pong when she gets fired up and they want no piece of this.  They are petrified that they will suffer the same wrath as her many defeated ping pong opponents. 

It is undeniable that our Liz Ping is on the move and has gathered the momentum in this race.  Now that Liz has earned the support of the tax hikers, pro-abortionists, and gays, she is very close to clinching victory.  We are now elevating this contest to one of our target races.  We are so excited by what Mrs. Ping Pong has to offer.  Her victory will give us another strong tax-hiking ally in Columbus to help Ted Strickland continue his efforts to Turn Around Ohio.   Tax us more!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Strickland signals plans to raise taxes

Dear fellow tax hikers, our great tax-and-spend Governor Ted Strickland has given strong indications that he will propose a significant tax increase if he is re-elected this November!  For some reason Strickland will not come out and say it, but consider the following chain of events:

- Strickland acknowledged that there will be a budget shortfall of up to $8 billion.
- Ohio's budget must be balanced each cycle.  
- Strickland outright refuses to make $8 billion in cuts, even criticizing his opponent John Kasich for being willing to make these cuts. 
- Therefore, Ted Strickland will be proposing a multi-billion dollar tax increase to balance Ohio's budget.

We think this is a fantastic policy decision.  Ohio's taxes are too low.  Ohio must enact a significant tax increase to remain competitive.  We condemn John Kasich for stating that he will balance the budget by making budget cuts.  Government should not have to tighten its belt.  You need to tighten yours.  Tax us more!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Tarbell says Vote for Old People

Dear fellow tax hikers, at a recent debate between our enemy Chris Monzel and pro-tax Democrat Jim Tarbell, Tarbell dropped the bomb on Monzel.  Tarbell unleashed what he feels is his #1 qualification for being on the Hamilton County Commission:

"Our leaders in government are either too young to have the experience we need right now or don't have the courage to make the decisions that are needed."

That's right, Jim Tarbell is old.  Real old.  Tarbell will quickly raise the age of any room he enters, with the possible exception of the Blue Ash Republican Club.  Chris Monzel, who is in his early 40's, is just not old enough to be a good Commissioner. 

Tarbell's advanced age is one of his finest qualifications for Hamilton County Commission.  The old guys have done a fantastic job running our county.  Especially the old Democrats.  Democrats have run our county for the last 4 years and the city of Cincinnati for the last 2 decades.  Can anyone say that they haven't done a wonderful job?

Let's keep a great thing going.  Vote old.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Liz Ping for State Representative

(the Ping family crest)

Dear fellow tax hikers, it is our mission to support and promote the finest tax hikers in politics, wherever we can find them.  With that in mind, we offer our strong support to tax-hiking veteran Liz Ping for State Representative.  Mrs. Ping Pong has distinguished herself in the art of higher taxation.  She has compiled a fantastic record of supporting tax hikes for all Hamilton County residents. 

Ping Pong not only supports tax increases, she also donates her riches to the cause.  When we tax hikers needed help to support the $777 million sales tax increase passed by David Pepper and Todd Portune, Ping stepped up to the plate.  While reviewing the Issue 27 campaign finance reports we discovered that Mrs. Ping Pong was one of the generous donors to this campaign, which raised $1 million to help pass this important tax increase.  This is the kind of tax hiking leadership and dedication we need in Columbus.

When she isn't busy raising taxes, Ping can be found at the nearest table perfecting her mad clutch Ping Pong skills.  We know Ping can utilize these skills for our pro-tax benefit.  If Liz can destroy our anti-tax enemies with the same skill, dedication, aggressiveness, and efficiency as she does to her overmatched Ping Pong opponents, she would instantly be a tremendous tax-hiking asset in Columbus.

We tax hikers are facing a difficult time right now.  This makes it more important than ever to give one of our rising stars the support she needs.  Ping Pong has proven herself in the tax-hiking arena, and her election gives us a great chance to develop another great tax-and-spend leader.  Please do what you can to support her.  Liz Ping for State Representative!